Top-Down Incompetence: Grizzlies 110 Warriors 92

Mark Jackson did everything possible to lose this game, and in the end he succeeded in spectacular fashion.  He spoonfed this loss to his Warriors team. 

And then, as is his wont, he threw his team under the bus in his post-game comments.  Derided them for their lack of effort.  Derided them for their lack of physicality against a team that dwarfs them. Derided them for failing to compete.

I’m not the only one who has taken note of this.

Greg Papa: [Jackson] has questioned the effort of the team three times in the last 8 days.


Is that what the real problem is here?  A team that doesn’t want to compete?

How many times do you remember Don Nelson eating 20 point blowouts on his home floor?  When he was fielding 6 man rosters of D-leaguers, how many times?  How many of Don Nelson’s undersized, undermanned, undrafted and unwanted players failed to compete for him?

Congratulations, Joe Lacob.  You got the “right man” for the job. I hope you’re enjoying it.

Those who have read my last two posts already know everything I have to say about this game, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

Dom McGuire at Starting Two-Guard:  A hugely negative +/- in the four games prior to this.

-17 to start this game.  Time to make an adjustment?

Nope. -6 to start the third quarter. Game over.

Monta Ellis:  Another one of his inefficient games.  Or was it?

When Jackson plays a starting shooting guard with an effective range of 1 foot, and walks the ball up the court, what options does Ellis have?  Is he going to find a driving lane against a team that can pack the paint with no penalty? Is he going to find an open shooter on the perimeter?

Jackson all but forced Ellis into one-on-one basketball against the best backcourt defender in the NBA.

Good gameplan?

Dorell Wright:  Terrible basketball player?

Rudy Gay (this year):  18.9 pts, 6.7 rbs, 2.3 ast, 1.6 stl, .8 blk

Dorell Wright (last year): 16.4 pts, 5.3 rbs, 3 ast, 1.5 stl, .8 blk

By all accounts, DWright is “not the same player” this year.  He’s “having a terrible season.”

Or maybe he’s playing in the Kwame Brown era, for a walk it up coach who doesn’t believe in spacing the floor.

Could it possibly be that it is Mark Jackson who’s having a terrible season?

David Lee:  Lee was clearly one of the players whom Jackson threw under the bus after this game:  no low-post “presence.”  Not “forceful.” Not “physical.” Didn’t “compete.”

This was Mark Jackson commentating on the Warriors last season: “Anytime you post up Biedrins or Lee you are doing the defense a favor.” “David Lee is one of the best in the league at pick and roll.”

How many times in this game did David Lee get to run pick and roll against Marc Gasol?  By my count, zero.

Marc Gasol:  How do you beat a 7-1 265 lb. All-Star center when you have nothing but 6-9″ players on  your front line?

Does pulling him out of the lane to guard David Lee pick and rolls at the top of the key come to mind?

Does spreading the floor with four shooters, and allowing David Lee to face up 20 feet from the hoop with a live dribble come to mind?

Does RUNNING come to mind?

Fastbreak Points:  32-5 in favor of Memphis.

Is that how you beat a team that dwarfs you in size?

Is that how you beat a team with one of the best half-court defenses in the league?

Goose Eggs: Why, if you’re going to play Biedrins at all, it should be at the start of the first and third quarters against Gasol:  For the same reason you pound steak with a mallet before throwing it on the grill.

Why you should never play Biedrins with the second unit: The Warriors +8 to start the second quarter, with Udoh at center, and Rush at four.

That’s all I’ve got. No, wait, I’ve got a question….

Joe Lacob, when did you first learn that Biedrins has a chronic abdominal injury, and will never again be able to play basketball?

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  1. One of the more amusing criticisms I’ve read on this blog this season concerning Mark Jackson has been about his negative comments directed at both player and overall team effort. Yep, the ol throw ’em under the bus press conferences.

    What’s so amusing, at least for me, is how, at the temple of Don Nelson worshipping, some have conveniently forgotten how “brutal” Nelson could be in not just throwing players under the proverbial bus, but also at times under a freakin’ cruise ship. LOL

    Nelson was the one who absolutely killed Biedrins through the media with his jagged barbs (and, btw, I loved every minute), and the ultimate embarrassment for these over-coddled pro athletes is when they’re hollered and screamed at during a game (in front of other players and the crowd of fans both there and watching on TV). And exactly how many times in Nelli’s career was he the perpetrator in that particular act of coaching? How about so many times I lost track many many years ago.

    Actually, I love it. Pay me millions of dollars a year and you can tell me to go to h*ll 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And if I didn’t hustle back on defense while the other team was throwing “touchdown bombs” to wide open teammates for uncontested layups I’d deserve a lot worse than that. It’s called lack of effort and concentration and was part of the problem, addressed by MJ, tonight. The other problem?

    Memphis was the other problem. Whenever a very good team shoots lights out, it’s lights out for whomever they’re playing. Memphis beats the NBA tonight, and probably easily, at that.

    Lastly, Biedrins doesn’t have a “chronic abdominal injury”, he has a chronic heart disease called No Heartitis. The second he penned his signature on that now infamous contract his play started spiralling south. The good news is that Warriors fans only have 31 more games of the Latvian Louse to go. Contract or no Biedrins will not be on this team next season.

    • My bad, but not bad news. Make that only 30 games left of AB. The less the merrier.

      • @Steve – I agree regarding Andris’ new medical condition/contract. However, I want to be the team who owns Andris’ rights in the last year of his contract. He’ll be back to his old form then.

    • You forget that Nelson would critique his players, but often would criticize himself for not changing a matchup or strategy. Frequently, he would do it in a humorous manner, but he did it often in the post game, and radio as well. I have heard other coaches as well (McHale, Rivers, Van Gundy, the list goes on). It is about leadership. And the players must see through it.

