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At last…/ My love has come along/ My lonely days are over/ And life is like a song.  — Etta James

As requested, a spanking new thread for the talking of Warriors basketball.

Free agency should be quite wild this year, as there should be what, nine days between it starting and the start of training camp?  My opinion is well known: The Warriors are one Nene and one legitimate two-way shooting guard (no, that is not Klay Thompson) from becoming a legitimate playoff team.

Let’s see what Warriors GM Joe Lacob can get accomplished.

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  1. New thread, new season less than a month away…woo hoo!
    Monta an All Star…
    Warriors in playoffs…
    LET’S DO THIS!!!

  2. The NBA has introduced a new concept for the shortened season: back-to-back-to-back games!;_ylt=AivsA1Nfw9rNnfx9oiBHA1i8vLYF?slug=ap-nbalabor

    (Why. . . . . . )

    • I’m sure the Warriors will inaugurate the first away, home and away…. With at Denver being the third game.

  3. Here are more details on the schedule:

    48 conference games; 18 non-conference, playing 12 of those teams only once; and no more than THREE back-to-back-to-backs. This is insane. Somebody should figure out how much the schedule will favor some teams over others.

    Obviously it’s set up to get the best teams to the play-offs and set up its promotion. But up and coming teams could get killed by this schedule and not make it to the playoffs. And if spreading money were a concern, they would have had everybody play everybody twice, home and away, and throw in eight more games in the conference. This way small market teams get the Lakers at least once, etc.

  4. Reggie Williams update (11/25):

    “One of the most exciting signings of Caja Laboral over the summer, Reggie Williams(196-G/F-86, agency: Interperformances, college: VMI), says good-bye to the Endesa League and the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. As reported by the Spanish club today, both parts have reached an agreement to part ways. Williams, who got injured twice this season, found a very few opportunities to prove himself, and averaged just 4 points in 11 minutes per game in the domestic competition.”

  5. I posted these two links at the end of the previous thread, so just in case brytex couldn’t get his relic-of-a-computer working correctly………

  6. Look at AB’s game log last season:;_ylt=AndHmne0Lo1DiJdHx5TnBZH8PKB4

    They played about as well with him as without. He had exactly 4 games where he scored 10 or more points. Look especially at his performance and minutes from about Feb. 1 on. As FB keeps saying, hard to believe something isn’t wrong with him, but no one has said. If he could return to form, he might provide useful service as backup center, where there won’t be as much pressure. And maybe they could then showcase him enough for a trade or amnesty buyout. But it’s hard to believe they can count on much at all from him as starting center, and if they do it will be another mediocre season.

    $27m ($9m x 3 years, right?) is a huge chunk of change to swallow. But if he doesn’t show much improvement over last season, he won’t provide much value at all for that money and they might as well swallow it sooner than later.

  7. I wonder what Matt Steinmetz makes a year as Comcast’s “insider”? Whatever the amount, he should be under arrest (stealing) and held without bail.

    The Warriors need to continue ADDING good players. Last season GSW added Lee and Wright with the result being a quite good starting core minus a competent center. They make the playoffs (IMO) last year if the starters had received any semblance of support from the bench, which ultimately (again IMO) proved to be the worst (bench) in the NBA.

    An impactful free agent signing along with the 2011 draft class hopefully adding to some meaningful depth off the bench and the Warriors will be a better team this season. And that should be their plan going forward, getting a little better each season by continually ADDING talent.

    Addition by subtraction? Sounds like a good game plan for Comcast.

  8. Bye, bye Brandon? Would make a damn good 6th man off the bench for someone, and likely extend his career, given his knee issues.

  9. MT hints that Warriors interested in Brandon Roy:

    I’ll be frank, this would be nothing short of a disaster, for several reasons. First of all, can you really count on a player playing bone on bone in both knees? Second, who can a player like that guard? ( Start with no one, and work upwards). Third, Roy’s future, if he has one, is as a scoring POINT GUARD, in the Mark Jackson (non-athletic) mold. He’ll get eaten alive at the two. That big game he had in the playoffs? He was playing the point, with Miller sitting. Fourth, the Warriors already have a point guard destined for greatness. Fifth, the Warriors are desperate for a big two-guard who can play defense. Desperate. If Roy is on the team, just when would this stopper play? Sixth, the Warriors are a running team. Brandon Roy has no choice but to walk the ball up the court. All game every game. A perfect fit for all those defensive geniuses like Nate McMillan and Mike Brown and Mike Fratello and Phil Jackson.

    And the worst fit imaginable for the Warriors.

    • “Roy told me at the end of last season, days after his Game 4 miracle, that he was going to spend this offseason getting stronger. And he said he might get some experimental treatment in his knees. Also, he acknowledged what most of us already knew long ago – that he probably came back from his surgeries too soon for his own good.

      Roy’s been dependable, if nothing else. He’s been there to make big plays and finish games, and his contract was largely given to him based upon his past performance, and a belief that his knees would hold up.

      Can Allen and Kolde really be sure that Roy is done without seeing him over a few months? Can any of us? Why not give coach Nate McMillan the chance to see what his top game closer can do?

      Teammate Wesley Matthews said he’d like to see more: “You saw Game 4. He put us on his back. He’s still Brandon Roy. He still has plenty of basketball in him.”

      Felt, when I linked that piece about Roy I wasn’t really thinking about him in a Warriors’ jersey, but I will admit the thought intrigues me IF the price is right. The Dubs bench is in such disarray from last season that I could never dismiss out of hand the idea of acquiring any tough-minded player who also can be “money” in big game situations, and especially for a team so blatantly deficient in that kind of player(s) like the Warriors.

      This should be approached as a risk/reward situation where the team benefits outweigh the negatives and with a low financial risk for GSW.

      This is all just purely speculative in nature right now, and surely just the beginning of a lot of rumored moves that will flood the internet between now and the end of next month. But Brandon Roy being “the worst fit imaginable for the Warriors”? I wouldn’t go that far. And remember, we don’t know what kind of style (running team?) Mark Jackson is going to coach, what with his supposed emphasis on defense.

      Can’t hurt to “kick the tires” on any and all possibilities to make your team better. One thing’s for sure, if you’re looking for the absolute antithesis of Andris Biedrins it would be Brandon Roy.

  10. @10

    I’m with Feltbot on this one. Roy was a great player, but with limited mobility he cannot be now, regardless of his talent or character.

    Also, with his knees Roy can’t be expected to be available 100% of the time. That’s of special concern because Lacob is probably going to run the dubs with a short bench again this year, given his concern for cap space and the extra-short FA trading period in which to get anything done. In that case, Roy would use up resources that could otherwise be applied to a competent and reliably healthy multi-role bencher like Reggie Williams. Or a better-than-average backup PG, or 4 Jeff Adriens.

    • I’d really like to see the Ws re-sign Adrien. He’s cheap, and he’s still on the books for $50k against the Ws’ cap this year even if he doesn’t play for them. Playing in Italy for Benetton, “The Manimal” is averaging a double-double, 14+ points and 10+ boards. In one game he scored 33 points. Just try to imagine Amundson getting those kinds of numbers. Anywhere, anytime, in any pro league.

      Adrien is also a better-than-average defender despite his stature (a “short” 6-7), mostly due to his “extreme willingness” to body up and box out. One of the many bad decisions Keith Smart made last year was to ignore Adrien when he needed more control over the paint.

      There are game situations where only a banger will get the job done. Every team needs at least one. Bring back Jeff Adrien!

  11. Why are the Warriors not equally desparate for a SF (D.Wright) or PF (D.Lee) who can play defense? To say nothing of replacing Biedrins whose defense is virtually non-existent.

  12. @12

    Defense is as much about skills and teamwork as offense is. With the right coaching, even the not-so-athletic, like Jason Kidd, can play D very well. The Warriors have plenty of talent to play D. All of them.

    I think the biggest drawback for the Warriors defense over the last few years has been the bench, one of the lightest in the league. Monta and Dorell both ran almost 40 minutes/game last year, and the starters’ workload was even tougher the season before. Something’s gotta give.

    M Jackson sez the big change this season will be a real commitment to D. In the real world of a brutally tough NBA season schedule, that will not happen without a strong bench. I don’t think Lacob will give them one, not this season. He thinks we’re “one or 2 pieces away” from being relevant. As if adding just, say, Nene would turn things around for 19,680 player minutes/season.

    Naw. Don’t think so.

    My 2¢.

  13. Rondo for Paul? With the Celtics’ core about ready to apply for Social Security benefits I can’t see Paul signing any extension with Boston.

  14. “Say the Trail Blazers use their amnesty provision on Brandon Roy, who is set to make $15 million this season and $69 million over the four years left on his contract. Releasing Roy would not take the Blazers under the cap — a reason they might wait — but it would take them under the dollar-for-dollar luxury-tax line.

    When we first contemplated amnesty, we thought Roy would then be a free agent, able to sign with any team. Fans of contending teams salivated over picking up quality veterans on minimum salaries — cheap contracts they’d be willing to take, since their old team would still be paying their full salary.

    But this is not what will happen. Instead, Roy would be placed into a hybrid waiver market open only to teams under the salary cap. Those teams would then submit bids detailing how much of Roy’s $15 million salary they’d like to pay. The highest bidder gets him; Roy has no choice in the matter. The winning team will pay only the money it offered in its bid, with Portland paying the rest. So, if the Hornets, desperate for a shooting guard and able to get under the cap if they lose David West, bid $4 million for Roy and win, the Blazers would be on the hook for the remaining $11 million.”

      The only pressing CBA-related question is whether the team will go big in amnesty, slice away Andris Biedrins’ $9 million salary and make a major run at Nene or Tyson Chandler. The Warriors like both — and have even hinted that they’d go hard after a big man with an injury history, such as Greg Oden — but general manager Larry Riley has said very nice things about Biedrins, too. They may punt on amnesty or use it on Charlie Bell, which could give them enough space to make a legitimate run at a free-agent big man.

      This is a stable franchise with an exciting new ownership group. It should do fine under any CBA regime, even if this agreement might come with more revenue-sharing costs. The biggest question remains the on-court nucleus of Monta Ellis, David Lee and Stephen Curry: Does one of them have to go via trade?

  15. “For the first time since the lockout began on July 1, NBA players are going to be welcomed back to their team facilities, said league spokesman Tim Frank. The league sent a memo to clubs Tuesday announcing the move, plus giving teams permission to begin speaking with agents at 9 a.m. Wednesday — though deals cannot yet be offered, and no contracts can be signed before Dec. 9.

    Teams may host “voluntary player workouts” and physicals. Training camps will not open until Dec. 9, and the regular season is expected to begin Christmas Day with marquee matchups, including a Miami-Dallas rematch of last season’s NBA finals.

    A person familiar with the league’s Christmas schedule told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the NBA will feature five games this year on Dec. 25 instead of the originally planned three. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the NBA does not plan to announce the Christmas lineup until later this week. The decision for the league to schedule five Christmas games was first reported by The New York Times.”

