Bye Bye Dorell

This wasn’t a trade, it was a pure salary dump. From what I’ve read, that euro meatball the Warriors traded Dorell Wright for is unlikely to ever set foot on NBA hardwood.

I see several reasons for the move:                  

1) Given that the Warriors appear to have no inclination to trade Barnes, and that Dorell Wright doesn’t fit the Lacob/Jackson walk it up, pound the low post system, this was a move that probably had to be made for cap reasons. Particularly if Brandon Rush is offered something close to the MLE. If the Warriors don’t retain Rush — their only 2-way wing defender — they will be straight-up horrible.

And if they actually intend to win, they badly need a veteran backup point guard as well. Calling CJ Watson….

2) This move also follows Joe Lacob’s well-established pattern of replacing veteran bench players with draft picks, cheap rookies, and even cheaper unplayable castoffs. It is his preferred strategy for remaining under the cap.

And remaining under the cap is Joe Lacob’s prime directive, as his first three seasons have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

3) imo, Dorell Wright is a better player than Barnes — far more unselfish, much better passer, much better handle, better rebounder, better shotblocker, better teammate. Barnes will likely be better at taking it to the hole (if he doesn’t get stripped). He might also prove a better individual defender, but I’ll have to see that to believe it.

And DWright will never, ever be heard to utter a word about his “brand.” Or, more importantly, spend a minute thinking about his brand.

If I’m right about this, it would be bad for Warriors chemistry to have the better player sitting on the bench, while the rookie builds his brand. Just as it was bad for the Warriors chemistry last season to have DWright sitting on the bench in the fourth quarter while Joe Lacob built Klay Thompson’s brand (and tanked the season).

DWright was moved so that Barnes can play without repercussions.

4) DWright simply didn’t fit the Lacob/Jackson system. He’s designed for the open court — tremendous speed, vision, handle, great open court finisher. And a great finisher of early offense threes. An up and down player.

But just because Jackson had no idea what to do with him doesn’t mean he’s not a good player. Along with Marcus Thompson, I believe Wright will be a great fit in Philly playing for Doug Collins’ Nellieball Sixers (Brand was amnestied).

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  1. I just re-tweeted this Eric Spoelstra quote obtained by David Aldridge, regarding the Heat’s acquisition of Ray Allen:

    “We want to get to a point where we’re positionless, and we have basketball players out there. Ray fits that.”

    That, my friends, is the very quintessence of Nellieball. Distilled into a crystalline drop of 100% purity.

    I wish I had thought to phrase it that way myself.

  2. I don’t buy the notion that Lacob is trying to run a business (not quite what you said) simply because there are so many moves he could have made that would have built at least an equally competitive team AND left it with money and options to work with now and in the near future. By Myers’s admission, cap space will be tight for the next two season.

    Rather, Lacob is invested in putting his stamp on the team according to his own narrow conception of the game, and here he has made many expensive compromises and mistakes. Not amnestying Biedrins makes no business sense at all. It’s unlikely they’ll get any playing or trade value from him. Bavcic would have provided more productive minutes–at least he can dribble and shoot.

    I’ve been trying to come up with a literary comparison for Lacob, and today it is Commodus, from the movie Gladiator. In this scene we see the last minutes Lacob spent with Nelson:

    • The clip doesn’t show it — this is the scene where Commodus kills his father.

      • And for the uninitiated, Commodus goes on to become emperor, and one of his great diversions is staging games in the Roman Colosseum.

    • I agree. Lacob is attempting to remold the Warriors into his slow-the-pace, conventional center and power forward, defense and rebounding worldview.

      While running the team as a business.

  3. OK, the Warriors have just signed their first veteran point guard of the Joe Lacob era. I see signing Jarret Jack as an exceptionally good move for this front office. Jack is a pretty good starting point guard, not just a pretty good backup. In case something happens to Curry now, the Warriors won’t have to automatically fold their tent. (That’s not the case with Bogut, obviously — given Lacob’s clear preference never to play Lee at center, never play small, and never run, any injury to Bogut will spell doom to the Warriors’ season.)

    Jack is also a scoring point guard, who should be able to competently run everything Curry runs. He can light it up when asked to. Good from three (35%), and also quite good in the midrange (45% overall), with a quality floater. Great free throw shooter (87%), which has been greatly (and wrongly) undervalued by Lacob to date. Jack’s assist/to ratio is very good (2.6), and he played in a walk-it-up system featuring the Kamanosaurus last season, so he should fit in just fine on the newly elephantine Warriors.

    Grade: A

    • Warriors moving the meatball they got from Sixers to the Hornets in exchange for Jack. Jack set to earn $5.6m this season. Isn’t that close to the MLE? What will this do to Ws ability to re-sign Rush?

      Also of note: Jack is an expiring contract.

      • Welcome back, Feltie.

        Agree, good move by the Ws, especially if it was already decided that Wright’s minutes were going to drop further next season. In that case they’d get a lot more PT from Jack than Wright. Wright is a good glue guy, and the team will miss him. but you’re right, Jackson didn’t seem to know how to use him well.

