Feeling Melo?: Golden State Warriors in the Hunt for Carmelo Anthony

Per Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo Sports, the Warriors are contenders to land Carmelo Anthony.  The Nuggets are reportedly looking for “young players and draft picks” in return.  They are in full blow-up mode, as they are also desperately seeking suitors for Kenyon Martin and JR Smith.

Make of this what you will.  I will note that Joe Lacob was intently watching the latest news update on Melo over Kawakami’s shoulder as he did his last interview.  And if it’s true, I would have to think that everyone with the exception of Lee and Curry would be on the table for the Warriors.

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  1. Question: With the choices he has available, why would he want to come here?

  2. What are his choices, Brytex? I’m reading Clippers and Nets.

  3. His choice is whether he signs an extension or not. Without one, he is owed 17M this season and 18.5M next, but has a player option in year 2. If he’s traded to a team he doesn’t want to stay with, he could walk after 1 season. Do you really want to gut the team for 1 Melo year? My guess is that no team will take him without a lucrative contract extension (he’s seeking three years, $65 million).

  4. That much is pretty clear. He wants both the extension (prior to lockout) and the trade.

  5. Felt, yeah, Clips, Nets…and Rockets, Warriors? I wonder why he would want to come here based on what I read about his very strong east coast ties.

    Are the Warriors actually on HIS short list?

  6. Hard to believe the Warriors would shoot the moon — and gut the roster — for this trade. Any chance they might put in a low offer, acceptable to them but unlikely to fly, just as a PR move?

  7. rgg, would you consider Monta Ellis + Brandan Wright + Vlad Rad + first round draft pick gutting the roster? I would do that trade, and I think the money is close.

  8. Warriorsworld TV gets fan feedback on David Lee and Don Nelson. (BTW, there’s one fan who should probably take up another sport to follow, given his answers about Lee and Nelson. Pretty dim bulb. Hmmm, sounds like a regular from Kawakami’s blog. LOL)

  9. Brytex: Your question, “…why would he want to come here,” was answered quite thoroughly by David Lee.

  10. Taken from Fanhouse’s The Works on Melo.


    “The Right Kind of Exit: Admit it, part of the scorn heaped on Miami’s Big Three has to do with the fact that it’s Miami. It’s the city most readily associated with NBA players living the high life. Pat Riley has won a title there, and now gets to brag that he’s a front office mastermind. But “taking my talents to the South Side” doesn’t have quite the same vainglorious ring as “taking my talents to South Beach.” Yes, I know, both are geographically imprecise.

    That’s why Carmelo Anthony has so many people angry: his rumored destination is New York, a city synonymous with, well, being New York. Factor in this hypothetical super-team with Amar’e Stoudemire and Chris Paul and Melo is every bit as unseemly as those other dudes. What if, as Woj reported, Anthony really has his eye on the Rockets? That’s an altogether more respectable choice; as Haubs put it on Twitter, Houston offers “competent ownership [and a] team that’s won titles since 1973.”

    You’ve got whiz kid Daryl Morey leading the statistical revolution from his GM’s chair and eminently lovable Yao Ming trying to put together the career he deserves. What could bring out Melo’s bright side, and the high points of his game, like those two plus Rick Adelman’s system?

    I’ve never understood why anyone would want to play for the Knicks; no matter who they hire, the team is still owned by James Dolan. That’s why “it’s New York,” or “Madison Square is the Mecca” are such selling points — and so laughable. Houston, while it offers its share of nightlife, also has a legit basketball organization there. In other words, there are real basketball reasons to relocate down there. (BS)”

  11. Melo is exactly the player the Warriors need. But I bet the Nuggets would require the JR Smith (character issues) and/or Kenyon Martin (injuries and huge salary) included in a trade. Wasn’t there a rumor of a trade of Martin for Biedrins a while back? Maybe they’d do Monta and Biedrins for Melo and Martin.

