Notes on the Summer League

OK, I watched most of the last two summer league games. And that will suffice for me. I have a limited appetite for wretched basketball, which is why I don’t watch college freshmen contend for NCAA titles. And my curiosity concerning the Warriors draftees has been sated.

Here are my notes on the players likely to make the Warriors roster:

The Harrison Barnes Brand: From what I could discern from these two games against wretched competition, Barnes is pretty much exactly as advertised.


1) That NBA-ready body. He fills out a jersey real nice.

2) That athleticism. The 40″ vertical was very much in evidence on breakaway slams (if very much missing on rebounds and shot-blocks).

3) The catch and shoot. Barnes looks like money on open threes. 6-6 I believe in the first two games.

4) Finishing ability.  Barnes has the strength to take a hit in the lane and still finish — something greatly missing from Dorell Wright’s game.

5) Defense.  Barnes seems to move his feet well, and his reported high basketball IQ will allow him to grasp the Warriors defensive concepts in a hurry.

He also seems to have a nose for loose balls, as he generated quite a few steals.

But on the other hand….


1) Not a stopper. I saw no real hunger, nor real ability, in Barnes to simply shut down his man. I’m pretty sure a Denver bench-warmer by the name of Jordan Hamilton would confirm that for you if you asked him.

If Barnes proves not to be a stopper, then the Warriors defense at 1 through 3 will be among the worst in the league.  Against the teams that spread the floor and pull David Lee out of the lane (most of the best teams in the league, starting with Miami, OKC, Denver, San Antonio, Dallas) the Warriors defense will consist  of “Save us Bogut!”

I’m pretty sure the Warriors best starting lineup would be Brandon Rush at the two, and Klay Thompson at the three.  Rush is an actual stopper, and in my mind desperately needed on the floor with Curry and Thompson.

Odds of that happening? Roughly 0%.  There’s a rookie of the year contest.

2) Passing ability.  Barnes has no natural ability to pass the ball.  He needs to stop, put two hands on the ball, and look first. Bob Fitzgerald will be delighted.

He also has no natural inclination to pass the ball, which works very well with his ability.

Steve Kerr noted, when sizing up the Warriors team, that they will have exceptional passing ability at four positions. That’s another way to put it.

3) Handle. As noted by several pundits, Barnes’ handle is terrible. He cannot dribble in traffic, and kicked away several drives. In fact, I’m not even sure that his hands are very good. I saw quite a bit of fumbleitis on pass-catches.

When combined with his poor passing ability, this creates a glaring weakness in Barnes’ game.  As Kerr noted, when Barnes was forced to put the ball on the floor and create for himself and others while at UNC, he really struggled. Couldn’t get the job done. Right now, he’s a catch and shoot player.

Jerry West chimed in on this as well during his stint behind the mike, stating that Barnes needed to become better at driving the basketball. He won’t be able to use that finishing ability if he can’t drive.

4) Rebounding. I didn’t see much of an appetite for defensive rebounding from Barnes, although his second effort (5) was far better than his first (0). Maybe the coaches got in his ear.  At 6-8″ 220+ this should be a strength of his.

This was another rap laid on him by observers of his college career. Will he prove them wrong, or will he decide that an excess of physical contact would endanger his brand?

Draymond Green:  Everyone at the summer league, including Jerry West and the Warriors coaches, appears very high on Green, to the point of intimating that he will be immediately thrust into the rotation.  It’s not hard to see why, when you watch him bang with the Manimal, Kenneth Faried. Green is a tough, hard-nosed basketball player, who will fill a real need on the Warriors’ second unit. And unlike Dominic McGuire, he’s a smart two-way basketball player as well, who can run the high post, dribble, pass, and shoot the three.

There will be quite a bit of discussion about what position Green should play. I’ve heard that he is 6-5″ in socks, and it was hard to really tell from TV, but my estimate was that he’s a full inch shorter than Faried. In other words, the same size Charles Barkley was.

So small forward? Hell no. Like Barkley, Green will never be able to guard the NBA’s threes. Just not quick enough. He can guard bigger post players, though. I saw him force several terrible shots simply by bodying up his man and holding his position. And he’s a terrific rebounder. Green belongs in the paint on defense.

On offense Green belongs in the high post, or out at the three point line.

In other words, he’s a spread four, and Hallelujah for that. Although it’s somewhat amusing that Joe Lacob finally addressed this need after trading the Warriors’ best penetrator.

Festus Ezeli: I’ll be honest, my eyes bugged out watching Ezeli play. I’m shocked that the Warriors found a big man like him at #30.

Ezeli is one of the most athletic big men I have ever seen at 6-11, 255. On defense, he reminds me quite a bit of the young Nene. In fact, if you put a Nene dreadlock wig on Ezeli, I’ll bet you could fool a lot of people. The similarity is uncanny, right down to how he carries his arms.  But more importantly, how quickly he traverses the floor, and how well he defends the rim. He moves just like Nene. Like a big cat.

Do you remember how I used to praise Biedrins’ ability to show on the pick and roll, and then get all the way back in time to defend the rim? Ezeli has got that same ability, and apparently the same defensive recognition and desire.

But he’s built like a Brahma bull. Wowza.

On offense he’s extraordinarily raw.  But I noted two things I really liked. First, he’s got great hands — he catches that pass. Second, he’s a passable free throw shooter. It’s jerky, but unlike the wretches we’re used to — Biedrins, the Kwame Brown Era, and Lou Amundson — his free throws have a real chance to go in.

It is hard to overstate how important this is in a player who can’t otherwise score except by dunking. Ezeli won’t let the ball go sailing out of bounds, as Kwame did with a Michael Jordan pass, because he was afraid to catch it and get fouled. He won’t throw the ball right back out, like Biedrins does, because he’s afraid to get fouled. He won’t throw up a hurried spastic prayer, like Lou Amundson, because he’s afraid to get fouled. If you throw Ezeli the ball at point blank range he will catch it and get you points, with a foul on top.

I’ll admit it, I’m in shock. I think Ezeli can play this season. I think he can be effective on the second unit, and I traditionally don’t like centers on second units. Ezeli won’t slow the second unit down. He can run the floor like Nene, and he can play basketball.

Jeremy Tyler: Here’s where the raves stop. Tyler didn’t get a lot of minutes in these first two games, and in those minutes he did get, he looked absolutely terrible.  The game does not come easily to him. He looks lost doing everything. On offense, he has no clear idea of what he wants to do when he gets the ball. His moves result in a turnover or forced shot more often than not. On defense, I don’t see him do much more than wave his arms. And he is almost always out of position for rebounds.  Despite what looks like a powerful body, Tyler seems to be easily pushed off balance both on offense and on the boards. I can’t help but think that this is the result of the game moving faster than his mind.

The Warriors have stated that they are going to try Tyler at back-up power forward. I think that’s absolutely ludicrous.  Tyler has none of the skills that you need to play power forward in today’s NBA. And he’s not quick enough to guard NBA power forwards.  Take today’s game against the Nuggets.  The Warriors had Ezeli guarding Faried, and Tyler guarding the big stiff. Yes, Ezeli is quicker than Tyler, and it’s not close.

