2012 NBA Draft Live Thread

As the last thread was becoming somewhat unwieldy, here’s a fresh canvas for your draft opinions. Depending on what goes down, I may weigh in with an opinion later tonight, otherwise you won’t hear from me for a couple of weeks: I’ll be in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker.

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  1. Any chance Barnes will have trade value? I’m not sure I’m impressed–saw a few Heels games.

  2. From a combination of NBA scouts, coaches and executives:

    Harrison Barnes, 6-8 forward, North Carolina: “I can’t figure him out. I want him to be better than he is, yet what he is is pretty good. His biggest problem is he doesn’t have enough toughness. This is a man’s league and I don’t know for sure if he’s the type of guy who will step on you when you’re down.”

    From ESPN:

    The Warriors are preparing for a number of scenarios at No. 7. Depending on how things go on draft night, Barnes, Andre Drummond, Damian Lillard, Dion Waiters or even Kidd-Gilchrist could fall to them. The Warriors like all of the above, but like every other team in the NBA, not everyone agrees on the order. Warriors consultant Jerry West, sources say, has Waiters ranked quite high. Owner Joe Lacob feels like it might be tough to pass on Drummond if he’s there. GM Bob Myers, is a Barnes fan. Everyone agrees that Kidd-Gilchrist would be the guy if he falls. There are also Lillard supporters in Golden State. This is why mock drafts are so difficult to make. How are we supposed to report to you what teams will do when they don’t know themselves.

    • “His biggest problem is he doesn’t have enough toughness.”

      Which is why I compare him to Brandon Wright.

  3. My initial take on Harrison Barnes: If he was drafted as an “asset”, and if there truly is demand for him, then use him as an asset right now. He will no longer be an asset once the season starts.

    If you can somehow get Luol Deng for him, as has been rumored, then for god’s sake do it. That would be a homerun, no matter what other “assets” it cost.

  4. How you been Felty? I thought you stopped writing about hoops..glad to see you back.

    Bucher said Barnes was a favorite of Meyers. I don’t see us trading him and I wouldn’t want to trade him. When you can combine athleticism and shooting with that frame, you take it. His ball handling will improve, but on this team if he can hit open shots, make the right passes and crash the boards and defend, he will help. I liked him from the start and I am glad we ended up with him. You don’t find 6’8 guys with a sweet stroke often.

    And how about this big guy? I like.

    • Hey gmoney, good to hear from you. I’d like the guy you just described too. Unfortunately, he’s not Harrison Barnes.

      You named at least two things that Harrison Barnes will never do, if the reports and my eyes don’t deceive me.

      PS. I stopped writing about hoops when the Warriors stopped playing hoops, at Joe Lacob’s direction.

  5. This guy I like, especially for a 2nd round pick.

    • omg, a genuine spread four? This guy’s in the Paul Milsap mode, but with potentially more range on his shot. Huge IQ, huge heart. Great rebounder. Fantastic passer — point forward. Smart position defender and great shot-blocking timing. Looking forward to watching him on the NBA court. Better than Faried?

      Harrison Barnes, at 6-8″ 220+, by the way, should also be a spread four (/three). It seems as if someone finally directed Joe Lacob’s attention to that obvious need. The only problem with that analysis is that I predict Barnes will never be played at the four, because he would be highly unhappy and highly ineffective on the defensive end and the boards. He’s a star, and stars don’t sacrifice their bodies.

  6. A part of every warriors fan has to be heartened by what I think has been a pretty damn good draft.

    Love or hate (or maybe dislike, he seems impossible to hate) Barnes you have to be thankful that we have someone of that pedigree. Green and Ezeli seem to have plenty of upside and most of the pre-draft needs seem to have been filled. (except maybe backup PG)

    You would think that there would have to be some moves from here on in, but I like the looks of this roster. High basketball IQ and high character across the board. I can see this team being a tight-knit crew, well-liked, well-behaved and hopefully well-performed.

    1: Steph, Jenkins, (Nate)
    2: Klay, Rush
    3: Barnes, DWright, RJeff, (Dom McGuire)
    4: Lee, Draymond Green, (CWright)
    5: Bogut, Ezeli, Tyler, Biedrins
    Away: Kuzmic

    My confidence is slowly re-building in the front office. Bring on free agency!

    Someone has to be the first to say it…… playoffs anyone?

  7. Warriors scout Larry Harris

  8. Golden State Warriors

    Before the draft even began, I felt that Golden State was closer than any other lottery team to being a playoff team in the next season. Harrison Barnes has a pro-style game with a quality one and two dribble pull-up. He steps in right away and averages 12 to 14 points per game. Festus Ezili presents the Warriors with a tremendous shot-blocker and rebounder alongside Andrew Bogut. Think of him as a rawer version of Serge Ibaka. Lastly, we have Draymond Green, whose skills make him belong in the lottery. Green will contribute immediately because of his versatility and dynamic passing ability. The Warriors got a big-time winner here that helps them build the culture all playoff teams need.

    “NBA Draft Report: Winners and Losers”


  9. Reverend Shavepoints caught with his pants down:


    Pants down, Man down?

    • Why is it that guys who start churches always get their freak on with strippers? Can’t they meet any nice ladies?

    • I was wondering how they were going to shed Mark Jackson.

      The stripper story has too much salacious entertain value to simply go away. Jackson’s “indiscretion” is about to become “a distraction to the team,” a reason to resign.

      Who’s going to be the Warrior’s 4th coach in 4 years? Anyone here want to take a guess?

        • What do you think, Steve? Will it be Malone?

          • white hat, so you’re serious? C’mon, this is a non-issue unless we find out next week he’s been dealing drugs to his “congregation”. LOL This happened 6 years ago and he and his wife have long-since reconciled and moved on in their lives together.

            And how concerned are most fans? Try surfing the Bay Area BB blog sites and see if you can find anyone else talking about Mark Jackson’s personal life compared to the names Barnes, Ezeli and Green since last night’s draft?

            MJ isn’t resigning and he isn’t losing his job over this incident.

            Now, why not help bring this blog up to what’s going on at other sites? What’s your opinion of the 3 players drafted by the Dubs?

          • Steve, I don’t think the stripper story will go away for awhile.

            The sad fact is that some people earn a living mining salacious stories for every drop of their so-called entertainment value. That will inevitably detract from the Warriors drive to gain public approval for their $200 million+ gift from San Francisco, to sell family entertainment, and to build a marketable team.

            I don’t personally care about Mark Jackson’s relationships, and I don’t take any satisfaction from seeing him destroyed because once, 6 years ago, he went after what every human being on the planet is built to want.

            At the same time, I think Mark Jackson is an awful coach. I hate that he’s leaving this way, but I’m pretty sure he is leaving, and I think that’s good for the team strictly from a b’ball standpoint.

            I could be wrong of course. But ask yourself if Ellis’s tawdry fling was even the slightest factor in the team’s decision to trade their best player+their best defender+an expiring contract for a busted-up under-achiever+a player they didn’t want+crippling salary cap problems. Right, then.

            So will it be Malone, do you think?

          • I think they’ll rehire Nelli and make Felt his lead assistant.

          • Steve,

            Har har. Re-hiring Nellie would be GREAT! Talk about entertainment value! Can you imagine? Trout ties! Cigars! Yelling! Arm waving! Popping beers!

            And Feltso on the bench next to him, egging him on?


    • I wonder if Lacob actually watched Barnes play in games. I also wonder if he watched the Warriors team he bought play.

      Wow, his review is unimpressive.

    • “The Smoking Gun reported that a 28-year-old former stripper, Alexis Adams, possessed nude photographs of Jackson and wanted money to keep the photos from becoming public.” (from Yahoo)

      You used to post pictures, FB. Think of the gallery you could have showed us this past year.