  12. I think you’re probably right about that Ape. And where two years ago I might not have wanted to do that trade, at this point in time, with Biedrins’ health and mental issues, I think I might pull the trigger. There is a significant possibility that Beans’ won’t be even a good player going forward. Take a look at the Azubuike situation now — it looks like he won’t be ready to start the season, and may never be the player he used to be. Things change with injuries, and smart management — which is what Nellie and Riley are — makes quick adjustments to those changes. Quicker than other GMs.

    The downside of this is that it would leave the Warriors with Lee back at center, and once again a giant hole at PF. I really hate the fact that Udoh got injured. I’m not sure why exactly — it has to do with his size, athletic ability, and what I’ve read about his intelligence and character — but I am strangely optimistic that Udoh will be a very good, NBA ready player from the get-go.

  13. I don’t know a thing about salary matching, so tell me what would be amiss with a simple trade of Monta and change (second-stringers, expiring contracts) for Melo, plus giving up our Number 1 and 2 draft choices from next year. Reggie moves to our 2 spot and the starting lineup is looking good.

  14. Felt:

    About the trade, sure. But here are my questions:

    1. I assume we’d have to put up big bucks and several years on a contract? What would this do to our ability to acquire other players during this time?

    2. If Melo comes here short term (is this an option, what Melo wants?), again where would this leave us a year or two from now?

    3. If Melo comes here, what kind of player would he be, especially if the Warriors aren’t in contention next year, and perhaps don’t show signs of contention in the future? I assume this is a motive as well, that he wants to do what other stars are doing, get on top playoff teams. If we aren’t top contenders, will he slack off and/or be preparing to bolt again?

    I’m guessing wildly, of course, and don’t know Melo aside from his stats, but what I’m wondering is if a player of his caliber and reputation will have the commitment and incentive to make the team work, whether or not he’ll want to call a lot of the shots himself, one way or another, and might influence coaching and team chemistry, maybe for the worse? The younger players we have now don’t have the status or clout, and should have this commitment, along with lower expectations.

    And I could be completely off here, but my suspicion is that shooting for superstars is a very risky gamble. Sometimes they don’t pan out. In most cases the way to make it work is have a team with plenty of other established players, deep benches, and a FO with deep pockets (Lakers, etc.). And even then it doesn’t always work out (Kobe/Shaq).

    All this discussion might be idle, though.

  15. rgg, I share your concerns about Melo’s attitude and the chemistry of the team. I’ve never been a fan of his, even as I recognized the talent. On the court, he has never appeared to me to be a great teammate; off the court, he seems to be a quintessential knucklehead.

    On the other hand, I have no doubt that a core of Melo, Lee and Curry would be a perennial playoff team.

    I’m not sure as a fan that I want the team to go in this direction. I’m not sure that I will enjoy watching Melo play, or be able to root for him. But if you are running a franchise and are serious about becoming a contender, I don’t think you can turn your back on a player of this caliber. There aren’t a lot of playoff superstars around.

  16. Would we go deep enough into the playoffs to satisfy Melo is my concern. And it’s not a question about his character, about which I know zip. Rather it’s a question about his status and clout. Superstars want to make it to the finals, or else. And if we don’t go deep with him, will he have an eye out for the other teams? (cf. James, Wade, Bosh, etc. — these will be his models) My speculation is that going for superstars really is a risky gamble, where the losses can be great.

    A possible scenario or wild speculation (and put a lock-out aside — I don’t know how to factor this in)? Maybe the Warriors go a round or two into the playoffs for two years running. Melo, advanced now in his career, decides he wants to leave and does. What kind of position are we in then, especially if the free agent market and draft are weak?

    The problem with Cleveland was that they didn’t put enough around Lebron. The Lakers have always been able to throw the kitchen sink.

    I don’t know enough about other teams, so it’s only a hunch on my part. I always thought the playoff Pistons were one of the most attractive teams in the NBA. And maybe a good model to follow. No superstars, but very fine players who played together well for several years. Look what they did.

    And why the hell did the Pistons tear that team up? I’m guessing we won’t be hearing from Detroit or Denver for a long time.