There’s very little doubt in my mind that Green and Ezeli will immediately move ahead of Tyler in the Warriors rotation. In fact, this showing has me wondering whether Tyler should even make the squad.  I wrote last season that for Tyler, it’s center or bust. It’s beginning to look a lot like bust. This was summer league competition, folks, and Tyler was the worst player on the court.

Charles Jenkins: Solid, which is his hallmark. I saw no evidence of him extending his range out to the three point line. I think he’ll need to do that to crack an NBA rotation.

Klay Thompson: Clearly the class of the competition. He doesn’t belong in the summer league, as I think Jerry West and Mark Jackson noted.

His offensive skills are off the chart.  Not just the shooting, but the ball-handling and playmaking.  The Warriors had him playing quite a bit of point-guard, bringing up the ball against quicker players and initiating the offense. Flawless.

On defense, I saw him compensate for his lack of quickness by chasing the play and going for the shot block, which he did pretty effectively.

I would compensate for his lack of quickness by moving him to small forward.

185 Responses to Notes on the Summer League

  1. Felt, I pretty much agree with everything you said.

    A lot of question marks with Barnes and how good he can be in the pros? Some have said, including his number one fan, David Thorpe, that he’ll be a better pro than college player. We shall see. Since I watch very little college hoops, like yourself, Barnes is a complete mystery to me in regards his strengths and weaknesses. The one thing that I believe everyone, including myself, should keep in mind is his age. He literally just turned 20. A lot of games and hard work to come, the question is what will the end result produce? Regardless, I can’t fault the pick at #7, and I have a feeling he’ll turn out to be a good player for GSW. The process may take longer than some (Thorpe) think, but nothing wrong with being patient with a kid who obviously is full of potential.

    Uncle Festus has really impressed with his agility for someone his size. Obviously a tough kid who is raw given how late he started playing the game but his smarts will help him as he tries to learn and improve on the fly. Chisled physique, and as you said, looks like a great pickup at #30.

    Draymond Green fits just fine on any team that plays hard, smart and tough. Hopefully that describes the 2012 Warriors.

    Getting Thompson and Jenkins in last years draft now looks like Grade A material (albeit Tyler looks clueless and D-League bound), and this year’s draft potentially could be even better. This is how a team can improve in a hurry (see OKC). Training camp can’t get here soon enough.

  2. Felt,

    If the Warriors can’t land Landry or can Kenyon (sorry), what do you think about bagging Burrell and tossing Tyler?

    • Before or after McGuire? Burrell seems like an amazing athlete but I’ll confess I didn’t watch him too closely.

  3. We won’t know Ezeli’s real value until he goes up against bona fide NBA centers, and he won’t see any in the summer league. Cause for optimism here. There’s a chance his true talents haven’t had a chance yet to show themselves, in college or summer league. But if he gets the playing time FB calls for, the backup PF, if we get one, is going to have to have some offense.

  4. The question for Barnes is when he’ll be able to learn and develop, how quickly, if at all. The missing skills are glaring and one wonders why. And here’s my idle speculation: from high school on, he’s had to live with the image of himself as a great player (and he looks like a great player!), reinforced by the hype machine. To fit this image, he’s covered his weaknesses with his strengths, and in the process didn’t fully develop. It worked in high school, but not so much in college. This might be a tough vicious circle to break. I’d be curious to hear Roy Williams’ private take on him.

    Compare him with Klay — how much did Klay learn last year, how much more will he learn? I don’t see this guy backing off anything.

    What I really wonder is when the NBA is going to realize how poorly served it is by the college system now, both in its ability to develop players and provide some kind of evaluation.

    • And a follow up to this thought on Barnes: putting heavy expectations on him his rookie year may prove to be a disaster.

  5. Offensively, Barnes not only can catch and shoot, but he can also dribble go up and make 15 footers. One simply cannot stop his jump shot given his ability to elevate. Getting to the hoop is a different matter. As for his defense, his ability to steal passes seems impressive. Such was hidden at North Carolina.

    While not a stopper as yet, his defense is adequate and he should be starting at SF. I like Jefferson backing him up who has some toughness.

    I doubt he’ll do worse than Rush playing SF, since Rush opponents score at 52% when he’s playing SF.

    Neither Rush or Thompson should play SF. Rush is a stopper at SG, not at SF. Rush should stay at SG as opponents shots 47% against him, SF’s 52%. And Thompson should not play at SF either. As opponents shot 52% against him playing SF, and 52% when he played SG.

    The argument can even be made that Thompson should come off the bench, but I wouldn’t advocate that until Rush decides to shoot more than he has in the past His refusing to be in the offense results in his disappearing on the court. I’m not prepared to join your assessment that Thompson is a play maker, as he didn’t have many assists last year.

    I agree that Bogut will be, at best average with Bogut and D. Lee on the court, but our offense should be superior than opponents, that should offset that deficit.

    As you correctly point out the Warriors defense is still left wanting, even with the great additions, and the Warriors need to sign a defensive inside stopper.

    They Warriors need t to sign K. Martin, as he has shown he can hold opponent PF’s to shooting only 41%. And D. Green can back him up and hit the three. Bogut and Martin can also be on the court together, and I think that our offense will still outplay our opponents with them on the court. Hopefully, Ezeli will show in time that he is better defensively, and the fans clamor for him to be on the court more.

    Signing Landry is a disaster. No defense. He’s played on losing teams who did worse with him on the court than other players on the court.

    • Nice post Frank. Also ball handling needs to be considered as to who fits better with whom – and matchups. Rush/Barnes – aren’t great ball handlers. Curry, Jack, Thompson, and Jenkins – can handle. So, I don’t like both Rush and Barnes in at the same time…

  6. Another forward on the market………

    The free agent bonanza continues in Phoenix as the Suns have won the amnesty auction for Luis Scola. The 6’9” power forward was amnestied on Friday by the Houston Rockets as part of GM Daryl Morey’s plan to land Dwight Howard. Scola spent all of his first five NBA seasons with the Rockets after being drafted in 2002 by the San Antonio Spurs. The Argentinian has averaged 15 points/game or more over his last three seasons and has averaged 7.7 rebounds/game for his career. At the time of this post, it is unclear how much the Suns winning bid for Scola was. It was at least $3.3 million. Suns’ President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby had this to say: “We are excited to have won the bid for Luis Scola and to add a player of his caliber to our roster. We greatly value the production he will bring and the leadership he will provide to our younger players.”

    As part of this move, the Suns chose to amnesty the contract of Josh Childress in order to preserve their cap space. With Childress off the books, Phoenix has freed up $6.5 million in cap room this year and $21 million over the next three years. The Suns will still pay Childress his full salary, but that money will no longer count against their cap. Childress will enter an amnesty auction like the one Scola just went through. All teams under the cap will have a chance to bid on the former Stanford player. If no team bids on Childress, he will become an unrestricted free agent. If a team does place a bid, the Suns will pay Childress his full salary minus the winning team’s bid. Babby said of Childress, “We thank Josh Childress for his contributions. He is a consummate professional.”

  7. @ 11 does show that Rush was a better stopper at shooting guard than he was at SF, and Jefferson had better defensive stats than Rush at SF. That one stat, opponent eFG%, hardly tells the whole story.

    Here’s another stat: at small forward, has Brandon Rush at 15.9 PER and Richard Jefferson at 10.2.

