Rodney Carney

The Warriors signed Rodney Carney today, a 26-year-old 6-7″ swingman who played for the Sixers last year.  Not exactly “The Next Big Move” I had been anticipating, but an interesting move nonetheless, and at the position I expected. Carney is that quintessential Nellie chess piece, the long, athletic defensive wing, that I have written about recently. Think Matt Barnes, Adrian Griffin, Raja Bell, Josh Howard, Latrell Sprewell, Mario Elie.  (Carney is far less talented offensively than Howard or Sprewell to be sure, but the offensive capabilities both of those players showed in the pros came as something of a surprise: they were drafted by Nellie for their special talents on defense.)

Carney isn’t going to set the house on fire for the Warriors.  He has been a disappointment to past coaches in terms of his basketball IQ.  You only have to look at his poor assist and rebounding numbers to see that.  This is not a player who can make plays with the ball in his hands.

What he can do is run the floor and finish with authority, and spot up and shoot threes.  (Don’t pay too much attention to his 30% from three in limited minutes last year.  He was 35% in the previous year when he had a larger role, and should benefit greatly in confidence from Nellie’s up tempo, share the ball philosopy, and greeniest of green lights.  Which is not to mention Stephen Curry hitting him on his hands, in rhythmn.)

And he can defend.  Which is what Nellie is going to ask him to do, along with Dorell Wright, against the other team’s best scorer.

Does this move make Nellie’s return to the Warriors bench seem more likely?  I don’t know, but I find it interesting that every player the Warriors have added this summer is a quintessential Nellie player, starting with Udoh and Lee, multi-talented running big men with high IQs, and ending with Wright and Carney, long and athletic defensive swingmen who run and jump like deer.

And I find it interesting that Larry Riley says Nellie is returning to town next week (see my last comment on the previous thread).

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  1. 49 days…

  2. Personally, I don’t have a problem with Bob Fitzgerald’s work on the Warriors’ telecasts (I rarely listen to his KNBR show), even though I admit that between Fitzgerald and Greg Papa, I’d vote to bring back Papa. Others feel strongly that Fitzgerald should be canned. The following is from


    Earlier this summer, I asked Warrior fans via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms what changes with the Warriors would they like to see happen immediately. The response was overwhelming as fans from all over the globe voiced their thoughts and opinions on what needed to be changed first. One of the biggest changes fans wanted to see was replacing Warriors TV play-by-play man, Bob Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has been with the Warriors for close to two decades now and it seems as though fans have started to grow tired of hearing his overtly “homer” voice on Warriors telecasts.

    The criticism for Fitzgerald runs deeper than just his on-air work with the Warriors. His daily talk show on KNBR rubs people the wrong way as its filled with condescending humor, constant reluctance to talk about the Warriors and when the Warriors are discussed its done so in only a “positive” or “glowing” manner. So, What gives?

    More than one source has told me they believe the Warriors are paying Fitzgerald’s KNBR salary. That would certainly make sense. On the one hand, it saves KNBR from paying a six-figure salary to one of its on-air talents, and on the other, it assures that the Warriors will get a three-hour infomercial under the guise of sports talk from noon-to-3.

    A source says “If that’s the case (that the Warriors are paying Fitzgerald for his radio show), that’s a real close ethical call. Particularly if it’s not being disclosed.”

    This is damning information as it solidifies the belief of Fitzgerald being nothing more than a company shill who will spout and shape whatever message the team wishes to convey. As the source says “It’s one thing for everyone to know Fitzgerald is a homer, it’s another if people find out his three-hour show is nothing more than an infomercial that the Warriors pay for.”

    Calls to KNBR were not returned

    Other anecdotes regarding Fitzgerald:

    •He received a 3-yr contract extension from the Warriors not too long ago. As the source explains “Fitzgerald got his contract extension due to his relationship with Robert Rowell as neither Tim Roye nor Jim Barnett received a contract extension. Roye and Barnett have been given one year contracts for the past 5 seasons.” The fact that Fitzgerald parlayed his personal friendship with Rowell should come as no surprise as there were other members of the Warriors organization who received contract extensions based on their relationships with Rowell. The source states “Two or three day before sale was announced, a few real high-ups at Warriors (Travis Stanley, Neda Kia and Ben Shapiro)all got promotions and extensions.”

