Fire Mark Jackson: Raptors 83 Warriors 75

I shouldn’t bother to write anything about this game. I forgot to record it and only caught the 4th quarter. But I can’t help myself.

Here are my game notes, derived chiefly from the box score:   

75 points. Against the Toronto Raptors.

1 fastbreak point. Uno.  Is this the correct coaching philosophy for the smallest, fastest, and possibly highest skilled team in the league?

David Lee: 13 shots. Make sense? I don’t know how you can watch that fabulous Lee to Ellis play at 3:12 4Q and not realize that the Warriors halfcourt offense should be run through him. From the high post.

Dom McGuire: Wasted on the perimeter. Isn’t it obvious that McGuire belongs as close to the basket as possible, on offense as well as defense? Isn’t it obvious that playing him at the two destroys the Warriors spacing, thus killing their offensive execution? Isn’t it obvious that he’s generated negative +/- in the starting lineup in all three games in which he’s started? Isn’t it obvious that the only mismatch you can hope to create with him is at RUNNING power forward?

Yes, it’s obvious. To everyone but Mark Jackson.

Udoh starting: Wrong for three reasons:

1) He is not strong enough to do this against front-line centers. And he won’t be able to stay out of foul trouble.

2) It prevents the Warriors from running pick and roll with Lee, because Udoh is always guarded by the center (quite correctly). McGuire at the four, on the other hand,  can’t be guarded by the center, if you commit to pushing the tempo.

3) Biedrins on the second unit? This cannot happen, it defeats the entire purpose of the second unit, which should be to run other teams off the floor. Biedrins next to Udoh on the second unit? Completely idiotic. Worse than Biedrins/McGuire. If you intend to play Biedrins at all, you must start him.

To me, the Biedrins adjustment smacks of a coach whose ego is bigger than his understanding of the game. He knew he had to make an adjustment, and knew he could get away with benching Biedrins, even though the obviously correct adjustments were to either bring Dom off the bench, or start him at power forward next to Lee, and never play Biedrins at all.

But removing Dom from the starting two-guard spot would be admitting a mistake. And we all know by now how Jackson feels about that. If you don’t, just take a second look at his face in the post-game, when a reporter dared to suggest making another adjustment against Washington tomorrow.

Don Nelson: 4 shooters on the floor at all times. Run at all times, even after made baskets. Lee at center. Ellis and Lee pick and roll. Lee in the high post, not the low. Lee 25 shots, 10 assists. This game would have been a Warriors blowout victory, 120-100.

But as we know, Don Nelson was “the wrong man to coach this team.”

Mark Jackson: We got to listen to Mark Jackson throw his team under the bus. Again.

Asked about the Warriors fourth straight third quarter collapse:  “We talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, but we’ve done nothing to change it.”

Exactly.  Funny, that’s two straight games I’ve found myself agreeing with the Preacher.

Unless Joe Lacob pulls off a big trade for Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason, or Rick Smits, the Davis brothers and Derrick McKey, this Warriors team is soon going to be covered head to toe in bus tracks. Because the Preacher is coaching the Pat Riley Knicks and the Larry Brown Pacers that he ran the point for, not the fabulously talented running team assembled by Don Nelson.

Jim Barnett: Poor Barnett simply cannot take it any more: 5:50 4th Q:

Barnett:  “… Maybe you change your philosophy and start running some more.”

Fitz:  “Yeah, halfcourt to halfcourt is not working.”

When even Fitz knows what the problem is, you’ve got a problem.

In the post-game, Barnett went on a sustained rant about the Warriors’ need to start running.  Fitz, of course, reverted to the company line and pulled it back.  The problem, stated Fitz, was the lack of offensive production from the Warriors role players.  Not capable, or not caring, to draw the direct line from Mark Jackson’s lineups and system to that lack of production.

Jim Barnett, I want you to know something: I love you.

And nice tie.

Blow up the Warriors:  This is the current theme, isn’t it?  The fans all agree. It’s the reason Jerry West was hired.  It’s the reason Joe Lacob hasn’t signed one single veteran to a multi-year contract since Lou Amundson.

I agree.  Blow up the Warriors.

Starting with the head coach, Mark Jackson.  I was inclined to be optimistic about him, given his prior comments about the Warriors.  I was wrong, dead wrong.  He is a complete incompetent, who understands absolutely nothing about playing to the strengths of your roster, nothing about the NBA matchup game, and nothing even about X’s and O’s.  Is anyone else embarrassed watching him stand to the side and watch Mike Malone diagram the Warriors crunch-time plays?