      I have never heard Jackson take accountability for any of the (21) losses. Yet, last night while Charlize and I were at the game, we were both dumbfounded that Jackson started the same five in the 2nd half that got the Dubs in the whole in the first half 21-4. My girlfriend (who knows less than anyone about basketball) said “well this sucks”. Sure enough, the Grizzlies started the 2nd half with a 10-2 run. If you count the first six minutes of the game, and the first four minutes of the second half, when as Feltbot says Monta has no one to pass to, Jackson/Malone just gave a very good team 25 points (check the box score and look at those minuses for the starters, ugly!). You start Mcquire at 2, who cannot score (we still love him), and DWright who was terrible at both ends of the floor instead of perhaps Curry (or even Thompson), and Brandon Rush who played so well. Or you get Lee away from the basket (ie, you change what did not work).

      And Mark Jackson aka Albert Einstein did not say one word at the press conference about his chosen (and failed match ups). Accountability, what Jackson preaches every game, except for his staff and himself. If you can find one word of self criticism, let us know. Real Leadership is when you can show the people who work for you, that you will stand behind and support them, not blame them after every loss. I am afraid this coach has too much of an ego for that.

      Even if you don’t like Nelson, he would exploit the other team’s weaker players, and isolate the hell out of the matchup until the other team would have to match his group. If it didn’t work, Nelson would say so, and take responsibility for it. Something the current staff won’t go near, or fear the wrath of God.

      • Charlize?

      • “You forget that Nelson would critique his players, but often would criticize himself for not changing a matchup or strategy. Frequently, he would do it in a humorous manner, but he did it often in the post game, and radio as well.”

        Woody, there was rarely much “humor” in any of Nelson’s dealing with the media in the latter stages of his coaching career. Many of his postgame drinking buddies were members of the press for much of his career but once he started getting blasted in print (undoubtedly a clue into his heretofore HOF exclusion) by those same “friends” his postgame press conferences became tedious and painful to watch.

        Nelli was a great coach but his impatience with younger players was frustrating to watch at times, and he’ll obviously be forever tied to the Chris Webber situation (although I’ve always sided with Nelli on that blemish in Warriors history).

        I’m not, just to make myself clear, a fan of Mark Jackson. I’m also not one who believes him and his staff are a bunch of clueless dopes that never should have been hired in the first place. To be fair, these coaches had no offseason with the players and only a very short training camp that preceded a couple of exhibition games before this asterisk season began.

        I will say that I don’t believe that Jackson wants a slow tempo team, but what he does want is a tougher team, both physically and mentally, than the one he inherited here in the Bay Area. The Warriors are unquestionably a finesse team, with a painfully-few tough guys sprinkled in. Finesse isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some of the greatest players in history (Jerry West, Rick Barry) were finesse players. But there’s too much finesse on this team and that will be part of the change that takes place in the coming months, IMO.

        As I’ve said before this is a work-in-progress that I don’t believe can be accurately assessed given the extreme paucity of coaching opportunity and the final pieces on the court still missing.

        • Steve, I thinik
          Steph, Anthony Morrow, Anthony Tolliver, and yes Sydney Moncrief (hey Im old school) would take exception to how you infer Nelson treated rookies. He didnt like players who would nt work on improving their game. Ask Rob Kurz or Chris Hunter who their favorite coach was.
          You cannot believe everything Matt S writes. Some of it is just repeating lines…

      • +1, Woody, with one caveat.

        Nelson was blunt. If a player screwed up, he often said so (though not always – Cap’n Jack for one got a lot of free passes). And if Nelson thought he himself screwed up, or if something he tried didn’t work, he’d frankly admit it. In either case, he would explain the problem in specifics: “So-and-so didn’t box out,” or “I shouldn’t have put that player in that role against that opponent.” Does anyone think he wouldn’t say exactly the same things to the players themselves? Does anyone think he shouldn’t have? Everyone who wants to perform better has to have honest, quality critiques of their performance. If they don’t respond well to criticism, well, that’s the definition of a player who isn’t coachable and isn’t going to get better. That’s Biedrins.

        More often, after a bad loss Nelson would simply say “We stank,” and leave it at that. That’s “we” as in “this whole team including me.”

        In the world of “professional sports entertainment” it was pretty refreshing to hear someone honestly assess his own team’s performance the way Nelson did. It was part of what endeared so many people to him – and it left little doubt that he knew his stuff. Unfortunately, it was also probably part of what decided his fate with Lacob. From what we’ve seen from Lacob’s office for two years, plain-spoken openness is not his style. He’s a “positive” kind of guy.

        In contrast to Nelson, Mark Jackson doesn’t discuss his own mistakes, and doesn’t really mention specifics when he assigns player blame after a loss. A general “lack of effort” doesn’t identify who, when, etc., and doesn’t suggest a cure. Reporters have to guess who and what he’s talking about. The problem with that is that it doesn’t demonstrate that Jackson knows what he’s talking about.

        That isn’t necessarily a reflection on Jackson, it could just be how the front office has told him to conduct interviews. It’s a possibility.

        I really suspect that Jackson is an insecure dumbass who blames others instead of manning-up for his own screwups. Starting McGuire at shooting guard is about as stupid as it gets coaching-wise. The evidence leaves zero doubt about it, and Jackson has now done it for several games running – then trashed his players after the inevitable results.

        But it is possible that MJ has been told to stay “positive” about team management, and that’s the reason he can’t discuss his own mistakes. It’s possible that a post-game mea culpa could get him fired. Maybe that’s it.