        “What will this do to Ws ability to re-sign Rush?” The obvious answer is that it mostly depends on other offers Rush gets, and whether or not he wants a change of scenery. But the luxury tax cap isn’t set in stone, and Rush might be worth a little extra in penalties if the Ws need to go over the LT to keep him. They don’t really need to let him get away unless he wants to leave.

        The bigger Q might be whether they can sign a veteran backup for Lee. There’s been talk of using Tyler at PF, but he hasn’t really learned his first position. Moving him to another role now could be problematic. Green looks like a good guy and a good fit, but he’s an undersized rookie. Depending on how committed the team is to staying under the cap, the Ws might feel they have to stand pat with those two.

        • I’d hate to think the Warriors lost both Wright and Rush to get Jack. I guess we’ll find out soon.

  4. Jarrett Jack:

    “I’m happy to be part of that situation,” Jack, 28, said in a phone interview. “They traded for Andrew (Bogut). They drafted Harrison Barnes. Klay Thompson was the second-best rookie last year. It definitely looks like they’re serious about winning. I think we can make some noise.”

    “I didn’t know I was a combo guard until I came into this league,” Jack said. “I just play hard. People know my M.O. As long as I’m on the court, I’m cool. I’m going to do whatever it takes.”

    Thumbs up for JJ. Fortunately, the new 82 game season doesn’t start in mid-July, contrary to what some pundits would have you believe with their analysis of the 2012 Warriors.

    More moves to come but as of mid-summer GM Joe seems to be doing OK……..except, of course, for those “pure salary dump” trades.

  5. From ESPN Insider:

    UPDATE: The addition of Jarrett Jack today puts the Warriors back up against the cap, which means several things.

    For one, the team no longer has to worry about adding a backup point guard. Secondly, it almost certainly doesn’t have the cap space to sign J.J. Hickson, Antawn Jamison or Jordan Hill as a backup to David Lee.

    As far as remaining free agents go, this move likely makes it harder for the Warriors to be able to match offers for RFA Brandon Rush, and any other remaining options like Nate Robinson or Dominic McGuire will probably have to agree to the veteran league minimum to remain with the Warriors.”

    Regardless, I like this move. Back up point was the teams greatest need. The Warriors have shown a lot of creativity rebuilding this roster, they’ll figure out a back up 4.

  6. Rusty Simmons:

    Warriors point guard Stephen Curry just called to check in on the rookies’ progress in Las Vegas.

    “I wanted to be in Vegas to be around the team, to be around the rookies and to be a presence out there. I wanted to keep building camaraderie and be there to encourage them.”

    Instead, Curry is in Charlotte in “the final hours” of expecting the first child for he and his wife, Ayesha.

    • Marcus Thompson:

      Warriors lose out on J.J. Hickson sweepstakes. Now, the Warriors will focus on a possible sign-and-trade to get Antawn Jamison. Warriors, once again, finish runner up for a guy they want. Hickson chose Portland for slightly more$$ plus more possible playing time. And it would take mid-level money to get Jordan Hill, so he’s out. That leaves Carl Landry as next-best option if no Jamison.

      • Rusty Simmons:

        Warriors center Andrew Bogut is rehabbing this week in Los Angeles, but he’s keeping a close eye on his team’s transactions.

        “I think we’ve been active, but we haven’t been overly active to the point that we’re throwing money around stupidly,” Bogut said. “(General manager) Bob Myers has made some great moves to fill needs without succumbing to overspending, which is very dangerous in the climate of the new CBA.”

  7. From Jarrett Jack conference call with Bob Myers

  8. Give me a G….give me an S….give me a W….Goooooo WARRIORS!

  9. Thanks Feltbot!
    Sad to see Dorell go – but I’m high on Harrison Barnes’ potential. And that’s the best young trio of permieter shooters in the game in Curry, Klay, and Harrison. With Lee/Bogut healthy, this team has the tools to play inside-out and be effective.

    Kudos to GSW’s on Jarret Jack acquisition – it’s about darn time a decent veteran PG is in town. He’ll fit in nicely with this team and is another high character kid. Seems like there’s a “good guy” requirement to play for this team.

    Rush re-signing is key to depth – his defense will be needed in the playoffs (wishful thinking!).

  10. Jarrett Jack, and Matching Words with Action

    Posted by Adam Lauridsen on July 12th, 2012 at 12:16 am

    It’s a strange feeling for Warriors fans — hearing about a plan, then watching it be put into action. Back at the end of May, Jerry West commented that the team needed to land “a couple of veterans … I’m not talking about guys that are 35, 36 years old. I’m talking about people that have some life left in them, that can really contribute, and give our coach some players that can do the intangible things a heck of a lot better than some of the players we have.” By acquiring 28-year-old point guard Jarrett Jack, the Warriors are now halfway to West’s goal. They still need to be aggressive (and spend some money) to round out their rotation with another new addition (ideally a big), but Jack — a savvy veteran capable of running a team — is an excellent fit for the Warriors’ backcourt.