  10. Warriors Roundtable Podcast (Review of last night’s picks with host Tim Roye)


  11. And here’s The New York Post story on the Jackson exposure:


    OK, let’s throw out morality and social codes because we’re going to do that anyway. Isn’t this just embarrassing from the point of view of taste and discretion and savvy? This is the head coach! And it’s not the first attempt at taking him in:

    “Jackson has been a white-collar-crime victim before. His business manager pleaded guilty in 2004 to ripping off more than $1.5 million from him.”

    Wow, the Lacob legal department has been busy this year.

    • Lots of nasty stuff in this story.

      “The affair lasted less than a year.”

      It wasn’t a one-night stand, it was an AFFAIR? For months? With a certified sleazebag?

      “During the affair, [the victim] sent photographs of himself to Adams and some of the photographs were of [the victim] without any clothing and of [his] genitalia,”

      Ick. Again with the party-pants pix? How could Joe Lacob have been cursed with this kind of unlucky publicity for his business?

      Jackson’s career as a public figure is over.

    • Here’s the thing. What can we place on the plus side for Jackson that might help us put this aside? I’m at a loss. I’m still gagging from his postgame interviews. Just as embarrassing is his hack-a-Howard strategy in the Orlando game.

      But I’m sure Lacob will stand by his man. After all, he chose him. And Jackson reminds me of so many other things Lacob has put his stamp on the past two years. Hiring his son, promoting Myers, etc. What, exactly, has this organization done that’s impressive?

      • Arrrgh, gag, choke. rgg, you reminded me of some of the reasons why I hated having Mark Jackson coaching the dubs.

        If they all follow the script for this sort of situation, Lacob will regretfully, reluctantly accept Jackson’s resignation. Jackson will mumble an apology to his loyal fans, then disappear.

  12. Golden State Warriors

    If they don’t improve by at least 10 games, there’s something seriously wrong in the Bay. The Warriors (23-43) will have a healthy Andrew Bogut and Steph Curry join Klay Thompson, who’s coming off a promising rookie year, and David Lee. Then there’s the chance that Harrison Barnes, a boom-or-bust draft pick, delivers on all his promise. It’s not totally unreasonable to think the Warriors will push for a final playoff spot or at least generate some serious buzz. It’s been a long time since folks were excited about the Warriors, and while this isn’t a remake of Run-TMC in the works, it should be better than the Lost Decade under previous ownership.

    “Some teams prepared to capitalize on Draft-night success”


    • A ten game improvement would be mediocre results, especially given Lacob’s pronouncements. It would be a ten game improvement over the years they tanked.

  13. Where David Aldridge had Barnes and Green going in his Mock Draft:

    #4. Cleveland Cavaliers | Harrison Barnes | SF | North Carolina

    They need a small forward. He’s got the same agent as Kyrie Irving, and they’re good friends. He’s going to be a better pro than he was in college, he will shoot it very well and defend very well. He’s going to be an impact player. Don’t overthink it.

    #27. Miami Heat | Draymond Green | SF | Michigan State

    The champs pick up another high-character player for their rotation. Green will learn how to play both forward spots from LeBron James and Shane Battier, and his motor and smarts will get him playing time faster than you may expect on a veteran team.

    • Great stuff, Steve. I don’t follow college ball so I don’t know about the dubs’ draft picks. It’s reassuring to hear that some people think highly of them.

      Still, they’re rookies, and ALL rookies are, well, rookies. They may be the best newbies available this year but none of them have played in the toughest league in the world.

      Harrison Barnes looks like a boom-or-bust candidate. On paper he’s got all the assets to be great, but who knows? After all, the NBA is still waiting for Anthony Randolph to show up, right? It all depends on how he responds to the challenge.

      All indications are that Draymon Green is an over-achiever. I always bet on overachievers. Not a star, he just doesn’t have the physique for it. But he’ll find a way to make himself a really good guy to have on your team. I’d put actual money on that.

      Festus Ezeli looks like Udoh 2.o. A scary defensive presence, not enough rebounds, limited offense. I think that translates to limited minutes in 2012-13. Beyond that, who knows? It might depend on whether or not Jeremy Tyler steps up this offseason.

      There ya go. Draft talk, with nothing about Mark Jackson resigning.

  14. Barnes was especially unimpressive in the NCAA tourney, which is what got me thinking. I can’t help wondering if the hype that surrounds the big college teams and the tourney turns our heads.

    Read this scouting report, from Collegehoops:

    “Scouting Report: A long, lean multi-talented big man.

    “Strengths: Very good scorer in the post – can score with both hands. Very smooth and poised for his age. Can get up and down the floor quicker than guys his height. Good shotblocker. Was a very consistent scorer on the college level playing in one of the countries best conferences. Shoots for a very high percentage. Incredibly long arms – he has a 7’4.5” wingspan.

    “Projected 2007 Draft Range: Top 4 pick.

    “Consensus: x is a player that would be considered as a #1 overall pick in most draft years – just not this year. After gaining some strength and experience Wright has the potential to be an all-star NBA player.”


    The player? Brandan Wright

  15. Sam Amick grades the draft:

    A Golden State Warriors

    Getting North Carolina small forward Harrison Barnes at No. 7 is about as good as consolation prizes get, and it should be interesting to see whether he or Dion Waiters is the better pro a few years from now. But the Warriors filled a serious need at small forward, and then they just continued to fill needs as the night went on. Vanderbilt center Festus Ezeli (No. 30) can spell new Warrior Andrew Bogut and handle the backup big-man role that Kwame Brown served early last season before he sustained a season-ending chest injury and was later traded to Milwaukee. Michigan State forward Draymond Green (No. 37) is a far more productive and respected player than is typically available that deep in the draft, and Bosnian 7-footer Ognjen Kuzmic (No. 52) of the Spanish League is not a bad asset on size alone. All in all, the Warriors — whose first pick would have gone to Utah if lower than No. 7 — was rewarded for all that losing last season.


  16. Harrison Barnes stats freakout:


    Not great numbers, but numbers don’t say anything about Barnes’ role on his college team. If he was the well-known go-to guy (a la Monta), you couldn’t expect him to be as efficient offensively as a “sleeper” like Brandon Rush. In hindsight, Ellis would have been a fine #7 pick, and Rush wouldn’t have been.

    Physically, Barnes seems to have a LOT to offer. If he has Monta’s drive and determination too, we’ll have a winner. If he has Kwame’s, we won’t. I don’t know of any stats for heart, or desire, or coachability, or the ability to learn and improve.

    I just hope we didn’t draft Barnes solely for his point totals, and that the recruiting team got warm feelings about his off-the-ball game. Because on a team with Curry, Lee and Thompson – and two of the most efficient SFs in the league in Wright and Rush – Barnes will absolutely need to find other ways to contribute besides scoring. Or he won’t see much playing time at all.

  17. Was Jackson involved at all in the draft process? I haven’t looked hard, but I haven’t seen anything from him.

    And if not, why wasn’t the head coach involved?

    • In the Myers interview Steve posted earlier, he didn’t mention Jackson or Riley as part of the decision team. It may have just been an oversight. Hard to imagine their head of scouting wouldn’t have a say in evaluating talent. Ditto the head coach.

      • Why isn’t Jackson speaking up now about the picks (or has he)?

        • bloodsweatndonuts

          He’s probably avoiding the media because the interview would probably go as follows:

          MJ: We’re very pleased with our picks. Harrison Barnes is a quality young man with a drive for greatness.

          MEDIA: So, how many times did you bang that skank?

          MJ: We were also very fortunate to have Draymond Green drop to us. The kid just knows how to play basketball, he’s a winning basketball player.