    If you want to select player positions based on stats, look at all the stats. Or use your eyeballs.

    – The Ws played Rush very little time at the 2 because he’s an awful ball handler.

    – At SF, Rush played against better opponents than Jefferson faced. Jefferson played all the garbage time.

    – Rush’s role on D was different from Jefferson’s. He played a ton of help D, because he could. Jefferson wasn’t mobile enough to do that.

    My eyeballs told me Rush was a better player than Jefferson at any position, regardless of the stats. And the less we count on Rush to dribble and create for others, the better. He’s a decent SF. As a guard, Indiana was happy to trade him for Amundson.

    • On the other hand, Rush is literally the only player the Warriors have (assuming they re-sign him) who can guard two-guards.

  8. You may have heard about Biedrins’ sex pics with a prosty that have been circulating the internet. I checked them out but refrained from linking as the identification was not 100%. If you google it, you’ll find them.

    But here’s a link to something a little more serious:

    • This one may be as much about Latvia and Biedrins. $70k or 5 years in prison? $70k—that’s a few days’ pay. The worst we can expect is that he might get tied up in court?

      You can find a full account here (with pix):

      And here are some wedding shots and story:

    • Ouch. Any chance the Ws have a “good citizen” clause in their player contracts? Oh, wait, it would look hypocritical if they used that, wouldn’t it?

    • Biedrins didn’t pay the Value Added Tax on his new boat. This doesn’t sound serious.

      “As reported, in accordance with the law, if such a person accused of crime, guilt and recognize the tax paid by the state, there are several options how to avoid damaging his future life.

      “Prosecutor to the accused to apply the prescription of punishment other than imprisonment, – a fine or community service.

      “Similarly, the prosecution can conditionally release the defendant from criminal liability. This option does provide that the period of time, making a new crime or a breach of other conditions, the accused may again threaten trouble with the law.

      “If he does not violate these conditions, the accused will not count if convicted. If, however, act on the contrary, the prosecution of criminal proceedings may be reinstated, explained Schoenberg.

      “The State Revenue Service in a press release previously reported that the person, avoiding value added tax (VAT) payment of any damages to the state budget of 11.5 thousand lats.”

      (Thanks, Google Translate. More pictures of that boat.)

      • From that same article — missed this.

        Last year November, the Financial Police Department found that one company’s legal officer, a group of persons to avoid payment of VAT on new boats Latvian imports from the United States, founded a company and registered motor boat “Malibu Wakesetter” as the company’s asset.

        The company was formed as to engage in recreation and sports, water and land transport equipment, already knowing that the only water vehicle leasing will be the motorboat and the user will be the only one person.

        High-level basketball player, buying a motor boat “Malibu Wakesetter” U.S. imports of the Latvian and released for free circulation as a business asset business activity, evaded payment of VAT in the state budget 11.5 thousand lats.

        To confuse the pre-trial investigation and simulation of the operations of the company, were falsified accounting documents, namely, the Athlete was billed for rental boats to create a misleading impression as if the company really has made a boat rental service to that person. For efforts to mislead, it shows that the invoiced more than three months after the actual service.

        All three parties have been applied to the non-custodial measure.

  9. White Hat: As you correctly pointed out Jefferson played mostly in garbage time and maybe that is why his PER’s is better than Rush. With Jefferson playing SF, his opponent shot 38% against him. That’s impressive and should not be discounted. Leave him at SF.

    I didn’t look at Rush’s turnovers, but it seemed to me he improved throughout the year taking the ball to the hoop and either scoring or getting fouled. He should keep this up.

    My problem with Rush is that he only took some 7 shots per game when he was on the court, and he was our best shooter. Keep him at SG.

    I only hope the Warriors did not blow it by not resigning him during the season. They put themselves into the position as Houston did with Lin’s contract, making it virtually impossible for the Warriors to resign him if the Lakers offer him a back ended long term contract.

    Speaking of Lin, he does not make himself look good by signing with Houston, after becoming a star in NY, where he had the adulation of the fans, and then signs a contract that is back loaded so NY can not match it and retain him. He could have signed the same contract with equal payments each year. He really put it to NY. Very selfish. Obviously is not comprehending the good book he is reading all the time.

    Petey Brian: If a player loses the ball taking it to the hoop in traffic, then the coaches should tell him not to drive in traffic.

    I haven’t seen enough of Barnes to reach a conclusion, although I do suspect he has difficulty getting to the hoop, but if, in fact, Barnes has a problem driving to the hoop, then the coaches should tell him not to do unless he has a clear path. He should be limited to doing things on offense that he does well, which is shooting jumpers and taking it to the hoop in the open court.

    If the coaches can get him to play to his strengths, he should not be limited to who is on the court with him.

    • My basic observations…

      Rush and Barnes – as of now – haven’t develop their ball handling skills as well as I’d like. If I were an opposing coach with Rush at SG and Barnes at SF, I’d bring in a Keyon Dooling/Bledsoe/Shumpert-type defender and pressure/trap/harass the point guard every time those two play together (turnover city) – I guess Green can handle the ball a little if he were playing PF in that lineup.

      Sure – until Barnes develops ball handling skills, he should be a catch and shoot/finisher-type player to minimize his weaknesses. He doesn’t need to be a creator on this team just yet as he’s a developing rookie.

      Rush – plays within himself never trying to do too much (to a fault) – which is a benefit, but I would like to see him open up his game a little more as well. Rush is efficient because he doesn’t take bad shots and his career shooting percentage was high last year because he attacked the rim more and finished better than in the past with the Pacers where he preferred being a perimeter player. Nate was the one taking bad shots at the end of a shot clock or creating offense for himself/others – not Rush.

  10. Felt, those “sex pics” apparently were of Biedrins but taken quite a few years ago. A week or so back Tom Tolbert on KNBR briefly mentioned the pictures and said they were taken 7 years ago, which means Biedrins was still in his late teens and also explains why he looked like Biedrins but then again kinda didn’t look like him. I came across those pics a few weeks ago but didn’t post the link because his identity wasn’t verified by the site posting the pictures.

    BTW, the tax evasion story came out either last week or the week before and the info was posted on one of the prior threads.

  11. Marcus Thompson

    According to league sources, free agent Anthony Randolph would like returning to Warriors. The only question is would GSW want him. They’d have to miss out on Carl Landry to consider Randolph. For his career, Randolph averages as many rebounds (5.1) as Landry in 7 fewer mins. Randolph is also a better shotblocker. And Mark Jackson is supposed to be someone who can deal with Randolph’s temperament.

  12. This isn’t a done deal but probably will be shortly:

    July 16, 2012

    Antawn Jamison chooses Lakers over Bobcats

    LAS VEGAS – The Charlotte Bobcats have lost out on free agent Antawn Jamison, who will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Charlotte Observer has learned.

    The Bobcats were recruiting free agent Jamison as both a power forward and a veteran mentor to a young team. Jamison was torn between the chance to play for his hometown team or to pursue a championship with what figures to be his last NBA contract.

    The Brooklyn Nets were also in the running for the two-time All-Star who played for Providence High before starring at North Carolina.

    The Bobcats are still pursuing Kris Humphries and Carl Landry in free-agency, to address the power forward position.

