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The Truth about Andrew Bogut

“Training over. Good news on ankle: swelling is getting close to being all gone. Bad News: The less swelling the more achy.” — @AndrewMBogut

When I saw this tweet of Andrew Bogut’s last night, I knew that it was finally time to write this post. I’ve been contemplating writing it for some months. Ever since, in fact, Bogut gave that little interview near the end of last season to that Warriors shill, the interview that was supposed to be about how he’d just gotten out of his walking boot, and all was progressing well. But the interview didn’t go down that way. Before it ended, the naturally loquacious Bogut let slip that the temperature in his ankle was 10 degrees higher than normal. When I heard that, my eyebrows shot up. 10 degrees? Like, 108? I really wanted to hear more about this, but the shill quickly got the discussion back on course. This was, after all, not an actual interview. It was advertising, for the people that paid the shill’s wages, and meant to generate excitement and sell season tickets, not explore the truth.

Didn’t matter. Within a week, we all found out the truth about that 108 degree ankle: Bogut was scheduled for another surgery.               Continue reading

Notes on the Summer League

OK, I watched most of the last two summer league games. And that will suffice for me. I have a limited appetite for wretched basketball, which is why I don’t watch college freshmen contend for NCAA titles. And my curiosity concerning the Warriors draftees has been sated.

Here are my notes on the players likely to make the Warriors roster: Continue reading

Bye Bye Dorell

This wasn’t a trade, it was a pure salary dump. From what I’ve read, that euro meatball the Warriors traded Dorell Wright for is unlikely to ever set foot on NBA hardwood.

I see several reasons for the move:                   Continue reading