    • Steve, just now read ALL of this post. Shoulda done that first before I ranted on @23. Let’s hope one of the others is a Warriors game!

  16. And what is the deal with the new schedule? When’s it gonna be released? Steve?…I need a link, chop chop.

    So far we know of only the three Xmas day games. And the last one is at 2PM Pacific. That’s too early!

    If they want to start making up with the fans, then the league needs to add two more games on Xmas like they did last year. And one of ’em should be a Warriors game at 7:30…like last year! Yes, it’s a Sunday, but there is only one NFL game scheduled that day anyway. Perfect opportunity.

    Felt, get on the phone and make it happen.

    • brytex, man, you’re bossy. Hate being bossed. Hate it! Guess that’s why I’m single and been self-employed for over 30 yrs. That said, how can I possibly turn down a request from someone who appears to be as big of a sports-sicko as myself? Per your wailing pleas, another link……

      With 5 NBA games and a Sunday night NFL contest (Packers-Bears) all us sports junkies will have plenty to overdose on this Xmas. I agree with the author’s premise that the 7:30 PM NBA game will feature the Clippers, so why not GSW as their opponent? We’ll find out in a few days.

      Until then, brytex, I want you to flex your neck muscles from side to side while in the lotus position and slowly inhale and exhale 5 times. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, etc. OK, that should take care of your no-NBA anxiety attacks for the time being, like, say, until Friday? LOL

      • David Locke: The expectation around the league is that Sacramento will play Golden State leaving Utah with Portland but chance that could be adjusted. Twitter

  17. Video debate: Can LeBron regain his popularity?

  18. “King was asked about his own free agents, which include power forward Kris Humphries and reserve Brandan Wright.”

    YES! Bring back Brandan!!!!! (Just for you, Felt. LOL)

  19. Twitter de dum:

    Sam Amick: Source says Golden State should be deleted from the David West list. Make that New Orleans, Indy and Washington and surely more to come. Twitter

    Ronald Tillery: ESPN rumor (Gay for Ellis trade talks) baseless, source tells CA. Griz have not entertained offers for Gay. Twitter

    Ric Bucher: Mentioned on SC a Monta Ellis + asset for Rudy Gay deal. Came from GS side. If Mem considered – big if – it would be for financial reasons. Twitter

    Tim Kawakami: So, just like last season at the deadline, Lacob will listen on Ellis options, but wants a killer deal, in talent and dollars. Hard to get. Twitter

    Tim Kawakami: Same storyline with Monta Ellis: Jackson wants to coach him, West is checking what’s out there for him, leaving Lacob in the middle… Twitter

    John Canzano: Miller on Roy: “Absolutely no decision has been made on Roy no matter what anyone says.” Twitter

    John Canzano: Miller talking Roy… “We can try and we can talk to Brandon and see how he feels. Every factor involved. Including fan factor.” Twitter

    J. Michael Falgoust: I tweeted earlier this week that I know of 2 BRoy teammates that dont xpect him to be released. #blazers #nba Twitter

    Ben Golliver: Larry Miller: “If we have a healthy Brandon and a healthy Greg I think we have a great roster.” Twitter

    Bill Ingram: Sources close to the situation in Denver say Nene is not a max player, but he will get a better offer from Denver than from others . . . Twitter

    Bill Ingram: The Indiana Pacers have done due diligence on Rondo, Nene, but have no intention of acquiring either . . . Twitter

    Sean Deveney: Story out of Spain has Marc Gasol seeking $9 mil per year. Grizz intending to keep him, maybe not for 5 and $45, but something close. Twitter

    Gasol wants $9 mil per season or he will play in Europe again.

  20. This is the right list. Very encouraging news:

    “The Warriors can’t sign any free agents until Dec. 9, but that doesn’t mean their offseason plans aren’t coming into focus.

    According to several sources, the Warriors intend to secure a big man during the abbreviated free agent signing period. People with knowledge of the team’s thinking have confirmed that Nene, Tyson Chandler, DeAndre Jordan and, to a lesser degree, Marc Gasol are on the list.”

  21. Thinkin’ Warriors are playing Xmas day…here’s why:

    Was listening to Fitz and Brooks today. They were interviewing Al Attles. Fitz ends the interview by saying something like ‘OK, Al, we’ll see you on Christmas day.’

    Why would he say that? Was he talking about them all meeting at Al’s house to open gifts on xmas morning? Only makes sense they were gonna see each other at the season opener on the 25th.

    Of course Fitz would have this info ahead of time…he just let it slip.

    Getting excited, people!!!

  22. MT on the Warriors (home for the holidays?).

  23. brytex, your enthusiasm is rubbing off. I’m with you, let’s get the show on the road.

    So, tell me what you’re thinking? Should the Warriors keep Ellis and Curry? Trade one? If so, which one? Do you like Nene or Chandler? Amnesty Biedrins? This should be a pretty hectic few weeks. I’m really intrigued to see what GSW is going to do?

    • Steve, all I know is that I’d be a horrible GM. I don’t know enough about the game or those other players to have a valid opinion.

      I’m 47. Watched some BB here and there thru the years. However, I never ever watched a Warriors game. That is until the very first playoff game of the We Believe season. From then on I was hooked.

      Soon after, I even started playing basketball…if you can believe that. So I’m learning about the game from both ends. Love it!

      But to answer your question, I really don’t know what they should do. I only know what I want them to do. And that is keep both Monta and Steph. Why? I want to be entertained. I want to watch high octane basketball, Warriors style. And those two provide that. Oh, yeah, winning would really nice too.

      Regarding amnesty, if you can only use it once in the next ten years, then don’t waste it now unless it’s for some spectacular no-brainer deal…or somethin’. And this could be Biendrins’ bounce back year!

      And your opinion of keeping/trading Ellis/Curry???

      Oh, by the way, it’s now Friday. 23 days and counting…

      • brytex, I love your story. Your passion for the Warriors is amazing considering you’ve only been watching their games for a handful of years.

        I’m a bit older (58) than yourself and my history with GSW as a fan goes way back to the early ’70’s. In fact, I went to all of their home playoff games in 1975 (Coliseum Arena and Cow Palace) when they won their only Bay Area championship.

        Unlike yourself, I’m also a big baseball and football guy, as well. But to see the Warriors win another championship, which would almost seem like their first seeing as how it’s been over 35 yrs since they last won it all, would be a huge thrill.

        I’ll defer to felt for any indepth, technical analysis of the upcoming Warriors’ season, but I am of the opinion that GSW can win with both Curry and Monta in the backcourt. I’m also a fan of Lee and a disbeliever in Biedrins.

        The Warriors need depth, and I’m talking quality depth. If you keep adding good players each year and build your talent pool, eventually, IMO, you can contend for a championship with fewer than the three elite, or superstar players, which was a previously stated prerequisite by Joe Lacob. The Warriors themselves did it with one great player (Rick Barry) and just last year Dallas pulled it off with Nowitzki vs the big three of Miami.

        And after reading this……..

        “We have a team in place, based on players under contract and the expectation of signing the rookies, and it’s very likely that we’ll open the season with that roster in place,” Riley said. “We need to add some depth, and we’d like to add some size. Then, we’ll turn it over to Mark. We’ll give him a reasonably good roster and let him go to work.”

        …………….(“reasonably good roster”) it suddenly looks as if the Warriors might be going into this season without any big name splash-additions. Regardless, looking forward to a new season, albeit with maybe only a wee bit less verve than yourself.

  24. Unfortunately, Jackson is going to have to learn the hard way that Biedrins isn’t and never was a “dominant” NBA player.

    Biedrins’ supporters could argue that his confidence was stripped by the fact his head coach (Nelli) started ripping him through the media, eventually getting to the point were Biedrins went into a shell, in essence saying FU to Nelson and management.

    The only problem with that hypothesis is the fact that Keith Smart took the pain and effort to spend weeks with this guy in Latvia, coddling his fragile psyche as well as trying to become a “good buddy”, the 180 of Nelli, if you will. And the result of all that? LOL Yes, a complete joke and an utter waste of time.

    Sadly, us fans more familiar with his everyday play, are going to have to endure another “audition”, this time for Jackson, before we’ll finally be rid of this guy once and for all.

  25. Pacific preview: Sir Charles (video) wonders aloud whether or not Curry can play the 1? I guess that’s why they pay him the big bucks. LOL

  26. “It might come as a surprise to scan the standings and see the Golden State Warriors – not the Los Angeles Lakers – atop the Pacific Division. The Warriors have raced out to a 10-6 record behind their young backcourt duo of Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. Ellis leads the league in scoring at 25.1 points per game and Curry is adding 18.1 points and 6.8 assists per contest. They have also been terrific from downtown, collectively connecting on 77 of 160 three-point attempts (48.1 percent). The schedule gets tougher for the Warriors and maintaining early momentum will be no small task.”

    Damn that lockout!

    • “According to sources, Nene, Chandler and Gasol all set their early asking prices in the neighborhood of maximum-contract territory, starting at $14.8 million for Gasol, $17.7 annually for Nene, and $20.7 million for Chandler.”


  27. Feltbot–

    If the team can’t get the big man they need, what do you do? (What would Nelson do?) The answer I want, of course, is that you recognize the strengths of the team–speed + skill = scoring–forge an identity and a coordinated team (not a team built around a franchise player or two), and build from there, none of which Smart did last year.

    It amazes me people want to dismantle the team, Steinmetz et al. It would take years to get the right pieces and still much luck. Odds are good they’d end up with another team of loose ends, pieces that aren’t good enough and don’t fit that well, especially if they decide to follow narrow conventional wisdom.Curry has too much potential to let go, though if Smart taught us anything last year, it’s that his value diminishes considerably when put in half court sets, slow down offense. Why Ellis doesn’t get more respect still baffles. And no one has seen what he can do with a well coached, full squad, not since his first year. Lee was the best F/C available the last few years, possibly the next few, and no one has seen what he can do with some help up front.

    I’m wondering if their best chance to land talent the next years is to become a team players will want to play for. But look at the list of centers from last year:

    Who in that list is available or will be available the next few years, not close to thirty, won’t cost $15-20m, and worth a shot? Or look at the list of F/C’s for that matter and ask the same.

    Jordan may be the only center they can get, though that would leave the team with three reclamation projects–he, Biedrins, and Tyler. And I suppose they’ll have Udoh and Amundsen as well to get some kind of presence up front.

    I’m trying to find good thoughts about Biedrins. Maybe if the starting load is taken off him he can fill in somewhere?

  28. I completely agree with you rgg that our core of Ellis, Curry and Lee is extraordinary, and I am constantly amazed that Steinmetz et al. can get it so wrong when thinking about what this team needs. I sometimes feel the need to fire back, but at the current moment of free-agent frenzy if I attempted to answer every one of their analyses or misbegotten trade ideas I would go insane.