    • Biedrins could well be here next year, and will exercise a player option 2014. He has two years AFTER this year.

      You forget, another team has to take the remaining $20-24 million for the guy, and believe it or not, NBA teams are not charities. Dubs will

      1) Have to swap with another team’s bad contract(s).
      2) Wait til final year to buy him out. Remember Foyle and how long it took the Colgate Toothpaste Tube to sit on the bench before he agreed?
      Do you really think Lacob will buy him out next year after not amnesty this year? To be fair, It takes a while and hopefully will happen. Biedrins does have some value as a backup if used properly. And you cannot teach height. See Erik Dampier for reference.

      Hopefully the Wizards or Bobcats will like him, but it will take a miracle from Heaven or Mark Cuban whoever acts first.

      • Frank, if the money is right for both parties I think Kwame Brown is resigned by the Warriors. I think the other center (backup or starter) will be someone currently on another NBA roster. Biedrins? Gone goodbye, regardless of interest from other teams. All JMO.

    • Yes, Nelson got on Biedrins. One instance is that he was upset Biedrins would not work with Rick Barry to fix his foul shooting. Even though Nelson went to Barry and Rick agreed to help. Nelson right fully so, wanted Biedrins to improve as a basetball player. He realized AB was getting rid of the ball instead of going strong to hoop and getting to free throw line. Any good NBA player takes a shot to get fouled not necessarily to make the basket.

  2. Wright was terrible last night. Not just on offense, but he just sits in a corner waiting for a pass that never came. Out of position for any rebound. He barely touched the ball or his defender!

  3. Brandon Rush attacked the rim very nicely this game – if he keeps this up, along with a great perimeter game and excellent defense – he’s going to be a nice free agent pickup next season (assuming W’s let him go).

    • Rush and Curry had immediate impact when they were the first subs and the Warriors down 21-4. They should have started 2nd half, before the game was lost in first 4 minutes of 2nd half.

      Rush doesn’t touch the ball enough. He would be a keeper if I were the GM.

  4. Everyone was willing to give the rookie coach a chance to come up to speed, but I think the grace period must be winding down by now.

    Jackson’s early season record sucks, but the rest of the season is tougher. He claims that the players have stopped responding to him. He’s still clueless. In his own way, he’s playing a very unconventional lineup (shades of Nellie!) – that can’t be a plus. He works for Guber – an entertainer – but he is not funny, charming or entertaining in any way.

    Anyone want to take a guess on how long Jackson has left? Will he be back next year? I guess that’s really a question about Lacob/Guber.

    • white hat, the guessing game isn’t about Jackson (he absolutely will be back) it’s about the names on this roster. I’ve already said that Biedrins won’t be back. Your turn next.

      • Biedrins may or may not be back. Keeping him was/is fairly clearly a business decision, not a basketball one, so it’s up to Lacob to decide whether his bottom line can take the writeoff this year. We don’t have any insight on that.

        It’s not obvious to me that Jackson will be back. If players don’t respond to his coaching – as Jackson himself says – then it’s easier by far to replace one coach instead of 15 players. It happens all the time. It’s a business, not a frat. We can be pretty sure where Lacob stands on business matters.

        Player motivation aside, Jackson is simply not a good coach. Poor game plans, no ability to make effective game-time adjustments, strange personnel decisions, public shaming of his players – name any way a coach can screw up, and here’s there, baby! Lacob may or may not see it that way right now, but all it would take to convince him is one honest discussion with The Logo. The bottom line on Jackson: wins. If he doesn’t get them, he. is. gone.

        Ellis isn’t just the leading scorer, he’s the team leader in almost every category not claimed by Lee. He’s also the centerpiece of the Warriors’ marketing campaign – just check the promo clips and count heads. At the same time, he doesn’t get the respect he deserves in other parts of the country, so his trade value is probably not commensurate with his contribution. Would the Warriors get back 22ppg, 6 assists, 37 minutes, excellent defense, etc., plus all the intangibles Monta brings to the team? Probably not. Even if the team was able to trade him for the big guy of their dreams, then they’d still have to replace Monta at guard too. It all seems too complicated, expensive and unlikely. I think Monta stays.

        Lee and Curry stay as well. Lee flat-out produces and Curry still looks like one of the most talented ballplayer ever. As Feltbot has pointed out, it could be embarrassing to let him get him away. Think 10x the Lin embarrassment.

        Thompson stays. Tyler and Jenkins may not, depending on how they compare to the alternatives at the next training camp.

        Everyone else on the team is available for trade. I’d like to see them keep Udoh, Rush, McGuire and Wright, but wouldn’t hesitate to swap them or anyone else for a good all around big or two. Lee needs help. The biggest problem the Warriors face is rebounding, followed closely by defense of the paint. The team is not getting anywhere until those problems are fixed. As good as Udoh is, he rebounds poorly against everyone, and has lots of problems (too many fouls and even fewer rebounds) against sumo-sized centers.

        If I had to guess (what the hey, it doesn’t cost me anything), I think next year’s Warriors will look very much like this year’s. Because other teams will recognize just as we do that n bench players don’t add up to 1 quality starter. For Lacob to make any big, quick improvement, he’d have to go over budget and literally buy his way up to competitiveness. He has said he will not do that. QED.

        It will be the same old Warriors next year again. Probably with a new coach again.

        • gotta agree with White Hat. The only caveat though is if the Dubs do trade Monta, that is a defacto blow up the team. And we sink to a 7th or worse in one of the best projected drafts in a decade. Five franchise players are possible in the draft.
          Here is one such scenario:
          Ellis to Utah for Derrick Favors and Utah’s best pick (They have two). Warriors would suck for sure, and get Favors and two prime draft picks, assuming we get Utah’s purchased New Jersey’s draft pick. Three young players so we suck for the next two years, but who knows who we get in draft…

  5. I, too, want to see Jackson stop throwing his team under the bus. They generally play very hard. That is not the problem. Big talent is the problem, here. I am still willing to give Jackson more time to develop bc I see quite a bit of potential in this young coach.