  17. If you trade for a super star like Melo, you have to be committed to keeping them happy and building a quality team, it goes with the turf. But that’s the only way to get this team to the next level to bow down to a mega ego. I think Lee and Curry would are ideal compliments to a super star, they are workman and don’t desire the spotlight. Melo was off the charts last year in scorin, he’s only 26 and still in his prime. Even trading Curry would be worth it. Monta, Melo and Lee would be a very nice trio as well. But it would never happen, Curry is a golden right now and worth more to the franchise that Melo.

  18. Ape, I think it’s much more than that with Curry. He is an all-star caliber point guard in the making, and a born leader. Monta Ellis, for all his talent, is not comfortable in either role.

  19. Even considering Melo surprised me — is this Lacob making his move?

  20. It’s looking a little far into the future to try to determine whether Melo would be unhappy if the Ws don’t go playoff deep. Let’s get there first. I agree with Felty that a nucleus of Melo, Curry and Lee would be a consistent playoff team, and Melo would realize that. After that, it’s a bit of a crap shoot with luck/injuries/draft position, etc.

    I’m more concerned about the impending coaching change, this year or next. Melo might like Nelson, but want to know for certain who’ll succeed him next year. Or he might not like Nelson, and pressure the Ws to replace him this year. Could complicate things.

    Much of this assumes that the Lacob group would have its fingerprints all over a Melo deal. If they have that influence now (before taking legal control in another month or two), I’d have to believe they also have the leeway to make a coach determination, if a Melo trade were to depend on it.

  21. Nice story by Ric Bucher (words I never thought I’d write) on Anthony Morrow: http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/nba/news/story?id=5503900

  22. Great piece, Feltbot. I didn’t know any of that on Morrow.

  23. This Kings blogger not too excited about the prospect of getting Melo:

    Some interesting stats to consider.

  24. Granted Cury is a future great PG. But, after watching Curry’s lackluster performance throughout his participation with Team USA, the future is not now. I’m a huge Curry fan and I do believe he will be a perenial All Star, but not for a few years. I therefore don’t think now is the opportune time to add a player like Melo. I don’t think a super ego who’s use to the calm, steady leadership of Billups will have the patients to work with a green yet talented sophomore. We’d be much better of going for a burgening talent.

  25. Aperacer —

    Good point, and I suspect you’re right. The decision to build a team around Curry does not mean he’s a superstar and franchise player who can carry a heavy load. It means a vote for team play and a kind of team that Curry will facilitate if given a chance to develop. I wonder, too, if Melo might disrupt this.

    Curry has to run a team to show his stuff. If he were a starter with more minutes for USA, he’d settle down, get more shots, and put up better stats. How good this team might be is something we’ll never know. Given the other players, it would be a bad decision. Let’s just be happy he got to put in an appearance. I also don’t want to screw him up with heavy expectations. Let him grow.

    I wish they’d hurry up and round out the squad so I can stop making a fool of myself with all this idle speculation.

  26. Feltboturineidiot CC will always own you

  27. lol, CC is that you? Enjoy this USA basketball run, it won’t last long. And then Curry will be back where he belongs, with a coach that knows how to use him, on a team that can finish the pick and roll.

    Ekpe Udoh interview: http://www.foxsportssouthwest.com/08/29/10/Former-Baylor-Standout-Udoh-Biding-Time-/landing.html?blockID=300061&feedID=3742

  28. Free throw shooting? If not Rick Barry, how about listening to this guy?


  29. One Warrior and two former Warriors draw mention as possible breakout candidates this season: I agree with one, have doubts about one but will keep an open mind, and would bet a large amount of money against the last.


  30. AR:

    “But it’s very, very possible that this is the year for him, finally, because he’s about to play for an offensive-minded coach who won’t bury him at the end of the bench like in Golden State.”

    So now Nelson isn’t an offensive minded coach, either. . . .

  31. A trivia question: Who was the last USA basketball coach to bring home the gold in the World Championships?

    Hint: It hasn’t happened again in 16 years.