    Particularly when it seems that Lacob and crew currently have a decent idea of what the team needs. I’m content to patiently watch what happens and hope for the best, while conserving my ammo in the event of the worst.

    Fwiw, Jordan has some issues (particularly free-throw shooting), but I don’t see him as a reclamation project. He is the real deal on the defensive end (Baron Davis credited Kaman’s injury and Jordan’s emergence for the Clippers’ midseason resurgence last year). And while he shares Biedrins inability to shoot, he can actually finish a pick and roll with authority.

  29. The Jackson regime starts out with MORE Biedrins and MORE Amundson.

    My mom always taught me that if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Mom (who’s about to turn 81), this post (and my comments in reaction to the headline and story) is in your honor.

    Steve says: “___________________________________

  30. Twitter De Dum:

    Marc Stein: Warriors still chasing Tyson Chandler (best fit along w/Nene and RFA DeAndre Jordan but also in Kwame mix w/PHILLY/BOS/NYK/ORL and, yes, CHA. Twitter

    Marc Stein: But make no mistake: Warriors rank among most serious suitors for Tyson Chandler. If TC and DAL can’t work it out, GSW is spot he could land. Twitter

    Marc Stein: Hearing clutch of East teams have expressed interest in Kwame Brown, who’s still wanted in Charlotte as well. Also Golden State from West. Twitter

  31. Marc Stein on twitter indicates Warriors to meet with Tyson Chandler next week, and have Chandler ahead of Nene because “they are already awash with scorers and Chandler a better fit.”

    Don’t think that’s how Don Nelson would see it. With Tyson Chandler the Warriors could become very good (assuming he stays healthy). With Nene and David Lee interchangeable at the 4 and 5, they would be instant contenders.

    Nene should be offered the max.

  32. Thanks Feltbot/Steve (great links),
    If the Warriors could land Nene or Chandler, I’ll be dancing in the streets. With no major injuries and a decent coaching performance, this would be a 50-win team.

    Chandler’s defensive work TRANSFORMS teams. It’s no coincidence that Charlotte had one of the better defenses when Tyson was there and healthy (Larry Brown gets a little credit too), New Orleans was a 50-win team when he was healthy (Big assist from Paul), and Dallas went from being everyone’s odds-on favorite to be knocked out of the playoffs before their seed to NBA Champions (Big assist to Dirk).

    I can only imagine what Don Nelson would do with Nene/Lee as the bigs, Steph Curry as the PG and Ellis/Reggie/Klay/Dorell shooting threes. It would have been amazing to watch!

  33. The Warriors can’t afford to be passive this year and can’t send essentially the same team on the floor as last. Their ability to draw top players in the near future, especially with the new CBA–or get top value for its own players if they do want to trade any down the line–will depend on putting a competitive team on the floor now. (Barea and Terry became stars because they played for Dallas; Ellis never gets respect because his teams haven’t won.)

    Tear the team apart and they’d be lucky to be competitive within the next five years.

    Riley probably deserves a lot of credit for not doing anything stupid the last two years, for dumping several questionable contracts, and for making one good decision–Lee.

    A max contract for Nene is kind of scary though–$20m? What would this do to their flexibility in the next few years?

  34. rgg
    I so agree with you regarding a max for Nene – $20 million is 35% of a NBA team’s salary cap in the new CBA. I like Nene, but – that’s “SUPERstar” money for a “star” player. No amnesty for that contract…

    Kawakami tweeted that Tyson Chandler is at the 49er game. Things that make you go Hmmm… Also, is it any coincidence Lacob hires Malone (formerly of New Orleans) for his ties to Chris Paul and/or Tyson Chandler? Or Meyers for his ties to agents as well as relationships with players Nene, DeAndre, and/or Gasol among others? Doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure! And may pay off handsomely!

    I like Lee – I just don’t like Lee’s contract. David Lee’s escalating contract’s impact (by percentage)* on the GSW’s team salary cap over the next 5 years.

    2011-2012 $11,610,000 20% of cap*
    2012-2013 $12,744,000 22% of cap*
    2013-2014 $13,878,000 24% of cap*
    2014-2015 $15,012,000 25.9% of cap*
    2015-2016 $15,493,680 26.7% of cap*

    *Salary cap fixed at $58,000,000 in this example which may or may not be the case (likely higher, but could also be lower too).

  35. I feel like if I have a core of Nene, Lee, DW, Monta and Curry I couldnt care less about flexibility. That wouldn’t stop me from amnestying Biedrins immediately tho…

    But $20m per does seem a lot. Didn’t realize the max was so high.

  36. Meaningless (power rankings), but fun to peruse nonetheless.

  37. @61/Steve re Chandler and GSW,

    I like these lines:

    If the Warriors do end up signing Chandler, they’re going to be dangerous. They’ll essentially be the same team that scored over 103 points per game in 2010-2011, but with a key defender who should help put a dent in the number of points they give up per game.

    Assuming Chandler stays healthy, which is a risky assumption given his recent history, the Warriors would be a team that nobody will want to play. Assuming none of their scorers regress, it would also be safe to assume that the Warriors would be able to play their way into the Western Conference playoff picture.

  38. I’m tempted to suggest some Moneyball. It’s the age of Chandler and Nene, the possibility of injury, the likelihood of a four year contract, that plus the memory of losing ALL our centers (4) two years ago that has me thinking. To that add the team’s weak bench. A team has to be 7-8 strong to make a serious run in the playoffs.

    If Jordan were affordable (not at all certain) and they kept Biedrins AND Biedrins returned to some of his form and health (completely uncertain), how would having the two compare in overall stats to either Nene or Chandler plus our likely backup of Udoh (who’s not a center and needs to develop as a forward). Probably wishful thinking, but I’m wondering if Biedrins might perform better with the pressure off and reduced minutes as backup, plus not going up as much against the premier centers.

    This would give them more options to build the depth of the team the next years, possibly pull the trigger later on a deal, using amnesty for Biedrins. And if Biedrins plays well enough in spurts, maybe he’ll increase his value for a trade or amnesty pickup.

    Billy Beane, of course, hasn’t done so well the last years, although some of his larger mistakes are the high-priced veterans the A’s drafted who didn’t pan out.

    • Smart’s best shot last year was to hope for a good year from Biedrins, and he spent much effort into that, somewhat understandable. But he also put the pressure on and misused him–counting on too much offense from him, building plays around him, posting him up, etc.

  39. From AW’s twitter:

    “One league official says there are seven NBA teams that have two stretches of 5 games in 6 nights this season. Good luck with that.”

    Why not doubleheaders?

  40. Curry for Chris Paul trade talk starting to blow up:

    I cannot express how much I would hate this trade.

  41. “Someone who is hiding behind the shroud of anonymity is one of Howard’s “closest confidants” who spoke to sportscaster David Baumann of Central Florida News 13, telling him Howard’s preference is to stay in Orlando if the Magic are able to “hit a home run” and acquire Paul from New Orleans or Monta Ellis from the Golden State Warriors.”

    • Felt, what’s your gut on this? I’ve been wavering between (Lacob) doing nothing and going for it, with going for it the feeling right now. I think the Warriors get Chandler unless Cuban suddenly stops daydreaming about buying the Dodgers and decides he wants Chandler back.

    • Steve,
      After that awesome read, I’m now officially afraid of the W’s signing Tyson Chandler due to the amount of money required and his injury history…

      And contracts on Brendan Haywood/Amir Johnson not looking so bad.

      Surprising Simmons is predicting a max contract for baby Gasol… Amazing!!! I never would have thought this on my own. Time will tell.

      Yeah, Warriors shutout unless they overpay for DeAndre Jordan or get “lucky” with Tyson Chandler.

  42. OT: I enjoying sharing whenever I come across some really good music from the past.

    This song (“When She Was My Girl”) was originally recorded in the ’60’s by The Four Tops, who do the honors here in a performance recorded live back in 1981. Good quality and a great song.

  43. PeteyBrian, there’s so much going on right now it’s hard digesting everything. Lots of possibilities………

  44. brytex, starting 12/25, just remember to get outside for a clean breath of fresh air every once in awhile. LOL You like NBA hoops? Well, here it comes, in waves and waves.

  45. MT on Reggie Williams. (Never been a big fan but I know others here feel differently. Personally, I hope Williams finds a roster spot……elsewhere.)

  46. Twitter Dee Dum:

    Tim Kawakami: NBA source: Celtics contacted Warriors about Rondo-for-Curry & were turned down. Presumably, Boston wanted to flip Curry to NO for Paul. Twitter

    Jarrod Rudolph: Sources have told me that Chris Paul and Dell Demps had a rocky conversation today. Move expected soon, very soon. Twitter

    Steve Kyler: Sources close to Hornets – Hornets will move Chris Paul “no more games, time to move one… did our best to keep him.” — GSW top the list Twitter

    Wouldn’t mind seeing this guy on GSW……

    Mike Wells: Kirilenko’s agent, Marc Fleisher, said Pacers are one of about 15 teams interested in the free agent. Twitter

  47. Paul for Curry–

    What on earth is the thinking here? Trade a 6-3 guard for a 6-0 guard? Everyone, including West (and Nelson, for that matter) says you can’t have two small guards starting. And the trade won’t have much impact (yes, Paul is a better pg now) unless the Warriors shore up the front court, so it looks like Paul is calling the shots and pushing the Warriors into acquiring Chandler?

    I’m curious. Since no one owns NO, who is running the show, the GM? Does he have to report to the league? To Stern? I’m sure I’m going off the deep end, but I wonder. Paul wants out of NO. Stern wants to keep NO–and find an owner. And he wants to give them a player with media potential–Curry. Is this a PR move?

  48. Cause for concern about Paul’s future? If he eventually ends up in NYC, LA, or Boston, well, who cares? BUT, if the Warriors decide to make this trade let’s hope their due diligence on his physical well being going forward is both thorough and competent.


    Chris Paul: Same Knee Problems Than Roy?

    By Dimitri Kucharczyk – Tuesday, November 16, 2010 – 7:26
    John Hollinger speculates that Chris Paul could have knee problems similar to Brandon Roy.

    As we’ve touched on previously, it’s been reported Brandon Roy has no meniscus left in his left knee due to an operation two years ago. Essentially, he’s been playing bone-to-bone for a while now, and it’s causing his recent loss in explosion and limited minutes. (Roy also has no meniscus left in his right knee stemming from an operation in the spring.)

    In Monday’s PER Diem, ESPN’s John Hollinger writes about the Hornets’ hot 8-0 start.

    And tucked inside his analysis is the fact that Chris Paul had a similar knee operation to Roy, and is also miniscus-free in his left knee.

    Does that mean Paul could be headed towards a similar fate?