    Lacob really needs to find a good deal to move Ellis. If we could get a good draft pick along with an average big man to make salaries match, that would be ideal. We are not going to get as much for him as some believe. The other GMs are not that stupid.

  6. …and by average big man for Ellis I mean a second-string type bc you won’t get more for Monta.

  7. Draft pick and average big man?

    Who? Nick Collison? Eddie Curry? Can you give specifics for our leading s corer? Who replaces him in starting lineup?

  8. geraldmcgrew

    I hate Lacob-ball.

  9. @ 6&7

    Re Ellis:

    22 pts/game, the highest on the team
    5.8 assists/game, the highest on the team
    37 minutes/game, the highest on the team
    .430 shooting percentage – excellent
    Regularly attacks the paint (rare for the Warriors)
    most fast breaks on the team
    most efficient fast breaks on the team
    highest free throw percentage on the team
    best defending guard on the team
    team leader in steals

    Monta’s numbers are almost identical to Dwyane Wade’s. Should Miami trade Wade for a bench player?

  10. Steve @ 1:

    Andris Biedrins can no longer jump like he used to. He can’t defend the rim like he used to. He can’t dunk like he used to. And did you notice that the Warriors didn’t use him to jump center last season?

    Biedrins used to be the fastest center end to end in the league. Now he labors like a Model T Ford. He can barely make his legs work.

    You should be able to see this with your own eyes. It has absolutely nothing to do with his heart. He is laboring physically.

    It is very difficult to trace the source article for his Osteitis Pubis diagnosis. I believe it originally appeared in the Contra Costa Times in December of 2009, and is now in the archives. But you can find references to this article around the web. Here is one:

    The thing about Osteitis Pubis is that it’s not a “4 to 6 week injury” as stated in the article. It is a chronic condition, and frequently completely debilitating to athletes.

    This is what Biedrins is struggling with, in complete silence. This is what the Warriors have known about since at least Dec. 2009.

    This is what Joe Lacob has known about since the moment he took over the team.

    I’m a little curious why you’re so sure Biedrins won’t be with the team next year. No team in the league will be willing to trade for him, with over two years remaining on his contract. And Lacob has already proven himself unwilling to eat his contract for the betterment of the team.

    • By the way, it was my knowledge and understanding of Biedrins’ true condition that enabled me to predict with confidence, after the first game of the season in which he excelled, that he would soon return to ineffectiveness. I made this prediction in the midst of unprecedented noise to the contrary coming from Joe Lacob’s propaganda organs.

      The inflammation and intense pain associated with osteitis pubis improves with sustained rest. That is what allowed Biedrins’ surprising return to form in the first few games of the season.

      It was an illusion. Osteitis Pubis is a chronic condition. There is no cure.

      As Joe Lacob well knew when he incinerated the Warriors’ amnesty on Charlie Bell.

  11. For the sake of argument and purposes of comparison, does anybody know what Jackson was TRYING to do the last six games? Given all that Lacob has said about how NBA basketball is supposed to be played, it’s hard not to wonder if Jackson was testing out the control ball Lacob espouses.

    What’s dismaying is that Lacob could use those games as evidence not that his plan is flawed, but that he doesn’t have the right players, and thus tear up the team until he gets what he thinks he wants. (Hey, it worked against Atlanta.)

    Here’s the box score against Memphis, during Nelson’s last year, when the team was wallowing in the “sins of the past.” The Warriors won 128-110, Chris Hunter at center, Tolliver and Maggette at forward–not exactly big–and Devon George, Reggie, and CJ as backups:;_ylt=AimfAl2OyI1feZmpOaDY8YmkvLYF?gid=2010032409

    11 assists for Curry and 8 for Ellis. I wonder how they got them.

    Feltbot–if you’re right about AB’s health and the team’s knowledge, what on earth was Lacob’s plan? Push/show AB enough to entice some kind of trade? I’m also wondering what kind of conversation they might have had with him.

    When do we start talking about the sins of the present?

  12. And here are highlights of that game in the miserable past. See anybody standing around? Walking the ball up? See anybody not playing hard, not putting out energy or enthusiasm? See any fast break points? See an offense that turns players loose?

    • great stuff. there were at least three reggie williams highlights, and it was probably one of chris hunter’s career games. (he’s probably finished, with chronic knee/leg problems).

  13. “the sins of the past”–for those who don’t know or have forgotten (Dec. 2010), Lacob:

    “Don’t blame the new ownership group for the sins of the past. Give us a chance to fix the situation. I hope we can do it quickly but in all honesty, it may take a little time and a few moves to get there.”

    Read more:

  14. @11

    Felt, to be frank, I just LOL everytime I read your Andris “Osteitis Pubis” Biedrins nonsense. I’m sorry, but IMO, that’s exactly what all that is, nonsense.

    “”I worked as hard as I’ve ever worked,” said, Biedrins, 25, entering his eighth season. “I got my life together. Had a son. There was a lockout, so I had a long offseason. Everything just came together. It was the perfect time to work on everything.”

    The first step in Biedrins’ renovation was to get him healthy. The past two seasons were plagued by injury. The 2009-10 campaign was marred by abdomen issues, and last season was tarnished by two left ankle sprains.

    Injuries accounted for a total of 72 games missed in two years and numerous other games hampered by injury.

