Pre-Game Jitters: Warriors at Knicks

In case you don’t follow Marcus Thompson (or Feltbot) on Twitter, the news is in:  Monta Ellis was seen shooting before the game, and is apparently playing against the Knicks. (Nod to rggblog for the heads-up.)

The  Warriors are +3.5 road dogs.  I’m worried about all sorts of sub-themes in this game.  The Knicks are going to want this one bad.  Stoudemire will want to prove his worth against Lee.  Turiaf and Randolph will want to make the Warriors weep with regret.  Monta Ellis may be tentative, one game after Keith Smart appeared to see the light for good regarding his motion offense. If Ellis struggles, Smart might fall back into the trap of taking the ball out of Curry’s hands.

But I don’t play hunches in sports. That’s not my method. My method is to attack lines that I know to be bad, for as long as they remain bad. The Warriors Bet is now 2-1, and remains ON.

All eyes will be on Lee v. Stoudemire.  If I were Keith Smart, I would cross-match Biedrins onto the Man-Child, and let Lee deal with the Mozgov. Whatever that is.

And I would get Lee the damn ball early and often, in the pick and roll.

7 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Warriors at Knicks

  1. señor felt, it’s NY that has the back to back to cope with, and last night in Mil they had difficulties defending against one of the weaker scoring teams. Turiaf tweaked a knee and missed the second half; Randolph put up a decent line but had the usual foul problem.

    the home team is definitely vulnerable, but as you know, it’s a question whether smart is capable of coming up with the right game plan and assignments.

  2. Thanks for filling in my gaps, moto. My hunches are now confused and perplexed.

    Let’s see if we can figure out who has the better team, regardless of the outcome.

  3. Feltbot, I’m concerned about Monta. I guess the doctors don’t think the back injury is serious or they wouldn’t have injected him. If he and Curry (ankle) end up with recurring injuries, our season is not in good shape. Our scoring is really weak off the bench, and as much as I like Lin’s grittiness, he’s no CJ Watson.

    Also, it would be awesome to see Randolph explode in this game (and the Warriors still win). I know he wants it badly after getting traded — but he might still be 2 years off from actually becoming an effective NBA player. I still have my doubts that he will ever actually get there. His career might end up like a sort of a skinnier version of Tyrus Thomas.

  4. Pete, I was afraid there might be some confusion when I wrote Monta was “taking shots,” which is why I changed that to “seen shooting.” I don’t think he’s received any injections. Sorry about that.

  5. I’m glad I stumbled across this blog — I may have missed my former city – New York playing my new city — Oakland. (actually live in Berkeley just next door) I just heard an interview with Chalres Barkely in which he said he hates to watch the Warriors because they don’t play any D. The host responded good naturedly that that never stopped Barkly when he was a player. Barkly shot back, “At least I would pretend to play D!” As always Lord Charles is a great interview.

  6. Pete, I’d also like to see AR explode…just not this evening. Let’s get a win here, then split the next two…we’ll be good to go.

  7. Now let’s see if we can put one away. . . .