          MEDIA: Mark, have you been partial to strippers over your playing and broadcasting career or were you more prone to mixing it up? Maybe a waitress, or a run-of-the-mill hoops groupie? I know LA has a lot of aspiring actresses . . .

        • bloodsweatndonuts

          Guber is uber creepy. He looks like Ralph Barbieri and Brian Sabian had a baby and sent him to finishing school in the San Fernando valley.

    • Oh yeah, the Warriors might also be keeping Jackson under wraps for awhile. Until they see how things play out on the personal front. They learned of his situation in April.

      It’s worth noting that Jackson’s case is not a civil suit like Monta’s was. It’s at the discretion of the prosecutor, not Jackson, whether it will go to a public trial. If it does, Jackson will be called to testify. He might even have to miss games to appear in court.

      One other thing: the press reports characterize the contact as an “affair,” which is maybe tawdry but perfectly legal. But prosecutors would have to question whether cash changed hands up front. If so, well, there’s a name for that kind of relationship, and it ain’t “romance.”

      This is going to be a big stinky mess.

      • bloodsweatndonuts

        I do think you’re overestimating the moral fortitude of our populous in 2012 and, consequently, the potential fallout for MJ. He can thank Bill Clinton for somewhat inoculating the masses against the shock of a public figure’s marital indiscretions.

        He will also benefit greatly from our collective ADD and will re-assume his position as the on-court figurehead-in-chief and we will all be graced with his nightly pre and post-game rituals of droning on in meaningless platitudes and vague proclamations of nothingness.

        This is Lacob’s guy and he’s not going to admit he made a mistake when it comes to his ability to judge character, or anything else for that matter.

        • It would be possible for Lacob & Co. to bunker down over this, but it wouldn’t be productive. They need friendly press and broad public approval for the team and the new stadium. A sideshow like the Jackson situation would get in the way.

          Do you think Mayor Ed Lee wants a photo with Mark Jackson now? How many marketing partners will want Mark Jackson to pitch their products? A team spokesman who’s an embarrassment would literally cost the team millions in lost opportunities.

          In addition, team management is already fighting some bad publicity. Besides the world-famous booing incident, they quietly settled two sexual harassment cases just last month – one of them reportedly over the behavior of Kirk Lacob.

          Picture fans taunting Jackson on the sidelines. It’ll happen, especially on the road. Coming soon to YouTube.

          The team already has Jackson’s (most likely) replacement on staff, for some continuity.

          Lacob doesn’t admit anything if Jackson resigns. He’ll praise Jackson as he’s waving goodbye. No problem. It’s done all the time.

          Despite all that, you could be right. We’ll see.

          • The Ellis shenanigans attracted little attention. Nor was their much play over Lacob’s son’s behavior and the rest.

            With Jackson, either way it’s going to be hard to support Lacob–not standing by his selection or letting him go unceremoniously, Lacob’s third kill in two years.

          • Not a lawyer, but as I understand things, it was not due to a lack of interest that the Ellis and K Lacob suits didn’t get a lot of media play. The Warriors hosed down those flames with cash. As long as the people with knowledge of the incidents stay bought, we’ll never hear anything more about them.

            But Jackson is involved in a criminal case, not civil. By default, criminal trials are public, not private. This case will go away when the federal prosecutor gets what he wants. It’s not a simple business transaction like the earlier suits.

  18. The real question I wanted to ask @39 is whether or not Jackson was actively involved in the draft/trade process, whether he had genuine input that was heard. He could have done that and stayed out of the public limelight.

    Isn’t it SOP for a coach to be involved, even if behind the scenes? He’s the guy that’s going to be on the floor with the players. And if that isn’t the case with Jackson, what does this say about Lacob’s attitude towards coaches in general, and Jackson in particular?

    • You guys apparently haven’t looked very hard for MJ interviews. They’re out there, including this one with NBA TV.


      • Thanks, Steve. I didn’t look hard at all.

        But that clip still doesn’t answer the question, whether or not he’s been actively involved and had real input. Jackson only repeats the party line and largely talks about Barnes’s character, which is important, but only a small part of what matters for the team.

        Jackson treats each game like a morality play, a story of character tested by good vs bad. We never hear much else from him, especially specifically about strategy. I do believe he is a good man, and that he might bring a few intangibles to the team, such as being able to get along with players. But we seldom see his basketball IQ, and I have bad memories of seeing him standing beside the huddle, holding the moral ground, while Malone furiously scratches out plays.

        Great teams have great coaches. Great coaches have intelligence and drive and probably a few shades of madness and compulsion. Perhaps it’s early, but Jackson hasn’t shown any of these. I can’t believe the great coaches would have stood by while plans are being drawn up. They are obsessively involved in every detail, certainly at critical moments.

        The question is whether or not this is what Lacob wants, a figurehead only, who is compliant, or whether he will ever turn the reins over to a greater mind.

        • It’s possible that Mike Malone already knows he’s the Warriors head coach next season.

  19. Vandy Coach Kevin Stallings took to the airwaves to discuss all three Vanderbilt prospects on WPRT-FM in Nashville and offered the highest praise for his former center Festus Ezeli:

    “I think that he’s the guy of the three that- he really could develop into a dominant guy, I think. And I know people could laugh at me based on the senior season that he had. But I think that what happened with Festus and the reason he was able to move into the first round is that he got over being scared to jump on his knee; he sort of mentally got past the injury once our season got over and he performed athletically very well for these people.

    When you see a 7-foot, 265-270 pound guy with that kind of body and that kind of athleticism that he possesses when he’s normal and right, I mean, he could end up being a special player. I think Golden State might have gotten a steal right there with Fes. And I think his offense will develop and I think he’ll turn into a very, very good NBA player.”

  20. Too bad Garnett had to “suffer” through those first 3 years in Minny.

    KG’s annual salaries for NBA career ($291,362,398 thru this past season):

    1995-96 Min $1,622,000
    1996-97 Min $1,666,000
    1997-98 Min $2,109,120
    1998-99 Min $14,000,000
    1999-00 Min $16,806,300
    2000-01 Min $19,610,000
    2001-02 Min $22,400,000
    2002-03 Min $25,200,000
    2003-04 Min $28,000,000
    2004-05 Min $16,000,000
    2005-06 Min $18,000,000
    2006-07 Min $21,000,000
    2007-08 Bos $23,750,000
    2008-09 Bos $24,751,934
    2009-10 Bos $16,400,000
    2010-11 Bos $18,800,000
    2011-12 Bos $21,247,044

    • Gee whiz. No wonder Garnett plays so dang hard all the time. How much does that translate to per game?

  21. Rusty Simmons:

    The Warriors will spend the free-agency period, which begins in about four hours, trying to keep restricted swingman Brandon Rush and looking for an experienced guard and forward.

    Among the Warriors’ top targets are guards (Raymond Felton, Landry Fields, Kirk Hinrich, Jason Kidd and Andre Miller) and forwards (Darrell Arthur, Reggie Evans, J.J. Hickson, Jordan Hill, Kris Humphries, Carl Landry and Shelden Williams). Keep in mind that GM Bob Myers was also Brian Scalabrine’s agent.

    • Great stuff PB!

      Given their cap situation, the dubs did well to stockpile draft picks. If they hadn’t, they could have struggled to reach the required minimum 12 players (13 to start the season) with decent ballers.

      Still some issues:

      According to the spreadsheet, there are 2 roster spots left, with only one MLE to fill them.

      Just one rookie backup for Lee.

      C backups are a Tyler, a raw rookie and a Biedrins, none of whom are NBA-ready.

      No backup 2 guards behind Thompson, though Rush, possibly Barnes and maybe Jenkins could fill in.