    Surgery and rehabilitation with a specialist in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the summer of 2010 cured the sports hernia. This past offseason, six weeks at the renowned Peak Performance Project in Santa Barbara took care of the ankle. He said his time at the sports science center also resulted in 15 extra pounds of muscle, four more inches on his vertical leap and better agility.

    “Yeah, I can say I’m 100 percent,” Biedrins said. “I did what I had to do, and I think I did it really well.””

    Biedrins didn’t rest and take it easy this past offseason, he by all accounts worked his Osteitis Pubis off in trying to get ready for this season. The problem with Biedrins isn’t some hidden injury, it’s his ability to compete at a position that requires heart and a good deal of physicality. He’s the epitome of the word “finesse”. He sucks. He’s terrible. And other than tanning very well he’s good for absolutely nothing.

    The Warriors like how Kwame Brown did all the things Biedrins can’t or isn’t willing to do. The likelihood of management making him a new contract offer is high, IMO. If Brown returns than the other centers on this team for 2012-13 will likely be Jeremy Tyler (no way they let this kid go so soon) and a player to be named later. That player will in no way, shape or form be Andris Biedrins.

    Will anyone trade for him? Not in a gazillion years. Which means? Yes, Lacob eats those last 2 years. The Warriors new owners want to win in the worst way and you can’t win with Mr. Finesse. The Latvian Louse, 30 games from now, will be gone goodbye.

    • WheresMyChippy

      1: refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture
      2: skillful handling of a situation : adroit maneuvering

      If you think Biedrins is the epitome of the word finesse you either A) do not know what finesse means, B) do not know what epitome means, or C) have not watched Andris “play” basketball for the last 3 years..

      Here is the epitome of the word finesse:

    • Steve,

      Things you say without firm evidence:

      “The problem with Biedrins isn’t some hidden injury, it’s his ability to compete at a position that requires heart”

      Ouch. You can’t know that. Besides, there is no job in the world with a more stringent screening process than NBA player. Wimps don’t make it that far.

      “Jeremy Tyler (no way they let this kid go so soon)”

      We’ll see. If the dubs are overstocked at C in the next training camp, the kid goes.

      ” The Warriors new owners want to win in the worst way”

      We’ll have to see about that too. Lacob says he wants to win, but he haven’t proven it so far, has he? He isn’t a billionaire hobbyist sports fanatic, he’s an investment fund manager. He can’t act like Mark Cuban, he’s got fiduciary responsibilities. Winning would be good for business, but only if it’s not too expensive. He’s got to turn a profit. And as Cohan demonstrated, that can be accomplished without winning.

    • There is no cure for osteitis pubis, which is what he’s got. The degradation in his physical abilities could not be more obvious. It is apparent to the naked eye. He is moving like a cripple.

      No one, particularly someone who loved the sport as much as Biedrins obviously did, wants to be a stiff. Nor someone who apparently worked as hard as he has to get back. There is no getting back. There is no cure.

    • “The Warriors like how Kwame Brown did all the things Biedrins can’t or isn’t willing to do.”

      In the 9 games Kwame played, he averaged 6 points and 6 boards. FT% = 44. The Warriors lost 6 of those 9 games. Biedrins, at least, beat him on turnovers.

      You know things are going bad when we’re left discussing the merits/problems of Brown and Biedrins.

    • Sorry felt, I’ve always been a little dense…but if we accept everything you say about Lacob knowing about AB’s condition…how on God’s Green Earth does he not use the amnesty on this tortured soul?

      • There’s only one possible answer to that: it’s about the money.

      • scotch, exactly. The offseason workouts where Biedrins added weight and “four inches to his vertical leap”, among other goodies, gave management hope that AB could at least provide serviceable numbers at the 5 if their search for a starting center ran aground. The obvious reasons why they kept Biedrins are now the obvious reasons why he’ll be gone soon (no longer “serviceable”, a new 5, through trade or FA signing, coming to an Oracle near you).

        WMC, here’s my definition of finesse as it applies to sports. If a player is trying to play his or her sport by avoiding physical contact as much as possible then I would put that player into the column under the word “finesse”.

        Every team sport has those kinds of players, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, to say the least. One of my all time favorite players was Rick Barry, a finesse, and great, player. On the other hand you have a player like Shaq who had very little finesse to his game.

        You want “physical” from the NFL, how about Mike Singletary? You want “finesse” from the same sport? Try Randy Moss.

        While the NBA used to be more finesse than otherwise the size of modern day athletes has changed the way the sport is played. If you play inside and around the basket in the NBA nowadays you damn sure better play with a high degree of physicality and toughness or you’ll be in deep doo. And what does deep doo and Biedrins have in common? There’s no center in the league who fits my definition of finesse more than Biedrins, the epitome (there’s that word again Chippy) of Charmin-style center play. Gone goodbye.

        “Ouch. You can’t know that. Besides, there is no job in the world with a more stringent screening process than NBA player. Wimps don’t make it that far.”

        Wimps don’t make it that far? Well, maybe your wimps but mine definitely have done some damage around these parts. Oh, for those glorious days of Joe Barely Cares in a Warriors jersey, what would I give for a replay of those wonderful seasons? LOL Or how about the “wimpiness” of Troy Murphy, who’d rather take 3-point shots than battle underneath for rebounds. Hey, I just found another finesse guy for WMC! The “wimps” are out there, you’re just not looking hard enough.

        “Lacob says he wants to win, but he haven’t proven it so far, has he?”

        You got it! Done nothing but sit on his hands except for when he’s using those hands to count all that unspent loot. Looks like his plan is to hope for lots of losing, which will lead to an empty Oracle, which means him and the rest of the gang in upper management can have the arena all to themselves for some hellacious pickup BB games. Gotta love it when a plan all comes together. LOL

  15. LinkMaster Steve,

    I love reading your rebuttals…thank you.