    Hollinger explains:

    “If you’re following the Hornets closely, what’s happening with Roy has to have you a little freaked out. Pardon my Stephania Bell impersonation here, but Roy had the meniscus removed in his left knee two years ago, leaving it in a bone-on-bone situation, and after two years of that pounding he’s now paying the piper. We don’t know what his future holds, but we’re guessing it’s dramatically less productive than his immediate past. (Wait, it gets better: Roy also has no meniscus left in his right knee as a result of April’s surgery. This whole routine may play itself out on the other leg two years from now.) Why am I bringing up Roy? Because Paul had a similar procedure done after his knee injury last spring. So Paul, like Roy, is meniscus-free in the knee, and I suspect that grinding action is going to have a similarly destructive effect someplace down the road. But for now it might have created an especially focused player. While all athletes face a rapidly ticking clock before their bodies give out on them, it seems to me that Paul’s is ticking even faster than most, and I wonder if that created some of the urgency that led to all the drama this summer.”

    Joe’s take- Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, or I just received faulty information from the get go, Paul didn’t have his entire meniscus removed, but only a piece. I will ask Paul on Wednesday if I get a chance.


    Interesting irony in that he first hurt his knee in a game vs……GSW.

    NEW ORLEANS — Hornets’ All-Star point guard Chris Paul is out indefinitely with a left knee injury that will likely require surgery.

    An MRI revealed more damage to the knee than the initial diagnosis of a bruise, Hornets coach Jeff Bower said on Monday. The coach refused, however, to confirm reports that Paul had a meniscus tear and would miss at least a month.

    “We’re in fact-finding stages right now, gathering as much information as possible for decisions to be made to take the next steps,” Bower said. “It is likely there will be a surgical solution for it. We don’t have a timetable (for Paul’s return) right now, nor do we know a surgical procedure right now.”

    Paul watched the Hornets’ shootaround on Monday but was unavailable to reporters.

    He first hurt his knee in a game at Golden State on Wednesday. He struck the same spot against a camera when he went out of bounds near the end of regulation against the Chicago Bulls on Friday night.

    He missed the Hornets’ game at Memphis on Saturday.

    Yahoo! Sports, citing unidentified sources close to Paul, reported that test results showed a partially torn meniscus and that he would miss one to two months.


    2009–10 season….. After a 3–6 start to the season, the New Orleans Hornets fired Scott on November 12 and replaced him with general manager Jeff Bower, who has been involved with the franchise since 1995. Paul stirred controversy by announcing his displeasure with the move and thought the team management should have “consulted with me and asked how I felt before it happened”, but clarified that he didn’t expect to be asked to give approval.

    The next day, Paul suffered a left ankle sprain against the Portland Trail Blazers that resulted in eight missed games as the Hornets went 4–4. Once Paul returned on December 9, New Orleans won 18 of their next 28 games, including a six-game winning streak. He earned his third All-Star appearance as a reserve guard, finishing third with 1,055,789 votes behind Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

    In early February, an MRI revealed a torn meniscus in Paul’s left knee after it was tweaked in two consecutive games in late January. On February 4, he underwent arthroscopic surgery performed by renowned sports physician James Andrew in Florida. Sidelined for nearly eight weeks, Paul, who was averaging 20.4 points and an NBA-best 11.2 assists, missed 25 Hornets games and the 2010 NBA All-Star Game, where his reserve spot was filled by Denver Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups. On March 22, Paul returned to action since January 29 against the Chicago Bulls, and was inserted in the starting lineup for the game against the Dallas Mavericks, moving Darren Collison out of the starting lineup, who started at point guard during Paul’s absence.

  49. Schedule is up at Yahoo. Unless I missed something, only one back to back to back, late April (Dal., Hou., Min.). 4-5 games a week is the rule.

  50. Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Dorell Wright, David Lee, Tyson Chandler – that’s an EXPENSIVE group. That’s the salary cap right there without filling out the roster.

    • And if you check out Sam Amick’s piece (#78) his list also includes Udoh in the deal. PeteyB, can you ball at all? The Dubs might need you for their bench. LOL

  51. MT: “Why the Warriors should not trade Curry for CP3”

    Would I trade Curry for Paul? Yes, but only if he signs an extension BEFORE the trade is consummated, which I can’t see happening.

    There are also other obvious issues/questions such as Paul’s health (knee), who else is included in the deal, and remaining finances to fill out the roster with depth that is something other than “D-League quality”.

    If GSW does sign Chandler, along with the CP3 scenario, they most assuredly amnesty Biedrins, which in and of itself is a thought that brings me to almost brytex-like euphoria. :)

    I have to give Lacob and Co. credit to this point with their apparent aggressiveness in trying to start a new era here in Bay Area NBA basketball. In the end, will the moves just be moves, in essence just rearranging the deckchairs, or will they be winning moves that ultimately catapult this heretofore forlorn franchise into a new light around the league, making this one of THE most preferred destinations in the NBA?

  52. Please read @85. I agree word for word with Marcus’ analysis.

    • Felt, I agree with a lot of what Marcus wrote, but not about potential problems between Monta and Paul. Monta changed completely and grew up in a hurry once he married and became a father. Now, he just wants to win, period.

      This is all a moot point unless Paul agrees to an extension, which would be a shocker.

  53. Video debate: NBA title window opened or closed?

  54. If they can’t get Chandler, it makes no sense for Paul. But it still sounds like a train wreck. No bench, no prospects, the bulk of the salary tied up in four players for the next 2-3 years. If Paul, Ellis, Lee, and Chandler could average 42 minutes a game and not get injured, maybe they go two rounds in the playoffs.

  55. @87 Steve Marcus is dead right about that, imo. Curry and Monta are capable of complementing each other, because Curry is fine playing off the ball. Is Paul?

    Heck no. Both Paul and Monta need the ball in their hands. They are initiators, par excellence. Their games will conflict, and if the Dubs make this trade and Paul extends, I’m betting Monta will be gone in a flash.

    • This, btw, is EXACTLY why Marcus Thornton — a very similar player to Monta — was forced off the Hornets.

      Take a look at Thornton’s post-trade stats. He’s about to receive a very nice payday.

  56. On December 25th, I do not want to see CP in a Warriors uniform…I WANT TO SEE STEPHEN CURRY IN A WARRIORS UNIFORM!!!

    • brytex, don’t worry, I seriously doubt Santa (GSW) will bring you a lump of coal for Christmas……Wait a minute, where’s that “Ho ho ho!” sound coming from? LOL

      • Hope not. But if somehow I DO get a lump of coal (no Steph)… “I am going to blame some of the people in this room. And for that I do not forgive.” (think that’s a line from The Godfather).

  57. NBA lockout’s winners and losers. A good breakdown from Business Week.

  58. Hello, my name is LinkMaster Steve. Please enjoy the following Stephen Curry highlights:

  59. If Lacob et al. got most of their knowledge of Curry from watching the way Smart had him play last season instead of the previous, he becomes tradable. I also can’t believe that better coaching last year–and better direction from above–wouldn’t have developed the real potential of the Ellis/Curry backcourt, and that of players like Reggie Williams, thus giving the Warriors more to build on this year and make better decisions. But Nelson liked Reggie, which may have sealed his fate.

    • rgg, no question the Warriors would have been a better team last season if Nelli had been allowed to finish out his contract as coach. And their bench definitely would have better with guys like Tolliver replacing offensive stiffs like Amundson. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts……..

      One of the many questions now is how good will Mark Jackson be as head coach? Truth be told, his lead assistant (Malone) might be the key guy in this new coaching equation.

  60. OT: Music timeout: From #74, same song performed by today’s version of “The Tops”. Guys are good.

  61. well, the curse of the cohan, which seemed to briefly lift during the nelson-davis-jackson collaboration only to find renewal with rowell, looked like it might be broken by the whim of fortune that put Curry in the woeyr lottery. right now kawakami and lauridsen can see a way to parley that boon and take the fast lane past mere respectability and into heavyweight contender status. dreams of converting the Curry demigod into possession of a share of the elite one per cent, the Paul icon, can do that.

    should lacob and cohorts get reckless in their hubris, we’ll see if the hoops gods are any kinder than the olympian archetypes. the mortals will be sure to invoke the cliches about risk and reward, guts and glory, as the curse hovers, always close by and hopeful to resume.

  62. @98 Love it Moto. There is something inexplicably offensive about the idea of trading away the untapped potential of Curry and Udoh for the fully realized Chris Paul, and I think you’ve nailed it.

    It’s not the curse of the Cohan that hovers over Lacob, though. It’s the curse of Stephen Curry!

  63. “I want to put my stamp on the Golden State Warriors.”

    Joe Lacob, qtd. in Feltbot’s link @100

    In a KNBR interview (I think) with Lacob over a year back, a caller asked about Chris Hunter. Lacob did not respond, obviously because he didn’t know who Hunter was. Hunter was the D-leaguer Nelson found who started center for a seriously hobbled Warrior team against the Lakers–fully healthy, with long play by all its starters, the same team that went on to win the finals that year–in a narrow 3 point loss and scored 22 points:;_ylt=AtCjHoltD3AxW3iz1J7lBz.kvLYF?gid=2010031509

    Ellis had an off game but played excellent defense against Kobe, as I recall, and had 11 assists and 5 steals. Tolliver, another D-leaguer filled in as starting forward and had a good game, and they even got good contribution from Devean George. CJ Watson, still another D-leaguer, provided serviceable minutes as backup pg. Morrow and Williams didn’t contribute that much, but they did in many other games. Oh, and Curry scored 29 points with 9 assists, and had a shot or two at tying the game in the last seconds. We all know who coached this game.

    Lacob obviously was not aware of that game or what it represented. While it’s only one game, I don’t think the team as he now narrowly envisions it can do anything comparable, in part because of his philosophy, in part because he still won’t have the players, and certainly because he won’t have the backup players needed. And if one of his dream team players goes down with injuries, that team will sink like the Titanic.

    Lacob has completely ignored past potential. That coach and his ideas were discarded out of hand. Many of those fill-in players were let go and replaced with other players of very limited skills. One wasn’t developed last year (Williams). (Hunter is probably out for good with injuries.) Others similar were not found and developed last year. Nene was passed up on because “the team has enough offense” (Riley, I think, but this has to be Lacob). Ellis has to be the next to go. We all know you can’t play with two small guards (see box score of the game above).

    Yes, Lacob has put his stamp on the team. Soon it will be all his.

  64. Marc Stein of ESPN is tweeting that Warriors have backed off CP3 talks. No Curry unless CP3 commits to extension.

    Since I sincerely doubt CP3 will extend with Warriors, I think we can breathe easy now. Hallelujah.

  65. Now Monta for CP3-rental rumors heating up:

  66. For those seriously jonesing, Rusty Simmons just tweeted:

    Warriors will hold a open practice from 7-8:30 pm Dec. 12 at Oracle Arena. Parking and admission are free.

  67. ESPN update as of about 2:30 PM. Doesn’t sound like brytex will be getting any lump of coal for Christmas. LOL

    • Whew…close call there…I’m ok now…just need to sit down…
      Steph and Monta playing together for 66 more games. That’s all I’m asking for.