You’ll have to fire Mike Malone too.  He doesn’t know how to coach this team.  He’s the guy who was complicit up to his eyeballs in the greatest crime against basketball in history: forcing Lebron James to walk the ball up the court. And now he’s complicit in another crime against basketball: forcing Monta Ellis and David Lee and Stephen Curry to walk the ball up the court.

And for God’s sake, fire the Warriors GM.  The guy who knifed the fabulously talented core of  the Warriors in the back.  For the second straight year.

There’s only one problem with that.

He owns the team.

Goose Eggs:  Hey Joe Lacob, when did you first learn that Andris Biedrins has a chronic abdominal injury, and will never again be able to play basketball?

Screw the main-stream media, I’m not going to stop until Warriors fans get the truth.

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  1. warriorsablaze

    I’ve tried to remain patient with Jackson and definitely expected some bumps along the way, but my faith in him turning it around falls each game that looks like an insult to the sport of basketball.

    We’ve had two coaches in a row now who insist on forcing square pegs into round holes. I’m not as huge a Nellie fan as you, but one thing he always did was maximize the strengths of the roster. With Smart, it seemed like fear… with Jackson, it seems like hubris. This is worse.

    As a Curry fan, I’ve come to the point where I hope he gets traded so his potential will no longer be squandered by the ineptitude around him. Ellis, too, could be great on a disciplined team with a balanced roster and solid system in place.

    This offense is absolutely sickening to watch. Pick-up basketball best suited for the YMCA. Shows how important Curry really is to this team.

  2. For purposes of comparison (benches, rosters, coaching, etc.), Denver just beat San Antonio at San Antonio–with Nene, Fernandez, and Gallinari out. Faried, a 22nd. pick last year, looked nice. (I had to watch a basketball game today.);_ylt=AlFnVJKKVw1ZWFi8OREq.h.8vLYF?gid=2012030424

  3. FIRE FELTBOT!!!!!!!

    Don Nelson = ZERO NBA TITLES

    Nelly Ball = ZERO NBA TITLES

    Feltbot = IGNORANT and BIASED

    I would destroy Felty on the basketball court. If you can’t even play the game don’t write like you know everything about the game.

    • Really hilarious, TT. Are you 12 yet?

    • geraldmcgrew

      Don Nelson = years and years of enjoyable basketball

      Warriors since Don Nelson = rarely enjoyable basketball

      • I am tired of TT (aka Kirk Lacob) defending his father by attacking Don Nelson, who is the only coach in forty years to even make the playoffs for the Warriors and is without a doubt a hall of fame coach who overachieved with his rosters.

        We have had to sit through (with all due respect) :
        John Bach
        PJ Carlesimo
        Dave Cowens
        Gary St Jean
        Mike Montgomery
        Eric Musselman
        Bob Lanier
        Brian Winters
        Keith Smart (who smells like a rose about now)
        and last and probably least
        Mark Jackson

        Don Nelson got the Warriors into and past the first round of the playoffs, the only Dub coach to do so since Al Attles, who like Rick Adelman, and George Karl, did not distinguish themselves after 1976.

        And you have people who say they don’t like Nelson, but also never tell us whom they prefer. I guess sort of like a 12 year old! Wanting that attention.

  4. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Three straight games under 85 points and they attempt the identical offense in game 4. With no plan B for when the wheels inevitably come off. Felony-class incompetence. Jackson has done more to stop the Warriors this season than any opponent they have faced.

    The Warriors used Lee in the high post a few times earlier in the season. It’s not like the players would have forgotten how to run it. They’re professionals. The coach has forgotten, apparently.

    Note to Joe Lacob: Mark Jackson says this is 4 straight games that the players haven’t given enough effort. It’s a recurring theme with him. If that is the problem, he is not working out as coach. If it is not the problem, then at best, he doesn’t know what the problem is. Why wait? Pull the trigger.

  5. Feltbot, you missed the part of the game where the Warriors were up by ten and Toronto was without energy and could not throw a pea in the ocean. No interior defense either. Jackson and Malone let them off the hook. Jackson just stands there with his hands in his pockets all the while as the momentum shifts a 180 degrees.