  13. Yannis Koutroupis: Brandon Rush confirms the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in him. Negotiations are ongoing. Twitter

    Yannis Koutroupis: Clarification: Rush is a restricted free agent. And by negotiations ongoing, meant with him overall. Lakers one of the teams interested. Twitter

  14. Luis Scola:

    “’s Sam Amick reports that the Suns’ winning bid was $13.5 million over three years.”

    That looks like an awfully good deal to me.

    Read more:

    • rgg, this was from an NBA Chat today with Bill Ingram (NBA analyst since 1998):

      Oliver form Germany

      Hey Bill, I am a Suns fan, should I be excited about the Scola move?
      My team so far:
      PG Dragic, Marshall
      SG Dudley
      SF Beasley, Warrick
      PF Scola, Morris
      C Gortat, Frye
      How would you spend the remaining 22 Million cap space? What is your prediction for this team? Thanks for answering. Love your chats!!!

      Bill Ingram

      The thing that no one’s talking about with Scola is that his knees are not in great shape, so temper your expectations there. I like Luis a lot, though, and he’s a fierce competitor. Just having him around the team will make the Suns better. I think Phoenix has a shot to be a playoff team this season, especially with Dragic back in the mix. He’s no Steve Nash, but he has come into his own and is ready to be a full-time starter. Obviously they need to add another SG, and have the space to do it. Maybe Redd comes back. I know he would love to be back in Phoenix.


      Bad knees and 32 yrs old. Tough player but I’d rather go in another direction if I’m trying to rebuild a team.

      • Steve,

        I didn’t know about his knees or know what’s ahead. Also I’m not sure the Warriors were even eligible because of cap space. But Scola may well put Phoenix in the playoffs and could have done the same for the Warriors at an affordable price.

  15. From Wages of Wins: Explaining Jeremy Lin’s “ridiculous” contract

  16. OT: Jeffery Standen is a sports law professor who wrote “The Beauty of Bets”. A fascinating subject and idea that’s also a gazillion to one to ever be implemented. It’s a really long paper but if you’re interested in downloading the PDF here’s the link……..

  17. TrueHoop TV: David Thorpe talks Summer League

  18. Anthony Randolph’s return?–nba.html

    I don’t see the Ws taking on Landry’s salary no matter how much they float rumors about him. Kenyon Martin and Randolph both made around $3m last year. Martin is supposedly looking for a minimum 2 year contract, Randolph would reportedly sign a 1-year deal. Both deliver about the same amount of playing time, with similar statistical results, though they play quite differently.

    I like both players, but for different reasons. Martin is the more sure thing. He’s a pro. Plug him in and turn him loose. You know what you’ll get, day in and day out.

    Randolph has more upside, but you never know what you’ll get from him. Sometimes he looks dominant, sometimes he disappears, and all too often he just does dumb things, which is probably the main reason three coaches have given up on him now. In any case, he’s unique, not just another wide-body sluggo. He’s a lot more fun to watch. Maybe it’s the drama, not knowing.

    • white hat, Landry has no salary to take on. He’s an unrestricted FA, and with more and more players signing each day his options (and available money) are drying up. He won’t be making anywhere close to what he made last year, regardless of where he signs.

      • Right. So if every free agent takes a 60% decrease in salary, how much lower will Martin’s pay be than Landry? If the Ws could sign Martin at a discount, they could possibly keep McGuire too.

    • Not sure how this works, but I think the Lackers interest in Rush raises the possibility of a sign-and-trade deal with the Warriors. The Ws currently have an offer outstanding for Rush for $4M. The Lackers are expected to offer more, and the Ws can match.

      If the Ws sign Rush for $5-6M or so, would it make sense to then consider a trade with LA for any combination of the following?

      Steve Blake $4,000,000
      Josh McRoberts $3,135,000
      Christian Eyenga $1,174,080
      Devin Ebanks $1,400,000
      Darius Morris $937,195
      Andrew Goudelock $762,195

      Eyenga has 3 years remaining, all the rest have 2 or 1.

      • “The Lackers are expected to offer more”

        white hat, the “Lackers” are about to sign AJamison and have little left to spend on anyone.

        Marcus Thompson:

        “Brandon Rush is working out for Los Angeles Lakers today. Rush has been trying to get a team to sign him to an offer sheet, a tough task considering GSW put the word out they will match. Lakers only have mini-midlevel exception, meaning any deal could only start at $3 million. Warriors would happily match that, and probably match up to full mid-level.”

  19. The Warrior should get the birdman if he is released by Denver.

    • That would be great. Whether or not he can play, it would be fun to see him out there.

  20. From HoopsHype:

    Josh Childress, who reportedly cleared waivers today with no bid from any NBA team, signed a mega deal in Greece only four years ago. Remember those days when Childress was a very good player and European teams had money?

  21. “Being selected in the NBA Draft is a huge moment for any young basketball player. But the real sign that an athlete has made it, beyond just shaking David Stern’s hand, is when he inks his first shoe contract. At that point, the man hasn’t just arrived on the scene — he’s proven that he’s worthy of many corporate dollars. And, as we all know, making as much money as possible is the true goal of playing a professional sport.”

    “This breakdown might seem like a little much considering that Davis has never played a professional game. Then again, athlete endorsement is a big enough industry now that these issues are considered well in advance of a player putting pen to paper on his shoe contract. Nike likely has some kind of plan in place for how they want to use Davis in their basketball empire. Whether or not that strategy proves effective could determine what we think of Davis in five years. Branding and marketing mean that much in the modern NBA.”

    The Anthony Davis Brand–nba.html

    • From link in GSOM piece:

      Harrison Barnes, Golden State – On Friday, Barnes showed the kind of scoring skill that makes him such a tantalizing prospect. Barnes was making quick decisions and hitting all the way out to three-point range as the Warriors routed a dismal Lakers entry. A day later, those shots weren’t falling, and we saw the other side of Barnes’ potential. To his credit, Barnes contributed on the glass (and with four steals) on Saturday. That and becoming an impact defender will determine his success or failure in the NBA.

      Draymond Green, Golden State – Coming off the bench, Green played a key role for what might be the best team in the NBA Summer League. Green shot the ball with NBA three range and effectively went up in traffic to collect rebounds against much bigger opponents. The Warriors used Green as a four, which is probably his best position defensively but will cause some issues in terms of help defense because of his limited stature.

  22. Clippers use amnesty on Ryan Gomes to sign Grant Hill. Another forward hits the market.,0,5448827.story

    • I think Gomes would be an interesting fit for the Warriors. His career started off great with the Celtics but since the Garnett trade with the Wolves his numbers have gone down each season.

      I haven’t watched Gomes much with either Minny or LAC but he’s looked good vs the Warriors, including a 35 pt job when he played for the T-Wolves.

      Warriors definitely have options besides Landry, with seemingly a new one each day the longer they remain patient and continue looking for the best value.

  23. Marco Belinelli Nearing a Decision

    Both the Los Angeles Clippers and Marco Belinelli were interested in a deal but the Clippers had just their Bi-Annual Exception to offer. The Clippers, with the lobbying of Chris Paul, made overtures to the New Orleans Hornets but the Hornets refused to take on Ryan Gomes via sign and trade.