  68. “The Fourth Day of Christmas” (Featuring Bill Simmons predicting that brytex gets “coaled” for Xmas)

  69. CSN Bay Area announces GSW coverage. For all you “Fitz” haters you’re outta luck, but at least you get Papa on pre and post game reports.

  70. It should be noted that this piece was updated on early this AM.

    “According to another league source, the Warriors are torn between going forward with a stand-alone offer to Chandler, whom new coach Mark Jackson would love to have anchoring the paint, and trying to sign restricted free-agent guard Arron Afflalo — moves that would bolster the team’s defense, as Jackson desperately wants — or going all-in for Paul, even if it means losing fan favorite Curry and Thompson.

    It is not known if the Warriors would offer Chandler the five-year deal he is seeking. His current team, the Mavericks, is willing to give him four years, though they may be balking at the yearly price tag.”

  71. @110 I have refrained from mentioning this, as I assumed that Aaron Afflalo would be out of the Warriors’ price range if they signed a big man. But Afflalo is EXACTLY the player they need. He has the size to back up both Monta and DWright. He has the ability and the desire to guard the other team’s best player. He is unselfish and shoots the three well. Chandler and Afflalo would be a dream come true for this Warriors team, and vault them immediately into the top rank of the Western Conference.

    My only quibble with Afflalo, who rates to get a big contract: He’s the kind of player that Nellie used to find in the D-leagues, for pennies.

    • If they could free up the bucks for Chandler + Paul, they couldn’t do the same for Chandler (or Jordan, if he can be pried loose) + Afflalo? All of the sudden the team has more depth and flexibility.

    • So true Feltbot – Afflalo would be a great fit – and he’s a good defender. Two-way player for sure. I’d want to start Afflalo though – and bring Monta off the bench in a Jason Terry-like role. Chandler would have been such a great fit here…

    • So: Yes, there are risks, but the Warriors have little to lose. Do it if you can. Amnesty Biedrins, sign Chandler, exceed the cap in pursuit of Paul. If this proves a disaster, let it at least drop them to the level of awfulness at which teams get great draft picks.

      I just threw up all over that guys blog. Thanks a lot, Steve.

      17 days…Oh, please get us there in one piece.

  72. “I just threw up all over that guys blog. Thanks a lot, Steve.”

    brytex, take some Pepto and read the next paragraph.

    “The Golden State Warriors have effectively withdrawn from the Paul sweepstakes by stressing to the Hornets that they simply won’t include star guard Stephen Curry in any deal with New Orleans. And sources told that none of the other teams known to be Paul’s most ardent suitors sufficiently sweetened their trade offers Wednesday, despite the fact that it’s now an open secret around the league that the Hornets want to move Paul before the season starts Christmas Day, hoping to avoid a repeat of the long-running drama that suffocated the Denver Nuggets for much of last season before they traded Carmelo Anthony.”

    Feel better now? LOL

    The only worry I would have if you’re not in the same camp as our buddy who’s now cleaning up his blog (warriorsworld) is if the Warriors do indeed sign Chandler who then becomes GSW’s best possible PR guy and starts trying to convince Paul that coming to Golden State is actually a great idea.

    All I know is I’m tired of reading all these rumors. Thank goodness Friday’s almost here.

  73. From a financial and basketball standpoint, if the new NBA CBA rules allow, it would be better for the Warriors to trade Biedrins, then amnesty one of the players received in return and even if we have to pay a luxury tax, then sign Chandler. This option is preferably then to simply amnestuing Biedrins and eating $27 million in salary.

  74. Warriors have offered 4 yrs $60mil to Chandler, but Knicks going to counter. If Knicks get Chandler, they will amnesty Billups.

  75. According to Steinmetz, Chandler leaning towards the Knicks, and Warriors now resigned to another direction: Nene.

    This could be a stroke of luck. I think Nene is the better player.

    Edit: Sam Amick says sources predict GSW make run at 2nd runnerup, D. Jordan.

  76. Lacob has to offer Nene the max now. Has to. Anything less would be quitting, because he’s gonna get offered close to that by Denver.

    The gulf between Nene and Jordan is huge. Equivalent to the gulf between contending for the championship and contending for 8th seed.

  77. The Clippers signed Caron Butler today to a 3 year, 24 million deal, which is about right for Butler when he’s healthy. According to ESPN he was enticed to go to LA because the Clips are “going to win.”

    Are the Clippers going to be better than the Warriors this year?

    • Crazy contract coming off ACL. Bill Simmons crapped himself. This issue likely to be decided by where Jordan winds up.

    • if the new coaching staff in oaktown lives up to their p.r. , the team will be competitive with the likes of LA-C. Butler does not really help the team — his scoring numbers are dependent on high usage, and it’s Gordon or Griffen who should have the ball ; perimeter shooting and passing would be useful, but those are not his strong points either.

      feltmeister, if there’s a curse associated with a current woeyr player, that would be Ellis — the decline coincided with him signing his big contract and missing most of the season immediately after, with Mullin over reacting and trading the #1 for Williams and a rift developing between him and Rowell over Ellis’ suspension that helped lead to his ouster. as far as immediate, practical matters, as long as Ellis is acquiesced to as if he’s the team’s best player (the Smart programme) or fans can almost reasonably believe him to be so, the team isn’t going to go very far above .500 at best.

  78. CP3 to the Lakers. LA does part with Gasol and Odom meaning if Bynum goes down again to injury their “length” has suddenly disappeared. Then again, there’s always D Howard.

  79. You gotta love this (from Twitter Dee Dum):

    Adrian Wojnarowski: NBA owners have pushed commissioner David Stern to kill the deal sending Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, sources tell Y! Sports. Twitter

    Adrian Wojnarowski: The NBA is now pushing New Orleans GM Dell Demps to pull the plug on the trade and keep Chris Paul, league sources tell Y! Sports. Twitter

    Adrian Wojnarowski: Owners were irate in Board of Governors meeting with Stern, livid that the league-owned Hornets were allowed to make Paul deal, sources say. Twitter

    Marc Stein: It was not immediately clear, sources said, if three-way trade involving Hornets, Lakers and Rockets is merely snagged or in jeopardy Twitter

    Marc Stein: ESPN CP3 trade latest: Trade with Lakers will NOT go through Friday and Chris Paul is expected in Hornets camp, according to sources Twitter

    • From ESPN update:

      “Sources said that a group of NBA owners, assembled in New York for the ratification of the league’s new labor pact with the players, protested vigorously that the league-owned Hornets were trading Paul to the star-studded Lakers and convinced NBA commissioner David Stern to intervene.

      “The deal is off,” one source told”

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Where in the CBA does it say the owners can nix a deal? Or is it because the NBA owns NO they have this power? Which makes me wonder about their involvement in the other NO offers–how much say do they have here, were they behind trying to get Curry to keep NO afloat, as I suspected above? Sounds like the foxes are running the henhouse. And does NO have any kind of future?

      But I don’t think this deal works for LA. Many games, their main strength was being able to throw those three big guys into the game.

      • “But I don’t think this deal works for LA. Many games, their main strength was being able to throw those three big guys into the game.”
        Unless they get Howard (just read Steve’s link). Sheesh.

      • rgg, a sports commissioner is akin to the POTUS in regards to the league they govern, and their power is fully documented in the league’s CBA. If anyone wants to know the degree of Stern’s power somehow get yourself a copy of the NBA’s new CBA and start reading. Obviously, Stern exercised his CBA-stated authority in regards to this mega-deal.

        The Lakers haven’t won all these years by making stupid moves so you’d have to believe that getting Howard sometime in the near future was almost a slam dunk in their minds. Otherwise, you’ve suddenly got less size than the Warriors, not to mention Kobe on the backside of his career with health issues going forward. Chris Paul doesn’t come without his health issues, as well.

        What really intrigues me is how all this effects the Warriors, if at all? Do they resume talks with NO? What about Nene vs Jordan, given that the Rockets apparently were going after Nene in conjunction with this now nixed-deal. Crazy!

        • OK I’m curious but lazy. What specific CBA rule gives them the right to nix a deal, under what circumstances? Kind of scary.

  80. This CP3 thing is TNT. I can’t imagine the union/Boies letting this happen without a fight.

    The best place to follow this right now is on Twitter. Blowing up.

  81. OK, here is my conspiracy theory. I can’t believe the NO GM is acting alone, that someone isn’t looking over his shoulder. The rat (Shinn) has already left the sinking ship. Paul wants out. OK, the owners say, what deal can we make with NO that won’t threaten our teams but still make NO attractive? Give them Curry! He’s received much media attention and everyone loves him, and we don’t take Golden State seriously anyway and aren’t worried about them.

    And I haven’t heard anyone talk about what kind of team NO might have with Curry (I’m still not clear about West), but it’s hard to imagine. Right now, they have seven men on their roster, not counting Paul.

  82. This was posted before all heck broke loose. MT on the Dubs.

  83. @rgg, #124,

    I read through some of this (linked below) but not my idea of a suspense-filled evening of entertainment, and not even sure this would help specifically answer you or anyone else who questioned the power of Stern to be able to nix this trade.

    “Despite this statement, David Stern has enjoyed expansive discipli-
    nary authority that extends beyond the basketball court, micromanag-
    ing virtually all player conduct so long as it is related to a player’s
    employment with the NBA. During his tenure, Stern has installed
    wide-ranging rules governing conduct by players, coaches, and team
    officials, restricting what these individuals may say, wear, and do.
    While Stern justifies these rules as vital to protect the integrity and
    image Of the league, many have criticized his decisions as paternalistic
    intrusions into the lives of these professional athletes. Even further,
    others have questioned whether he has exceeded his authority.
    Stern’s use of power is arguably unmatched by the commissioners of
    any of the other three major sports leagues in the United States?”

    Would this trade have harmed, in some way, shape, or form, the NBA? Stern, by his actions, said yes. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if all this takes another 180 and eventually is approved.

    This was far from a lopsided deal favoring LA. And the Hornets were receiving quite a few “chips” to either deal later or use themselves. That’s why it would make sense that once the league has a chance to “sleep” on their initial reaction/ruling they very well could let this go through.


    “Why So Stern?: The Growing Power of the NBA Commissioner”

    • Beyond the call, Steve! But thanks! I’m just baffled. They have a CBA agreement and I assume the Lakers followed it. They have to have some special power or special rule to go against their own rules and forbid a trade or the Lakers did something wrong, but all I’ve seen is this:

      “It’s not true that the owners killed the deal, the deal was never discussed at the Board of Governors meeting and the league office declined to make the trade for basketball reasons,” league spokesman Mike Bass said.;_ylt=AkBiY1B83SdKyuuPjjEmKZS8vLYF?slug=ap-chrispaultradef

      Basketball reasons. . . can they stop any trade? Or did they have special power as owners of NO? Then again, I don’t see anyone looking out for NO. That may be the best deal they can make.