  32. Washington Post reporter SUSPENDED for doing what Tim Kawakami does every day in his blog:


  33. two questions. is anthony truly a championship-calibre player at his position? what happens to the team’s contract structure when curry gets his next, near maximum level, contract, while lee and anthony already take up > 50% of the cap space ?

    one of the two wings on an elite team, if not both, has to excel at a least two of the three non-scoring essentials : handling/passing, perimeter d, boards. anthony does not. conceivably, if williams continues to thrive, he’d replace ellis at the 2, with d.wright as the defensive energy sub at the 3/4, and those other essentials could be met. but if that occurred, williams would get a substantial raise on his next deal, or he’d leave as a free agent. that of course raises the second issue, the contract structure necessary to pay an elite level salary to anthony, a not-quite elite player, with curry’s second contract coming due.

    realistically, anthony would need to make concessions (as bosh and james did for Mia) on his deal’s back end. if he prefers destinations other than oaktown, which appears quite likely, that’s highly improbable. the kind of deal that would induce anthony to come would almost certainly be one that would eventually mean the exit of lee or curry, or limit the team to ‘exciting contender, playoff loser'(Den’s teams w. anthony, not coincidentally) status.

  34. FB:
    Are we getting a reply to Adam’s last stand?

  35. I don’t have anything new to add to what I’ve already written, rgg. Neither does Adam, he just doesn’t know it.

    I made my replies in the comments to his piece.

  36. You made me go to the lousy Lauridsen blog to see what you had to say about what he had to say. Your comment was right on, as usual. Then I noticed some idiot was comparing the number of responses on your blog to the number on his blog. Then I looked at his responses, and noticed that of the 800 comments on one post, about half were from the same dozen people, and many were gripes/rants about the Giants’ recent run of bad pitching. Pathetic, and par for the course.

    Regarding your comparison of the famously inaccurate TK to a WaPo sportswriter getting suspended, I must note the obvious big difference. The WaPo writer admitted he posted something wrong on purpose. TK is not about to do that because he (and Lauridsen) are paid in part for the number of comments and hits they get on their posts. It’s all about income generation for those two.

  37. We still haven’t heard about Amundon and Pargo, right?

    Something’s cooking. . . .

  38. About TK, AL and Cohn. They are like the Tea Party, they have no position except opposition. They are rabble rouzers with sensational, exagerrated critiques who’s only intent to to stir things up. Once in a while they might have a bit of real news (they are part time reporters afterall) or may get an interview if they’re lucky. But by and large, their blogs are nothing but negative fodder for ever-hungry dispondants.

  39. Agree with you about the rabble rousers, but let’s not go political. There are plenty of exaggerators on both the left and right.

  40. Ape, if TK, AL and Cohn were like the TP, they’d be getting under-the-table money from Cohan, Rowell and Nelson. That’s just too funny.

    But MWLX is right, let’s not go political. I, too, visited the Adam blog this evening and found it to have about 5 rational posts and a whole bunch of guys verbally shooting themselves in the foot. If the new owners have any discernment at all, they notice the same thing.

  41. What a bad analogy I just posted. The TP is not quite what they say they are; a better analogy might be under-the-table money from David Stern. But I shouldn’t have gone political at all here. Sorry.

  42. Basketball for Dummies

    “…800 comments on one post, about half were from the same dozen people” …MWLX (ZERO were from Adam himself)

    PRICELESS, of the 43 above, over half were from 2 posters! rggblog & feltbot HIMSELF!!!

    Carry on

  43. B4D’s comments are well-taken. The contributors here are no different than the main posters on Adam Lauridsen’s site. You just gargle in a different key.

  44. And just to throw in a (shudder now) contrary opinion, I don’t find Kawakami that bad. Yes he is a little pretentious and self-aggrandizing but he labels his opinions as his opinions. He could be read for amusement or to consider his ideas. The problem for this board is that he has committed the Original Sin of being anti-Nelson. This colors anything else he might say. Same with Adam Lauridsen. He makes and defends points. A setup for debate, pro and con. But from this vantage point he is a heretical pariah because he wants a coaching change. So just point and splutter.