    The last 10 days have been a flurry of activity in the NBA, and the Warriors’ past 24 hours were no exception. News broke Tuesday evening that the Warriors had shipped Dorell Wright to Philly in what appeared to be a salary dump. The move appeared to be a frustrating throwback — trading a starter for the potential promise of cap space. But on Wednesday morning, the deal was overhauled. By subbing in Jarrett Jack for what would have been a trade exception, the Warriors managed to swap a now-redundant player (Wright) for one that fills an immediate need (back-up point guard). That the swap was made with no long-term cap hit makes it even sweeter. Jack’s 2011-12 numbers are inflated from playing on a horrible post-Paul Hornets team, but he’s a legitimate NBA player equally capable of running an offense and stepping up to score when needed. He’s not Rajon Rondo on defense, but he’s not Stephen Curry either. He’ll be a very solid addition to the rotation, capable of being paired with any of the Warriors other four guards (Curry, Thompson, Rush, Jenkins).

    By changing the Wright trade on the fly to secure Jack, Bob Myers and the Warriors front office showed a flexibility and ability to adapt that was never apparent with Larry Riley running the show. They identified a need (the Hornets wanted cap relief), and leveraged that into a vastly better deal than the one they appeared to have locked in on Tuesday night. It’s not an earth-shaking move — it likely doesn’t even elevate the team above the 6 through 10 spot strata it currently occupies in the West — but it’s an undeniable upgrade.

    Of course, the Warriors’ work isn’t done. Quality teams typically run an 8 to 9 player rotation during the regular season. With Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Lee, Bogut, Jack, Rush (assuming he’s re-signed), and Jefferson, the Warriors are at 8, but they’re still lacking size and toughness. A re-signed Dominic McGuire would help with the latter but not the former. Festus Ezeli could be the answer, but there’s no way to know before he’s even played his first summer league game. Charles Jenkins may earn a spot in the rotation with his quality play, but he’s a luxury at this point given his position. The Warriors still need add that elusive back-up big — but it remains to be seen whether they’ll lay out the cash to do it since they’re once again backed up against the luxury tax threshold.

    I completely agree that a team trying to preserve cap space for larger investments shouldn’t waste it on rotation players. But the Warriors aren’t that team — at least for the next two years. They have no cap flexibility to impinge by forking over mid-level money for a year or two from a rotation player. With the team capped out — and ready to win now — a short-term deal that pushes it into the luxury tax does damage to nothing but Joe Lacob’s and his investor’s wallets. And given the number of times we’ve been reminded how well-funded they are, I’m far more concerned about fielding the best possible team than I am about cutting into ownership’s profits.

  11. From Rusty Simmons:

    Bob Myers talks Jarrett Jack trade and what’s next for Warriors (The entire JJ conference call is posted @9)

  12. I should have linked to these stories above. Here’s the latest on Harrison Barnes and his “brand”:

    And here’s the story that started it all:

    • It’s hard to believe that all this hype doesn’t corrupt development, physical and emotional.

      “An honor student with a 3.6 GPA who, when he wasn’t honing his jump shot, would practice Bach and Chopin on his saxophone, Barnes was something of a renaissance man.”

      But maybe he can play the Star Spangled Banner before a game?

      • The two NBA players that Barnes linked to his “brand” comments were Jordan and Kobe. If he aspires to be great in the NBA and “brand” himself by way of piggybacking the shadows of former great players through hard work and performance than kudos to Harrison. One thing’s for sure, and Barnes is more than smart enough to realize, his “brand” from playing in the NBA will be nonexistent minus a great career.

        “It’s hard to believe that all this hype doesn’t corrupt development, physical and emotional.”

        Barnes was a teenager a few months ago. He’s 20 going on 30 if you’re talking maturity and self-awareness. That doesn’t make him immune to the pressures that come with high expectations but it will help. Klay Thompson seemed to make it through the hype of last season just fine. Your support group always plays an important role in the process.

  13. While the signing of Jack is a great move, and our draft picks provide the Warriors with a stronger bench, in my judgment, non-moves and some moves have kept the Warriors from being even better then they are today.

    As the Warriors have hampered their chances for success the next two years by not amnestying Biedrens and by trading for Jefferson’s bloated contract. Both will be on the books for two more years. What the Warriors could have done this year without their contracts. Taking on Jefferson’s excessive contract was not worth only obtaining obtaining the 30th pick of the first round, where Ezeli was drafted. As he probably could have been selected with our 35th pick, or the Warriors could have bought a higher seeded pick as another team did if he trade was not made.

    It will be interesting to see if either Biedrins or Jefferson can be removed from the book before then.

    Also, the Warriors are stuck with Bogut’s $13 million bloated contract for the next few years. If we had not signed K.Brown, but rather signed Dalembert, whose contract was half of that of Bogut, and who is almost as good as a healthy Bogut.

    The Warriors would have been better off signing Dalembert, keeping Udoh, and trading Ellis for a SF or big guard.

    The only thing that makes the trade somewhat palpable is the fact that the Warriors obtained Bogut who could not play last year, and the Warriors went on to tank the season and obtained the fifth pick, something they could not have predicted with confidence at the time they made the trade.

