Pre-Game Jitters: Warriors at Chicago Bulls

Warriors are +6.5 at Chicago.  Let’s see. Warriors on a road back-to-back, their 4th game in 5 nights. David Lee was gashed to the bone, and has stitches in his shooting arm. It will probably be stiff as a board. Monta’s back will probably be stiff as a board. Stephen Curry’s ankle will probably be stiff as a board. Home and a soft bed has got to be a pretty appealing thought right now. If ever there was a game to take off The Warriors Bet, this would be it, right?

Can’t do it. Not my method. The Warriors Bet is now 3-1, and remains ON.

I like the way this Warriors team matches up against the Bulls (if it weren’t the 4th road game in 5 nights, and the Warriors weren’t so banged up, that is).  The biggest matchup is Monta v. Derrick Rose, and I really favor a healthy Monta there.  Monta can shoot, and I’m not a believer yet that Rose can.  Regardless, the Warriors should sag off him and make him a shooter.

Curry will get a nice break defensively guarding Keith Bogans.  The Bulls are really challenged shooting wise, which will help the Warriors smalls to dig down and help in the paint.

Biedrins has always matched up well against Joakim Noah. Noah can’t outquick him. And Beans usually doesn’t let Noah outwork him.

The toughest matchup for the Warriors apart from Derrick Rose will be at small forward. Dorell Wright will have his hands full guarding Luol Deng. Deng is healthy again, having a heck of a season, and Thibodeau has him moving all over the court.  And when Deng goes out, Kyle Korver comes in.

But David Lee should have a nice edge against Taj Gibson. My guess is if Lee shows up to play and can bend his arm, the Warriors can make a game of it.

But there remains a strong possibility that this banged up Warriors team will play — as Keith Smart put it at the end of a long East coast road trip last season — “like a horse headed back to the barn.”

9 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Warriors at Chicago Bulls

  1. One should not forget that the Warriors won last night’s game in large measure due to the fact that NY took 31 three pointers and only made 7.

    I think that Gibson will do quite well taking D.Lee to the hoop if Lee is guarding him as Gibson is much quikcer then Lee.

    The game may well turn on whether the Warriors rebounding from playing the night before.

  2. i too have doubts about this game, since it’s back to back and our guards will be tired. i don’t know if ellis will have enough for guarding rose. curry seems to play good even fatigued, but mostly i think it’s on lee and our bench, which might be too little. anyway, i will bet, but will bet on bulls not to score over 110.5 – we let that happen only two times and won both. i bet quite the line in the game against the lakers. i think we will not be able to score much enough to win, but still be decent on defense.

    the win would surprise the shit out of me, though.

  3. *quite the same line

  4. You may want to hedge your bets. Comcast reported Lee is out for tonight. Smart said on KNBR this morning that the tooth was wedged in David’s arm. All easy one liners aside, such an injury carries a huge risk of a serious infection especially if it goes to the bone. The wound has been left unstitched and he’s on antibiotics. This has been one hell of a road trip.

  5. Thanks, Ape. Of course, The Warriors Bet is now OFF. And I managed to lay off my bet, eating the juice.

    What next for the Warriors? No injury curse?

  6. To me this game has all the earmarks of a blowout for Chicago. A great game for the bench to get some PT. Whatever happened to Gadz? He in the doghouse?

  7. By the way, I added Rudy Fernandez to my team. I think he will double his minutes with the knee problems Roy is having. The talk radio guys are thinking this is more serious than not. If so, I can see Portland struggling. I’m loving it.

  8. yep, no lee.this game is done.

  9. I wouldn’t have minded some Nellie ball tonight. Have Curry, Ellis, DW, and Reggie bomb away. Remember what Curry and a handful of D-leaguers could do–put points on the board.

    Why have Curry run around and set up people who can’t finish? Let him call his own number. And he hasn’t been taking that many outside shots. I want to see him shoot.