  45. BfD — Read a little more carefully because you missed my point — typical of a frequent AL poster such as yourself. The AL blogger was bragging because AL got many more posts than Felty — his suggestion being that AL was therefore a better blogger, or more thoughtful in his opinions, or some such nonsense. It didn’t seem to matter that so many AL posts were from so few people, and many were not even about basketball, which undermined his point.

    Felty has far fewer posts, but the discussion here is far more rational. As I said in an early thread, it’s quality, not quantity that counts. On that score AL, TK, Cohn — and their posters — are boys playing a man’s game. Inevitably, Felty will attract fewer readers, but they/we are the cognoscenti. Look it up.

  46. Gnossos — Nice of you to re-state our simple community’s opinions in such oversimplified terms. But the reasons for disliking TK and AL go far beyond their anti-Nelson diatribes. Those reasons have been covered in many of Felty’s posts, but there may be too many of them for your ability to comprehend. The AL blog, where oversimplification and lack of analytical skills are endemic, is perfect for you. Please go back where you are wanted.

  47. Hold on…

    ::: looking up “cognoscenti” :::

    Heck yeah…that is what we are! Woo hoo! That is us for sure! In your face, people who are not that word, in your face!

    56 days and counting…

  48. Brytex: Persons who have superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field are very likely to have exquisite manners. They would not go around shouting “woo hoo” and “in your face!” That would be terribly gauche.

  49. Hold on…

    ::: looking up “gauche” :::

    Yes, yes, agreed MWLX. Never liked those “in your face” types. Total gauche-bags.

    55 days…

  50. MWLX – As far as I can see, your instant willingness to insult someone who puts out an opinion different from yours makes you pretty much exactly like the lower forms that inhabit the crevices of the AL site. Did I ask you to define ‘cognoscenti’? I have already stated on this blog that I like Feltbot’s writing, although I don’t always agree with him. You however seem like one of those people clinging to handed-down opinions that you can’t defend. As far as I have seen, the gripe with AL here is his feeling, that he arrived at over the years, that Nelson should go. If there is something else, let me know what it is. And by the way, Feltbot himself has said he welcomes divergent opinion here, even if you can’t handle it. Cheers.

  51. From the NY Times and NY Post on Azubuike.

    “Kelenna Azubuike, who was expected to compete for a starting job, may start training camp on the sideline, because of lingering concerns over his surgically repaired left knee. Azubuike tore his patellar tendon last November while playing for the Golden State Warriors. He missed the rest of the season, and the Warriors expected he would need a full year to recover. The Knicks are taking a similarly conservative approach. “We’re not sure,” said the team president Donnie Walsh, who described a torn patellar tendon as “one of the worst injuries in the league.”

    According to Douglas, newcomer Kelanna Azubuike is not yet working at Westchester and still is doing offcourt rehab after missing most of last season with a torn tendon in his left knee. It’s looking more doubtful the shooting guard will be 100 percent when training camp opens on Sept. 25.”

  52. Gnossos: As you demonstrate, analytical skills are not your strong suit. Why expose yourself here among the cognoscenti?

  53. Forget about Melo, we’ve now got Rodney Carnie! Yawn. Looks like D. Wright is penciled in to start at SF. I’m still hoping they can sign big Lou.

  54. MWLX – again I wait for something substantial. Your gripe about AL, besides that he thinks Nelson should be replaced? But what I’ll get is another insult, it’s all your good for. Do you have any actual ideas or are you just the guy hiding safely in the back of the crowd shaking your fist?

  55. Gnossos: I invite you to read your own post from yesterday at 9:42 a.m. and perhaps it will impinge upon your brain matter that you tossed the first insult. I have merely been playing badminton with you — and scoring at will.

    And I haven’t yet touched your ridiculous apologia for Kawakami — “…but he labels his opinions as his opinions.” That is supposed to be a defense? Or for AL — We consider him a “pariah because he wants a coaching change”??? There is much more to it than that, but I sense you’re already deep into sensory overload. I’m going to go easy on you and just leave it there.