    Now that the Clippers have gone with Grant Hill, Marco is looking at other teams. The Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks have interest.

    The Knicks may have used whatever leverage they have to attain other players. The Warriors are looking at Carl Landry and are still deciding on what to do with Brandon Rush.

    The Orlando Magic are a possibility although it’s difficult to project their situation with the Howard situation unresolved.

    The Bulls may be the best fit having traded Kyle Korver and waiving Ronnie Brewer.

  24. Please, no Birdman:

  25. “Box office smash that it was, the Jeremy Lin circus has left town, and that’s good for all parties concerned.

    But it’s not as if the rest of the circus has pulled out of the Garden with him.

    The Knicks still have the Carmelo-Amar’e problem to work out, if that is even possible, because the two stars of this never-ending soap opera are staying put for now. They still have Melo, their ball-stopper supreme. They still have Amar’e, who can’t seem to get over the fact that he’s no longer king of the Garden.

    And it doesn’t end there. They still have J.R. Smith, the master tweeter of women’s posteriors who inspired the team’s unofficial playoff battle cry, “Pull up your pants!” They even took on a noted night owl in Jason Kidd, who certainly didn’t waste any time living up to his party-hearty reputation out in the Hamptons.

    Those should constitute more than enough areas of concern for Jim Dolan, Glen Grunwald and Mike Woodson.

    Now just imagine if Dolan had matched the Houston Rockets’ offer sheet and retained Lin. You want to talk about the craziest locker room in the NBA? And Metta World Peace isn’t even going to be a part of it.”

  26. 10 Summer League Breakout Candidates

  27. And here’s a ridiculous piece on Lin:

    I like Lin and think his is a great story and I’m happy for all the attention he’s received, but I wonder how much credit goes to D’Antoni for giving him a system that allowed him to play and to Madison Square Garden for providing a media venue that ramped up the success he had. None of this happens had he stayed at Golden State. The ultimate line on Lin may be that he’s playing a style that he won’t be able to sustain physically. One good month at the Knicks—and he caught the NBA in the shortened season doldrums—and so far that is it.

    I’m curious what would have happened had Nate Robinson had a similar month with the Knicks, and that’s not unthinkable.

    • Nearly unthinkable.

      • Nate is stronger and faster and has a better shot. He also surprised us with his ability to run a team, and if he played a fast tempo with D’Antoni that matched his attention span, he might have had a very nice spurt.

        OK, maybe a stretch.

  28. Assuming that Rush is resigned, the Warriors roster will be dominated by consistent three-point shooters. The key to success will largely depend on the Warriors taking more three point than there opponents and shooting a higher percentage. Such should be achievable given that the Warriors have consistent three point shooters.

    On defense, the Warriors need to defend the perimeter and force two point shots by their opponents . Both Bogut and Ezeli, should be able to defend inside, but they both play the center position, and we need two defensive players inside as much as possible. D. Lee is of no help.

    Warriors need a third player, one who who can back-up D.Lee. C. Anderson and K.Martin both can defend the paint quite well. We need to sign one of them if we are to have a really good season.

    Landry can’t. If he plays, then the Warriors will simply have their perimeter players simply sag-in to help the bigs, and thus allow opponents to shoot many three point shots. . A recipe for losing close games. That did not work last year, it won’t work this year.

    Our need is obvious, but I’m not sure that either Meyer or Jackson gets it. Message to management: You did a good job so far in the off-season now fill out the roster properly.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more – a couple more defenders will help like Kenyon or C. Anderson as well as B. Rush/D. McGuire. This team is going to score but can it defend well enough is a valid question.

  29. “AJamison on the Lakers could be a dangerous, dangerous thing” (Includes a YouTube video of Lakers/Warriors when Kobe and Jamison went off for 50+ each. TV play-by-play? Chick Hearn. Warriors Head Coach? Dave Cowens.)–nba.html

  30. “Speaking Tuesday afternoon at a news conference at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Collins said he expects to start Brown and slide Spencer Hawes, last season’s starting center, over to power forward in a lineup that will also see Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, and Andre Iguodala back in the starting lineup.

    “I think when people view Kwame Brown they look at a guy who was a bust as the No. 1 draft pick in the NBA,” Collins said, “and that’s not what we’re signing him for. I had him at that period in time when he was 19 years old, and I understand the pressure that young guy was under. I wish I could go back and be a better coach and a better mentor for him at that time.”

    “Again, we’re not asking him to come in here and be the No. 1 pick like back then,” Collins said. “He’s coming to a place where he feels good about. I think we’re going to see the best of what Kwame has to offer.”–nba.html

      • Steve,

        I don’t know your Mike. I do know a little about marketing and PR.

        It would be far better for the business if Mark Jackson resigned, whether or not he’s a decent coach. It’s not a morals thing (heck, I might have done her myself). It’s just business. Try to imagine a CEO or mayor shaking Mark Jackson’s hand for the cameras. I can’t. He’s a PR pariah, and it won’t get better when courtside fans cut loose on him.

        If Lacob doesn’t get a resignation from Jackson, it will cost him and his investors tens of millions of dollars. That is not a guess. That is how the PR game works. Lacob cannot NOT know this. I suspect it even factored into the team’s decisions to amnesty Charlie Bell’s tiny contract (DUIs, domestic violence), trade Monta Ellis (sexual harassment, poor public speaking), and to move Kirk out of sight (sexual harassment, nepotism).

        At the moment, Lacob is trying to reform Jackson’s image. But if he’s smart (and he is), he’s running focus group tests on the topic right now. But then, Lacob has screwed up the PR side of things to a surprising degree, so hey, maybe Jackson stays. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

  31. “Five Ways Antawn Jamison will Help the Lakers Bench”,0,5749726.story?track=rss

    Three Ways Antawn Jamison will Suck:

    1) He will not help the Lakers at small forward, because he cannot play small forward. Defensively, he is the worst small forward in the league, assuming Anthony Morrow doesn’t get any minutes there.

    2) He can’t defend power forwards either, but since most second team power forwards don’t score much, he can get away with it. Sometimes.

    3) He is a black hole. Never passes. Don Nelson hated him after a one year tryout, despite the fact that on the surface he looks like a quintessential Nellieball four. Bad basketball player.

    Contrast that with Lamar Odom, the player the Lakers let walk. Odom is one of the best defensive power forwards in the league, a great rebounder, and one of the most versatile, inside and out, point forwards in the league. Odom is what a winning basketball player looks like.

    • To be fair, we have to say that Odom WAS a good player. After the Lackers dissed him with their aborted NO trade, Odom hasn’t demonstrated that he’s still a player at all.

      Re Jamison, he’s still one of the most unconventional players in the league, and his personal stats look good on paper, but he’s never been a winner anywhere, with any team. I think you’re right, that he’ll be a complete bust with the Lackers.

  32. As first reported by Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s David Kaplan, the Bulls will sign veteran forward Vladimir Radmanovic to a one-year contract, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

    Radmanovic, a 6-foot-10 sharpshooter, gives the Bulls an added dimension of a “stretch” power forward, though he wouldn’t bring the physicality and defensive presence the Bulls could potentially lose if they choose not to match an eventual offer sheet for backup center Omer Asik from the Rockets.

