Work in Progress

There will be some changes to the appearance of FWB in the next few weeks. Some experimental, some permanent. The blog is a work in progress.

The primary aim of these changes is two-fold:

First, to make the comments section more easily readable and accessible. I don’t know about you, but I get a little lost sometimes with the amount of scrolling I have to do the way the comments section is set up now. We’re going to experiment with some ideas, like using a smaller font, boxing the comments, or numbering, “zebra”-ing, nesting, etc. Hopefully, we’ll come up with a format that readers like, and that enhances the discussion.

Second, to add some advertising to the site.  As I hope many of you have noticed, I have (to my own great surprise) put a lot of time and energy into building this blog over the last two years.  It’s been a labor of love, but unfortunately, much of the time and energy I have invested has come at the expense of my day job (or night job, as it were).  Since I am a working stiff, I can’t really justify continuing to invest so much time on this blog — as much as I enjoy it — without attempting to make some sort of business of it, however small.

So, while I am aware that adding advertising could potentially be annoying to my regular readers, I hope you won’t begrudge me for doing it.  It ain’t no easy thing, keeping the ever-ravenous Thaiblonde in ribeyes, black and blue.

Please feel free to offer up your input on any changes you see, or would like to see. I am collaborating with a friend on the design, so none of the changes will be chiseled in stone, everything can be modified.

As ever, thanks for reading!



11 Responses to Work in Progress

  1. geraldmcgrew

    Do what you need to do. Just don’t stop! If some ads make it easier to write more, maybe even more about the NBA as a whole, it will be well worth it. Best hoops writing around.

    Hopefully you’ll be careful about advertising and formatting that causes excessive freezing on average joe computers, unwanted pop-ups, and worse. Worst thing about the interweb is the planned obsolescence. But if you could make more of a living writing about basketball, that would be a good thing for fans of the sport, maybe even the sport itself.

  2. No problem with ads because I can ignore them if I wish, but the minute you say ‘smaller font,’ my eyes hurt. How about a sans-serif font, which is easier to read on a computer screen? I wouldn’t sacrifice readability for the sake of cramming more words into a smaller space. Reading small words on a screen is the biggest irritation of so many web sites, which are designed by 20-somethings who don’t realize how hard it is for people over 40. I recommend Verdana, which is the easiest to read IMO.

  3. Ditto on the font size! (But I like serif–it’s classy and readable.)

  4. I was just about to tell MWLX that rgg would threaten to arm-wrestle him over the serif font…

    Regarding font size, don’t you think that’s one of the things that makes Adam’s blog comments so easily readable? As for GSoM, their font seems close in size to mine, but are the lines more compressed somehow?

    My comments just seem more diffuse in appearance and harder to track and respond to than on other sites. I’m looking for ways to enhance the poster discussion… suggestions welcome.

  5. Serif fonts are more readable in printed form because print resolution is far superior to screen resolution. The eye sees the serifs, and is able to distinguish letters and words better. But the relatively low resolution of computer screens means that pixels break up serifs, which you can observe if you see a comparison under a microscope.

    I believe the GSom site uses Arial for its body-type font, and that accounts for its compressed look (This is true of a majority of web sites, which use the eye-straining Arial). I’m guessing the Lauridsen blog is using Verdana, in a smallish type size, perhaps 8 point. But the Lauridsen page is quite readable because Verdana “was designed to be readable at small sizes on a computer screen” (See Wikipedia). Another choice could be Tahoma, which is in-between Arial and Verdana in terms of its compressed versus extended look.

    A key factor you haven’t mentioned is line spacing. You could take 1 point out of your line spacing (vertical space between each line) and it would still be okay for readability, yet it would shorten the scroll from top to bottom of the page. I believe the amount of “air” between lines may be part of what gives you the visual impression your page is “diffuse.”

    Lastly, the Lauridsen site (and Kawakami, who also falls under the MercuryNews umbrella) uses a soft color background for each comment. That provides a visual cue that helps anchor each comment and separates it from the next one, for easier tracking. Such a design element might be worth considering.

  6. Never knew that stuff mattered. Nice read, MW…

  7. Thanks MWLX! Very useful stuff there. Yes, the Laurisdsen blog uses what I believe is referred to as zebraing (alternating colors) in their comments section. We may do something similar.

  8. Felt, I’m very easy to please, evidence the fact I’m still a Warriors fan after all these decades. LOL Love the blog as is but I’m sure I’ll be equally enthusiastic after any and all changes you choose to make.

    Totally off topic but came across this read on Warren Buffett that I thought I’d share.

  9. FB – start the ads coming. no problemo. I do agree that adam’s blog gets alot more on the page. I just take internet explorer up to 125% and it reads fine.

  10. Feltie, While you changing your web site, please take the picture of Biedrins off the home page. He doesnt deserve the honor. Monta with Curry and Wright and Lee, the true hears of the team.

    For the 2nd year in a row, the $9 million per year wonder cut his season short because of a fake injury. And the funny thing is fans are good with it, just more minutes for Udoh!

  11. Well, now I can’t see any comments. Have I been voted off the island?