  56. I’ll say it again but this time in simple plain language that you would maybe understand. The two blogs are analagous. There is a prevailing dogma for each one. The two dogmas are opposite. If someone makes a point contrary to the prevailing opinion on one of the blogs, there are true believers (such as you) who get huffy and spluttery and tell the intruder to shut up. There is no difference between what you do and what some of the bottom feeders on AL’s blog do. Again, for the last time, I challenge you to produce something that Adam Lauridsen has said, besides that he would like to see a new coach, that you find so objectionable. I am asking you to produce something. I highly doubt that you wiill because I suspect that you don’t really know. You are a parrot. And by the way at 9:42 yesterday I used a metaphor. It had a whiff of an old Dylan song that popped into my mind.I liked it, sorry if you didn’t. But you just like to fight. Right? Later for you.

  57. And since you brought it up, I’ll ask you also to say what it is about Kawakami that is so horrible? And just give some examples, not your horrified hyperventilation over my sacreligious question.

  58. I was going to leave this alone, but you did post twice to my once, and you did bring Dylan into the picture, which means you have left yourself open to another badminton volley: “….something is happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?”

  59. I sure wouldn’t know it from a single thing you have said. You were going to leave it alone because you didn’t have a shred of substance to put forward. I’ll go back to reading Feltbot, maybe he will put out an actual critique of those two guys, probably won’t. But I could wait until the next ice age and only get your “wit” (?). Your brains got lost somewhere up the trail. Adios.

  60. Hmmm, why do I feel like a boxing referee? LOL Anyways, back to more Warriors “stuff”? Here’s a Q & A with the agent for Dorrell Wright and Dan Gadzuric.


  61. Love those top ten plays, Steve. That top play with Monta’s spin move getting by four guys was sweet….got me all tingly inside.

    54 days…

  62. Yeah, those clips were great Steve. My favorite is the Curry full-court pass to CJ, because it led to a great win, and the Thaiblonde and I were in the building, 8 rows away from CJ as he laid it up.

    As for you 2 guys sparring: please keep it up! You’re getting me closer and closer to Adam’s comment level :>

  63. Knicks already willing to trade Anthony Randolph? Tidbits from HoopsHype.


    According to a team source, Knicks president Donnie Walsh recently rejected a three-team deal that would have sent Anthony Randolph to Indiana, a first-round pick to Portland and Fernandez to New York. Because the Trail Blazers are insisting on receiving a first-round pick in return for Fernandez, the Knicks likely need to recruit a third team in order to complete a deal. The Blazers apparently have little interest in Wilson Chandler. Fernandez, who is currently playing for Spain at the world championships in Turkey, was fined by the NBA for publicly asking for a trade. New York Daily News

    The Knicks maintain a strong interest in Fernandez, who would solve their issue at the 2, but it’ll be up to the Blazers to make it happen. From what I’m hearing, the Blazer hierarchy is none too pleased with Rudy and his agent, Andy Miller, who have gone public with their trade preferences. So several NBA insiders have suggested to me that Portland will exhaust all other options before they’d even consider doing Rudy a favor and sending him exactly where he wants to go, especially if the Knicks aren’t offering anything they really want. And what they want is a first round pick. The Knicks could give them one, but not until 2014. Newsday

  64. Felty: It’s nice to get a pat on the back for my badminton skills, but it would be more fun if I had a worthier opponent than Gnossos. BfD showed some wit but hasn’t been back in awhile, perhaps intimidated because he had to resort so frequently to the dictionary. You certainly recognize that part of my goal has been to up your comment level as a way of reinforcing my earlier point about the AL blog. There, sheer volume is utterly meaningless because much of what passes for commentary is back-and-forth garbage, producing heat but no light. At least I’ve been deeply interesting, thoughtful and lucid in my comments. However, Gnossos is repetitive, asking me to back up my statements, when I have asked him/her to simply read your earlier posts, which state my position better than I can and which would avoid repetition. Alas, it appears that reading and badminton are not one of his/her strong suits.