    I know Warrior fans are enthralled as the roster unfolds, but I’m anxious to see if we obtain a back-up PF, for that is our most glaring need. We should be able to resign Rush.

    Regardless of who we receive, the Warriors are in trouble given that our starting line-up will have at least three starters (Thompson, D.Lee, and Barnes) who are not particular good defenders. And if Biedrins, not Ezeli, is installed as the back up center, the Warriors will not be as strong up front as they were last year.

    The Warriors now a plethora of great three point shooters. For the Warriors to be really successful this year will depend on Barnes being a star from the inception, and the Warriors obtaining a really good PF defender. I do think that Barnes will be better player than D.Wright. I never considered D.Wright to be a good passer nor dribbler.

    • Know what the deal is on Jefferson, our $10m man, what might be expected of him, what he might be able to contribute? Other than bland, predictable remarks from the FO at the time of the trade, I haven’t heard anyone discuss him in any team scenarios in terms of contribution. Trade looks impossible.

  14. Total rave about Harrison Barnes (starting at 8:10).

    “Great scorer, excellent defense, complete game, smart, athletic, ROY, Future All Star.”

  15. It’s hindsight now, and no one could have predicted the injuries, but imagine what options the Warriors would have now if they had simply saved their amnesty option. Bell would be off the books (right?), and they’d have money and options to work with now. Thinking Brown and Biedrins would have kept them competitive last season was just wishful thinking.

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  16. The back of the envelope guide to Las Vegas Summer League: The West

    Golden State Warriors

    •Harrison Barnes: The Tar Heels’ forward can defend; find shots at will by using his athleticism and physicality; deke defenders with shot fakes; and manufacture good looks.

    •Draymond Green: Stat heads love Green’s college numbers, which show him to be an efficient scorer and a nasty rebounder, despite being only 6-foot-7 (in lifts). He has a silky touch and a deceptive ability to make plays in traffic and never stops working. As is often the case with undersized, beefy forwards, the question for Green is whether he can defend NBA-quality athletes who move at warp speed.

    •Wendall McKines: Dubbed “the most interesting man in the WAC” by ESPN’s Myron Medcalf, McKines is both rapper and baller. In February, McKines tweeted, “I said no mammal can guard me. I will go in the pacific ocean and give the most dangerous whale a double double.”

  17. REALLY strange going to Kawakami’s blog and reading so many pumped up Warriors fans talking about this team………

    dubs49ersgiants says:
    July 12th, 2012 at 2:37 pm
    Froms HoopsWorld:

    The 2014 free agent class could include Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol, Paul Pierce, Danny Granger, Luol Deng, Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph and Andrew Bogut among others.

    Bryant, Nowitzki, Granger, Deng, Pierce, Gasol and Bogut will be unrestricted free agents that summer. James, Wade, Anthony, Stoudemire, Bosh, Gay and Randolph have either a player option or early termination option, which means they can opt-out and become unrestricted free agents.

    If most of those players decide to opt-out in ’14 and become unrestricted FAs, that free agent class could be more attractive than the ones on 2010. The warriors might be setting up something big in a couple of years. In the meantime just keep improving the roster and hopefully they can be a playoff contender once 2014 rolls around.”


    ProjectX says:
    July 12th, 2012 at 2:40 pm
    The other thing we seem to be discounting here is the Warriors ability to make a deal for a 2014 free agent at the end of the 2013 trade deadline. One of the big names in the 2014 market(Melo, Gay, Granger…) could easily be playing for a bad team in desperate need of cap space for the 2014 off season. These teams will be very interested in the expiring contracts of Jefferson and Biedrins at the 2013 trade deadline. The Warriors will also want to make that deal because if they can get a big name in a Warrior uniform prior to the 2014 off season, they will have the ability to offer a bigger contract than anyone else to that player. This is the dream scenario, not having cap space in 2014, but the expiring deals to make something happen at the deadline in 2013.


    BananaSpartan says:
    July 12th, 2012 at 2:47 pm
    Tim, I totally agree with everything here. I really believe that the last 2 drafts have been quite good (Klay was an excellent pick, Jenkins could still be a rotation player and a nice guy to have sitting back in case of an injury). Barnes I feel is a solid pick, Ezeli could become that backup center they’ve needed, and Green was a great value pick. Even if Green were to be a total bust, not bad for 2nd round pick. This draft for the Warriors, overall with their picks, could end up being the best overall NBA draft for 2012.

    I think that had the Warriors gotten Bogut for Monta this summer, more fans would be praising the trade and been super excited right now. Instead, it happened at the trade deadline and Bogut was hurt. Watch for how much Monta starts complaining when the season starts in Milwaukee. They don’t have much there, and he’s in a similar, duplicative role with Jennings like he was here with Curry. He’ll want out immediately, except I don’t know who’s going to take him. I get the feeling he’s going to be a last year of his contract trade filler, and then he’ll be a mid-level type signee in a year or so. If he can get to a team that has a Big-3 and he can be either that 5th starter (he’d be an interesting PG in Miami) or off the bench combo guard, where his defense won’t kill a team for long stretches, that would be ideal for him. But he very well could be a guy who just keeps getting traded to bad teams.