    •Fitzgerald is a known violator of the unwritten rule in media which frowns upon fraternizing with players and coaches on the team charter. As a Warriors player told me, “Fitzgerald is always trying to talk to us on the plane and telling us how he’s got our back when it comes to making sure the right things are said and mentioned about us on-air.” This is interesting as its a known Fitzgerald trait to talk glowingly about players while they’re with the Warriors and rip them the moment they head elsewhere.

    •I asked a former Warriors player his thoughts on Fitzgerald and he replied “Who’s that? Is that the TV guy? He’s always trying to be our friend and we’re like whatever man, just get lost.”. The need to be “one of the boys” seems to be a pressing issue for Fitzgerald as he seems hellbent on being accepted and deemed “cool”.

  3. Update on Amundson, from Le Figaro:

    La franchise de la Nouvelle Orléans est décidemment très active sur le marché des transferts… Les Hornets sont les mieux placés pour signer le free agent Louis Amundson selon le Times-Picayun. Golden State, Indiana, Toronto et Charlotte sont également sur les rangs pour le recruter avant la reprise de la saison régulière. Louis Amundson a tourné à 4,7 points et 4,4 rebonds en 14,8 minutes la saison dernière sous les couleurs de Phoenix.

  4. On peut suivre le NBA dans Le Figaro? Incroyable!

    And that’s enough of that, or we’ll both get thrown off this blog!

  5. All that is obviously true about Fitzgerald, you can just tell by watching him that he’s a sniveling little weasel like that…

    But I enjoy his play-by-play. I enjoy his awkward chemistry with JB. And I enjoy how ridiculously loud and excited he gets during key moments in games.

    I hope he stays. But I don’t really care as long as Jim Barnett never leaves us. We are truly lucky to have such a great announcer. He’s just nifty.

  6. It’s true. When you listen to other team’s announcers, you realize what we have in Barnett.

  7. I will third that motion. Barnett is one of my all-time favorite color guys. He always gets it right, and doesn’t shine anyone on. On the national scene, I love Jeff van Gundy. Whip smart, fearless, blunt and hilarious. I loved it when he straight out called Vince Carter a dog with fleas during the playoffs. And his analysis of the current Heat roster is dead-on.

    For play-by-play Ralph Lawlor of the Clippers is my number one, a comic genius as well as a good basketball man. I could listen to an old Lawlor and Walton broadcast without watching the game.

  8. Steve! Why are you bringing that speculation BS from another blog over here? The guy goes from “one source told me” to make the leap that this is “damning information.” No, it’s nothing of the kind. It’s an unnamed source speculating in a poorly written rant, and if I wanted to see that kind of crap I’d read TK and AL.

    I can only guess that you’re trying to pad Felty’s comment stats, but this is absolutely the wrong way to go about it.

    And to anyone who doesn’t like Fitzgerald, just listen to the announcers for other teams. He is easily among the better ones. My criticism of him is that since he started the talk show, he switches from doing play-by-play into doing talk-show commentary during the game. This is a plague among play-by-play announcers now and it’s intolerable. Leave the opinionating to a guy like Barnett, who ranks right up there among the most knowledgeable and articulate color guys ever.

  9. fb: as long as Van Grumpy never becomes Warriors coach (as some have advocated) and slows the game down to a somnambulant trudge. Defensive assistant under Don Nelson like on the Knicks would be cool though (HA!). Too bad the Knicks sided with Ewing instead of trading him to Orlando for Shaq as Nellie supposedly wanted to do.

    MWLX: I fully agree with your dislike of talk-show commentary by play-by-play announcers. It’s become all to common in sports. As a huge boxing fan, I hate the way Jim Lampley, while certainly able to add drama to a telecast, acts primarily as a talk-show host during fights when he’s supposed to be doing blow-by blow. And he’s already got two guys to do color.

    Sorry…back to basketball.

  10. Felty…Clippers and Walton? I’d rather have a root canal.

  11. Warriors summer report card from

  12. Steve! Stop bringing that BS stuff over here. I read this blog because I respect Felty’s supreme knowledge. I don’t come here for that BS. What the hell does Scott Howard-Cooper know about anything? Answer: Next to nothing.

