Pre-Game Jitters: Sixers at Warriors

The Warriors’ prolonged skid may have opened up another betting opportunity. I can’t make sense of their -3 line in this game, even with Biedrins out. They should make mincemeat out of this Sixers squad, playing on a road back-to-back.

David Lee should be matched against Elton Brand for most of this game, both at the 4, and at the 5 when both teams inevitably go small.  This matchup is right in Lee’s wheelhouse.  Brand cannot guard him.

Andre Iguodala should be right in Dorell Wright’s wheelhouse. Iggy can’t shoot. So play off him, and make him a shooter, right Dorell? On the other hand, Iggy can shut DWright down as well. So let’s observe how Wright plays defense in a game where he can’t get his offense rolling. If he steps up, it will be the first time this season.

With Warrior killer Lou Williams out with injury, Warrior killer Thaddeus Young will present the biggest challenge. A job for the Nightmare?  I fear the tweener Young will be too quick for Udoh. (But if I’m wrong about that, there will not be words sufficient to describe Udoh’s upside).  The best way to guard Young, of course, would be Vlad Rad and Carney, to draw him away from the boards on the other end.

Evan Turner?  Not a factor. Can’t shoot. Shaping up as the bust of the draft.

This Warriors team should run Spencer Hawes and Elton Brand right off the court. This Warriors team should blow this Sixers team right out of the gym. But to do it, Keith Smart will have to stop obsessing about the Lacob Quotient, get the right people on the court, and RUN.

Place your bets.

I won’t be able to recap tonight’s game, so this will be an open thread.

13 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Sixers at Warriors

  1. Here’s a great idea for Joekirk! The Rockets are looking to trade Yao! Can you imagine a Yao-Lin pairing on the Warriors bench!? There would never be another empty seat in Oracle ever again! And the international marketing?!!

  2. Larry Riley with some news:

  3. Lost the rebounding battle again!

    Vlad did about 10 things right that didn’t show up in the stats.

    Amundson did a fine fast break shuffle! (He continues to unimpress.)

  4. Looks like your pregame analysis was spot on , feltbot. Thaddeous (sp?) Young looked like he should be a Warrior; I couldn’t believe him not being a starter over Evan Turner. A directive from above? Sucks for them.

  5. I can’t find it now, but I read the other day that Curry was trying out new shoes designed to protect the ankle — were these those high tops he put on second half?

    He does look likes he’s holding back, which is fine with me.

  6. rgg: Curry definitely was holding back against Portland, but I was at the Sixers game and he was going full tilt on the ankle on both O and D. He was a force guarding Meeks for most of Curry’s 28 minutes. Curry’s shooting rhythm is still just a bit off but I’m looking for a big O game from him tomorrow against Atlanta.

  7. Tony Parker on how the Spurs beat the Lakers:

    “If you let them set halfcourt, it’s tough. Everybody is big and in the paint. We wanted to push the ball.”

  8. Pau Gasol on getting frozen out by Kobe Bryant every game:

    Gasol: “I’m not worried; I’m just upset. I’m upset that we are not playing right. With the weapons we have on this team …”

    Big Chief Triangle, on why neither he nor Kobe were responsible for Kobe’s 8-27 shooting:

    “If I was playing, I probably wouldn’t pass Kobe the ball the next time.”

  9. Biedrins is probably out for the entire road trip:

    This is beginning to remind me of 2 years ago, when he missed half a year with sprained ankles.

  10. The Kobe piece reminds me of a comment Ellis made after the Philly game:

    “Everybody was keying in on me and I just had to find the open guy,” Ellis said. “I didn’t have a good shooting night so I said, what the heck, let’s get everybody else involved.”

    from the Yahoo recap. I kind of wish he had phrased the last sentence differently.

  11. Infelicitious phrasing, no doubt. But actions speak louder than words. Monta’s really come around, hasn’t he? There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s a far better point guard than the likes of Tony Parker and Derrick Rose. And there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s a far better player, all-around, right now, than Allen Iverson ever was. Monta makes his teammates better.

    Over the last two weeks, Monta Ellis is the #1 ranked fantasy basketball player. He’s now around #8 for the full year. Kobe Bryant? #24.

    The only superstar in the league that’s never been an all-star.

  12. If Portland gets blown up I’d feel better about getting Wes Matthews and/or Nic Batum. Those are two guys with a future in this league. Meaning Portland would be nuts to not hang on to both. (They do have an owner who screws up occasionally, though.) Camby? Not so much.