    Getting Jack was fantastic. That’s like when they got Rush last season. Very sensible, solid veteran who still has miles left on the odometer and does many things well (and plays defense). Better if he’s coming off the bench but if he has to spot start, that’s OK. The good part is having a guard rotation that includes Curry, Klay, Jack, Rush, and Jenkins. There’re a lot of ways to keep Curry from having to play more than 30 minutes a night, so (1) he rests his ankles, (2) prevents overexposing him defensively for 40 minutes. Also, Bogut (and maybe Ezeli) help out Lee from getting totally burned night after night on the defensive end. The Warriors need to prevent Lee from playing center. That’s just begging to get scored on.

    I was worried that Wright was going to bring back virtually nothing. Getting Jack, to me, is a total bonus. I thought the Warriors would have to trade someone like Jenkins and a 2nd round draft pick to get Jack.

    I’m very excited about this coming season. It’s still going to be tough because the West is excellent, and the Warriors are now very young, but they have more size, toughness, and players who care about playing defense. I think Mark Jackson will be able to instill his toughness with this team. It’ll probably be very bumpy, but there should be some very promising, shining moments during games and stretches of games. Hopefully, the second year players and rookies develop rapidly and maybe beat the learning curve by half a season or so.


    Snakeboy12 says:
    July 12th, 2012 at 4:35 pm
    Great call #11. You’re absolutely right. As we’ve seen this summer, you generally don’t get a star on the free-agent market. You get him BEFORE he becomes a free agent so you can leverage Bird Rights to pay $1.30 for every dollar another team can give him, OR you get him in a sign-and-trade. Effectively, the Warriors’ 2014 buying spree begins in one year, not two, and Jefferson/Biedrins will have a lot to do with that.

    Also, it’s worth noting that the Monta trade was never just “Monta/Udoh for Bogut.” It was “Monta/Udoh for Bogut/#7 pick,” because the absence of Monta and Udoh allowed us to get into the lottery (barely, I admit). Whatever Barnes becomes has to be factored into how we view that trade long-term.

    Every great franchise has a 3-part portfolio of players: 1) Its starters; 2) Its off-the-bench role players, who provide instant offense, defense or size around the rim; 3) High-upside young guys who could sneak up on you. The Spurs, for example, always have players in that third-tier incubator who seem to quickly jump to Tiers 2 or even 1.

    I’m incredibly stoked that we’re starting to see this portfolio round out. Bad teams don’t have roles, so the presence of clear role players on this team is evidence we’re going in the right direction. And our Tier 3 is stocked with Tyler, Green and Ezeli. (Jenkins is probably a Tier 2-3 ‘tweener. You might also say Chris Wright is in Tier 3.) Good teams are capable of consistently graduating players from Tier 3 to Tiers 2 or 1 — hopefully we’ll be able to say that about the Warriors.

  18. Zach Lowe: Tim Duncan’s return keeps Spurs in talk for a championship — or a rebuild

  19. OT: Felt, any luck in Vegas?

  20. MT: Warriors and Carl Landry?

    • Marcus Thompson: I’m told no deals are imminent. Remember, Landry made $8.5M last season. Market says he’s going to take a pay cut. But how low will he go? Twitter

  21. Those Clippers Nation tears seem somewhat joyless these days. Griffin hurts his knee again (surgery) and then there’s all that other Donald Sterling-related stuff going on………

    “In what many consider to be the most important offseason in franchise history, the Clippers started things off with a risk-averse move (re-signing Del Negro), and followed it up with a huge gamble (trading for Lamar Odom). They weren’t nearly proactive enough in retaining Neil Olshey, but they were incredibly proactive in retaining Chauncey Billups. They exercised patience in a “search” for a new GM, then became impatient once free agency began. They pinched pennies, and then they spent their money quickly. They retained flexibility in one area, and threw it away in another. They claimed cohesiveness, then didn’t maintain it. They “wanted players who wanted to be here”, but then traded for a player just hours before he could have made that choice for himself.

    The Clippers have this nasty habit as an organization of saying one thing, and then doing another. The GM search has been a perfect example of that, a thinly veiled attempt to lead people to believe the Clippers ever had the intention of hiring someone Donald Sterling would be forced to pay a yearly salary to. The Clippers’ front office made all the right plays in the media — they constructed a list full of highly respectable candidates, and floated it at the right time. Nevermind they only formally interviewed their sideline reporter (Kiki Vandeweghe)…they were going through the motions for all to see.”

    • Kenyon Martin would be an excellent addition, but

      a) the Ws would have to go over the LT threshold,

      b) If they stayed true to form, they would only offer him a 1-year deal, which probably doesn’t appeal so much to a 35-year-old who’s bounced around the league for awhile,

      c) Martin is sort of the anti-Lee, an alternative, not a substitution. Would Mark Jackson be able to adjust offensive and defensive schemes for someone with such a different skill set? At best, that’s TBD.

      d) Lee gets a TON of playing time. Barring injury, that’s likely to continue. Would the Ws jump into the luxury tax zone for a little-used sub? Or would they use Martin primarily to back up Bogut? In that case, why not look for a real C?