    • Felt, you’ve expressed a lot of admiration for VladRad in the past, so I assume you’ve kept track of his career. As a spread 4 he can be a nice change-up option for a team, but that’s all any team sees him as being. He’s just not very productive. In the last 3 years he’s averaged less than 16 minutes/game, with fewer than 5 points and 4 rebounds/game. His total career averages are 8.2 and 3.9. That’s 3.9 rebounds, as in “less than 4.” Not enough, even for someone parked at the 3-pt line on offense.

      If the Ws brain trust sees any value in a spread 4, it looks like D Green can probably play the role. He probably won’t shoot 3s as well as well as VR, but right now he at least shows promise of being a better all around contributor.

      • Hmmm, feel free to compare to Lou Amundson, “the greatest per minute rebounder in the NBA.” Use only the last three seasons, because before coming to Golden State Vlad was played exclusively out of position at the three.

        Far be it from me to call Vlad Rad a great player, he’s nothing of the sort. However, he was huge in the spread four role for the Hawks last season before the injury bug decimated them, and he was huge in that same role for the Warriors the year before, despite sporadic minutes and utter disregard from the owner/GM.

        Say what you want about him, two playoff teams in a row have found him a useful addition. Is he a better or worse player than Steve Novak? I’d say way better. He plays really tough defense, and has a total floor game. How about Mike Miller?

        The Warriors have 5 players whom Don Nelson would gladly play at the spread four. Barnes, Jefferson, Thompson, Rush and Green. Of those 5, only one will ever see a minute at the four for Lacob’s Warriors: Green. He’ll be a better rebounder than Vladdy, but will he be a better defender, three point shooter and passer, as a rookie? Let’s see.

      • And here is FB himself on Vlad that game:

        “Vlad Rad: Why does Don Nelson crave big men who can shoot the three? For the answer, you need look no further than the performances of Monta Ellis and Anthony Morrow in the last two games. When you can spread the floor on offense, you force your opponent to bring one of his big men out to guard at the three point line. Your opponent can then no longer guard your entire team by packing the lane, or packing a side. He is forced to pick his poison. In the last two games, that poison has frequently been a single-covered Monta Ellis, or an open Morrow three-ball. Vlad Rad’s presence has had a radically transformative effect on the Warriors offense.

        “But Vlad Rad was much more than a spread-the-floor four tonight. He drew the difficult assignment of guarding Dirk Nowitzki, and delivered in spades. He got right up in Dirk’s chest, and challenged his shot. When Dirk got by him, he fouled him to keep him from dunking. And for a player who is new to the team, he seems to have already picked up the defensive scheme. His rotations were solid. This is a very intelligent player. And how about those 12 rebounds and 4 steals? Vlad, is that you? In the brief stretch of games in which I’ve seen him, Vlad has made me feel that Don Nelson may have hit the jackpot in his forced trade of Stephen Jackson.”

    • It is intriguing that the team that most follows the kind of play Lacob wants to emulate, power and defense, is trying to correct its greatest deficit, offense.

      Hard to know what to make of Vlad Rad. How was he used in Atalanta? He did have good performances under Nelson, the few games he was healthy. I wonder if, in all his career, he had the chance to develop his strengths.

      • You don’t see a lot of Vlad Rad here, but it was one of his best games for the Warriors — 14 points, 12 boards, and 4 steals — in their win over Dallas, when they only had 6 players available:

        • Wow, good memories, rgg! It drives home the point that next year’s team is going to be very different from what we’ve come to know as Warriors basketball.

          And in the 2013 offseason, the team starts looking for some player who can attack the hoop like Monta. As if.

  33. Video: Joe Lacob interview during last night’s Warriors SL game on NBA TV

  34. @55

    white hat | July 19, 2012 at 9:54 am | Reply


    I don’t know your Mike. I do know a little about marketing and PR.

    LOL OK, Mike, er, white hat, whatever you say.

    white hat | July 17, 2012 at 2:21 pm | Reply

    Not sure how this works, but I think the Lackers interest in Rush raises the possibility of a sign-and-trade deal with the Warriors. The Ws currently have an offer outstanding for Rush for $4M. The Lackers are expected to offer more, and the Ws can match.

    Posted a few hours later on Marcus Thompson’s blog:

    Mike Says:
    July 17th, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    The Lackers know the Warriors would match their max $3mil offier, so why would L.A. and Rush waste their time on a workout? Sign and trade maybe. World Peace for Rush?


    As for your other comments……………

    “It would be far better for the business if Mark Jackson resigned, whether or not he’s a decent coach. It’s not a morals thing (heck, I might have done her myself). It’s just business. Try to imagine a CEO or mayor shaking Mark Jackson’s hand for the cameras. I can’t. He’s a PR pariah, and it won’t get better when courtside fans cut loose on him.

    If Lacob doesn’t get a resignation from Jackson, it will cost him and his investors tens of millions of dollars. That is not a guess. That is how the PR game works. Lacob cannot NOT know this. I suspect it even factored into the team’s decisions to amnesty Charlie Bell’s tiny contract (DUIs, domestic violence), trade Monta Ellis (sexual harassment, poor public speaking), and to move Kirk out of sight (sexual harassment, nepotism).

    At the moment, Lacob is trying to reform Jackson’s image. But if he’s smart (and he is), he’s running focus group tests on the topic right now. But then, Lacob has screwed up the PR side of things to a surprising degree, so hey, maybe Jackson stays. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned.”

    Ray Lewis charged with murder, Magic Johnson contracting AIDS from his extreme sexual promiscuity and Kobe Bryant’s (at the very least) infidelity with the young woman in Colorado has resulted in what, many years after the fact?

    It certainly hasn’t resulted in any of those names being considered “PR pariahs”.

    And would any CEO or mayor have any problems shaking the hand of RLewis, MJohnson or KBryant, on the biggest stage or in front of the brightest lights, today? Are you kidding? LOL

    Mark Jackson made a huge mistake in his personal life over 6 yrs ago. He and his wife have confronted and dealt with this very personal and hurtful issue and have long since moved on in their lives together, very possibly with a stronger bond and marriage than ever. This is no longer an issue and won’t be going forward unless Jackson’s closet is full of other skeletons that have yet to come out in public. Our society, and especially the sports fandom, is a very forgiving group. Just ask Ray Lewis, Magic and Kobe.

    Now, if the Warriors are healthy next season and stink up the joint? Bye, bye MJ.

    BTW, the link below talks about Kobe dealing with the rape charges and how it changed his life.

    • Steve,

      You’re starting to get a little shrill again. How about if you turn down the screech knob some?

      I didn’t offer an opinion about trading Rush to the Lackers, I asked if there was a possibility. Thanks for your info, but you can drop the snide comments.

      Re Jackson, a couple of points:

      Unlike Kobe, Magic, et. al., Mark Jackson is management, an official representative of the Warriors. If he has an image problem it affects the organization, not just his personal brand.

      Kobe, for one, lost most of his endorsement contracts in the year following his rape charges. It remains to be seen how badly the Warriors will be hurt by Jackson’s situation. Best case would be that they can work around him in public settings. That’s what they’ve done so far. You may notice that Lacob himself is never seen next to Jackson. Nor is Jerry West, Myers, or anyone else.