    • Brytex, where you been? A sight for sore eyes, indeed. Been gettin’ kinda lonely around here lately. :) Go Warriors!

      • Too depressed lately…and sensitive. Any hint of a feltbot rant and I’m staying clear.

        I am so seriously considering kidnapping his Thai Blonde and replacing her with all the Osama bin Laden widows. That’ll teach him! (Not real sure exactly what or how that would teach him… but hey, I gotta do something, right?)

        • LOL Brytex, you realize that the Dubs are gonna have to go 18-12 the rest of the way for 33-33 to happen? Unless DHoward suddenly parachutes into Oracle tomorrow night and stays the rest of the season I doubt you hit your numbers. Don’t fret, next season we’re back to 82 games and maybe a much better team to cheer on.

  16. Rusty Simmons: Gotta love that upcoming schedule. NOT!

  17. You’re a “Sick Man” Steve…

    But keep up the great work…luv the one-stop-shopping you bring with the many links!

  18. Grantland’s trade value part I. II coming after later today.

    • Excerpt:

      The good news for Warriors fans: Their team made a $500 million mistake by choosing Charles Jenkins over Jeremy Lin on December 8 (it’s true, look it up), then wasted its amnesty on $4 million of Charlie Bell so they could overpay DeAndre Jordan with an offer sheet (didn’t work), leaving them stuck with Andris “Why Didn’t You Amnesthize and Put Me Out of My Own Misery????” Biedrins (owed $9 million each of the next two years) and little cap flexibility this summer. Oh, wait, that’s horrible news. Speaking of Linsanity …

  19. Whatever is going on with Biedrins’s abdomen or head–or both–it wouldn’t be the first time an athlete has convinced himself and his team he was in shape to play. I think we’re all disappointed he couldn’t bring something this year, FO and fans alike, though in retrospect it was only wishful thinking on all our parts.

    I forget which game, but Barnett made the comment after AB fumbled a pass probably from Curry that you had to make sure his hands were up before you passed to him. . . .

    Lacob made aggressive but ultimately limited bids for Chandler and Jordan (and I’m not sold on Jordan at all now) probably because he thought he could do better later and because he thought Plan C, Brown plus Biedrins, would be adequate for the time being. Adequate in his eyes is not a term I want to define. Assumed here is that he believed some kind of defensive center was the team’s major need this year, more important than any other. And of course now the team is not playing with either part of Plan C, without noticeable effect.

    He also was not going to invest in other major pieces the team now needs, perhaps because he did not think it really needed them since they did not fit into his concept of the kind of team he wanted, also because he didn’t want to invest money elsewhere that would be used for that superstar he is confident he can still get.

    When is the Lacob bobblehead coming out?

  20. Okay the highly touted Sacramento Kings ran a weary Dallas out of their building tonight, with a flu ridden Demarcus Cousins, and Tyreke Evans effectively playing at the 3. Kings Rookie Point Guard Isaiah Thomas all 5’7″ tore the Mavs defense to shreds.

    Sacramento went small ran, ran, then ran some more against their larger opponents. It was like Keith Smart had actually morphed into Don Nelson.

    Saturday night, when a tired Dallas team plays the Warriors will Mark Jackson decide to up the tempo or stay with his starting five walking the ball up the court against Dirk and Company?
    It will be Dallas’s 3rd game in three nights, lets not give em a break MJack.

  21. Wow Rubio torn ACL. Tragic.

    • Wonder is Rusty thinks Cuban would”ve kept or amnestied AB?

      The answer is why Lacob is in no way like Cuban!!!!!

  22. Yeah, I guess you could say this is a bit of overkill in regards to Biedrins, but in searching for some old AB articles I found these two which I actually enjoyed more from a Nelli perspective. I miss the good ol’ days when Nelson would “let loose” from time to time, pulling no punches in the process.

    First there was this article from the Chronicle:

    For the second straight day, Don Nelson called out Andris Biedrins, saying he hides during pick-and-roll plays, misses Stephen Jackson and fears going to the free-throw line, where he shoots 13 percent.

    “I’ve bent over backwards with (Biedrins) trying to be positive,” Nelson said after Wednesday’s practice. “Whatever he’s going through, he’s not the same player this year as the last couple – or the same player that got him the big contract. Whatever it is, he’s got to get the passion back. I can’t do that.”

    And …

    “Give us something. I mean, rebounding is one part of the game. You need more than that. Good defensive presence. The running skills. Good pick-setting. Good passing. We need a lot of things from our (centers) other than rebounding.”

    And …

    “I like the fact (other post players) are going to make him work, and if he doesn’t get it going, I’ve got somebody else to play.”

    Nelson played him just nine minutes in Tuesday’s loss to Philadelphia, saying afterward he “didn’t see any life” from the struggling center.

    “I wouldn’t say life,” Biedrins said. “I think I played hard. It just wasn’t my day. I missed a couple easy layups, got into foul trouble and made some turnovers, and the coach took me out of the game.”

    Biedrins averages 5.1 points and 7.9 rebounds after averaging a double-double last season. Citing a lack of aggressiveness, Nelson said Biedrins is “running out of his scoring areas” and “chooses to hide” when it’s time for a pick-and-roll.

    Nelson suggests Biedrins is tentative because he doesn’t want to get fouled and shoot free throws. He’s on target to set the record for worst free-throw percentage in a season (minimum 20 shots), held by Boston’s Garfield Smith in 1971-72 (19.4 percent).

    “I told him today that if I were him, I would be wanting to shoot free throws so I’m not the all-time worst free-throw shooter in the history of the NBA,” Nelson said. “I would be looking to get fouled, and I think he’s looking not to get fouled.”

