Pre-Game Jitters: Clippers at Warriors Preview

The Warriors are -5.5 favorites at home against the Clippers tonight.  I suppose this makes sense, given how Curry made Baron Davis look the last time they met in the Oracle. But looking at Warriors lines like this takes some getting used to!

It’s not easy to predict how the Clippers will fare this season.  They have the hands-down rookie of the year, Blake Griffin, back in action.  And if his first game was any indication, he is going to tear the league apart.  But they have also lost some key players from last season, especially Marcus Camby. Ryan Gomes has replaced Al Thornton at the small forward, and I think that’s a significant weakness. Ryan Gomes is NOT a small forward, he is an undersized power forward in the mold of Jared Dudley.  Someone should whisper this in Del Negro’s ear.

The Warriors could start the whispering, by running Kaman, Gomes and BoomFizzle off the court. Once again, running is the best way for this Warriors team to beat the heavyweight Clippers front line.  Am I starting to sound like a broken record?

This should be Monta and Curry’s game.  I’d put Monta on Eric Gordon, and let Mr. Fizzle try to post Curry up.

But all eyes are going to be on David Lee vs. Blake Griffin.  Griffin is almost surreal in his power and athletic ability. Along with Big Baby Davis, he reminds me of a superhero out of a comic book.

Fortunately, the Warriors — for the first time in dog’s years — have a big man who may bend, but will never break. This is going to be war.

8 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Clippers at Warriors Preview

  1. D. Lee vs. Griffin is not going to be much of a match. Griffin hands-down. He will out-shoot Lee. The question is how many offensive rebounds will Griffin get compared to D.Lee?

    But, the Warriors should win as Ellis should shut down Eric Gordon, while going off once again on the offensive end.

  2. Even if the dubs pull out a win tonight, it’s scary to think the Warriors will have to face Blake Griffin for the next decade…thank god we have Udoh!

  3. The win was great but…ugh…the Stephen Curry ankle injury. Probably gonna sit for the Laker game? 2-0 feels real good. I vote we end the season right here.

  4. Byrtex,

    Can’t stop now. These guys are warming up. I saw stuff from everyone off the bench I didn’t think I’d see. And the first half of the third quarter was utterly gorgeous. It was a time you’d expect to see a new team and new coach question themselves and falter. Not a bit.

    Let’s catch our breaths and get Curry healthy.

  5. Feltbot, my good man!

    Hey, sorry to go off topic on my first post, but there’s a whack-job (Professor James Lull, aka James Online) who thinks that I’m you. Crazy, isn’t it? I suppose I should just accept the complement ( I really like your writing, even if I don’t always agree on the DN stuff), but I thought he deserved a little reminder of how clueless he is, so I posted one over at Adam’s a few minutes ago for both of us. Enjoy.


    P.S. “How Bad Teams Stay Bad.” Yeah, those (not so) insightful observers over there need reminding. Keep up the good work.

  6. Tiger —

    Just read. And thank you. I don’t have the heart or patience to keep up with those remarks.

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