      In 3 seasons Stephen Curry has missed over 22% of his Warriors games. If that’s his average this year, Jenkins will start 18 games with the team as currently constructed. But the team now has FOUR small forwards, so look for a SF-for-PG trade. Jefferson would be difficult to trade and Rush won’t be, so expect Barnes or D Wright to go.

  22. I’m guessing the W’s will split the MLE to sign a back-up PF and PG.

    I do agree – Dorell Wright will probably be traded later in the season (as did Monta/Klay), once a decent deal comes up and Harrison Barnes is named the starter.

    I was hoping McGuire was re-signed – defense/rebound specialist – and I thought he could back-up PF in a pinch. Great defender 1-4.

    I’m hoping Bogut’s healthy – backups are Biedrins, Ezeli, Tyler – that’s a lot of money for the C spot!

    Can smallish Draymond Green play backup PF? I hope he sticks with the team. He can shoot from the perimeter and rebound/blocked shots in college.

  23. Steve Kyler: The Warriors plan to match anything Brandon Rush is offered “within reason” — so his free agency is a pricing exercise… Twitter

    The Lakers also discussed the possibility of adding backup big man Louis Amundson. Los Angeles Times

    • Seeking out young, athletic talent, the Dallas Mavericks are showing interest in local product Anthony Randolph, a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed.

      Randolph, who turns 23 on July 15, did not receive a qualifying offer from the Minnesota Timberwolves, making him an unrestricted free agent. The former Woodrow Wilson High School standout in Dallas played sporadically for Minnesota last season after averaging 11.7 points and 5.2 rebounds in 34 games after coming over in a trade from the New York Knicks the previous season.

      The 6-foot-10, 205-pound Randolph was the 14th overall pick in 2008 draft by the Golden State Warriors and will be heading to his fourth team in five years.

      He averaged just 7.4 points and 3.6 rebounds in 34 games last season with the Wolves. He earned $2.9 million.


      Ken Berger: Early indications are that an extension for Stephen Curry with Golden State “will not happen this year,” according to a source. Twitter

    • Hee hee. It would be great if the Lackers added Amundson!

      • Last chance for Anthony Randolph to show if he’s learned anything in 3 years.

        • Randolph is the antithesis of why you shouldn’t draft a raw 19 year old with a hot head in the lottery.

    • Deron Williams
      Joe Johnson/Marshon Brooks/Gerald Green
      Gerald Wallace
      Kris Humpries
      Brook Lopez (Dwight Howard)

      I think the Nets will be huge into the luxury tax, but the owner is rich – and can afford it. It’s not like they’re not going to make a ton of money.

  24. “Death and Luxury Taxes: The Thunder’s complicated future”


    • “C: Golden State Warriors: Harrison Barnes: My feelings on Barnes have been noted. I think he’ll be a bust. The Warriors started out with an F. Then they argued their case. In their favor is they snagged the 30th pick from San Antonio for taking on Richard Jefferson’s contract. Good move. They got Festus Ezeli with that pick. In round two Draymond Green was not only a steal, but a will be a great fit here. They also grabbed Bosnia and Herzegovina center Ojngen Kuzmic which is another steal. They’ll regret the Barnes pick, but recovered enough that I can give them a C.”


      • “NBA Mock Draft Scorecard: No One Knows Anything”


        • Three Winners in the 2012 NBA Draft:

          Golden State Warriors

          Just a few years ago, Harrison Barnes was listed by man as a “can’t miss” prospect and eventual NBA star. Long, rangy and athletic, with a great stroke, pleasant demeanor and impressive intellect, Barnes looked the part of a press-savvy professional who just “got it.”

          In the intervening years at UNC, his game has been picked apart and dissected by many, and rightly so. Barnes simply has not produced to the level of expectations set for him. He does not possess overwhelming quickness and only seems to scratch the surface of his considerable athletic prowess.

          It is important to remember, though, that Barnes is coming out of a program in North Carolina that does not typically feature the strengths of its wing players. In the Roy Williams era with the Tar Heels (as it was during Williams’ long stretch at Kansas), the most active initiators and finishers in the secondary break system are the interchangeable post men, and the rest of the roster is designed to feed off of their constant handling of the ball.

          Because of this, Barnes’ true strengths did not come out as cleanly at UNC as they might in the NBA. While he does not have great top speed quickness, Barnes is very good at changing speeds and using his body to create attack angles. Always a good shooter, the wider three point line and his new backcourt mates in Golden State will ensure he has more opportunities to attack hard closeouts, where reading the defender’s balance and timing is much more important than speed.

          In fact, as my mentor David Thorpe has said on more than one occasion, the player who Barnes reminds him of is the same for me: Paul Pierce. Pierce similarly put together a strong but not overwhelming career at Kansas, and had a number of opportunities taken away by big forwards like Raef LaFrentz and Scot Pollard. Pierce was selected #10 in the draft – with major questions about his quickness and ability to create his own shot.

          I’m sure the Warriors would be very happy if Barnes turned into even a poor man’s Paul Pierce.


  25. “In the last 48 hours, Billy King has committed $129.3 million of Mikhail Prokhorov’s fortune to two contracts. At the rate Forbes reports he’s going, it will take the Russian billionaire till the end of the week to make it up.

    Yes, that’s simplistic and yes, there are the CBA rules, but the Nets –pushed by Prokhorov– have decided that Naismith’s Rules of Basketball, the ones that award points for baskets outweigh the arcane ones NBA lawyers put together back in December. Besides, those who dismiss the importance of wealth and market size weren’t paying attention during the lockout. Money and the willingness to use it count. You may not be able to “buy” a championship the way Prokhorov did (twice) in the Euroleague, but the Russian oligarch made it clear this weekend he’s willing to spend money to make good on his promise of a championship for Brooklyn fans by 2015. Here’s an analysis of what the Nets gained and lost and also, what’s left.”


  26. From Alex Kennedy: NBA PM

    Warriors Are Frontrunner for Hickson: The Golden State Warriors have emerged as the early frontrunner to sign unrestricted free agent J.J. Hickson, according to sources close to the situation.

    Hickson nearly signed with the Warriors last March after being waived by the Sacramento Kings. In fact, Hickson had agreed to terms with Golden State and was preparing for Warriors’ shootaround when the Portland Trail Blazers surprisingly signed Hickson off of waivers just before the 48-hour window closed.

    While Hickson played well during his stint in Portland, the Blazers decided not to extend him a qualifying offer. Last season, the 23-year-old averaged 15.1 points and 8.3 rebounds in 19 games with the Blazers.

    Hickson has received interest from several other teams, including the Charlotte Bobcats, but there’s certainly mutual interest between the Warriors and the power forward. No deal is imminent at this time, but league sources believe he’ll ultimately end up in Golden State.


  27. If the Warriors need a backup pg why not resign Nate Robinson. I thought he played well last year. Id definitely prefer Nate over a gimpy Roy

    • I don’t see the dubs signing either. They need a backup floor general more than another scoring guard. Roy and Robinson both play more like a 2 guard than a PG.

  28. “Adelman, Wolves search for experience to balance young core”

    (Here’s a situation that sucks, IMO, if you’re a fan of Minny. The owner and coach are both “up there in years” and as a result the future in their eyes is now. The problem is their “core” isn’t good enough to contend for a championship even adding older veterans such as Gasol.

    The end result? More wins over the next few seasons but still the same endgame…….an also-ran that probably turns irrelevant again within 5 years.)


  29. “Heat owner says team will likely lose money this year”


  30. Lakers rumors (Steve Nash)


  31. Numero uno in following the NBA for my money is Zach Lowe. Here’s his take on the current situation with the Nets, DHoward and Dallas.


  32. From ESPN chat with Chad Ford (7-2-12):

    Joel (Dallas)

    With the warriors’ plethora of shooters before drafting Harrison Barnes, and their lack of defense, will his addition improve the team that much more offensively or defensively?