  13. MWLX, whenever I come across anything Warriors-related I usually bring it here to see what others think. Simple as that. Padding comment stats? Well, whatever “brownie points” feltbot gets for blogger participation, great, but that’s hardly the reason I post here.

    As for that particular piece, I found it intriguing and have long wondered about Fitzgerald’s integrity considering his history with the organization ( ). And the post was definitely not totally speculative, as his remarks about Fitzgerald’s condescending approach towards many of his callers on KNBR is spot on, and is precisely the reason I rarely listen to his show.

    As much as I disagree with the Kawakami’s of the local (and national) media, it’s not their actual musings that drive me away from their blogs. Frankly, I always seem to find bits and pieces of what they have to say to be reasonably thought out and entertaining. And if blogs aren’t entertaining, then what’s the point? No, I’m driven away by the 95% over-the-top-negativity of the bloggers on those sites. At least here there’s a chance to escape the almost total doom-and-gloom that permeates other sites.

  14. Steve: I come here to escape the idiotic prattling on other sites. If this is to be a place where the cognoscenti assemble, let’s not bring the idiots.

    Regarding Fitzgerald, I believe I can say with certainty that every team’s play-by-play announcer is employed by (and paid by) the team. So integrity is a delicate question. Of course, Fitzgerald is not going to rip Warriors management, nor will you hear Kuiper/Krukow ripping Giants management. Nor have you ever heard Greg Papa, who seems to be a favorite of some, rip Al Davis, his employer as Raiders announcer.

    If these guys are ethical, they will point out errors/mistakes by players or management, but they do so with very carefully chosen words. I don’t have a problem with that. They are walking a fine line, and I think Fitzgerald walks that line as well as the others. In general, I think Bay Area announcers are at the head of the pack as far as integrity goes. Some of the bozos east of the Rockies are fawning parasites by comparison.

    Beyond that, Fitzgerald has more basketball knowledge than most fans, and his comments on his talk show give evidence of that. From my viewpoint, he’s been solid. I may not always agree with him, but I don’t think integrity is the reason why. Those who criticize him are, in my opinion, just venting their negative stuff about the Warriors in general, and he’s a convenient target. So I prefer not to have their venom transported over here, just to “see what others think.” There’s got to be a better reason than that.

  15. Steve: Just read the SFGate piece that you imply impugns Fitzgerald’s integrity. I saw no facts to bolster that implication. I saw accusations by Papa that were refuted by the Warriors attorney. My main takeaway was that Papa is a thin-skinned baby who ripped a colleague for publication because he lost the Warriors job as a result of getting the Raiders job. Not a pretty picture of Greg Papa’s huge ego.

  16. I’d never read the sfgate article before,thanks for that Steve. A number of friends have brought up this story to me before, but I never knew the facts as I lived elsewhere when the deal went down. The fact that the Warriors had legitimate concerns and that it wasn’t all about money makes this less of a big deal in my mind than it had been before. I don’t think Fitz comes off great, but doesn’t this sort of thing happen all the time, say, when a head coach is fired and the assistant promoted? Does that happen without the assistant being approached first? The ethical lines in question are not that easy to discern, imo.

    gm: I agree with you completely. Van Gundy is a born color man, and a disastrous coach. May he never again find another job! (I mean that in the nicest way…) He only knows one style of play, and tries to fit all players into it. My biggest gripe with him: He should have done with Yao Ming what Don Nelson would have done: teach him the HIGH post. If he had, Yao might have become one of the best passing and shooting centers in history, and he might still be on the court.

    Ape: Clippers basketball, exactly. They were particularly wretched and hopeless during the Walton years, which is why Lawlor and Walton had to be brilliant. And they were. I realize Walton drives some people batty, but in my mind he has simply been too often paired with less intelligent and tone-deaf play by play men, which makes him act out a little and come off poorly. Lawlor got him, and played the straight man to him beautifully.

  17. Walton was on with Tolbert and Ralph last week, after his four minute opening lambast of Tommy, I had to switch the station. Name dropping, egocentric, dead head pretty much sums it up.

  18. We got Lou:

    (Could have had Tolliver cheaper? How do they compare?)

  19. Better link:

    (Damn, Steve. Did we hit the same time? Didn’t see yours when I posted.)

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