  65. No, I asked YOU, who are so quick to use “big”words and patronizingly explain to others where to find out what they mean, yes, I want you, in your own words, to say why you found my “apologia” for TK to be “ridiculous”. And while you are at it, add a few word on those reason’s that go “far beyond the anti-Nelson diatribes. Don’t cite Feltbot, I wish to hear from one of his lackeys (you). There, Felty we’re closing in on 70. But don’t count on me to much more. I’m giving up on this poser.

  66. feltbot, no reason to point the finger at rondo’s ego when the coach admitted his own inability to find a way to utilize a guard who doesn’t excel at perimeter shooting. whether from limitations imposed by the brief preparation time for the team or the non-availability of several dominant veterans of international competition, the coaches favored perimeter shooters in the roster selections and rondo saw limited court time when he was still on the team. his family needed him (an elder’s death) and the team, barely so, making his choice pretty simple.

    Gnossos, and other migrants from the Lauridsen site who like to mock this blog–of all the contrasts between the two sites, the lower density of the blessed nelson bashers over here is insignificant and inconsequential. Lauridsen to his credit doesn’t present himself as anything more than an avid fan. as behooves his full time profession, he can state his viewpoints coherently and logically, but the demands of that profession don’t seem to give him much time for detailed talent evaluation or technical analysis of the games. this can result in well-worded and well-reasoned positions with weak foundations, and since his main purpose is to push the discourse, it’s not really a fault. however, his opinions in recent months have been particularly prejudicial. he titled his critique of the Lee trade ‘why bad teams stay bad’ and admitted a strong preference to Randolph as the greater talent in the long term, citing the need for a long term plan requiring patience. in many of his pieces since, he’s shown little willingness to extend the new owners any patience–the ownership team is being assembled quite deliberately, and anticipating the excuses they’ll make if they don’t make the changes he wants immediately, he upbraids them for their hypothetical future decisions.

    Lauridsen’s own statements are coherent and logical as far as they go, which makes them worth reviewing, but an excessive number of the comments have severe deficiencies in discipline or civility. noise to signal ratio, if you want it put simply.

  67. Moto, you make several great points about AL’s blog.

    But as to Rondo, I beg to quibble. Coach K did not choose shooting when demoting Rondo, as Rose and Westbrook have demonstrated ad nauseam. His choice was size and athleticism over passing ability. Perhaps he was justified because of the smallness of his frontline, but the quality of the basketball has suffered greatly as a result. Rondo is 10 times the point guard that Rose and Westbrook are, in fact I would go so far as to say he is a championship point guard, and they are not point guards AT ALL.

    As for Rondo’s decision, I don’t think those other things you mention had much to do with it. I think Coach K made it clear that Rose was his starter, and that sent Rondo home in a fit. The same way that the Slovenians coach’s decision sent Beno Udrih home in a fit. And I’m not sure I blame either of them, all things considered.

  68. Let’s talk backetball. Any one want to guess Curry’s line for Monday?
    How about this: 12 minutes, 8 points, 2 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 to’s.

  69. Moto – I will absolutely agree with you that a section of the commenters on AL’s blog are entirely too venomous and not interested in discussion at all. I have said so there. I was glad to see though that your main gripe with Adam himself is that you don’t agree with some of his opinions, which is a lot different than calling him a “hater” which some here have done. Personally I see him as a fan, just like the rest of us, who has evolved to a position of disappointment over the direction the team has taken and looks eagerly forward to the new regime. Since nothng much is happening these days, everyone has ideas of what should or will happen next and he puts ideas out there for his readers to run with. Sorry if you think I mock. I just don’t like the differing”orthodoxies” that I see on each blog and I was trying to get that point across. Didn’t do a very good job I guess.

  70. Curry takes Rubio to school in World Games.

  71. Gnossos, that’s a gracious acknowledgment. whether there are orthodoxies defining either blog or not, the mercnews site seems to attract more than a random share of internet addicts in need of a waste dump to purge their hostilities and unedited ramblings. There’s a weird atmosphere of intolerance and obsession with needing to prove one’s authority and have the last word, and those who don’t indulge in that kind of machismo seem to be in the minority. Makes me wonder if people truly appreciate democracy and egalitarianism, or just pay lip service. peace

  72. WheresMyChippy

    Gnossos, for me the main difference between TK/AL and Feltbot is that Feltbot really seems to know an awful lot about basketball. His opinions are based on specific events that he witnesses on the court and analyzes (often with reference to the exact time in the game so people can look at the tape). TK and AL (particularly TK) seem to not know very much about basketball, I get the impression that they don’t really watch all the games and are basing their statements on generalizations… and in TK’s case often just plain making it up.