      The worst case could be really ugly. It’s not fair. It is what it is.

      Magic contracted a serious disease. That’s not a morals issue, no matter how much prudes want to blame the victims of HIV.

      It’s too bad that people don’t want to be associated with Jackson at the moment. It’s just how things work. Get real.

      Start now.

      • Mike, there’s no bigger representative of a sport’s organization than their star player. When you think Lakers you think Magic, you think Kobe. Their blatant indiscretions have had next-to-zero effect, negatively speaking, on the LA Lakers franchise. Compared to Kobe and his rape charges Jackson looks more like someone pulled over for doing 40 in a 25mph zone.

        As for your comments on Lacob, West, Myers et al staying away from Jackson? The fact of the matter is that whenever I’ve seen West, Myers, Jackson and Lacob on TV this summer they’ve always been solo interviews. No West and Myers together, no Lacob and West together, etc. The biggest press conference of the summer was when the Dubs introduced HBarnes, FEzeli and DGreen to the Bay Area media. And who was “on stage” with those 3 guys? Only Bob Myers. I guess he’s gettin’ the “cold shoulder” too, eh?

        If you honestly believe no one who’s actually been in Las Vegas at the SL games hasn’t seen Jackson with Warriors management then you have more on your plate to deal with other than your “split personalities”. Not sure “I just wanna be like Mike” sounds like such a cool thing? LOL

        • Steve, you seem offended by the facts of life. Too bad. I’m fine with you not getting it, so last words on this topic until I feel like bringing it up again.

          Kobe’s rape charges cost him millions in endorsement money. It took years to reform his image. Pretending otherwise is dumb.

          Kobe endorses many products, but he does not speak for the companies. He does not speak for his team. Team management has always been very clear about that.

          Team management and players have different responsibilities. FYI.

          When Myers was doing pressers about the draft decisions, Jackson’s name never came up. Weird. Think that was an oversight?

          Watch the next summer league game. In all 3 so far, Jackson has sat alone in the stands with no one else in the camera frame. I didn’t give it a thought at the time, but it’s weird.

          Lacob, Myers and West all came by to sit down with the announcers, but not their coach. Weird. None of them made the simplest, most obvious gesture of support for Jackson, to simply be seen with him. No big deal? Not significant? Not a chance.

          Whether or not you like it.

  35. Welcome to the world, Riley Elizabeth Curry

  36. Rocket’s JLin PC

    • From Matt’s chat (and yes, even Steinmetz gets it LOL):

      How will Biedrins legal issues impact his contract with GS?

      by smoothe1 1:32 PM yesterday

      Probably about as much as Monta Ellis’ legal issues affected him, Mark Jackson’s legal issues are affecting him and there was someone else … and now I forget. But answer: they won’t.

      by Matt Steinmetz CSN 1:32 PM yesterday

  37. I love listening to David Thorpe.

    TrueHoop TV: Mythbusters with DThorpe

  38. @ FB, #57

    Cruel of you to compare VladRad to Amundson. I think even the Ws organization has tacitly admitted that Amundson was a rookie mistake for the owner/GM. The proof is that they turned Amundson into Rush ASAP.

    With your help I’ve come to appreciate Vlad’s contribution more than I would have otherwise. Sometimes it’s hard for fans to see past his impassive demeanor as opponents score against him, to truly appreciate the raw passion surging away behind his magnificently professional facade of stoicism.

    Without your insight I might have believed that he really doesn’t give a shit. Another day, another show, another dollar, I wonder what someone will pay me next year, ho hum, it’s a living, have I paid my phone bill this month, I hope that girl doesn’t have a husband, they say Chicago has the world’s best blues bars, oh yeah I better get in front of this guy, hey Lake Michigan I can get a boat I’ll probably need extra-long water skis, money time better wander out to the 3-point line…

    • Funny as it was to read that, I’m having a hard time reconciling your impression of Vlad’s stream of consciousness with these facts:

      — While playing PF, Vlad’s rebounding numbers are actually quite decent, as my comparison to Amundson was intended to show.
      — Phil Jackson played him ahead of Sasha Vujecic and the healthy version of Luke Walton.
      — Nellie wanted him.
      — He was second on the Warriors in +/- in his healthy year, and probably their second best defender as well. I remember what he did to Carl Landry when no other Warrior wanted a piece of him.
      — Atlanta featured him when they were one of the hottest teams in the league last year (before the Horford injury).
      –Tom Thibideau wants him.
      — Evanz at GSoM (his stats primer and blog are on my blogroll) recently took a look at Vlad’s RAPM and pronounced it amazingly good. While I’m not an advanced stat guy, and wouldn’t know a RAPM if it slapped me in the face, it’s hard for me to believe that an NBA player can generate a positive advanced stat of any sort without giving any effort.

      He is a notorious space cadet at times. I think people sometimes mistake that for a lack of caring, which I never actually saw when he was on the court. I’d rather have a talented player suffering from intermittent brain farts than one with a genuine lack of intelligence (which seems to characterize the majority of NBA big men).

  39. Vladimir Radmanovich 2012 Salary: $854,389

    Why so low?

  40. It’s hard to appreciate a player unless you see him in a system that maximizes his talents. Vlad Rad might have done better with GS under Nelson if it weren’t for his injury—and I remember our questioning his resolve as he sat out the last of the season. But a younger, healthier Vlad Rad might have been a good backup for Lee.

    And this may be Nelson’s real strength, that he gets the whole team involved and realizes the potential of players who often get overlooked come trade time because they don’t fit conventional molds. Go back to the Dallas game @ 57. Admittedly, it was a good night for GS against a defensively weak, pre-Chandler Dallas team, but still, Dallas was near the top of western standings.

    Now look at the GS roster, about $25-30m worth, none of whom, except perhaps Curry, had much respect in the rest of the NBA: two undersized guards, one a rookie, another a ball hog who couldn’t play point; a lightweight 3rd. string center battling injury, near the end of his career (Mikki Moore); a gypsy who has a perverse interest in shooting the three (Vlad Rad); a guard playing forward who had limited offensive and defensive skills (Morrow); and the washout PF (AR). The running, the open court got everyone going and gave the team many options and put them into an offensive rhythm. The size of Moore, VR, and AR proved enough, btw: they out-rebounded Dallas.

    It was games like this that got me hoping—if only we could get some better pieces and an ownership that would pay for them.

    Box score here:;_ylt=Aqo7_es4PlEQt3VaF0lyv2CUPKB4?gid=2009112406

    • If VR had been paid his current salary when he was with the Ws, he might still be with them today. At the time he left they needed backup bigs, and they still do. He’s currently at the vet minimum with Chicago. Two years ago with Golden State he earned close to $7M, an awful lot of money for any backup, even then, before the new CBA took effect.

      2001-02 Seattle SuperSonics NBA $1,452,000
      2002-03 Seattle SuperSonics NBA $1,560,840
      2003-04 Seattle SuperSonics NBA $1,669,800
      2004-05 Seattle SuperSonics NBA $2,300,984
      2005-06 Seattle SuperSonics NBA $3,166,155
      2006-07 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $5,215,000
      2007-08 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $5,632,200
      2008-09 Charlotte Bobcats NBA $6,049,400
      2009-10 Golden State Warriors NBA $6,466,600
      2010-11 Golden State Warriors NBA $6,883,800
      2011-12 Atlanta Hawks NBA $1,352,181

      • I don’t know about VR’s age and health, or whether he’d show his best under the current system. Would he have been a good gamble at $800k next year? That’s an interesting question. I’d sure take him over Tyler.