      Listening to Cuban’s complaints, however, would have been quite entertaining.

  84. I predict Paul/The union file a lawsuit within days.

  85. Sorry East Bay folks… Could be “San Francisco” Warriors in 2017 again.

  86. (From Lakers blog)


    It’s a move that’s going to be more controversial than The Decision, and this time it’s not only the people in Cleveland that are angry.

    The Lakers had just orchestrated a three-way deal to bring Chris Paul to L.A. while sending Pau Gasol to the Houston Rockets and Lamar Odom to the New Orleans Hornets in a three-team trade. In turn, Houston would send Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and draft picks to the Hornets. But before Lakers fans could begin salivating over the purple & gold bolstering their backcourt, the NBA flexed its ownership power over the franchise and killed the deal.

    League spokesman Tim Frank might have told The Times’ Mike Bresnahan that the “league office declined to make the trade for basketball reasons,” but there’s plenty of reasons to remain skeptical for that justification, considering Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski obtaining an e-mail from Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to NBA Commissioner David Stern that urged him to nix the trade.

    Stern could’ve easily avoided this scenario through discussions with the front offices of the Lakers, Rockets and Hornets. They could’ve prevented such a conundrum by properly addressing this in the just-ratified collective bargaining agreement. And coincidentally, this is something former Lakers Coach Phil Jackson predicted would happen.

    “When Chris says he has to be traded, how’s that going to go?” Jackson said to reporters last year. “Someone’s going to have to make a very nonjudgmental decision on that part that’s not going to irritate anyone else in the league.”

    Well, it pretty much did. Paul reportedly won’t report to training camp. Odom told The Times’ Broderick Turner he doubts he will and expressed hurt over the situation. And Bresnahan talked to someone close to Gasol who said he was “devastated” by the original trade.

    But this issue goes beyond hurt feelings and locker rooms being ripped apart. The NBA’s move clearly showed it’s serious about protecting small-market teams, far more than any new labor deal can show. The league absolutely can’t justify Paul being traded anywhere after rejecting this one. The Hornets franchise will struggle to stay afloat and maintain credibility. The Lakers likely have less of a chance to acquire Dwight Howard. And NBA fans will feel more skeptical about the league’s intentions than they did during the ugly prolonged lockout.

    Unfortunately for all parties involved, no one comes out of this with a good feeling.

    –Mark Medina

  87. The NBA “owners” collectively own the New Orleans Hornets so Cuban and Gilbert are footing the bills for the New Orleans franchise and can therefore complain… I remember the Landry trade/acquisition – and the “NBA-owned” Hornets actually taking on salary – and Mark Cuban complained about having to contribute money to a competitor.

    Just sell the darn team to Ellison, move the team to San Jose and be done with it!!!

  88. Highly recommend Lauridsen’s piece on the Paul fiasco.

  89. Here’s likely your legal precedence for Stern’s actions as NBA commissioner.


    “In 1976, after losing Hunter to free agency, Charlie Finley started dismantling his club, attempting to sell Rudi and Fingers to the Red Sox and Blue to the Yankees.

    Bowie Kuhn decided to invoke the rarely-used “best interests of baseball” clause in order to void Finley’s sales. Finley, in turn, hired famed sports attorney Neil Papiano and proceeded to file a $10 million dollar restraint-of-trade lawsuit against Kuhn and Major League Baseball.

    Papiano and Finley lost the case (Finley v. Kuhn). The court ruled that the commissioner had the authority to determine what is in the best interest of baseball. This lawsuit is widely recognized as one of the most famous, influential and precedent-setting sports-related cases in the history of American jurisprudence.”

  90. Dan Gilbert’s (Cleveland) email to Stern and others is entertaining:

    “It would be a travesty to allow the Lakers to acquire Chris Paul in the apparent trade being discussed. This trade should go to a vote of the 29 owners of the Hornets. Over the next three seasons this deal would save the Lakers approximately $20 million in salaries and approximately $21 million in luxury taxes. That $21 million goes to non-taxpaying teams and to fund revenue sharing.”

    I’m struggling with his thinking. More here:;_ylt=AjT5BLkA6Bf.J8S2IUrVItK8vLYF?slug=ys-nba_dan_gilbert_email_lakers_hornets_trade_120811

  91. rgg, from that same link, GSW apparently will present Jordan with an offer sheet today (starting point of $10MM).

    • Jordan highlights (has this guy ever taken a shot that wasn’t a dunk?)

      • …….and lowlights. This makes Biedrins look like Mark Price from the line. Give me $10 million and I’ll damn sure hit the rim. LOL

  92. @136 Thanks for the legal research Steve, you’d make a good associate!

    The precedent you cite is far narrower than the case we have before us, however. Note that in the A’s case, Finley was conducting a firesale, and fattening up the Yanks and Red Sox. There was no question of receiving equal player value.

    Quite the contrast from this case, where the Hornets are universally acknowledged to have made a heck of a deal for themselves. Does the commissioner’s power extend to vetoing FAIR deals “in the interests of the league?” I doubt that would hold water in court.

    Which is why, I believe, Stern didn’t invoke this clause in his decision. He wants us to believe that he rejected the deal not as commissioner, but as owner of the Hornets, “for basketball reasons.”

    Which, as we know, is another bald-faced lie, like many he’s made before.

  93. Really, this is simple. The league is paying the price for the past CBA. The Lakers were able to stockpile three bigs who, as we’re painfully finding out, are able to command top dollar on the market and who have given the Lakers all kinds of unthinkable options. It’s hard to believe even the Lakers could do this again under the new CBA.

    Although I wouldn’t have been excited if we had taken Gasol or Odom. We would have paid too much and I suspect we wouldn’t have gotten the same performance from them after they stepped down from the Lakers to play for a team they didn’t want. I’m betting we don’t see great performance from either anywhere if they do leave, and that would be a loss. The owners want to control players and each other, but they can’t guarantee motivation or quality. Bosh, LBJ, joined Wade in Miami because they wanted to do it, thus will play their hearts out.

    Picking up on Simmons, if you care about the NBA, you don’t want to see stars play for mediocre teams. You don’t want to see CP waste one of his remaining years on a floundering NO team. You hated seeing KG play all those years for Minnesota (12!). You don’t have much sympathy for Gilbert vs LBJ (7 years) at all.

    I kind of want to see the trade go through. CP needs to play in a premier showcase, and if the Lakers landed Howard, it would have charged interest for another season–Miami vs. Lakers II. I’m wondering, however, if we haven’t lost more drama than outstanding play. I see fireworks with Kobe/Shaw, Kobe having to turn the team over to CP.

    The NO situation can’t last. 29 owners can’t run a team. And if they can’t find an owner, doesn’t that mean the city isn’t viable? Unless they let the team sink and the payroll go down so far someone will pick them up for a bargain.

  94. NO/Houston/LA trying a deal again:;_ylt=Asun.tQhrhHdL0ArWV43B4e8vLYF?slug=aw-wojnarowski_chris_paul_trade_hornets_lakers_nba_120911

    (anybody know how to make a tinyURL?)

    I assume they’ll only make minor changes. And what guidelines did Stern offer, for them or anyone? But this is the way to do it. Stern made a horrible mistake and won’t admit it. This way he saves face–and we get to hear some more Stern doublespeak when he says why this one is OK.

    If he refuses. . . .

  95. What Stern’s move reminds me of (Woody Hayes’s last game as a coach):

  96. (Can’t get the youtube to appear–only 30 seconds. This is classic.)

  97. Warriors waive Jeremy Lin! Thank goodness that fiasco is over.

    On the FA front, I am seriously wondering why the Warriors are not players for Nene.

    And why they are not players for Pau Gasol! I would not trade Monta+Udoh+Thompson for Chris Paul, as Ws were rumored to have offered. But I would trade those players for Pau Gasol in a heartbeat.

  98. Maybe Chandler is still in play. As, it’s my understanding that he was told by NY that they would be obtaining Grant Hill and B.Davis. That hasn’t happened yet. If Chandler was smart, he’d join the Warriors. More upside then NY.

    Nene must have been the Warriors second choice. Suspect, he doesn’t want to sign with the Warriors or his price is exorbinant.

    D. Jordan would do at center. Udoh and Jordan would make a good center tandem. I agree that we shouldn’t trade ME, EU, and Thompson for CP.

  99. MT: Warriors preparing offer sheet for DeAndre Jordan.

    I have to admit I haven’t watched Jordan that much and every highlight package I’ve seen (YouTube) he’s either dunking or airballing free throws. In other words, from what I’ve seen, there’s no way I’d give this guy the kind of money that’s apparently about to be offered by the Warriors. ????

    Felt, anyone, what’s your opinion of DeAndre Jordan? What am I missing, or is this another goofball move by a franchise famous for it’s ineptness?

    • Steve,
      I’ve been impressed with DeAndre Jordan’s ability to impact a game on the defensive end – in blocking and changing shots – also in limited games. DeAndre and Udoh – would be fun to watch on the defensive end. Is he worth 4 years and $40 million??? $50 million??? Hell no! But that’s what he’s going to get if he comes to GSWs… And he’s ONLY 23 and injury-free so far! A top 5 lottery prospect who fell to the late 1st round, I believe – as does Bill Simmons from Grantland link – that he could be special in the right situation. A career 41% free thrower – much like AB – he’s a garbage offensive player (but so was Tyson Chandler, but who could make his free throws!) DeAndre is good enough that the Clips want to part ways with “All-Star” Chris Kaman – the Clips started winning when Kaman went injured and DeAndre started games.

      • PeteyB, thanks. If he’s indeed a player that “could be special” I assume LA will match the Warriors offer sheet, leaving us once again with Beans for a center. Be still my heart.

  100. Question: What was this Mark Jackson practice like?
    Monta Ellis: We’ve been in tougher practices than this. When Don Nelson first got here it was rougher than this. But it’s a great sign that we’re heading in the right direction.

  101. Vlad Rad signs in Atlanta. It seems likely they think he’s a three. Good luck with that.

  102. Is head case Gilbert Arenas done? Amnestied by Orlando – sub salary cap teams will get first crack…

  103. “Meanwhile, Paul’s situation was still holding up other business around the league. A source said that Golden State, which had been among the teams pushing hard for Paul in recent weeks, was delaying its expected pursuit of Clippers restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan until it was clear Paul was off the market. The Warriors are expected to make an offer to Jordan that starts at approximately $10 million annually, though the Clippers — who reportedly offered Jordan a five-year deal worth $40 million — have the right to match.”

  104. Well, hey, it’s another year and… the team is weaker. Chandler looks around and runs away. Nene’s too expensive. Ws’ offer to Jordan most likely gets matched by Clips, who are a more promising team than the Ws anyway. No improvement at center for Warriors.

