USA Basketball: Stephen Curry on the Bubble, and Nellieball.

USA basketball update:  Jeff Green and Javale McGee were just cut, leaving the squad with 13 players and one cut yet to be made.  Stephen Curry is reported to be on the bubble with Eric Gordon.  I really wonder about that on a team with Billups, Rondo, Rose and Westbrook. Does the team really need that many point guards when they have a dearth of twos who can shoot the ball?  I would keep both Curry and Gordon, and cut one of the non-shooting point guards.  In other words, Westbrook.  He is totally superfluous on this squad.

And by the way, the team is only keeping one true center — Tyson Chandler — which of course has John Hollinger squawking.  Coach K is giving looks at the 5 to Lamar Odom and Kevin Love, and plans to play Granger, Iggy and Durant at the 4.

In other words, if the USA carries away the World Championship this year, they will do it playing Nellieball.

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  1. I have to agree that one of the PGs should go, either Rose, Rondo or Westbrook. Rose and Rondo have very similar skill sets. I would give Rose the edge and Westbrook is faster than either of them. I would cut Rondo.

  2. Don’t know about that Ape. Rondo is the best playmaker on the team, and is firmly established in the starting unit.

    I would find that endorsement from Chauncey Billups pretty compelling, even if I hadn’t just witnessed the Celtics’ great playoff run.

    Neither Rose nor Westbrook know what they’re doing in the half-court, imho. I don’t actually care which one of them gets cut, but think Westbrook is the more likely option for political reasons.

  3. From the Lacob interview with K:

    “If we get a chance to make a great move that is of a Kevin Garnett variety, we’ll do it. That changed everything in Boston.”

    Maybe we’re not done yet . . .

    Strong praise for Ellis . . .

  4. From that same interview:

    Lacob also sounded serious about beefing up the front court.

    Lacob is an interesting study. He says he reads columnists and even some of the blogs, and I believe him. He knows what people are saying, what their concerns are, and in many ways he’s recognizing and addressing these, though not necessarily giving them what they want.

    The tone of this interview was entirely different from the others I’ve seen. He knows who Kawakami is and what he wants — “hard” behind the scene stuff (I look at this askance) — and responded accordingly. He still didn’t, however, commit himself on any of the big decisions.

  5. Rondo gone, Curry in. I think it was evident vs. Spain, the team played their best without Rondo, his skill set was not needed.