  73. OT: Fight Night at the US Open. (Hmmm, I wonder if Gnossos and MWLX like tennis? Naw, couldn’t be them, could it? LOL)

  74. I’m truly offended, Steve. Did you not see my clear declaration that we cognoscenti have exquisite manners? We are cool under pressure. Losing our cool is nigh impossible, and at a hoity-toity tennis match? Never. However, the young guy, who must be a Mets fan, is definitely a Gnossos lookalike. Either him or one of his New York relatives.

  75. MWLX, LOL. I apologize. Excuse my lack of cognoscenti in regards to your person (does that make any sense? LOL).

    I got a kick out of the guy’s friend, who was seated throughout the verbal jostling only to quietly get up once the physicality started, walk about 3 rows up from where they were sitting, and then find himself a new seat. Probably figured his buddy was going to get thrown out and he didn’t want to miss the rest of the tennis. LOL Actually, I can sympathize. Afterall, if I went to a Warriors game with feltbot and we happened to be seated right next to Kawakami, feltbot would be on his own if the fists started flying. I ain’t missing the game, sorry. LOL That said, I WOULD try to get in a few subtle kicks to the kidney and/or groin if Kawakami fell in front of me during the skirmish. LOL

    Hey, training camp in less than a month. I’m ready!

  76. Another “Barron” on the Warriors?


    The Knicks are not expected to bring back Earl Barron as a fourth center on the roster, which I expect will result in great dismay from you Barronites out there. He played all of seven games last season — hey, that equaled Eddy Curry — but he left a strong enough impression on fans to conjure regular requests from Fixer Nation for me to look into his status with the 2010-11 roster. With Curry, Ronny Turiaf and Russian rookie Timofey Mozgov on the depth chart at center, the Knicks aren’t in the market for yet another big man. The discovery (and signing) of Mozgov effectively ended Barron’s chances of a return, even after rookie Jerome Jordan opted to go to Serbia rather than come to camp this year. Newsday

    At this point, you still have to expect someone will give the 29-year-old journeyman, who has a nice touch around the rim, can rebound and block shots, at least the veteran’s minimum. Once Lou Amundson makes a decision on his future — the New Orleans Hornets appear to be the front-runner — teams such as the Warriors and Pacers could turn their attention to Barron. “We are having discussions with several teams regarding Earl,” Barron’s agent, Mark Termini, said when we spoke today. Newsday

  77. How does Amundson compare with Tolliver, on all fronts? I think we let one get away.

  78. Steve: You are a rarity. A sports-blog-poster-guy with a sense of humor!

    In regard to being anywhere in the vicinity of Kawakami, that would be an extreme test of one’s exquisite manners and could cause an abrupt loss of cognoscenti.

  79. Thanks, Steve. Here’s the full link: http://www.csnbayarea.com/09/07/10/Source-Warriors-Interested-in-Amundson/landing.html?blockID=306137&feedID=5875

    This is from the story:

    “NELSON UPDATE: Riley said he expects Nelson to roll into town sometime next week.

    Though there has been much speculation on Nelson’s future, with training camp looming, it doesn’t appear the Warriors are close to making a decision on his future. ”

    Wasn’t Nellie quoted as saying he wasn’t returning to the Warriors until he was asked by Lacob to return? Is Lacob trying to get away with a non-decision decision regarding Nellie? Trying to play both ends against the middle? By never confirming Nellie in the job he can “hold his feet to the fire.” And at the same time he can avoid the fans’ wrath, arguing that his hands are tied, while watching to see how the Warriors come out of the gate.

    Is poker-playing Joe playing poker with Don Nelson?