    CP3 has laser focus on Lakers, NO doesn’t want Monta, dubs can’t bring themselves to part with Curry. No World’s Best PG for the Warriors.

    At last report, Reggie Williams is considering offers from 6 other teams. So long Reggie, we will miss you. All the rest of the backup contributors from last year’s team are also gone. Vlad Rad to Atlanta, Lin waived. Acie Law last seen in Euro league, Al Thornton juggling offers from “5 or 6” teams.

    So… Who’s the new star we’ve heard so much about? No one. What’s the new bench? There is none. At the moment, the backups look like Amundson, Bell, Udoh, 3 rookies and whoever’s left over AFTER EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE LEAGUE GETS THE PLAYERS THEY WANT.

    But that’s OK, because we have a brand new (rookie) coach who’s a great guy, etc. yadayada blahblah! And someday the team might consider moving to San Francisco! And The Logo works here!

    It’s the Warriors, man. Crappy basketball, it’s a tradition.

    • white hat, all the players you mentioned in paragraph 3 were part of the worst bench in the NBA last season. To those names I say, who cares and good riddance. Bell, amnestied or not, most assuredly won’t be back with all his assorted off-court problems hovering over him like a black cloud.

      Before I join you in a group conniption fit over our favorite NBA whipping boys I’m going to wait for all the dust to settle between now and 12/25.

      I actually think the Warriors are doing a good job thus far, even though I admit these sentiments come laced with the Yule Tide spirits in full control of my senses.

      All the names being associated with the Warriors efforts to improve the team have been good players that definitely would have been plus-additions but if they don’t want to play here what can you do other than just keep stuffing millions into their bank accounts until they finally holler “OK, OK, I’ll sign.”

      So far the only hollering I hear is my next door neighbor’s dog howl-ering at gawd-knows-what…….At least I hope that’s his dog. Just in case I better go find my silver bullets.

      • Steve,

        a. Last year’s bench was terrible, worst in the league, a travesty – and right this second it’s even worse.

        b. You put your finger on the solution. There really is only one way for the Warriors to climb out of their pity pit. Accept that they will have to buy their way out of it. Pay the @#!#% money now, work to reduce salary sometime in the future AFTER you’re not a pariah. For all Lacob’s braggadocio about commitment, adding one good player while shedding two others to stay below the salary cap is not going to improve the Warriors’ standing in the league. Not their reputation among players, and not their W-L record.

        c. The lightweight bench also has an impact on players’ desire to work for the Warriors. If you’re Chris Paul, do you want to work for a team where the guy you’re replacing has to log the most minutes of any guard in the league?

        • I’m trying to think of a move that was possible. If the Warriors had held on to Raja Bell, they would have had a veteran presence, a versatile player, a larger and defensive minded guard. He would have given more options in the backcourt and a stronger bench. He’s not expensive and played many minutes last season.

  105. We just picked up Gary Flowers, Chris Wright, and Edwin Ubiles–anybody know anything?

    The persistence with Paul baffles me. He doesn’t want to come here and won’t commit. Assuming Ellis-Paul, what are they going to do with Curry? Move to 2? And who will back them up? But also the team has so many holes now, and I was hoping they’d pick up someone promising (Feltbot has me sold on an Afflalo type player).

  106. Training camp fodder.

    Gary Flowers F6′ 8″, 214 lbs, played more 2 than 3 in college
    Chris Wright PG, another undersized guard, 6′ 1″, 202 lbs
    Edwin Ubiles G-F 6′ 6″, 204 lbs, good shooting stats

  107. Well, the revised Paul deal is now off. So we are pursuing him?

  108. Jordan gets offer sheet Sunday……maybe. With the Lakers pulling out of the Paul deal (and trading Odom to Dallas) and now supposedly going after Howard, and the Clippers apparently supposedly possibly going after Paul, who the hail knows what happens next? LOL

  109. “Time to start all over again, from scratch.

    Chris Paul to the Clippers? Chris Paul to Golden State? Dwight Howard to the Lakers? Dwight Howard to the Bulls?

    Yep, those rumors are all out there this morning after the three-team deal between the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets fell apart late Saturday night, with the Lakers making a different deal by sending Lamar Odom to the Mavericks for a first-round draft pick.

    The Mavericks were able to absorb Odom’s salary through the trade exception that was created when they dealt Tyson Chandler to the New York Knicks for Andy Rautins.

    So here we are on Day 3 of the re-opened NBA season, and who has gotten better?”

  110. AW twitter:

    “David Stern couldn’t be screwing the Hornets any worse if he gave the GM job to Isiah Thomas.”

  111. No Jordan:

    “The Los Angeles Clippers plan to match the Golden State Warriors’ offer sheet of four years and $40 million for center DeAndre Jordan, a league source said, a move that will practically force starting center Chris Kaman to seek a trade elsewhere, according to a second source.”

    • Via Twitter, rave reviews from one scout on Jordan.

      Chris Mannix: Scout on DeAndre Jordan’s potential $10 mill per year offer: “Overpaid. He dunks, blocks shots and fouls a lot.”

      Sounds about right for $42MM, no? LOL

      • Well, at least we got Sterling to pay another $11m. Then again, hard to believe he didn’t plan for this. But giving amnesty to Bell–that was the team’s major resource.

        I got a bad feeling about all this. . . .



    “…To make room for the Jordan offer, the Warriors amnestied Charlie Bell and his $4.1 million contract, rescinded their qualifying offer to Reggie Williams and have delayed the signings of rookies Klay Thompson and Jeremy Tyler.”

    The Clippers have announced that they’re going to match the Ws’ offer to Jordan, so:

    “…Head coach Mark Jackson is left with a roster lacking a single backup guard who has played a single NBA minute… and the Warriors are no bigger and no deeper.”

    The team has added nothing, but have lost a fair-to-good backup guard (Williams), two semi-usable reserve forwards (Vlad Rad and Al Thornton), a sort-of usable backup guard (Lin, who’s currently interviewing elsewhere), and practice time for two rookies. PLUS they THREW AWAY THEIR AMNESTY.

    This? This?!?!? This is Lacob’s commitment to excellence? If they’re really lucky, in the time they have remaining to deal they’ll maybe claw back to the level of talent they had last year – and that was a team built to lose!


    OK, deeeeep breath… calm… calm. It’s hard to imagine that the dubs couldn’t replace Lin with someone with a little more skill and a lot more experience, or maybe they could still sign him after the Jordan offer falls flat. I mean, how hard could it be to fill Lin’s chair?

    And Radmanovich and Thornton weren’t going to be difference-makers, and Reggie was injured in Europe so he’s even slower than last year. And The Logo thinks Klay Thompson is great. And Jeremy Tyler and Charles Jenkins were amazingly savvy discoveries, maybe.

    Calm…calm. It’s going to be alright. Think happy thoughts… argh.

  113. Chris Hunter sighting: He’s in the Knicks training camp.

    Does Joe Lacob know who Chris Hunter is?

  114. AW just reports in his twitter that the Clippers/CP deal may be dying.

    Stern. . . .

  115. Things the Warriors can congratulate themselves for NOT doing:

    J. J. Barea to Wolves, 4 years, $19m

  116. White Hat et al.,

    I guess the silver lining is that they now have $10m to play with? But for what? In all likelihood, they’ve forced themselves into a position that the only way they can try to improve is trade one of their major pieces–Curry or Ellis? But Ellis doesn’t have much respect with other teams and they’d only be losing another piece of the real potential they have. They can’t trade Lee–they’d lose their front court entirely and wouldn’t be able to replace him with anyone comparable.

    I was OK as a last option if they kept Biedrins and got some kind of other center. Maybe if the pressure were off, he might be a serviceable backup, even increase his trade value. But if he’s our starting center, hard to believe we won’t see a repeat of last year–poor performance, injuries, mysterious disappearance. And now we’re stuck with him and his contract. His only value may be as an expiring contract his last year–but how valuable will that be in the new CBA?

    It has to be axiomatic that you build on the strengths you have rather than trying to force some kind of narrow conception on a team where the only way to succeed is get the top players, who aren’t easily available, even available at all, and where the compromises you’re forced to take get you nowhere.

    This team would have been affordable, would have given us a creditable year, and provided the team with many options, as well as left room for real possibilities if that major piece ever became available:

    1,2: Curry, Ellis, Raja Bell, someone else somewhat promising other than Lin
    (I know there were technical problems with Bell, but with a little foresight they could have kept him. I think his veteran presence would have had a huge impact on the team and he can still play.)

    3: Wright, Reggie Williams (and see what Reggie can do at 2, even 1 in a pinch), Tolliver

    4: Lee, Udoh, Tolliver

    5:–somebody! It should have been apparent that the odds of getting one of the top four centers this year were slim, and it’s hard to believe they will increase in the next few years. Maybe keeping Biedrins but adding some other body who might have worked as well. Or finding one of those bodies and giving Biedrins amnesty so they’ll have some bucks to play with. Udoh, even Tolliver at backup in a pinch.

    But you also have to define an offense and defense that works with those guys and their talents, and we know who has ideas here.

  117. AW’s latest on the CP trade:

    “He’s [Demps] basically a spectator now,” one official said.

    Stern has two of his top league office executives – Joel Litvin and Stu Jackson – making calls and conducting negotiations with teams interested in Paul. Demps is still making calls, but rival front offices and agents involved in possible deals with New Orleans say that he’s no longer authorized to decide on any transaction.

    Teams interested in Paul have to send formal “bids” to the league office, sources said.

    I don’t know why I thought Sterns would back down. Of course he won’t.

  118. It’s not Chris Paul that the Warriors should be chasing, it’s PAU. I’d like to see them try to broker a three way trade with NO and Lakers. Hornets get Monta, Udoh, Klay and our next 1st rounder (won’t be worth much if we get Pau).

    That is a package that Stern might say yes to. We already know the Lakers will say yes. That leaves Lacob.

    • That would be sweet.

    • Although that only works if LA is in the running for Howard? I’m hearing conflicting messages there.

      I’m for it, but West/Lacob say no because Gasol isn’t a “defensive” center.

      Stern will say no to anything–he wants to sell the team.

      But maybe we can pick up Demps as GM? I’ve heard good things about him and I’m sure he’ll be looking for another job.

  119. Jordan signed–is this final and official?

    “The Clippers took a step in that direction Monday, matching the four-year, $43 million offer sheet restricted free agent center DeAndre Jordan signed with the Golden State Warriors on Sunday afternoon, Jordan’s agent Greg Lawrence told’s Ramona Shelburne.”

    • LOL rgg, it is final and official when it comes to Jordan’s contract. His dunking, shot-blocking and foul-happy (#175) game now belong to LA for the next 4 yrs. As for all the other craziness, that changes faster than I can type out a new post. Sheesh!

  120. Paul to Clippers off.

    It’s going to be very interesting to see how this all ends. Both rejected trades, on paper, definitely seemed fair for both sides, if not tilted towards the Hornets. So, if the Hornets were seemingly getting more than enough in return for CP3 why have these trades been turned down by Stern?