    Chad Ford
    (1:19 PM)

    They WILL be able to put three awesome shooters on the floor at once, that should open up the paint for Andrew Bogut. I actually think of the three guards/wings … Barnes has the potential to be the best defender. When he wanted to at UNC, he could be a lock down sort of guy. You can expect Mark Jackson is going to ask him to play that role in Day One.


    And given that the Warriors first round draft pick for 2013 goes to Utah (top 6 protected) I thought Ford’s answer here was interesting:

    Geroy Simon (Johnston, PA)

    As of now, how is the 2013 draft class shaping up?

    Chad Ford
    (1:29 PM)

    Not too good. No one quite on par with Anthony Davis. Nerlens Noel plays a lot like Davis but has an even rawer offensive game. After the top four or five, there’s a pretty big drop off. Some scouts are saying this could be one of the worst drafts in the last decade. Sorry Bobcats fans!

  33. Unconfirmed report from Memphis that Warriors signed OJ Mayo.

    • We are yet to see how well these guys can play in the NBA…. but damn they’re an impressive bunch. Maturity, intelligence and very presentable. It’s sure going to be easy to root for this team next season.

  34. Heisler: Maybe the Lakers and Clippers aren’t Skid Row material after all


  35. “Mavs officially rebuilding”


  36. Another good signing/move by the Clippers…..LOL

    “On the face of it, the Los Angeles Clippers’ four-year, $25 million deal for scoring guard Jamal Crawford, reported by Yahoo!’s Marc Spears Thursday afternoon, is pretty foolish. At 32 years old, Crawford is already at an age at which players with his strengths tend to fade away, losing athleticism and quickness that helps them separate from defenders and elevate for jumpers. Crawford’s performance with the Portland Trail Blazers last season bears out that trend: 38.4 percent shooting from the field, 30.8 percent shooting from 3-point range, and a career-high 24.9 percent usage rate.”


      • And a disappointed Rockets fan blogs away deep in the heart of….

        “Hey Guys,

        I just got the opportunity to talk to Daryl Morey on the phone. I have been a season ticket holder for 14 years and called the Rockets this morning to vent some of my frustration and to let them know I was not happy with the direction. I never expected It to get to Daryl Morey and for him to take the time to call me. He actually spent about 20 mins talking to me and was very open. I REALLY appreciated thata GM would take time out of his busy day to have a conversation with me and it made me respect the guy even more. Here is a brief summary of what he said:

        – the Lowry trade to get a draft pick is protected 1-3 and it was done to perhaps make a trade for a bigger name because lotto picks are very valuable (perhaps Howard I was thinking to myself and he said yes it is a possibility)

        -They were disappointed to see Goran go but they would not give Goran a player option and that’s what he wanted. That was the deal breaker I guess. It was not because Lowry was still on the roster. Dragic was assured of the starting role if he was here.

        -He really loves our young guys that we drafted and sees a lot of upside if we end up keeping them and don’t get a superstar in the near future

        -the thing I liked most was when I told him I missed playoff basketball and just want the rockets to get back to the playoffs. He simply said that he has a job to build a championship team, not just a playoff team. It was good to hear that from him.

        – He said they are not done making moves!!!!

        Anyways, that’s all I can remember for now but he thanked me for the support and said he only has a job because of fans who support the team. I have to admit I was very frustrated earlier today but his call gave me some hope and more appreciation for the guy and what he is trying to accomplish!! Sorry I have no proof of my conversation ..just my word I guess….”

        I wonder if “GM Joe” is getting any calls from disgruntled fans these days?

  37. Mark Purdy: Golden State Warriors misfire by ignoring Jason Kidd, Steve Nash all these years


  38. From CBS Sports Fantasy Writer Chris Towers:

    “It is tempting to look at the spry young athletes that we just watched dominate the college game for (at least) the last year and project instant stardom. Fans of every team picking in the lottery are convinced the 19-year-old kid they just grabbed from a Final Four tourney team is their savior. Those in the latter half are sure their team outsmarted everyone else to pick the next Tony Parker or Tayshaun Prince — that hidden gem everyone overlooked.

    Fantasy owners can easily fall for the same traps, though we tend to think of ourselves as less emotional and more rational than the fan rooting on his hometown team. And for the most part, that holds true. Last season, only six rookies were among the first 150 players taken on average in CBSSports.com leagues, and one had been selected two years earlier and spent his entire adult life playing professionally in Europe.

    Still, this year’s draft class is expected to be one of the deepest in years, so I’d expect to see more of those unproven names come off the board earlier. We can’t help it. We fall in love with potential. Why draft an aging, but dependable Mo Williams when you can go with the home-run swing?

    Since we know they’re going to be coveted on Draft Day, let’s take a look at those rookies who were put in the best and worst positions to succeed immediately, as well as some of the veterans whose futures might have changed as the draft chips fell.”


    • Ray Allen Chooses the Miami HEAT

      By Alex Kennedy
      NBA Writer

      Ray Allen has agreed to sign with the Miami HEAT for the mini mid-level exception worth $3.09 million per season, according to team owner Micky Arison, who tweeted the news on Friday evening. Allen, who spent the last five seasons with the Boston Celtics, met with HEAT brass on Thursday and made his final decision this afternoon.

      Allen considered a return to the Celtics, but ultimately decided to join the HEAT because he felt it gave him the best chance to compete for a championship. Boston was offering significantly more money than Miami – $6 million per year versus $3.09 million – as well as a no-trade clause, but that didn’t stop the future Hall of Famer from taking his talents to South Beach.

      LeBron James and Dwyane Wade had been aggressively recruiting Allen in recent days. James wasn’t subtle in his recruitment, tweeting a picture of Allen in a HEAT jersey alongside the caption, “This looks damn good to me.” Wade also offered support over social media, tweeting that Thursday was a big day for the HEAT since team officials would be meeting with Allen.

      The 36-year-old is a 10-time All-Star, who won a championship with the Celtics in 2008. Allen, who averaged 14.2 points and 3.1 rebounds last season with the Celtics, can officially sign with Miami on July 11, when the league’s moratorium is lifted.

  39. Accurate piece on the state of our SFs and Cs – as I see it, anyways!


    • A fair summary of the dubs current situation, but what can you do? After Larry Riley was replaced by Myers, he said he felt that his biggest accomplishment as GM was cleaning up the contractual messes left by the previous management. Remember Brandon Wright, Cory Maggette, Marcus Williams, Acie Law and Charlie Bell? Riley replaced most of them with better players.

      In hindsight, the only obvious mistake Riley made was in amnestying Bell instead of Biedrins, and as “the Warriors only real center” at the time, there was at least some rationale for keeping Biedrins. Overall, I thought Riley did a decent job as GM, given what he started with.

      But right now, trying to stay under the cap with Biedrins’ and Jefferson’s contracts on the books leaves the Warriors with a serious lack of depth next season. The guards are especially short-handed. Rush can back up Thompson but his ball handling is weak. Jenkins is solid enough to avoid causing many losses, but he probably won’t create many wins either. He’s a career backup playing behind a starter with serious, chronic injury problems. There are no other backup guards on the roster.

      In 7 seasons, Bogut has played a full schedule just once, in his rookie year. He’s backed up by Tyler (clueless), Ezeli (athletic but inept), and Biedrins (useless). Lee’s backups next season will be Tyler (according to the latest word from the Warriors brain trust) and Green (an undersized rookie).

      In other words, except for SF, the Warriors have below-average backups at all positions. That dropoff in performance from 1st team to 2nd team means, once again, too many minutes for 4 of the starting 5. That has always been a major factor in the Warriors’ traditional lousy road record, and, again as usual for the Warriors, it puts the starting team at a higher-than-normal risk of injury.

