Pre-Game Jitters: Jazz at Warriors

This is a new Jazz team, and a new Warriors team.  Let’s take a look at how they match up.

The old Jazz of Boozer and Okur used to beat the Warriors up in the middle. Those days are over.  It is the Warriors, believe it or not, that now have the size advantage in the middle, against the floor bound Al Jefferson and the undersized Paul Milsap.  Does Keith Smart have anything cooked up to exploit that with David Lee, and get Milsap in foul trouble?

The Jazz will also have trouble containing Monta Ellis, even with the great Raja Bell on him.  The Jazz will need their entire team to help out on Monta, and they simply have no shot blocking in their interior.

With the exception of Andre Kirilenko.  But will Kirilenko abandon his post defending Dorell Wright at the three point line to protect the basket from Monta’s balletic assaults?  A devilish dilemma.

Keith Smart has weaknesses to exploit all over this Jazz team.  The Jazz no longer have the defense to stop them.  Nor do they have the offensive weapons they used to — even counting their all-world point guard Deron Williams — to run with these Warriors.

The Warriors are getting +2.5 points at home, playing without Stephen Curry (ankle sprain).  Feltbot’s taking the points. The Warriors Bet is on.

8 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Jazz at Warriors

  1. Good info, Chippy. Good to know DN has no problem helping KS when asked. In fact, it’s probably Nelson’s desire that Smart succedes.

  2. What get’s overlooked is that Nelly is extremely loyal to his friends.

  3. You have the player match-up down, but you overlook the coaching match-up-Sloan v. Smart. You should give the points.

    While you are right that Utah cannot defend the paint, the Warriors only have Ellis and R. Williams to drive to the hoop. Utah will shut down D. Lee and D. Wright. Ellis and R. Williams will not provide enough scoring to offset the shooting of Jefferson and Milsap who neither Biedrens nor D.Lee are capable of stopping.

    But if Warriors do outshoot Utah, they should win.

  4. I should have added that Carney and Radman have the ability to get to the hoop, but they have been playing to few minutes to have an inpact on the game.

  5. COM, are you going to come back with the John Wall updates, or was that a one time thing? :>

  6. Whaaaaa???!!! Warriors win… 4-1!

  7. I got what I wanted — a win and Curry walked off the court at the end of the game.