    Biedrins’ reaction: “Obviously, it’s a terrible year for me from the free-throw line. But I never thought about the numbers or being the worst. I will play my game and try to get to the line.”

    While Jackson had a knack for getting Biedrins the ball on the pick-and-roll, Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry have different games, quicker to take a shot rather than wait for Biedrins to cut.

    “I’m sure he misses that,” Nelson said. “But we can’t pout about that. He’s got to find a way to work with the guards we have.”

    Curry, a fan of the pick-and-roll, said the team should use it more to get the big men involved.

    “We kind of shied away from it a little bit, but we should understand that’s our best offense,” Curry said. “Sometimes you go to one-on-one and isolation, which is effective because of the talent we have on our team.”

    And then this, taken from the Oakland Tribune:

    “”Everyone agrees that Don Nelson brought in a gaggle of free-throw gurus shortly after he returned to the Warriors. Everyone agrees that one of them was a practitioner of the two-hand underhand method who tried to make a convert of center Andris Biedrins.

    “We brought Rick (Barry) in,” Nelson said after practice Tuesday. “It was one of the first things I did when I arrived. He spent at least an hour here with (Biedrins), showed him the technique. I was standing here for the whole hour with him. I really enjoyed it.”

    Biedrins believes it was former Warriors center George Johnson, who adopted Barry’s granny shot and pumped up his free-throw percentage to a respectable career mark of .694.

    There is no disputing how the tutorial was received.

    “I tried a couple times,” Biedrins recalled, “but obviously there was no way it would work.””

    Good ol’ Biedrins, oh, how we won’t miss you so. OK, so I’m a mean person. Just like Nelli. LOL

    • LOL! Great post! Nellie – always entertaining and such a motivator – although it seemed to backfire in Biedrins’ case. I’ve forgotten who Nellie could have played in front of Andris? Chris Hunter? Again, I want to be the team who owns his rights when Biedrin’s playing for a contract!

    • Steve, what was the date on that Chron article?

    • We can rest assured Nelson wasn’t consulted for an opinion on Biedrins. And it was his relationship with Biedrins that flared the media perception Nelson couldn’t get along with players (Biedrins got him fired, was Nelson’s take).

      But I wonder what Smart had to say about Biedrins at the end of the season and whether anyone listened. It was Smart who went to Lithuania to work with Biedrins, and Smart’s slim chances of staying with the Warriors depended on Biedrins’s performance.

      I’m thinking Cousins is a welcome change for Smart. Cousins had 5 assists last night, btw.

    • Steve interesting refresher on Andris’ recent history. This all would serve as ‘new’ information to Lacob!

      Tell us again why you didn’t amnesty him Joe???

  23. Warriors and great times? Yep, absolutely.

    • if fans weren’t aware how inconsequential the $$ were from cutting Lin in the effort to sign Jordan, they deserve to get fleeced. you can be sure Lacob knew exactly, but in his arrogance he also thought he’d be able to re-sign Lin after other teams passed on him. what we have here, gentlemen, is a situation quite similar to a politician in war time going beyond setting objectives, and directing battlefield strategy and tactics.

    • I rather liked Lin for what he represented, in part because it was an inexpensive experiment on a 15 man squad, but it was hard not to accept the criticism made of him on this blog. But no one saw his potential, not the Warriors, not Houston, not even NY until all their point guards went down.

      But even if we kept him (repeating myself), I wonder if we would ever have seen his potential. He needs an offense that gives him room to maneuver, and I doubt he’d fare as well in walk-it-up. Nor would we have seen much if he ran the second unit–no one to pass to, certainly not at center. He needed full rein and full confidence and key minutes, and he wouldn’t have gotten those—

      Unless Curry went down for long stretches.

      • except — Lin was the team’s best perimeter defender last season, and Musselman who was coaching the d-league team then affiliated with the woeyrs did actually see his potential. as long as Ellis is on the team, we should expect any young guard to be have his development suppressed — doesn’t Thompson usually fare a little better when Ellis is on the bench ? Jenkins got his starts with Curry out and Ellis in charge — how could he play his normal game ? he still managed decent assists with minimal turnovers.

        • WarriorHopeful

          ” Lin was the team’s best perimeter defender last season”

          Huh? On the Reno Bighorns or whatever…maybe!

  24. Curry injured his ankle again. Him and Bogut together would be an insane amount of uncertainty. I think the silver lining in Curry’s injury is that they’ll now try to retain their draft pick and give Klay some minutes.

  25. OT: One of the greatest racehorses of all time, Zenyatta (won 19 of her 20 races), gave birth to her first baby the other day. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy the sport this video will warm your heart.

  26. Uh oh.

    “I’ve heard the Bucks have been offered a ‘young, All-Star type point guard’ for center Andrew Bogut. If that is true, and the Bucks took up that offer, would that mean current point guard Brandon Jennings could be jettisoned as well? Yes, it would.”

  27. Troubling questions:

    1) How can the Warriors owners, who expound so much about their effort to entertain fans, put up with the supremely unentertaining verbiage of Bob Fitzgerald, whining and pouting his way through a game that the team won by 24 points. I’m not asking for only positives, but the incessant complaining is intolerable.

    2) Fitzgerald and Barnett put the spotlight on Nate Robinson for some of his turnovers. Why no mention of Curry’s turnovers? They were of the same variety — trying to do the spectacular when the simple play would have worked.

    3) Preacher Jackson came in with a reputation as a great leader and motivator. Why has his coaching had such a negative effect on DWright, who seems to be playing in a haze?