    Stern and his associates may not be anything close to resembling competent NBA talent evaluators but they’re not stupid. In trying to make this franchise as attractive as possible for future sale, keeping Paul for 66 games vs adding a package of high draft picks and quality NBA players seems a no-brainer towards the latter if we’re indeed talking franchise value. Yet, the league says no.

    Will they have even greater leverage as the trade deadline approaches, or are their reasons for keeping Paul more sinister and diabolical (Stern seen wildly laughing in the background)? Since I love a good mystery I eagerly await this “Hitchcockian” conclusion.

    As for future litigation I don’t see where Paul or the union have much hope for any successful results through the courts. Afterall, the NBA owns the Hornets and thus have the right to make all decisions involving NO.

    Dell Demps isn’t the owner, he’s the GM who works for the team (in this case, the league). If Larry Riley agreed with the Kings GM to trade Curry for Evans the trade wouldn’t be allowed unless Lacob et al said yes. Could Curry sue the Warriors, if he wanted to go play in Sac, if Lacob refused to make that trade? Obviously not, so what’s the difference?

    Collusion? How, since all the other owners technically own a share of NO they would have the right to have a vote in whether or not any trade was accepted?

    This isn’t something the league wants (making business decisions for any one particular franchise) for currently painfully obvious reasons, but until they find a buyer (or, as speculated in the ESPN piece, contract to fewer teams) their right to make these decisions, however mystifying they seem on the surface, seems beyond any legal challenges to me.

  121. Bill Simmons just tweeted a good point about depth being v important in this 66 game season. Warriors had none last year and… less this year?

    • Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?Why didn’t we grab him?

      • white hat, haven’t you read what Billups said?

        “In a phone interview with’s Ian O’Connor, Billups confirmed what his agent, Andy Miller, said Friday — he would seriously consider quitting the game if a team he views as a non-contender claims him on waivers.

        “If I get claimed by a team I don’t want to play for, I would absolutely consider retirement,” Billups said. “The game’s been really good to me, and I don’t want anyone to feel bad for me. I’ve made a lot of money, and I’ve saved most of it. I don’t need the money now. I want to be able to play for something, a championship, and I want to be able to have my own destiny in my hands. If I don’t, then retiring might have to be a decision I make.””

        The Warriors aren’t a player or two away from contending for a championship, the kind of team Billups is looking to join. That would have been an assinine move for the Warriors to make.

        • OK, Thanks Steve. I hadn’t read that. I guess Billups wouldn’t just take Lacob’s word for our (somewhere over the rainbow) excellence.

          Of course, that’s where $$$ comes in. How valuable would it be to have a reserve PG who wouldn’t lose games for you? How many more games would the dubs win using Billups over Jenkins? 5? 10? What’s that worth, moneywise? If you’re only concerned with winning, you pay Billups more than he could ask for, just for the sake of winning. If you want to lead like an accountant, you pass. We passed.

  122. And now the Paul/Clippers trade is back on (Berger Twitter).

    It is sinking in. Could our FO have done any worse? We now have a worse team than last year.

    • rgg, how can you say the Warriors are worse than last year before we know what the full roster looks like (see 12/25), and before we watch them play for a month or so?

      I’m willing to wait through this abbreviated season, and even through next offseason before making any judgements. Did the FO try to get Chandler? Paul? Jordan? Maybe even to some extent Nene? I can’t fault the FO for Chandler choosing NYC, or Paul refusing to sign an extension, or with LA matching the Jordan offer sheet.

      The previous regime showed their incompetence on numerous occasions, one of which was by throwing crazy money at Gilbert Arenas and Elton Brand once BD signed with LA thereby freeing up cap space for GSW to use. Sometimes patience is the straight and narrow. Jerry West mentioned Plan B in that interview yesterday. Well, let’s see what Plan B, and C, and D etc are before coming to any conclusions on the new FO.

      At least that’s the way I’m feeling right now. I’m still of the impression that Lacob and Co will eventually emerge as one of the more bright and innovative owners groups in sports (with a brand new arena to boot sometime in the next 5-10 yrs).

      • Bright and innovative. Riiiiiight.

        • white hat, you must be practicing your speed-reading tonight cause you’re missing some things. Did I not type the words “eventually emerge” before I typed “bright and innovative”?

          Right now they’re just a new ownership group without a reputation, good or bad. But 10 years from now? Again, JMO, but my feeling is that Warriors fans will be pretty happy these guys bought the team.

          • Steve,

            Lacob’s front office could be great someday, but nothing they’ve done so far gives any indication of that. I mean, shucks, I could become pope someday… if I can get a handle on that sinning thing.

      • Steve,

        Fair enough. I’m most frustrated with what they did and didn’t do the past year and a quarter towards giving the team more flexibility and depth. See above. (Hmmm. Only now do I realize our posts aren’t numbered now.)

        I should have said marginally worse. No backup pg, no depth, barring unexpected showings from the rookies and D-leaguers. With Rad gone, fewer forward options, although I wouldn’t have kept him and I don’t miss Lin. (I understand Reggie isn’t necessarily gone, though.)

        Actually, I don’t recall the team going after Nene at all. I recall hearing they didn’t need his offense, not that it would have made a difference. It didn’t sound like he wanted to come here and it’s not clear a max contract would have pried him loose. Same deal with Marc Gasol, a much lesser light. And they did go after Chandler. I’m not clear what a max contract is, but they came close right? I’ll give them credit there–but it was a long shot.

        But it should have been clear last week there was no way they’d get Jordan unless perhaps they offered him 4y x $15m, which would have been insane. The Clippers can’t appeal to Paul without him and can’t build their future on Kaman. Also, no other team put in a bid for Jordan, which should have told us something. Yet the Warriors used their amnesty on Bell ($4m) to make the Jordan offer, rather than saving Bidrins ($9m). It will be hard to pull the trigger the next years now, and their only valuable trading piece might be Curry, unless there’s a change in respect for Ellis. Other than the Paul trade (which baffles me) I don’t recall their considering any other free agent who might have strengthened the team.

        If we’ve learned anything, it’s that the team doesn’t have much to offer for trades and that top players don’t want to come here–but we’ve known that all along. That $9m might make all the difference in the world.

        I suppose we can wait for trades the next few months. I’ll hold my breath.

  123. Warriors Open Practice is streaming right now!

  124. Good Lord, updated to WordPress 3.3 and lost my comments formatting…. great. Please bear with me guys, as I struggle to remember what I did to get it to look as before.

  125. “The Chris Paul talks that would never die were revived Monday night, with a twist that was enraging some rival general managers. The Clippers’ winning waiver claim on Chauncey Billups allowed them to include point guard Eric Bledsoe in the deal, which could push it over the finish line, league sources told”

  126. Some of you guys need to take a deep breath. I heard a Jerry West interview today, and if he’s on the same page as Lacob and Riley, we have little to worry about. I know we won’t get a championship team overnight, but the Warriors’ front office is being smart, and that’s all we can hope for.

    • MWLX, good to see you back posting again. Now if we can somehow find (maybe an APB? LOL) Andria (this board is definitely lacking in female finesse and perspective) and get her back we’ll be cooking with gas just in time for the new season.

      • Thanks for the welcome back, Steve, but what makes you think I’m not a provider of that particular perspective?

    • MWLX, what I saw in the West interview was West flying cover for an incompetent. Pure hot air, unadulterated by meaning or content, wonderfully delivered. No one could do it better. Who would dare to call bullshit on The Logo?

      • If you think Jerry West is a bull-shitter, you are truly living in an alternative universe from mine.

        • MWLX, I have a world of respect for Jerry West, but here’s the deal: I work in marketing. Among other things, I script PR sessions. What we saw in the video was Jerry doing PR. He’s really good at it, and he’s the only one with the team who could have pulled off what he did. Everyone left with usable sound bytes, no one left frustrated or mad, and really: he said precisely nothing.

  127. “A few experts said the way Ellis scores wouldn’t work on a good team. One consistent criticism is that he doesn’t get to the free throw line enough.

    Ellis, who averaged 24.1 points per game last season, ranked eighth in the league in total points. But he was the only player in the top 10 with fewer than 550 free throw attempts. Miami’s Dwyane Wade took 221 more free throws than Ellis despite scoring just 12 more total points.”

    The reason Monta doesn’t shoot more free throws is simple…….the refs swallow their whistles more often than not whenever Monta drives inside.

    It’s amazing to watch, especially considering that Ellis doesn’t whine and moan to refs like so many of today’s players do whenever they think they’ve been fouled, which is about 99% of the time. And Monta does get hacked, the refs just don’t give him the calls they give other stars from around the league.

    Good story by MT.

  128. Check the archives. We get the “New Monta” story EVERY year.

  129. Warriors sign Kwame Brown to 0ne-year, $7 million contract. Have at it, negativos.

    Personally, I’m fine with it. In fact, relieved. The Ws Front Office hung in there in a ludicrous situation created by the ridiculous NBA FO. Let’s go with Brown, Biedrins and Udoh; the new coach; possible rookie of the year Klay Thompson; the rest of our core, and see what we’ve got.

  130. Kwame Brown:
    “He’s become one of the best post defenders in the league, and a coach knows he can guard anyone any night without ever needing to double. That has great, great value. That’s an effective player. But what happens when you were the first player picked, part of the [Lakers’ Pau] Gasol trade, you become the brunt of a lot of jokes.

    “I’m not sure people realize how good of a season he had last year, because they don’t watch Charlotte as much as other teams. Going to Charlotte, playing for Michael Jordan, helped exorcise those demons from the years they had together in Washington. It was great for Kwame. He turned his career around. He showed what he could do with a starting center job.”

    New coach Mark Jackson is trying to install more of a defensive philosophy with the Warriors, and Brown, a 7-footer, gives him someone to help protect the basket. Brown averaged 7.9 points and 6.8 rebounds for the Bobcats last season.

    “Listen, he was beaten up badly early in his career – mentally, emotionally – and to his credit, he’s proved everyone wrong,” Bartelstein said. “For him to go to Golden State, where Mark Jackson wants to build around defense, is going to be great for him. He will thrive there.”

    • Sounds good, but Bartelstein is, after all, Kwame’s agent. More impressive is that Mr. Negative, Matt Steinmetz, thinks Kwame will have a positive impact on the Ws.

  131. Kwame Brown highlights:

  132. New post up on Kwame Brown signing.

  133. Felty, I’m not a Steinmetz fan. I was simply saying that it’s more persuasive that Mr. Negative thinks Brown will add something, than that Brown’s agent thinks so. From what I’m reading/hearing, others think Kwame may have finally matured and come into his own. I await the evidence.

    As for Mr. Negative, I saw him and Kawakami on the Chronicle Live show last night, and my remote control immediately changed the channel without me even touching it. Impressive enough?