      When fans talk about the Warriors’ prospects for next season, they always cross their fingers about the health of the starting 5. But running 4/5 of the starting team near league-record minutes almost guarantees problems. The answer for Warriors management is obvious: spend the money. As ever, the question is: will they?

      They’re saying no.

      That doesn’t guarantee a losing record next season, but, well, what’s different from the Cohan years? The dubs’ starting 5 have always been competitive, even in the darkest days of the Cohan era.

      Winning teams carry more than 5 starting-quality players. And then there’s the Warriors.

      • I’m sure not amnestying Biedrins was Lacob’s idea, but you’ve said it all WH. If all goes well, the best we can expect next year is a mediocre season. A few bad breaks, and this team goes south in a hurry.

        And the pressure will be on next season to produce results in terms of wins after the last two dismal seasons, this with an inexperienced coach. A train wreck is not unthinkable.

        Just as concerning, the team will not have the bucks to make needed moves the next years, what with some $20m tied up in Jefferson and Biedrins. Lacob has been cautious and wasteful at the same time.

        Then there’s the team plan, narrow and inflexible, about which I’m sure FB will weigh in at some point.

        • rgg,

          It’s not all doom and gloom. The team lost an all star last season, but finally has some large bodies. Mark Jackson might do the right thing and resign before becoming a sideline laughingstock. And the consensus seems to be that his assistant is ready for the big chair.

          In addition, the team still has a chance to round out the roster somewhat before the start of next season. While moving Biedrins’ or Jefferson’s contract doesn’t seem likely, D Wright does have value and the team shouldn’t be hurt badly by trading him to fill holes elsewhere in the roster.

          The FO just needs to play their card right. That seems like a possibility. Unlike the Cohan years.

  40. Taking the idea that fans of the Heat blow to another level >>>>


  41. “The future isn’t now, and Dallas needs to realize that to achieve long-term success”

    EDDIE SEFKO The Dallas Morning News Staff Writer
    Published: 08 July 2012 11:17 PM

    “For the Mavericks, it’s too late now.

    The run of championship-level play is over.

    What we know now is that they are headed for a rough season, compared to their past 14. The playoffs are not a given.

    And, if we have been listening in recent years, we know that the first lottery appearance in Mark Cuban’s ownership is likely upon us.

    Remember, he’s the owner who said many times (and correctly) that the middle of the road is nowhere. You either want to be really good or really bad.”


    • Ken Berger: Brandon Rush could be an option for Portland or Minnesota, whichever team loses out on Nicolas Batum, source said. Twitter

  42. OT: Music Time Out

  43. What a wonderful off season. Real fans can’t be more pleased. First, the entire front office functioned as as designed:

    West – endorsed all decisions made by Mr. Lacob, praised Mr. Lacob’s BB IQ
    Myers – Ready to take blame for decisions and also remembered to praise Mr. Lacob’s BB decisions.
    Riley – Ready to take blame for wrong picks, and also praised Mr. Lacob and Myers.

    Secondly, Mr. Lacob resisted temptation of free agents wanting to join the team just to be close to the smartest man in NBA, the one and only that bought a team without using a penny of own money. From Howard to Lin, all big name free agents picked GSW as the #1 destination. Mr. Lacob wisely refused them all. Why over spend when you have one of the best roaster in the league?

    At this point, playoff is a given, anything less than rings will be consider a bust.

    Lacob rocks.

    • Head coach – won’t be distracted with marketing opportunities.

      Starting 5 – LOTs of playing time to improve per-game averages.

      Team – Shorter-than-average season to provide excellent career-lengthening rest and recovery period. (It’s unfortunate that the team won’t be tanking this year, though. The 2011-12 season was a high-water mark for player R&R).

      Team trainers and medical staff – extra activity this year, no boredom.

      Fans – Highly consistent team results to deliver familiar and comfortable product. We love our underdogs, so that’s what we’ll get. “If it ain’t broke…”

    • I don’t think the Ws are really interested in Jamison. They already have 3-4 SFs (depending on whether you count Rush), but zero good veteran backups at any other position. They have a tight budget and far higher priorities than another bench SF.

      If the team could trade Jefferson for Jamison, that would be great. But Jamison is a free agent. The Ws could only acquire him via trade if Cleveland were willing to do a sign-and-trade. Why would they take on Jefferson? They’d be better off freeing up the salary and using it on younger and more productive players. In fact, that’s their plan, it’s why they’re letting Jamison walk.

      So if the Ws have higher priorities AND can’t swing a workable deal for Jamison anyway, why is there even a discussion about this?

      Is it because they don’t have anything else going on?

      It smells just like last year when the team did nothing but announce they were “interested in” Dwight Howard. That’s progress, I guess. At least this time around they’re not saying something embarrassingly ludicrous.

      But I wish they had some real possibilities to talk about. If this team really had its act together, they’d already have their core 2nd team signed, and be working on the 3rd team. Not blowing smoke about a player they don’t need.

      On the other hand, heaven help us if I’m wrong and the team really is interested in Jamison.

      • My speculation is that Myers is helping create a market for his former client. Jamison cannot actually be on the W’s radar, can he? LOL!

        The W’s have little available cap space and will be close to the luxury tax – and are merely waiting for the Brandon Rush offer – so they can take the next step in matching or passing – then fill out the remaining needs with the funds available.

        And Brandon Rush’s offer – is awaiting other tiers of players to make decisions… Then his turn will come.

        I’m worried about Landry Fields offer – Brandon’s arguably a much better player (but I’m a homer).

        W’s are spectators for now.

        Brandon Rush, Back-up PG, Back-up PF.

        • Agreed. Warriors putting out false rumors to make it look like they are doing something. Let’s make a list of all rumored acquisitions.


          Are the Dubs the least active team in the off season?

  44. Good news for GSW in their FA search:

    Ken Berger: Players expecting full mid-level deals are now getting 1- and 2-year offers, agents say. “The money is drying up,” said one. Twitter

  45. No more Dorell Wright to kick around anymore… No mention on the pick(s) to receive in return.


  46. Here’s hoping the best for Dorell Wright. Wow, I really liked him. I wonder if it’s another example of Lacob being penny wise and pound foolish.

    Anybody care to speculate what the Warriors might have done during this summer had they amnestied Biedrins and not traded for Bogut? That would have given them some $20m to work with, Biedrins + Jefferson’s salaries (which they’re stuck with next season as well), along with the 7th. pick and Ellis and Udoh to trade as well, if they still wanted to go that route. Or they still could have kept one or both of them and still had a lot of money to work with.

    • I guess D Wright had too much athleticism for next year’s roster :-),

      All this Nets out to Bogut and Jefferson for Ellis, Udoh, and now Wright. Even trade?

      If they just hadn’t included Jackson and then been forced to trade for Jefferson. I suspect the masters at San Antonio, and Milwaukee had a chuckle this afternoon.

      Any hope for Nate Robinson staying with the Warriors?

      Let’s hope Minnie or Portland don’t swipe Brandon Rush now, for it looks like Lacob robbed Wright’s salary to pay for Rush. They must have been surprised with all the high salaries going out to the likes of Lin (7 mil-4yrs), Roy(5mil-2yrs), Allen, Nash,Kidd, Terry, etc. They looked up and realized $4 mil /year for Rush isnt’t going to get it done!

      Clowns in Oakland playing checkers.

    • According to the CBA, teams must trade for players of equivalent salary. But the Ws found a way to evade that requirement by “trading” for a non-NBA player. Wow! Pretty shifty! Let’s see if the league approves it. It also remains to be seen if the team can turn the new cap space into someone who produces at least as well as Wright.

