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Yesterday, the Pistons signed Tracy McGrady to a 1 year deal.   Today a massive 4 team deal was announced:

In the proposed deal, the Houston Rockets will send Ariza to the Hornets, who in turn will send Collison and James Posey to the Pacers. The Pacers will send Troy Murphy to the New Jersey Nets. And the Nets will send Courtney Lee to the Rockets.

Here are my thoughts on these deals as they potentially impact the Warriors’ quest to fill out their roster:

1) The Pacers now have their point guard, which is possibly disastrous to my dreams of landing Granger for Monta.

2) On the other hand, the Pacers now have James Posey as well, who is nothing but a small forward, to add to Granger, Paul George, Mike Dunleavey and Dahntay Jones at the big wing position.  Surely something has to give here, just as something has to give with the Warriors’ five small guards.

3) The Pistons signing McGrady makes it virtually certain in my mind that Tayshaun Prince will be moved for expirings.  This signing makes sense only as a one-year rental that allows the Pistons to dump salary.  While still filling the seats.

From McGrady’s perspective, this is a one year audition to show he can still play.  No way he stays with the Pistons, he wants to play for a contender.

4) Interesting that the Rockets have given up on Ariza after one year.  He failed as a go-to guy, and they picked up  Kevin Martin to fill that role last year.  I don’t expect Courtney Lee to make much of an impact with them. Like the Pistons, the Rockets are dumping salary.  I think the Brad Miller signing — which they were forced into by Yao Ming’s injury, which according to rumor is slow to heal and may never heal —  left them over budget.  As for the wing position, Shane Battier can fill it ably.

5) As for the Nets, I find it increasingly amusing that they keep filling the Squeaky General’s roster with former Warriors who can’t play a shred of defense.  I have been speculating about how this self-styled defensive genius would react to watching Anthony Morrow play.  Would he even let him off his bench?  And now Troy Murphy?  Oh God. Can they even play at the same time?

The Nets are going to be spectacularly bad, again.  And the General is going to get even squeakier, if such a thing is even possible.

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  1. New piece on David Lee by Marcus Thompson:

    This is the bit that caught my eye:

    “By the time Lee left Florida after two seasons, Gators coach Billy Donovan was calling him the greatest rebounder he’s ever coached.”

  2. Belinelli to NO for Julian Wright? You heard it here first.

    Lets see if the Italian Bird can convince his third team in two years that he is an NBA player.

  3. Courtesy of Mike Massa, an great scouting report on Dorell Wright:

    Did I see the words “point forward” in there?

    And by the way, among Warriors beat writers, only Marcus Thompson does the kind of excellent reporting that Mike Massa does on a regular basis. He should be on your reading list.

  4. Felt, good read on D. Wright. Looking forward to watching him play for the Warriors. Still a very young player with more upside.

    Interesting to note that the Warriors are down to only 2 bench coaches under contract (Smart and Silas) after Roth left. Not sure if that’s a good sign for fans of Nelli returning. Any thoughts?

    Here’s another hack NBA writer on the 10 GMs to watch this season. Note how this guy throws Riley under the bus for the S. Jackson extension. And these hacks actually get paid for writing this stuff?

  5. FB, you posit that Detroit will look to move Prince for expirings, but it says here that Prince is himself an expiring. If the goal is to shed salary, wouldn’t they just keep him?

    I find it more likely that they’d try to get some talent for him in return. That, or package him with Rip’s insanely mammoth contract for… well, probably some comparable package of bad contracts and mediocre players.

  6. You’re right, ivanbe, Prince is expiring, so my analysis of what it will take to get him was off base. It might take something serious to pry him loose since there is value to them in just letting him go off the books. I wonder what they’re looking for? And I wonder why they’ve been so hot to shop him? I think he’s a great player. There was some serious turbulence and disgruntlement under the last coach. Perhaps Prince just wants out.

  7. Yeah, I was hoping Riley was targeting Prince for that starting SF spot, but Dorell Wright’s interesting enough (and cheap enough) to make me think that acquiring Prince is no longer the right move.

  8. One of my all-time favorite players finally admitted to the Hall:–+Boston+Celtics+news

    Too bad he’s not around to enjoy it.

  9. “He’s 7-1, got like a David Robinson build, springs off the floor real quick, goes over the rim. If he can just get his feel for the game together, he can have an impact on a team. Because the game is called basketball, not run and jump.”

    Absolutely love this quote from Lamar Odom on Javale McGee. You can plug any number of young players into this analysis, but the two that come immediately to my mind are Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright.

    It reminds me of an old quote from Charles Barkley on Chris Webber’s Wizards: “Run like deer, jump like deer, think like deer.”

  10. I was wondering why I never saw an official announcement of the Pargo signing?

  11. Hmmm. I can think of a very strong possibility that Marcus Thompson doesn’t mention in Steve’s link: namely that the Warriors are letting Pargo know of their interest, but are keeping their financial flexibility open because they are pursuing a TRADE.

  12. Monta Ellis speaks!

    From this, it appears he’s happy with his situation on the Warriors, and doesn’t expect to be traded.

    It also appears that Danny Granger doesn’t expect to be traded:

    So I guess I should delete The Next Big Move from this blog!

  13. Who knows who said what to whom or what is going on, though I’d bet there has been a lot of conversation behind the scenes. But this explains a lot. Most speculation about another big deal was based on Ellis being traded simply because it would free up a lot of cash. Instead, barring an unexpected development, it has become clear he will stay, and since Lacob doesn’t want to pay the tax, their moves have been conservative. Whatever happens next will depend on what they can do with the expiring contracts in a week or so. I assume they are working to shore up the front court and the bench, but we may not be able to expect something big.

    Ellis played his heart out last year in a dismal season, which looked like a lost cause early on, and put up big numbers. Maybe he was hoping his performance would attract other teams for a possible trade, and maybe this was the message he got from Nelson others — lead, play well, and we’ll see what we can do. And maybe this is why he made those comments about how good he was, comparing himself to the other stars. Like everyone else nowadays, he has to promote himself. For what it’s worth, this has been my take. I’ve always been on the fence with him, but for me the main factor for a trade is that he wants to leave.

    And maybe he does. But apparently there aren’t any takers for a trade, not one that would suit him or the team, at least so far, and everyone, including Ellis is going to have to rethink. (And who knows again, this may change once the season gets started.)

    If I’m right here, I wouldn’t fault Ellis in the least. Note, at least, what he didn’t do, pull an S-Jax and put the team in an untenable position and force another bad trade. I don’t think any of us know Ellis, least of all his critics. His silence has created a vacuum we’ve filled with our own suspicions. But silence also shows strength, and that article, FB, gives other indications of his character.

    I’m not disappointed. But I’m certain he will play hard again and see what he can figure out. He did show improvement at PG last year and in his distance shooting. As was the case with the other players, we have no idea how he might have done had he had a full squad. And when I watch his highlights, I still wonder how he does the things he does. Transition may still be bumpy, but I’m inclined to think he’ll give it everything he’s got. But to make it work, he’ll have to commit himself to fitting in with the new system.

    I can’t help wondering if there haven’t been unsuccessful attempts to move Biedrins as well, maybe one context for the comments in his interview.

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