    In one fourth quarter play, while Amir Johnson of the Raptors was disabled on the floor writhing in pain from a previous collision, Nate Robinson refused a fast break, and even waited for him to try to get up instead of pushing the ball forward to get a clear and obvious 5 on 4 advantage. Me thinks Warriors team are good sportsmen or a stupid basketball team. Likely the latter. No way they should lose this game.

  6. Toronto tried to give the Warriors the game for most of the first 36 minutes but GSW, in their usual polite and quiet way, declined the invitation. This game was beyond ugly, and like the other games since the AS break defies any meaningful analysis for the simple reason that other than missing Curry (which admittedly is a big “other than”) this team AND their coaches can’t suddenly turn into “dog meat” in a little over a week’s time.

    It’s easy to forget games played a few weeks ago when the Warriors look so bad today but sometimes a deep breath and a lesser focus on the here-and-now can be useful and almost therapeutic in trying to figure out this team.

    Check out the following, which is a refresher course on the Warriors and their play before the AS break, beginning with Feb 2 vs Utah:

    Thu 02 vs Utah W 119-101
    Sat 04 @ Sacramento L 106-114
    Tue 07 vs Oklahoma City L 116-119
    Thu 09 @ Denver W 109-101
    Sun 12 vs Houston W 106-97
    Mon 13 vs Phoenix W 102-96
    Wed 15 vs Portland L 91-93
    Fri 17 @ Oklahoma City L 87-110
    Sat 18 @ Memphis L 103-104
    Mon 20 vs LA Clippers W 104-97
    Wed 22 @ Phoenix W 106-104
    Tue 28 @ Indiana L 78-102
    Wed 29 @ Atlanta W 85-82
    Fri 02 @ Philadelphia L 83-105
    Sun 04 @Toronto L 75-83

    The evidence seems to suggest that the Warriors played very well in February, scoring plenty of points vs a lot of good teams, along with winning their fair share of games (won 6 of 11 before the break). The question is, how much can a team change from the 22nd to the 28th of Feb?

    Losing Curry has obviously hurt, and hitting the road has been a killer for GSW for many seasons, but the almost Jekyll-Hyde transformation from competent and offensively proficient to basically unwatchable, from an offensive standpoint, is too drastic and off the charts to analyze other than to use the words “small sample size” and “slump”.

    This team has caught the Funk virus, something that usually goes away with rest, liquids and a bigger sample size. Hopefully that and a dose of Curry will get these guys back on track soon so meaningful analysis of their games will once again be something other than a waste of time. Meanwhile, let’s hope these guys cover their mouths when they cough.

    From the P.S. department:

    Klay Thompson played 12 minutes in a game where GSW desperately needed offense. Here’s my stance, Klay is one of the 5 most talented players on this roster and as a result needs to be playing much more than he has lately. He has his warts, but he’s a rookie. If he struggles with certain parts of his game at times so be it. What, he’s gonna cost the Warriors a title run this year cause he misses some shots or defensive assignments? LOL Please, just play the kid!!

    Dorell Wright is who he is, a bench player who had a career year last season for a bad team. He’s not a starter if you’re a good team, only if you’re a team lacking for good players, which was precisely the situation with the Warriors last year. Now, he’s no longer one of their 5 best players. Klay Thompson is. Just play the kid more minutes, please.

  7. Twisted Jay

    Great points Felt and Steve, as always.

    • Hey, Rusty changed his Kwame grade from A to I. I wonder if that was a result of my tweet to him.

      “Awfully interesting that you gave Kwame Brown an A. Warriors 2-6 when he was healthy, and his +/- was -3 [per game].”

  8. @ 6

    Sorry Steve, but it’s not the team in a funk or Dorell Wright in a swoon. That’s uncontrollable act-of-God stuff. A preacher could hope to fix that. Ours has presumably been praying his ass off for the last 4 games straight. It’s not working.

    The reasons for the Warriors recent rotten eggs are concrete and quantifiable, not vagaries of heaven. Stuff a coach could fix.

    – David Lee gets just 13 shots despite shooting 69% (he had 19 shots against Philly, a better defending team). An easy problem to fix.

    – “Sparkplug” Robinson plays 1-on-5, not in sync with his team. Last night he went 2-for-12 with 1 assist in 27 minutes. Easy to fix.

    – The corner 3 is getting smothered, because teams can easily do that sort of thing against a 3-on-5 offense. So that’s out, and a real coach would use Wright and Rush differently. Not a problem, they can both do other things besides stand in the corner like they’re on detention.