      Re your “what if,” rgg, the Ws could have been a very different (and better) team today if they had amnestied Biedrins. For one thing, they could have made Tyson Chandler an offer he couldn’t refuse, far more than his NY salary. They wouldn’t have needed Kwame, though they would still have had cap space to hire him as a backup. Bell would have stuck around through this past season, but he’d be gone now. They could have hung onto Monta, Udoh and Wright. And they’d have cap space right now instead of a 2-year commitment to Jefferson.

  47. Edin Bavcic, our latest:


    The Oakland Big and Tall store should be happy with all the moves this year. . . .

  48. Posted by Tim Kawakami on July 10th, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    Quickly, the Warriors have agreed to trade starting small forward Dorell Wright to Philadelphia essentially as a salary dump, and it’s a key one as the official signing period begins in a matter of hours.

    For paperwork’s sake, the Warriors are getting back an overseas player who is extremely unlikely to ever play in the NBA. (The Warriors will not confirm this deal or comment on it until it can be official, which is late tonight.)

    The crux of this for the GSWs is that they off-load Wright’s $4.1M salary–he was in the way of No. 1 pick Harrison Barnes, anyway–and that brings them about $8M under the luxury-tax line.

    Dealing Wright is no surprise–Mark Jackson and his staff wanted an upgrade at that position, the Warriors drafted Barnes, and the front office agreed that Wright no longer fit the cap.

    Anything they got, as long as they moved Wright’s money, was worth it.

    The Warriors have had their mid-level and bi-annual exceptions all along in free agency, but now they can use them this summer without worrying about coming up to or possibly over the luxury-tax line of about $70M, which GM Bob Myers confirmed the Warriors will not do this year at least.

    That’s key as they try to figure out what it’ll take to re-sign their own restricted free agent, Brandon Rush (probably about $5M per), possibly unrestricted F/A Dominic McGuire, and whatever other F/As they might try to land.

    The Warriors also get a trade exception for Wright’s $4.1M salary, but they’re unlikely to use that this year–again, the two exceptions (plus possible veteran-minimum salaries) will probably take them close to the $70M mark, anyway.

    And they’re not going over.

    Otherwise, Myers’ mantra was “aggressive but prudent,” and you can see how that’s working so far–as other deals have come down, many of them at very inflated prices, the Warriors have stayed out.

    It might frustrate their fans and put some pressure on them to produce SOMETHING in the next few days, but, as Myers said, “we are not doing a bad deal.”

    There probably will be bargain options out there as the market plays out… we’ll see how the Warriors play that, and when they play it, and how that works with Rush.

    —–BOB MYERS conference-call transcript/

    -Opening: Dr. Ferkel, the surgeon that did the Bogut and Curry operations and the news is that he’s on schedule, everything’s going as it should (for Bogut) and he’ll be ready to go by training camp. so that was positive news you can report.

    He’ll be in LA this week just doing the normal rehab and then going back to australia to continue it and come back in early september.

    On the trade, per team policy, we don’t comment on trade speculation.

    -Q: Just talking generally about how your salary situation shapes up, can you say if you’re now likely to spend up to the luxury-tax line? How much flexibility do you have?

    -MYERS: This doesn’t give us cap space… We have the mid-level at our disposal as well as the bi-annual. Our plan is to be aggressive. I think the mandate from ownership has always been to be aggressive.

    At the same time, you have to balance that with being prudent… you have to be cautious in how you spend. But we’re willing to spend. We’re certainly willing to spend if we feel like it’s a difference-maker. That’s the approach…

    I’d even to go as far as saying if we felt like a player was a diffence-maker and really moved the needle for us, we would spend and we’d even possibly look at spending to the tax.

    But we’re not going to do that unless we feel the player we’re targeting really helps us in a meaningful way…

    We’re not afraid to make moves. I think we showed that at the deadline with the Bogut deal. But at the same time, we’re keeping in mind that we’re being smart about it.

    -Q: Can you clarify what you said: Are you saying you could go over tax line this year?

    -MYERS: This year with this deal, I don’t think there’s a scenario we go into the tax this year. i’m talking about future years, if we were to do multi-year deals, as you look forward…

    -Q: Is there anything else imminent?

    -MYERS: No, I don’t have anything. I can say we’ve been working diligently on a variety of scenarios, but noting is imminent. But that can change in half an hour.

    -Q: Do you have to know what’s going on with your restricted free-agent Brandon Rush before you can do something else?

    -MYERS: We can make signings independent of Brandon. But we’re keeping one eye on Brandon at all times….

    -Q: Is everything you might do sort of hinging on Rush’s outcome?

    -MYERS: We’re going to move forward and be aggressive in free-agency and at the same time we’re going to budget what we feel is appropriate for Brandon.
    But I do feel we have the flexibility to be aggressive in free-agency with our mild-level and bi-annual exceptions and keep Brandon Rush, too.

    -Q: You’ve mentioned getting close on some early deals. How close were you? And was there frustration not to land anybody?

    -MYERS: I think on a couple deals, we were close and we worked hard on them. I don’t want to say the names of who they were. but we were aggressive in pursuing a couple players we thought could help us and were very close to acquiring them.

    We’re going to sign a player. But it’s gotta be right for us, it’s gotta be the right player, gotta help us at positons we need help at.

    I can promise you this, the results aren’t there, but the days have been very long. If you measured the work load you’d see that we’re working tirelessly to accomplish something…

    90% of the time you spend on these different deals and most of the time they don’t happen for a variety of reasons.

    -Q: Are you focusing on the fact that you could have a lot of caproom in 2014? Does that make it more likely you’ll stick with 1- or 2-year deals to stay away from spending into 2014?

    -MYERS: I think that’s fair to say. I think if we were to be in the free-agent game, that’s the year to be in it, that’s when most of our contracts come off the books.

    It’s not this year, it’s not ’13, but in ’14 we are posed to be free-agent players.

    I’ve acknowledged that we’d prfer to do lesser-term deals. because it doesn’t make sense to have $3M in space; if you really want to be in free-agency, you want to be $13M to $15M under…

    -Q: So the deals you’re seeing finished probably aren’t good terms for you now?

    -MYERS: The players yo’uve seen (agree to terms) exceeded the mid-level. We don’t have the space to do that.

    (But) if we saw a player that was worth going in to ’14 and would really help us in short and long term we would not hestiatae to do the deal.

    -Q: What’s the status of your own free-agents–Rush and McGuire?

    -MYERS: Can’t answer that, it’s fluid, things are on-going… We’ve certainly been in communication with both the agents for thsoe guys… but in a lot of ways you’re looking at five six things at once.

    -Q: You see some of the deals being agreed to and are you thinking, yeah, it’s OK to wait maybe the prices to come down?

    -MYERS: I would echo what you just stated. By us being in it doesn’t mean just swinging at every deal we can.

    We’re very focused on players who line up for what we need and for this team and line up financial terms that are acceptable to us.

    We’re in it but prudently in it. We’re not trying to do a deal just to do a deal– don’t think that makes sense for any team in any sport.

    We’d like to do something. but on our terms, that work for us.

    It’s not going to be just because we feel pressure. We’ll do something that we think helps us win and we’ll be aggressive in pursuing those types of things.

    Most starters in the league at at congtracts exceeding the mid-level if they’re not on a rookie deal. We feel like we have agreat starting group and we’re trying to bolster that.

    I think the word to focus on, we’re going to be aggressive but we’re going to be prudent in what we’re pursuing.

    We are not going to do a bad deal. We’d love to do a deal, but we are not doing any bad deals.

    -Q: Are you specifically looking at back-up point guards and power forwards?

    -MYERS: I would say that we’re looking for help in the back court and help in the front court. We need depth in both those areas.

