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Howling Wind: Thunder 120 Warriors 109

I’m not going to recap this Thunder game. Going to save my bullets. I would just be howling in the wind (and mixing my metaphors), because no one in the world believes this Warriors team should be able to beat the Thunder.

Except me.

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Mississipi Masala: Warriors 101 Blazers 93

In my last post I called the bottom of the Warriors season.  For this game at least, my prediction appears correct.  This Warriors team is way too talented to lose games the way they have been.  What they have needed is a little health, a little time to play together.

And a coaching staff that gives them a chance to play in a winning style. In this game as in the last, there are signs that may be happening. Continue reading

Memphis Blues: Grizzlies 91 Warriors 90

Oh, Mama, can this really be the end?
To be stuck inside of Mobile 
With the Memphis blues again.  — Bob Dylan

The Warriors franchise hit absolute rock bottom tonight.  Which means it’s time for Feltbot to look at everything that was encouraging about this game. Continue reading

Out Paced: Pacers 94 Warriors 91

If you don’t have a size advantage, where can you exploit them?  That’s in the running game. — Jim Barnett

I’ve always been an advocate of the running game.  Particularly when you’ve got this kind of club. — Jim Barnett

Don’t walk it up! — Bob Fitzgerald

Early offense! — Bob Fitzgerald

Jim Barnett has been subtly hinting all season long about the Warriors need to get out and run.  Subtlety went out the window at the start of this game.  Barnett hit it hard.  And in this game, for the first time all season, Bob Fitzgerald kicked in on the chorus. I’m not sure where the Warriors announcers got their talking points for tonight’s game.  Did it come from Joe Lacob or from Mark Jackson himself?  I’m curious, because whomever it came from, Mark Jackson didn’t listen.  The Warriors were facing a great team tonight, the Indiana Pacers, an extremely big team with a dominant half-court defense.  And they let this team out-run them on their own court.                         Continue reading

Running Begrudgingly: Warriors 105 Cavs 95 + Nets 107 Warriors 100

Since the The Kwame Brown Era was put on hold, the Warriors have been playing some small ball in their second unit.  Lee or Udoh at five,  DWright or Dom McGuire at four.  With Nate Robinson running the point, this second unit has been really pushing the tempo and getting out and running.  Playing with high defensive intensity, generating steals and early offense.  And just generally playing much better than the first unit.            Continue reading

Niners Win: Bobcats 112 Warriors 100 + Warriors 99 Pistons 91

I watched a truly great game this weekend.  A football game.

And naturally, had a couple of Warriors-related thoughts as I watched it unfold.                                         Continue reading

Half-Way Crooks: Magic 117 Warriors 109

This guy don’t wanna battle, he’s shook
Cause there ain’t no such thing as half-way crooks. — Eminem*

This game against the Orlando Magic was extremely interesting in the questions it has raised.  Was the Hack-a-Dwight a good strategy? Would Don Nelson have done the same thing?  Did the Warriors miss Kwame Brown in this game? Did the Warriors have a good game plan in this game?

Could this game have been won?

My one word answers to these questions, in order:  No.  No. Yes and No. (That’s three words I guess, sorry.)  No.


Surprised by these answers?  Well, I’m going to surprise you further: I’d like to show you some very simple stats to support them. Yes, this avowed stat hater is going to convince you of the rectitude of his positions by trotting out some very simple stats.             Continue reading

The Injury Miracle: Warriors 111 Heat 106

That 22-2 lead in fastbreak points the Heat had over the Warriors at halftime?  Brought to you by Joe Lacob and Mark Jackson: The Kwame Brown Era.

That 19 point 3rd quarter?  A Joe Lacob and Mark Jackson joint production: The Kwame Brown era.                 Continue reading

Big Brother: Lakers 97 Warriors 90

Forget my new rule about not recapping the front end of back-to-backs. I can’t resist talking about this well-played game against the Lakers, the Warriors’ Big Brother from the Southland.  And one game after ripping on Kwame Brown, I have to pay him some props for his great game against Andrew Bynum tonight.        Continue reading

Kwame Brown, Joe Lacob and the Golden State Warriors’ Missing Piece

Two left feet, oh, so neat, 
Has sweet Georgia Brown! — Louis Armstrong

Kwame Brown

If anyone had told me in 2009 that in a few short years I would be watching the  Warriors’ second rookie coach in as many seasons lean on Kwame Brown in crunch time, I would never have started this blog.  That’s a fact.

And yet here we are.                                          Continue reading