      Don’t see this happening.

      • white hat, thumbs up or down on Carl Landry for GSW?

        • Landry would be a great addition to the team, probably better than KMart. Playing roughly the same number of minutes, he gets 1/3 the blocks but his PER is twice as good (18.3 vs 9.9). He’s probably more of a seamless plug-in replacement for Lee, too. He scores more than 2x Martin, averages a few more rebounds, is generally more mobile, and he’s younger (28 vs 34). Both players have 1 year remaining on their contracts, according to ESPN.

          But assuming Rush comes back, Landry would push the Ws further into the LT than Martin. His current salary is $8.5M vs. Martin’s $2.5M. The word is that he can’t expect a raise under the new CBA, but add luxury taxes on top of his salary, and Landry would be pretty expensive.

          Taking on a contract the size of Landry’s would represent a big change in business strategy for a team that emphasizes fiscal prudence in every news release.

          So I don’t see the Ws signing Landry unless Lee is still having problems with the (alleged?) injury that sidelined him at the end of last season.

          Either the Ws are simply blowing more “what if” smoke at the fans, or Lee has serious problems. I’d be delighted to be wrong, but that’s my read on the Landry talk.

          • white hat, Landry is an unrestricted FA. He’s not getting $8.5MM from anyone.

            “After five years in the NBA, Landry is an unrestricted free agent. He was paid $8.75 million by New Orleans last season, averaging 12.5 points and 5.2 rebounds. His career scoring average is 12.1.

            “There’s nothing really serious going on as of now,” Landry said of his playing status. “Anything could happen. There’s nothing going on to where I am ready to make a jump, but I think I have become a real valuable player in the league.

            “I definitely would go back to New Orleans, but my No. 1 concern is stability. I want to sign a long-term contract and play for a team that will win. I don’t want to be out there playing every night where I know there’s not a chance to win or make the playoffs. To be with a team that is playing for a lottery pick is not something I’m looking for.”

        • Why not pull the trigger and pick up Scola instead? I am curious to see what kind of contract he lands. Speculation is, with most teams capped out, he might go cheap.

          • Think about it — Scola and Lee spelling each other at PF, reducing the minutes of each, Scola and Lee on the court the final quarter. If only the Warriors had saved their amnesty for just such an opportunity. As I see it, they now have $20m tied up in contracts that add almost no value to the team now or for the next two years.

          • Scola would be great! His per-minute stats are similar to Landry’s, but I love the fact that he’s one of the most irritating opponents in the NBA.

            Unfortunately, Scola’s annual salary is the same as Landry’s, so the same luxury tax issues apply. In addition, he’s 32 and ESPN reports that he has 4 years left on his contract. That makes him a trade candidate, not a free agent. That alone would probably rule him out. The Ws don’t have anyone equivalent to trade.

            Besides, would Scola want to accept a backup role? With a historical loser? Under an unproven and possibly lame-duck coach?

            Happy thought, but… naw.


          • I thought his being amnestied meant he’d go to the highest bidder, on whatever terms they set, but I’m dumb about these things. The terms are discussed here:


            But man, I would be excited about the current roster if they could ever pull this off.

          • Also I see Dallas is going after him, so Scola may well be expensive.

            San Diego got Billups for about $2m. . . .

          • The same info is in my link.

            “Therefore a minimum amnesty claim for Scola would start at the non-guarantee portion of exactly $10,041,037. That amount needs to be paid over three years, so the lowest claim would be $3,347,012.”

            Does that mean that only $3.3 m would be counted towards cap space each of the next three years? That didn’t look so steep. But, again, there may be a bidding war.

  22. Marcus Thompson has tweeted me that he believes the Warriors are a lock to match on Brandon Rush. I think that implies that they can only pay a minimal contract for another PF, and would sign one of the vets mentioned only if it could be done on the extreme cheap.

    Given the names mentioned, I think it’s clear that the Warriors are looking for a PF with some defensive versatility. Who do they have that can guard Lebron, Carmelo or Durant when they slide to the four?

    I think McGuire is the best answer defensively, but if the Warriors are determined not to play Lee at center, that will create an ugly problem on offense. Two non-shooters on the floor at the same time doesn’t work in today’s NBA, as the Heat so convincingly demonstrated against Perkins and Ibaka.

    Both KMart and Landry can guard the perimeter to an extent, and spread the floor on offense to an extent. KMart was a revelation at his age guarding Rudy Gay on the perimeter in the playoffs. But he’s extremely injury prone, and far worse offensively than Landry.

    • The pairing of Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans – helped win that series against Memphis in the playoffs. Blake and DeAndre – were way too inconsistent or non-existent. Kenyon shot .600 and blocked 1.9 shots in 18 minutes for the series. Reggie mugged everyone else for the rebounds and picks.