    At small forward we probably have the most… In the back court we could use a guard, a combo guard; in the front court i think a power forwarad would be good to target.

    -Q: Are you just in free-agent talks, or restricted free-agent talks, or are you in trade talks as well–those multi-team discussions, maybe?

    -MYERS: All of the above. we’ve been in all three of those scenarios and we’ll continue to be, I imagine because we’re active. We’re open to a lot of different concepts.

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    • The Warriors are working hard and almost made some deals! Wow!

      Note that if the team signs someone with Wright’s 4.1M cap space, the cost to the team will be 2x his salary. Because they got zip for Wright.

  49. Biedrins faces tax evasion charges (Put the dude in prison….NOW…..and keep him there for at least the next 2 years! :) )


    • Anyone who has seen Biedrins play for the last few years realizes he should have been charged with grand larceny when ever he cashed his paychecks.

  50. Lacob is not into signing free agents, why waste money on them when you can develop your rookies?

  51. Myers, above:

    “It’s not this year, it’s not ’13, but in ’14 we are posed to be free-agent players.”

    And who has put us in this position and why? (We know the answer.) This does not sound promising at all.

    Any chance the Wright move might help net someone worthwhile? But that doesn’t look likely.

    Note that by letting Wright go, expectations increase for Rush as well as Barnes. I like Rush, but did we see his best year last year, as we might have with Wright? Would keeping both have eased the pressure, allowing them to develop, and give more options off the bench for the second unit? Note Rush liked playing backup. Letting go of Wright gave up one more intriguing player with potential, who might have fit into more creative and flexible game plans, if there were anyone in the organization who had the mind to create them.

    I am not happy.

  52. Yep, too bad the Warriors didn’t offer Tyson Chandler the moon (and a few other planets) to make sure he signed here instead of NYC. Just think, they might have been able to dublicate that “powerhouse” the Knicks have built with Chandler?


    “From here on out, for the next two years, this group — Chandler, Stoudemire, Anthony, Camby, Novak, Kidd, Smith, likely Lin and perhaps Jeffries — is what the Knicks will put out on the court every night. I don’t know about you, but barring Lin and Kidd miraculously healing the well-known ‘Melo/STAT offensive fissures or Shumpert turning into an elite two-way two-guard, I don’t see too great a chance that this collection has enough to compete with the likes of the defending champion Miami Heat. And, depending on how things shake out with the Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics and post-Derrick Rose injury Chicago Bulls, might not have enough to be any better than the fifth or sixth best team in the East.

    All of which means that, in two years time, we may very well be talking about the Knicks spending nine figures in salary to be a middle-of-the-pack team and just biding their time until 2015-16, when the books are almost entirely clear and the team can take another shot. Again. Still. After all that.

    Oh, well. If you’re going to be throwing good money after bleh, at least it’s James Dolan’s money.


  53. Rusty Simmons:

    The Warriors on Tuesday agreed to trade starting small forward Dorell Wright to Philadelphia for the right to Edin Bavcic and financial flexibility, league sources confirmed. The deal, which can’t become official until the NBA moratorium ends at 9 p.m., was originally reported by CSN Philly.

    “Per team policy, we don’t comment on trade speculation,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers said.

    The trade is expected to go through without any hiccups, but it is contingent on a few things, like Philadelphia using the amnesty clause on Elton Brand. The Warriors don’t have any plans to bring Edin Bavcic to the United States, but the transaction rids the Warriors of a glut of duplicate small forwards and gives them a $4.1 million trade exception and the ability to use both the mid-level and bi-annual exceptions in free agency without butting up against the luxury tax.

    Wright was expected to have more value, but the new collective bargaining agreement has some teams being extra cautious about taking on salaries. Some demanded the Warriors include a future draft pick as compensation for taking on Wright’s contract.

    • Marcus Thompson:

      Since GSWs now have full midl-evel, they are seriously in play for J.J. Hickson and several of the notable guards. On the list is Jerryd Bayless, Ramon Sessions, Lou Williams, O.J. Mayo and Courtney Lee. The combo guards who can play some PG make the most sense.

      • Lou Williams(Atlanta) and Bayless(Memphis) have signed already.

        That leaves Mayo (several teams) and Courtney Lee (eight other teams). My bet is they get neither of those guys. They will likely go to better teams.

        Sessions? I would prefer Nate for the same money.

  54. From ESPN’s “5-on-5″:

    Who’s the best under-the-radar free agent on the market?

    Zach Harper: I’ll say Carl Landry. Landry can be a fantastic weapon as a sixth man. He can score, brings good energy and throws his body around. A lot of contenders could do worse than having Landry as their first big off the bench, and I’m curious to see who scoops him up. I think he still has a lot more to offer than what he showed in Sacramento and New Orleans.”


    After five years in the NBA, Landry is an unrestricted free agent. He was paid $8.75 million by New Orleans last season, averaging 12.5 points and 5.2 rebounds. His career scoring average is 12.1.

    “There’s nothing really serious going on as of now,” Landry said of his playing status. “Anything could happen. There’s nothing going on to where I am ready to make a jump, but I think I have become a real valuable player in the league.

    “I definitely would go back to New Orleans, but my No. 1 concern is stability. I want to sign a long-term contract and play for a team that will win. I don’t want to be out there playing every night where I know there’s not a chance to win or make the playoffs. To be with a team that is playing for a lottery pick is not something I’m looking for.”

  55. @128

    You make a fair point, Steve. In his interviews, Myers emphasizes being fiscally smart, which translates to not overpaying for talent. No more David Lee contracts, for example. It leaves the team with more flexibility for future moves if necessary. Chandler’s injury history argues against a huge long-term (immovable) contract, too.

    On the other hand, I don’t see the Ws tanking in 2011-12 if they had amnestied Biedrins and replaced him with a good center at the start of the season. What would that have been worth, to the team as a business? No booing, better sales, more co-marketing money, stronger support for their new stadium? All of the above.

    Lacob’s second lost season was expensive. It cost the team far more than a couple of million extra in a player contract. And now they’re stuck with three immovable contracts (Lee, Biedrins, Jefferson), instead of two – and in all likelihood, a weaker team. All because they made the “fiscally responsible” decision at the beginning of last season.

  56. timkawakami:

    Sounds like 2nd-round pick Draymond Green is an early standout in the Warriors’ Las Vegas practices. I hear the coaching staff loves him.

  57. Video: Steph Curry “workout”


  58. Rusty Simmons:

    The Warriors got good news on both fronts Tuesday, when general manager Bob Myers met Bogut in Los Angeles for his follow-up meeting with Dr. Richard Ferkel.

    The doctor said Bogut is healing on schedule and is expected to be 100 percent for the opening of training camp. Myers said Bogut will rehab in Los Angeles this week, continue his recovery in Australia and be back in the Bay Area in September.

    Curry took it a step further. He wanted to be in Las Vegas this week to test his ankle in the Warriors’ summer-league practices, but he’s in Charlotte in anticipation of the birth of his first child.

    • This makes too much sense. I’m afraid if Lacob signs his first ever veteran backup point guard, it will be someone horrible like Sessions.

  59. @128, 132

    I don’t follow Steve’s reasoning. Just because the Knicks front office is run by dysfunctional idiots who don’t know how to build a team doesn’t mean either that 1) the Warriors front office has to be the same; or 2) Chandler wasn’t worth his money.

    Bottom line, despite his egregious promises to “win now” and “spend money to win” Joe Lacob has shown no inclination to do either. Just the opposite, in fact. It will be a cold day in hell when he exceeds the cap or loses money in order to win like his enthusiastic competitors in LA, Dallas, NJ and Miami. Lacob is running the Warriors like a business, period. It baffles me that the media and fans haven’t awakened to that fact.