Warriors Sign Jannero Pargo

Two years, $2.4 million.  Does that meant $1.2 million per year?  If so, this is an incredible pickup for the Warriors, one that makes giving up CJ Watson at $4 million per a no-brainer.

Jannero Pargo is a quintessential Nellie backup point guard, quick as a dart, nice three point shot (35%), great at the free throw line (86%), good handle.

He is also a savvy veteran, and a clutch shooter, who had a great playoff run backing up Chris Paul with the Hornets a couple of years ago.

Here are three possible ramifications of this deal off the top of my head:  

1) If this is a cheap domino that frees up reserves to sign Anthony Tolliver I would be ecstatic.  I really, really want the Warriors to re-sign this hustle player with a nose for the ball, who averaged 7 rbs in a reserve role, and who never took a play off.  And who has enough of an offensive game to dump 34 points on Kevin Love’s head in his home arena.

2) Doesn’t this make it highly unlikely that the Warriors will keep Jeremy Lin out of training camp?  He is now the 5th point guard, or at least the 5th player 6-3″ and under that the Warriors have under contract.  Monta, Curry, Bell, Pargo, Lin.  Will the Warriors carry all of them?  Although it is possible that they view all of these players as combo guards who can play the two as well. Nellie is certainly not averse to playing a small backcourt, but historically he has favored 6-5″ or bigger two guards who are defensive stoppers.  Only Monta and Bell in this group have the ability to guard NBA twos, and they are obviously undersized.

If Lin is to be kept, I would guess that either Bell or Pargo would be moved again before the season starts.

3) Or Monta Ellis.

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  1. MT reports that the deal is a vet minimum deal, which means none of our exceptions were used. I believe we still have approximately 2.3M of the MLE and the 2.2M BE left. Also:

    1) We’re reportedly also after Amundson. He would be our 1st choice FA big
    2) if we don’t get Sweet Lou, AT is probably less an issue of $ than years.

  2. Petaluman, I saw that Amundsen mentioned we are interested. Its a long way from there to he’s the Warriors first choice. Do you have a reference for that?

    My own suspicion is that Nellie would much prefer Tolliver, as he is a much more versatile player. I know I would.

  3. Players who haven’t openly expressed yet how happy they are to be with the Warriors next year:

    1. Monta Ellis

    2. Vlad Rad

    Vlad didn’t do anything to make himself attractive as a trade possibility last year, other than his expiring contract. What a question mark. His size and supposed skill would make him attractive for this club — if he got it together.

    Anybody know what’s going on with these guys?

  4. Marcus Thompson just put up this piece about Lacob and whether or not Nelli will return. Lacob did a 1 hour in-studio interview at KNBR this afternoon with “Ralph and Tom”. During the interview he talked about what happens next in regards to the head coaching position.

    To me it sounds like Nelli might be back, even though Lacob made it clear he wants a young head coach going forward (ostensibly to relate better to today’s younger players). He remarked that he had a 45 minute phone conversation with Nelli and would eventually be meeting with him face-to-face. He said he had never met Nelson before. My guess is that Nelli will be back.

    He also mentioned Larry Riley but only very briefly in the one segment I listened to. He used the word “impressive” in his comments. My guess is that Riley will also be back.

    BTW, Riley said a few weeks ago during one of his interviews that he had talked to Monta Ellis and that Ellis was excited about the recent moves and was looking forward to next season. He said Monta just wants to win. Nivrag, I guess that’s one less for your list.


  5. feltbot,

    Nope, that’s my speculation. I’m guessing that LA will get more than AT, who might take a deal like the one Pargo just signed. That’s why I mentioned the terms of the JP signing.

    My belief is that the last 3 spots would go to a 1, a 2/3 and a 4/5. Even if we could find players to sign that we thought were worth more than the minimum, we can only sign 2. Pargo must have been on the list of acceptable players, and was willing to sign a minimum contract. Perhaps we also established that other, more desirable PGs were all going for more than our remaining slots.

    My last theory: George is in the same boat as AT (except he’d happily take a 1 year minimum deal). We are talking nice about him, and keeping him on a string. Neither will get a solid offer until we’re sure we can’t get anyone higher on our shopping list.

  6. I just watched the interview with Papa on CSN, and Lacob hinted strongly that the Warriors are working on another BIG move. The plot thickens….

    As to Nellie, he was noncommittal. Open to the thought of him coaching one last year, but fearful about him being a lame duck. Apparently going to meet with Nellie to talk it over.


  7. I kind of liked Lacob. He seemed open and media friendly. He also didn’t sound like a guy who wanted to do things his way no matter what — i.e., he wouldn’t clean house just for the sake of cleaning house.

    He can’t commit himself to anything, so it’s hard to even guess, but as to coaching the words that kept coming up was that he wanted to find the “right” coach, whether he was a successor to Nelson after a year or a replacement this one. Again, he’s not going to replace the coach just to get his team in, or jump on anything unless it’s good.