    4) And speaking of motivation, how does Andris Biedrins not play a single minute of a 24-point blowout? Did I miss something about an injury? Or has the great motivator given up on him?

    5) Will David Lee ever get the credit he deserves for being an absolutely solid professional, playing at a consistently high level while so many around him are not? Should Preacher Jackson get credit for this? (Just asking; I doubt it.)

    6) Has Klay Thompson developed to the point that we could start him at the 2, keep Monta as PG, and trade Curry for a big man? I know, Felty thinks that on the basis of one game last week (when he played the 2), Curry is super-duper. I think he’s a great shooter with a fragile body and a Nate-Robinson mindset to go for the high-risk play. He seems bored by simply running an offense. He tweaks his ankle, goes to the sideline and pushes the chair so hard it moved about a foot. What a wuss. Move him.

  28. FWIW, my doctor friend says Curry’s most recent re-injury occurred initially at 00:10 of this clip, not at 00:18 when he went to the bench. Watch his reaction after he lands from the layup.

    His foot/ankle collapsed to the inside. Later it collapsed again in the same direction, sending him out of the game. I didn’t find a video of his last previous injury, but I remember it occurring under identical circumstances, simply landing on the right foot after an open layup.

    The last time Curry was injured it was diagnosed as a strained tibialis posterior tendon. The initial treatment is rest/immobilization and anti-inflammatories. Afterward, the most common doctor recommendation is “activity modification,” also known as a Henny Youngman punchline (“Don’t do that!”). That’s not really an option for Curry.

    One longer term treatment that can at least theoretically help involves exercises to help the patient develop autonomic (i.e. subconscious) mechanisms that would help stabilize the area and prevent overextension. Curry already has a regular program of stabilization exercises in addition to his team workouts. The hoped-for results can help reduce the number of future incidents, but they do nothing to improve torn or stretched tendons.

    There is no high-probability cure. Surgery on the tibialis posterior is more complex and less reliably effective than the procedure Curry had on his outer ankle problem last summer.

    On the other hand, Curry has access to the world’s best medical care, which should improve his odds if he does choose to have surgery. It seems likely he will, the only real question being whether he waits until the offseason or does it ASAP. Other aids like braces, foot orthotics and special shoes can help too.

    For the team, this all means that Curry will be severely limited if not completely MIA for the rest of this season. Playing time for Nate Robinson and Klay Thompson just went up bigtime. Not to be a Gloomy Gus, but realistically, the Warriors W-L record just dropped. Not sure what that means for Mark Jackson’s job security, but it didn’t increase.

    Given his medical status, Curry is now firmly off the table trade-wise. The FO is effectively forced to keep him, which could turn out to be a blessing. But it will be interesting to see how much the Warriors themselves are willing to gamble on Curry when his contract comes up this summer. If healthy, he would have qualified for at least a Monta-sized contract. Just guessin’ of course, but now I see his best deal being something like a low mid-level contract loaded with performance incentives. The team can’t legally penalize any player for work injuries, but they absolutely can structure a new contract to pay a player’s full value only if he achieves. It’s the usual thing for players with a history of major injuries.

    For all those who think trading Monta is the cure for the Warriors woes, sorry dudes, but that can’t happen now either. He’s the only starter-quality guard on the team, indefinitely. In addition, the Warriors’ roster wish list now has to include a reasonably good sub for Curry in addition to the quality big guy they have always wanted. Ugly, but fact.

    Joe Lacob now has nothing to trade, so he can either stay below the salary cap this summer and plan for yet another losing season, or he can play in the FA market and exceed the cap (by a lot!) to get the minimum talent his team needs to have a shot at being competitive enough to make the playoffs next year. Anything less means the Warriors are guaranteed losers again next year.

    That’s a lot of major ramifications for just one little “tweak” on one little player.

    • Your doctor friend has a sharp eye–and we see it. Stepping on the other player’s foot didn’t help, seconds later. Barnett made the casual comment he’s never seen a player step on another’s foot so many times. Steph’s got to learn to control where he lands.

      Shut him down. As much recovery time as possible, I suspect, is his best hope. More strains will only delay his recovery. And preseason for next year isn’t that far off.

    • your prose is smoothly crafted, slick and persuasive like a lawyer’s, but where did you get the notion that Curry’s contract is due for revision this summer ? He gets a raise for next season, which was built into his rookie deal. at the end of next season, the team can choose to negotiate an extension or make a qualifying offer, which would make him a restricted free agent in the summer of ’14.

      Lacob has the power to intervene and rest Curry if he wished to protect his long term development, but he made that p.r. pseudo-guarantee about making the playoffs, and wants to keep selling out the home dates.

      • moto,

        Thanks for the correction. I didn’t research Curry’s contract, just assumed he had the same 3-year deal most get.

        After tonight’s win (Clippers), who can say anything for sure about this team? I was shocked to see Curry in the game, and not at all surprised to see how gingerly he moved.

  29. Monta is an extraordinarily durable athlete. He seems to be built of steel, spit, granite, and god know swhat else. Curry, on the other hand, is not strong but quite flexible and agile. McKillop, his Davidson coach, said we was like rubber. He exploits his flexibility with abandon–but has paid a price. He’s endured repeated serious trauma to his ankle over the past years–7 or 8 times? Probably more in his entire career, as he continues habits–and injuries–that he was able to shake off when younger. How many athletes have endured the same.

    Here’s a clip of his ankle sprain in his last year at Davidson, late in the season, at 38 in, and you can see how much his ankle rolls (if I embed this video correctly). And he was back playing on it after short rest.

  30. OK, the video didn’t embed. Here’s the link for the medically inclined. Look at the torsion, 38 in. And this is only one of many times.

  31. “Warriors say they’re not bothered by trade rumors.”