      Any playoff team having Kenyon come off the bench for excellent post defense/shot blocking/basic scoring – will be in decent shape.

  23. Kwame Brown to Philly, 2 yrs. $6m. . . .

  24. woohoo! If you can’t find the summer league game on NBC, it’s available here:

  25. Warriors take Lakers, 90-50!

    OK, it’s only summer league. Nevertheless.

    • Notes from 1st SL game:

      Tyler: Still physically immature, still lost on D. What does the Warriors training staff do for a living? I was really hoping he’d start to catch on by now. On the other hand, the team had him starting at at a new position, PF, with Ezeli at C.

      Ezeli: Not a scorer, but one scary dude. Dominant on D in the paint against LA. It won’t be as easy for him in real games, he’s got a lot to learn. But he squashed the Lackers bigs tonight.

      Barnes: Have to admit I was surprised by how good he looked. Barnes and Thompson alone outscored the entire LA team. Polished offense, excellent shooter, good defense for summer league. Possibly a better all-around player than Thompson by season’s end. Similar skills, but bigger and more athletic.

      Draymon Green: Short, thick, lumpy physique needs work, but he contributed steals, disruptive D, rebounds and good shooting from all over the floor. A nose for the ball, bet on him in a rugby scrum. Hope he can make the transition to the bigs.

    • Watched the W’s/Lakers summer league game tonight. My thoughts/observations:

      Klay Thompson is on a USA team high! He played like a man among boys with ultimate confidence. Made shots, handled, and passed. Defensively – Klay got picked/screened, then recovered, and blocked the shot with his length.

      Harrison Barnes had a very nice game – canned his perimeter shots/threes and finished at the rim a few times. He’s going to be very good. Looks like he can get his shot off at will with his length, high release point, and athleticism. Defensively – picked a steal off an anticipated pass.

      Draymond Green really plays point forward – may need the ball in his hands a lot. Shot well from deep, handled, and rebounded well. I didn’t think much of him during the draft – he will surprise me this season. If he can play a stretch 4 role, rebound, defend – he’ll see more minutes.

      Ezeli – looked a little lost (ball is like a “hot potato” to him) and like he was trying too hard. He’s as advertised – big and strong – he’s going to hurt someone. Bad. LOL!

  26. It’s not much to go on, but I was impressed with the way Mike Dunlap had his Bobcat team ready for their game following the Warriors. Full team activity start to finish, both ends of the court. I’m curious to see how he fares, although Charlotte may not be the place to find out. But you have to like a coach who has put out DVDs with these titles:

    Transition Offense – The First 6 Seconds

    Organized Anarchy: Defensive Transition System

    Shell Drill On Steroids: Offensive & Defensive Cutthroat

  27. The thing that impressed me about Klay (again not much to go on) was not that he shot well—no surprises here—but the composure and level of seriousness he brought to a summer league game. This kid is not going to give up or go slack.

  28. Peter Vecsey: Hearing Warriors have targeted Carl Landry. Money available? Mid-level, that’s it. Prepared to give it to him. Confirmed Twitter

    • Rusty Simmons:

      Guard Jarrett Jack talked for 30 mins about bringing toughness and defense to the Warriors. Then he offered this opinion on Dwight Howard: “I’m not a fan of what is going on in today’s game with guys saying ‘I’m only going to go here.’ I think that’s kind of corny. Look at this stuff that’s going on with Dwight. It’s crazy. He’s got a whole franchise in limbo. It’s kind of corny to see all of these guys teaming up. I’m not fond of that. I’m not that dude.”

      • From Hoopsworld……….

        Jack Ready To Make Playoff Push In G.S.:

        The Golden State Warriors recently acquired point guard Jarrett Jack in a trade and while at the Las Vegas Summer League he made it clear how happy he is to be joining a team many consider to be on the rise.

        “It feels good man, it’s a team that is definitely heading in a winning direction and I’m just happy to be a part of them.

        “There’s definitely a lot of firepower on the offensive end. I’m looking forward to playing with all of these guys, David Lee, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, the list goes on and on but I think we’ve really got to dig in and try to find our identity as a defensive ball club and I think that would be the thing to put us in post season play.”

        Jack will certainly help them on the defensive end, where he is quite underrated. Their team defense could end up being the difference in them making the playoffs, which is what Jack has his mind set on.

        “I don’t think anyone’s in the business of picking in the lottery every year,” Jack said. “The playoffs are definitely what we have in mind for us in the future and I can’t wait to hit the ground running.”

        One of the main reasons why Jack is in Las Vegas is to continue forming a bond with his new head coach Mark Jackson,

        “You always want to play with someone that you respect first and foremost and with the individual accolades that he’s accomplished over his basketball career, you can’t do anything but respect that,” Jack said. “He’s also a very tough, hard nosed person as well such as myself and I can’t wait to play for him.”

        For now Jack will have to settle for spectating at summer league. But, come November look for him to be one of the catalysts behind a potential Warriors’ playoff push.

