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Pre-Game Jitters: Spurs at Warriors

I contemplated re-inititating The Warriors Bet for this game. The Warriors are getting +4 at home against the Spurs. They’ve only lost one game against the spread (ATS) this season with David Lee in the lineup. But I’ve decided not to, not against this team, at a moment when they’re in championship form, and Lee is still struggling to get his wind.                                  Continue reading

Thoughts on Bob Fitzgerald: Warriors 104 Timberwolves 94

The Warriors got a win! Normally, I would be more than happy to write up a sighting report of this rara avis, but for some reason tonight I could barely concentrate on the game. I was distracted, my mind kept going in and out of focus, like Stephen Curry’s mind after 11 minutes on the bench. I’m not sure I can blame Bob Fitzgerald entirely for this, although his vocal stylings certainly contributed mightily to my state of mind (more on this later). It could be that I’m punch drunk, having absorbed so many Keith Smart left hooks to the mid-section, and right hooks to the ear. (Smart coaches like Joe Frazier fought.) Or it could simply have been that I was under the influence of several controlled substances, to wit: Pho Tai Gau, with clear noodles; Peet’s Sumatra, room for cream; and a liberal application of Lagavulin, straight no chaser.

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Out-Smarted: Warriors 111 Grizzlies 116

5 straight losses? Are you getting the feeling that the Warriors would never win another game all season if David Lee remained out? I’m going to do my best not to repeat what I’ve been posting recently about Coach Keith Smart, but it’s not going to be easy. The simple truth is that with Lee out, Keith Smart is getting exposed. He is getting out-coached something fierce. He is giving every impression of a man so out of his depth that he is trying to out-smart himself.

Instead of risking stupefaction among my readers by letting myself go into another full-lunged squawl, how about I just lightly run down my bullet points? Like a funeral dirge for one finger….

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Foul Odor: Warriors 101 Rockets 111

Just as the story of the Denver game could be read from the three point line, the story of this Warriors loss in Houston can be read from the free-throw line. The Rockets received an amazing 51 attempts at the charity stripe, to the Warriors 18.

Whom do you blame for this incredible disparity? If you say the refs, you will get no agreement from feltbot. I have a different theory.

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Bad Things Come in Threes: Nuggets 106 Warriors 89

You don’t have to look much further than the two teams’ lines from three to understand what happened in this game: the Nuggets were on fire at 12-21, and the Warriors ice-cold at 6-26.  A lot of people (starting with the fingernails on chalkboard Bob Fitzgerald) might find fault with the Warriors shooting that many threes. I don’t. The Warriors are a great three-point shooting team, and because the Nuggets were completely ignoring Andris Biedrins and Dan Gadzuric in order to zone up and pack the paint against the depredations of Monta Ellis, the three is what was wide open in this game. The Warriors missed their open shots, the Nuggets didn’t. If it had been the other way around, the Warriors could easily have buried the Nuggets in the first half.             Continue reading

Piston Trouble: Pistons 97 Warriors 101

Fueled by a superstar 21 point first quarter performance from Monta Ellis, the Warriors roared to a 32 point lead in this game, before suffering engine failure down the stretch and almost giving the game away.  There are a lot of ways to look at this near-disaster without casting responsibility for it onto Keith Smart.  It can be very difficult to play with a big lead in the NBA, as the Miami Heat discovered recently against Utah.  You can give the game away by keeping the pedal to the metal, or you can give it away by trying to run clock.  Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry both got in foul trouble, which complicated matters further. And on top of that, the Warriors don’t have a backup point guard, nor enough shooters behind Ellis and Curry.  But where is the fun in belaboring these points? Let’s pick a bone with the coach.

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Yo, Adrien: Warriors 72 Bucks 79

My favorite Adrien is not Rocky’s, but B-movie queen Adrienne Barbeau, who some of you older guys might remember. And I’m afraid she will always be my favorite. Too much history together. But the number two slot is open, and with this 8 rebound, 2 blocked shots, +10 performance in 19 minutes, Jeff Adrien became a contender for the job. It’s a pity the Warriors probably won’t have a slot for him when their three missing big men return. It is fun to watch an old-school power forward — a power forward who knows he’s a power forward — do his job.

It’s too bad Adrien’s performance was wasted in a game that was botched from the start.                                                    Continue reading

B Wright Stuffed: Warriors 90 Bulls 120

No sense in recapping this game, so I’m just going to use this space to exorcise a couple pet peeves.  Beginning with the biggest pet among my peeves, who goes by the name of Brandan Wright.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Warriors at Chicago Bulls

Warriors are +6.5 at Chicago.  Let’s see. Warriors on a road back-to-back, their 4th game in 5 nights. David Lee was gashed to the bone, and has stitches in his shooting arm. It will probably be stiff as a board. Monta’s back will probably be stiff as a board. Stephen Curry’s ankle will probably be stiff as a board. Home and a soft bed has got to be a pretty appealing thought right now. If ever there was a game to take off The Warriors Bet, this would be it, right?

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Recap: Warriors 122 Knicks 117 — Da-vid Lee-ee! Da-vid Lee-ee!

On the biggest basketball stage in the world, under the stress of returning for the first time to play against his old team, and in the very heart of De-rek Je-ter land, David Lee unveiled to Warriors fans just what it is that they have finally acquired. A beast on the boards. A rock in the middle. A finisher. A closer. A winner.

A captain.  I have a suspicion that Warriors fans — as Yankee fans do with Derek Jeter — are going to be chanting David Lee’s name for years to come.

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