    – The Warriors offense places only one player in position to crash the boards. McGuire, an excellent rebounder, is put at the perimeter, but still gets more boards (5) than both our centers combined (4). We got outrebounded by 20% last night. Easy to solve.

    – The fastest team with the fastest player on the planet gets 1 fastbreak point.

    All stuff a coach could fix in seconds, in the middle of games, no waiting. No exorcist needed.

    • white hat, go see your doctor at once. The Funk virus has spread west and you’re in need of immediate medical care. LOL

      Here you are, Mr. Stats, ignoring all the juicy numbers in my post. The Warriors just recently finished a stretch where they scored 119 vs Utah, 116 vs OKC, 109 vs Denver, 106 vs Houston, 103 vs Memphis, 104 vs the Clippers, and 208 pts combined in 2 games vs Phoenix. The same team that outscored all but 5 other teams in the NBA through the first 29 games. Please explain to me why what has happened these last 4 games is more meaningful and worthy of increased scrutiny than what happened in the first 29 games, and without Steph Curry, to boot?

      The same coaches that coached ’em up to score 116 vs OKC were there yesterday as they scored 41 fewer points against a far inferior opponent.

      The same coaches that coached ’em up to a top 6 offensive team through 29 games were there as the Warriors scored all of 11 pts in yesterday’s 3rd qtr.

      You can’t analyze these aberrational discrepancies without falling prey to “analysis paralysis”. This team is in a collective shooting slump. It happens. Now, quit sticking pins in your Mark Jackson voodoo doll and get to bed before your virus gets any worse. LOL

      BTW, I never said Dorell Wright was “in a swoon”. I said he’s simply playing like he normally does, save the 2010-11 season. In fact, I thought Rusty Simmons comments were interesting:

      “The 2010-11 breakout player, who surpassed numbers from his first six seasons combined in his first with the Warriors, has been lost. He floats around, seemingly aimless. The league has adjusted to his game, and he has yet to make an adjustment in response.”

      I actually don’t believe he’s capable of making any performance adjustments. We now know what Wright is, a bench player who can contribute to a winning team. As long as his contract is commensurate nothing wrong with that.

      • Look Steve, BOTH of our corner-3 shooters are failing to get off the open shots that Wright enjoyed most of last season. The league’s leading 3-point shooter before the AS break (Rush @ an incredible .562!) went 0-3 last night. In the last 4 games, the Warriors combined 3-point shooting (all players, not just Wright) is under 30%. Not just Wright’s problem, right?

        Simmons said the league has adjusted to Wright’s game. In fact, the league has adjusted to the Warriors’ corner 3. It is being smothered. It’s not even hard to do; if any Warrior runs to the corner, stay tight, don’t sag off. Simple stuff. It’s the same thing that happened to Morrow 2 years ago – he got just a couple of good games before opponents figured him out. After that, zip.

        From here on out, there will be no easy corner 3’s for the Warriors.

        Unlike Morrow, there are other ways to utilize Wright and Rush. Both are quick and athletic, good slashing finishers, and decent rebounders. Wright handles the ball well enough that Smart and Jackson both occasionally used him as a point forward. Take away Rush’s 3-point shots and he was 3-4 last night. Neither one is Monta, but neither is anywhere near as limited as Morrow.

        You (and Simmons, and Jackson) are blaming Wright for his coach’s failure to adjust to cold hard facts. ANY decent coach would have moved on long ago. Jackson sweats through 4 embarrassing games in a row, making sure to insult his players afterward. Yeah, that’ll work.

        Finally, here’s a simple stats-free way to look at it: half of our team has suddenly, magically turned into dog doo… or they’re the same guys with the same skills, but what they’re doing – the game plan – has stopped working.

    • Agree with you WhiteHat. Rush and to an even greater extent Wright is camped out in the corner these days. Have to say Thompson for some reason moves more. Wright has been dreadful on the road trip but is still getting rebounds. He would definitely be more effective on the wide open court. I can see Jackson though, giving KT more time, given the poor shooting of DWright (not that its right!)… Wizards are knuckleheads, dont play D, Dont pass the ball. Can the Dubs score off them?

      Mcgee is having a bad year, but tears GS up on occasion. Let’s see.

  9. Robinson was very painful to watch yesterday. But he seemed to be the only one wanting to push the tempo, which is why he was often 1 on 5.