  29. “Luis Scola has been set free. Now, who wants a really good power forward?”–nba.html

  30. David Thorpe continues his love for Harrison Barnes:

    Coach’s Corner

    By David Thorpe
    Scouts Inc.’s head coach, David Thorpe, gives his first impressions on Warriors rookie Harrison Barnes, who had 23 points in his summer league debut:

    LAS VEGAS — I thought Harrison Barnes was likely going to be the best or second-best player in the 2012 draft and should have gone second overall on draft night.

    Nothing I saw Friday changed my mind.

    Barnes showed off so much of his polished game — from the occasional post-up to a strong perimeter game. We saw him defend point guards with ease, and it was a reason why he totaled only two rebounds.

    He still has a lot of growing to do — more slashes, more offensive-rebound crashes and more full-court dashes would be a great start. But when 6-foot-8 athletes have skill and feel, they are in rare company. Combine it with Barnes’ overall basketball IQ and it can become special.

    I tweeted that I expect him to one day be on Team USA, and I think he projects to be an All-Star small forward. That can happen only if he stays hungry.

    David Thorpe in an NBA analyst for Scouts Inc. Follow him on Twitter.

  31. What I was most impressed with the Warriors quickness their new players demonstrated in summer league play. Even with the loss of D. Wright, the Warriors added to their abundance of three point shooters, with the addition of Barnes, Green, and Jack. We’re basically now a jump shooting team that won’t get to the foul line much. But, I’ll take the three pointers.

    The missing piece is Kenyon Martin, not Landry. They need Bogut, Martin, and Ezeli playing center, with D. Lee and D. Green at PF, with Martin sliding over at times. Martin would be our best defender and would provide better protection for D. Lee, than Bogut will.

    • I’m a big Kenyon Martin fan for a one-year deal – especially when the playoffs start. Great defensive post defender/shotblocker/spot scorer. Still Bogut, is by far the best defender on this team. Those two defensively in tandem? Forgetaboutit! They’ll help mask the weaknesses in David Lee’s game (defense).

  32. More on Mike Dunlap, new head coach of the Bobcats:

    One of Dunlap’s disciples in the NBA said Monday night upon learning the Bobcats hired him: “He has the most organized approach to player development ever. He makes players better. He’s brutally honest and extremely loyal. He will not stop working. He gets through obstacles with unbelievable problem-solving lenses. He’s very thorough.”

    I’m going to watch this guy.

  33. 3) imo, Dorell Wright is a better player than Barnes — far more unselfish, much better passer, much better handle, better rebounder, better shotblocker, better teammate.

    Feltie, love your blog and you may well be right about this, but even with a middling career against expectation, Barnes should be about even with Wright. The flipside is that this might very well be your single worst talent evaluation ever.

    Time will tell

    • You misinterpreted my evaluation, carb. It’s not about time telling, it’s about right now, as regards the willingness of a decent vet to play behind a developing rookie. It hurt the Ws chemistry last year, and would have hurt worse this season.

      As regards Barnes weaknesses, I think I’ve accurately reported what others have written about his college career, which is all I know — I never watched him in college. My serious evaluations will start with the regular season.

    • Wright is an asset to any team. But whatever Ws management thought about him, they do have the SF spot plenty well-staffed with Rush, Jefferson and Barnes (and possibly Green and McGuire too).

      Unfortunately, after the Bogut deal the team was left with big holes in the lineup and Wright was the only trade bait they had. Can’t say they did a bad thing by flipping him for a decent veteran backup PG, especially in light of Curry’s ankle problems.

      Barnes isn’t bad right now, and he does have potential. Even if he doesn’t work out, I don’t think Rush is a big step down from Wright. He’s not Wright, he does some things better and some worse. But overall he’s also a good player.

      As fine a player as Wright is, the Ws needed to fill other spots more than they needed to keep him. Sad to see Wright go, but the team put themselves in a tight spot with the Bogut deal.

  34. Marcus Thompson

    The Warriors took another step in their efforts to land power forward Carl Landry. Friday, Landry and the Warriors met and continued discussions about signing the unrestricted free agent. No deal is imminent, according to a league source, but the meeting was characterized as good. Apparently, the Warriors aren’t out of the running despite having limited funds

    Rusty Simmons

    Warriors GM Bob Myers said free-agent forward Chris Wright has left the summer-league squad in hopes of more playing time with Toronto. Wright averaged 2.9 points and 1.9 rebounds in 24 games with the Warriors last season, and he averaged 17.8 points and 8.8 rebounds in 13 D-League games.

  35. OK, it’s only summer league and it’s only the second game, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Barnes tearing up and showing some drive. He looks like a guy living in an image of himself, or the image that has been created around him, and doesn’t look comfortable.

    Kerr mentioned my regret, that Barnes didn’t step up for UNC in the tourney when Marshall went down. Kerr said he wasn’t good at creating shots for himself or for others, and he didn’t look that good trying to drive. In short, a catch-and-shoot player. West himself, interviewed there, mentioned quietly the need for good athletes needing to be good basketball players.

    And I’ll leave this alone now.