    He did sound committed to doing something this year. Maybe if Nelson sells him when they talk, Nelson might give them their best shot this year? It sounds like Lacob is open to this possibility.

  8. Felt, I just watched the Papa interview. Lacob continues to come across to me very well. He seems very smart and certainly says all the right things. Now, how all that translates into the finished product only time will tell. I like Mark Cuban. He’s also a bright guy that’s made himself very rich over the years. Yet, he’s made more than just an occasional dumb move as an NBA owner, so you just never know.

    I’ve said it before but I’m hoping they let the Big Don coach another year. AND that they let Riley stay on as the GM. Take your first year as new owners and evaluate everyone and everything, then go from there. Heck, I could see a scenario where the Warriors have a great season, sneak into the playoffs, and as a result Nelli is offered an extension to continue as coach for a few more years. Whenever Nelli has had a healthy team with reasonably capable NBA players to work with he’s always produced an exciting, winning team.

    Regardless of what happens on the coaching front, I just want the Warriors to become a team that wins lots of games. For many years to come. And for a lot longer after that. Lacob could be the next great owner in sports. Or he could be an extroverted clone of Chris Cohan. I just wish this was a book where I could turn right now to the last chapter so I could see how this all ends. :)

  9. “I just wish this was a book where I could turn right now to the last chapter so I could see how this all ends. ”

    That would be like gulping Lagavulin!

    I say basketball, art and life should be savored in sips.

  10. “I say basketball, art and life should be savored in sips”.

    With all due respect I only partially agree. I say GREAT basketball, GREAT art, and the GREAT times of life should be savored in sips. Everything else is going down in gulps. :)

  11. For anyone who hasn’t listened to the Joe Lacob interview on KNBR it’s available on the Golden State of Mind web site. KNBR also interviewed David Lee after Lacob and that interview is archived here as well.


  12. Coaching questions, assuming Lacob is shopping under the table now for a new head coach:

    1. If he is looking at existing head coaches, how secret could he keep this search? How easy would it be for this coach to come in late September and take over? And what would it mean for the team that coach left?

    2. If he is looking for some “dynamic young coach,” probably an assistant somewhere, would he be able to take over right off the bat? Or would he be hired as an assistant, with the understanding he would be in line to take over when Nelson retires (or maybe during the season, depending upon how the Warriors do)?

    Lacob seemed pretty serious about making some kind of run the coming season. I’m wondering if bringing in an understudy, with an eye to the future, is in the works.

  13. My tentative answers to above:

    1. Getting a new coach from somewhere else would take incredibly bold and expensive action. If he’s any good, he probably coaches for a good team already, and it’s hard to imagine he’d leave or his team would let him go. And the Warriors would still be dealing with unknowns.

    2. Hiring a new, young coach is still a gamble. There are still plenty of unknowns and it’s not certain he’d work out. And he should have time to develop — more than a season.

    If Lacob wants to have any kind of decent season, he has coaches now who have essentially shaped this team, built it around a philosophy, and have worked with — well, 3 or 4 of the players. If we can put the love/hate of Nelson aside for a moment, bottom line, he is a veteran coach with experience in winning. And Nelson has said this would be his last year. Presumably he would be interested in aiding the transition when he leaves. It would be his legacy. I suspect he would like to end his career on a better note than last season.

    In short, I wouldn’t be surprised that potential young coach was hired as an assistant. He would come with the understanding that this would be his team the next year, if all worked well. And if the Warriors have a mediocre season, he’d probably take over towards the end.

    Lacob just doesn’t strike me as a clean slate kind of guy when there are so many unknowns.

  14. Agreed, Nivrag. Makes complete sense. You already have a coach who knows how to take a team to the playoffs. Nellie knows for a fact that he can do it again this year (assuming aligned planets).

    “I suspect he would like to end his career on a better note than last season.”

    Exactly. And I doubt Curry nor Ellis would have a problem coming back for the final year.

  15. That last line should have read: …would have a problem with Nellie coming back…

  16. Coach K on Curry:

    “I thought his on-ball defense was very good, as well as his knowledge of the game,” U.S coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “He’s an outstanding passer and stretches the defense as probably our longest-range shooter.

    “He’s obviously one of the best shooters in the NBA.”

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/07/28/SP8G1EL7GM.DTL#ixzz0v6ClEExv

  17. It’s between the Timberwolves and Warriors. Tolliver to decide soon, maybe this weekend:


  18. It’s amusing to me that the Warriors’ only competion for Tolliver is the team that witnessed him dump 34 points on Kevin Love’s head from front row seats.

  19. Who’s better, Steph Curry or Tyreke Evans? If we’re talking NBA, I’ll take Curry. If we’re talking NASCAR, I’ll take Evans. Here’s police video of Evans driving over 120 mph on the Sac freeways. What an idiot!

  20. WheresMyChippy

    Wow, is it really necessary to point a gun at someone for speeding?

  21. WMC, are you taking into account the fact that he stole the Rookie of the Year?