  10. It WAS painful to watch Robinson. At our house, we were yelling at the TV, begging him not to take the shot with the game on the line. At that point David Lee was 9-12, for heaven’s sake. Alas.

    Robinson does have good energy and skills. If he has even a smidge of coachability too, his talents could be integrated into a team’s offense, making him more effective and the team as a whole more successful.

    Instead, “coach” Jackson allows – or possibly even encourages – solo heroics from Robinson. The results were not surprising. Even Monta couldn’t have pulled off what Robinson attempted throughout the game. And Robinson is no Monta.

    • If Jenkins has any potential at all, why not find out now and develop it? The season is over. The team is going to need a backup point, and I’m not eager to see Robinson next year.

  11. Felty: I guess we have two Franks.

    Uhoh should definitely start and play as many minutes as possible.

    Do you want D. Lee being able to run the pick and roll, or do you want Toronto being held to shooting 33% from the field in the first half as the did? It was great to see at half time the Warriors having a nine-point lead.

    In watching the Toronto game, I concentrated on Udoh’s defense. In the first half alone, he contested shots inside and outside by five or six different Toronto players. All 9 shots were missed.For the game, he was single handedly responsible for at least 11 shots missed. That’s close to 10 points being takne off of Toronto’s scoring totals. Although, he might start off guarding the opposing big center, that is not how the Warriors are using him.

    There’s a much bigger picture to look at than just whether he can guard big centers. Yesterday, he contested three point shots, protected half court shots, and drives to the hoop. One should not get hung up on him guarding big centers in deciding whether he should start. Also, Gray only took 5 shots.

    With Udoh starting, the Warriors had the lead at the end of the first quarter and should have been even larger lead, but the Warriors were not hitting their shots. The second unit extended the lead with Biedrins playing. I believe the Warriors would do even better with Tyler recalled and taking Biedrins minutes.

    The shooting distribution was just horrible. This is the coach’s responsibility. Robinson should be told to get assists, not take 12 shots. Jenkins would have been no where as ineffective. It’s ridiculous that Rush in over thirty minutes of play took only 7 shots, and Thompson only five shots in 20 odd minutes of play. Both should have been shooting more 3-point shots.

    In the third quarter, as the Warriors lead vanished, Jackson did nothing. He just stood and watched the game. He should have substituted much earlier.

    I agree McGuire should not have started at SF. I would rather Rush start. Serious thought should be given to D.Wright not starting.

    The Warriors should never run the offense thru Thompson as they did.

    Yes, we need to fastbreak every game.

    The one positive to come out of this game is that the Warriors held Toronto to 37% shooting,. Our defense has been good in recent games. Now, we just have to find our offense.

    I agree with you that both Jackson and Malone should be fired, but that’s not going to happen.

  12. We’re supposed to be listening to and learning from these guys. Instead we can only throw up our hands. Everything Lacob says is superficial and simpleminded.

    There’s not a single member of this organization who inspires confidence, who knows how to evaluate talent and fit it into a plan, who can speak from hands-on experience with the game, certainly not from the perspective of winning. And we see no signs this will change. [Bracket Jerry West, who seems to have been brought in for show, which is everything to Lacob. At any rate, he’s not close to the floor.]

    It starts with the head coach, which should have been Lacob’s first decision and he should have made a good one some two years ago. Instead we still have doubts and are still waiting. Look at what Adelman has done with the supposedly hopeless Timberwolves, Karl with the supposedly gutted Nuggets.

    Now is the time to plan and build for next year, filling in the mid and minor gaps, finding someone who might pan out next year and give the team more options–from the D league, from trades, or from our own bench. And so far nothing has been done.

  13. RE: Goose
    Andris Biedrins scored 28 points and had 21 rebounds on the road against Anthony Randolph and Marc Gasol LAST SEASON POST INJURY. Someone please explain this to me???

  14. Entire Warriors pre-game show dedicated to discussing Mark Jackson, with both Steinmetz and St. Jean adding their voices to Barnett’s (and a certain blogger) regarding the death of the running game. Interesting.

    Will we observe a different philosophy in tonight’s game?

  15. I loved watching Don Nelson basketball, but I think Nellie had had enough of coaching the last couple of seasons with the Warriors.

    Nelson isn’t the ONLY great coach out there. Rick Adelman was available last season – and lives in Portland. Mike D’Antoni was available, then not, then nearly again (then Linsanity happened!). Nate McMillan – is on the outs in Portland – and could be soon available.