        The point is that there might be all kinds of affordable options, of which VR might be one example, if you have a system that exploits them.

  41. @ # 52

    Anthony Randolph landed at probably the best possible place in the world for him. If anyone can figure out how to use a wild beast, George Karl can. Here’s hoping. Kill, Anthony, kill!

  42. WH@68,69

    Because that’s what you pay a reserve spread four. We seem to have some cognitive dissonance going here.

    Those people who paid Vlad $7m a year were idiots who believed he was a promising young starting three. That was NEVER me. I’ve never said he’s a great player, I’ve said he’s a very good spread four, and the perfect role player for certain teams at certain times of the game. And I’ve said that Warriors GM Joe Lacob has had to date no idea what a spread four is, and that Lacob’s rookie coaches had no idea how to use Vlad Rad to free up David Lee’s pick and rolls and Monta Ellis’ drives. The Warriors still have no idea about that, quite obviously.

    By contrast, last years’ Heat, Thunder, Celtics and Nuggets had a very good idea about it. And this year’s Bulls and Clippers have a new appreciation for it, judging by the moves to add Vlad Rad, Grant Hill and Lamar Odom.

    • No dissonance, actually. I was just having fun trying to reconstruct VR brain farts. Change-ups like a spread 4 can be incredibly helpful. As rgg said, VR still contributes far more than Tyler is ever likely to, and he’s about the same price nowadays.

      At his current salary I’d even take Radmanovich over McGuire. He has a more complete game than the Domster. When his head is in the game.

  43. My goodness! David Thorpe of ESPN – thinks when it’s all said and done, Harrison Barnes (after Davis) will be the best player in this draft… Paul Pierce in a better body. LOL!

  44. From Alex Kennedy (Hoopsworld)……..

    Warriors, Bobcats Pursuing Landry: The Golden State Warriors have been the team most often linked to unrestricted free agent Carl Landry, but another team has also emerged as a potential suitor for the veteran power forward.

    The Charlotte Bobcats are attempting to acquire Landry in a sign-and-trade with the New Orleans Hornets, according to sources close to the situation.

    The Bobcats and Hornets have discussed a number of scenarios that would send Landry to Charlotte. After acquiring Ryan Anderson in a sign-and-trade with the Orlando Magic, New Orleans isn’t interested in re-signing Landry, but they would like to sign-and-trade him rather than letting one of their best assets walk away as a free agent.

    While no deal between Charlotte and New Orleans is imminent, these sign-and-trade discussions are the reason that Landry hasn’t signed a deal with Golden State.

    The Warriors want to sign Landry outright, but the power forward would likely make more money if he were to be signed-and-traded to the Bobcats. He’s weighing his options and is no rush to make a decision.

    “I’m still just trying to find the right fit for me,” Landry told HOOPSWORLD earlier this week. “It’s still up in the air. Every day it’s something new. I’m just trying to take my time and make the best decision for me and my family.”

  45. Jerry Zgoda: Agent Mark Bartelstein, who represents both Brandon Rush and Dominic McGuire, expects to speak again with David Kahn over the weekend Twitter

  46. Ira Winderman:

    Our updated list of best remaining unrestricted free agents: Andray Blatche, Matt Barnes, Carl Landry, Kenyon Martin, Carlos Delfino, Josh Childress, Raja Bell, Derek Fisher, Randy Foye, Jordan Hill, Shannon Brown, Willie Green, Chris Andersen, Darko Milicic, Mickael Pietrus, Maurice Evans, Anthony Parker, Ronnie Brewer, Ryan Gomes, Jodie Meeks, Nate Robinson, Tracy McGrady, Keyon Dooling.

    • In my mind, the best player on this list is Carlos Delfino, and there’s not a close second.

  47. Marcus Thompson:

    Brandon Rush’s market value seems to be getting clearer. And from the looks of it, his salary would be very matchable for the Warriors. Shannon Brown, O.J. Mayo, Courtney Lee all got deals starting in the $3 to $4 million range. So a 3-year deal for Rush figures to fall between $9 and $12 million. But GSW might prefer a 2-year deal to preserve their anticipated salary cap space in 2014. To achieve that, they may throw in a little extra for Rush. A 2-year deal for somewhere between $8 to $10 million could be solid middle ground for both sides. (To be sure, a three year deal for Rush won’t do much harm to 2014 cap space.)

    • I believe Rush is worth 2 to 3 times what those players are getting at a minimum. Mayo in particular isn’t worth a dime.

  48. LAS VEGAS — There’s a different texture to summer league this July. Coming on the heels of Team USA’s circus here in Las Vegas, it felt a little bit like an afterparty than a main event. No. 1 overall pick Anthony Davis left with the Olympians, while Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Austin Rivers were shut down after one and two games, respectively.

    Oddities aside, the 10-day festival of hoops still served as an industry summit, with owners, front-office executives, agents, scouts and current players dropping into town to talk shop. Whether they’re huddled in the upper reaches of Aisle 119 in Cox Pavilion to hash out a deal, or just schmoozing at a bar on the Las Vegas Strip, the conversation was as lively as ever.

    Here were some of the headline themes that dominated the chatter:

    “The Buzz From Las Vegas Summer League”

  49. Mark Jackson’s interview with NBA TV during a Warriors SL game

    (BTW, sources say this interview wasn’t really done courtside. Since no one wants to be seen with Jackson this was actually done in a backstage studio with the background special effects added later for realism, special thanks to Peter Guber and his Hollywood SE guys)

    • Jackson sits up in the coaches section like everyone else. He who has not sinned, cast the first stone.

      • I actually agree with this. No one is a saint. I don’t dislike Mark Jackson for cheating on his wife with a stripper.

        I dislike Mark Jackson for being a preening, self-righteous, megalomaniacal, church-founding, blackmail-paying hypocrite.

        • Ouch, Feltie. I usually stop at “unfortunate coaching selection,” or “incompetent poser,” but you went all in here.

    • “It’s a conundrum, however, to which a clear solution is emerging: In today’s NBA, they’re all power forwards.”

      If anyone wants to see how Don Nelson’s philosophy is taking over the NBA, read this article.

      How ironic is it that the Golden State Warriors have been moving in the opposite direction since the advent of Joe Lacob?

      • According to that piece, the NBA is moving to tweeners because that’s where the quality players are. It seems like it should be an obvious, even inevitable, conclusion. And because there are so many, they are more affordable. The next step, of course, is to have a system and a coach that exploit them.

        The Warriors will have a pretty good team next year, but only if all goes well and they don’t have to rely on backups as the season grinds on. Also, because of the way they’ve spent their money, they won’t have many options the next two years to make trades or acquisitions to take them to the next level.

        Compare them with the Nuggets. Look at that roster—not a single $10+m player—at all the options that roster will provide 10 players deep, at the possibilities for trades and pickups. Then add Karl, who knows what he’s doing. If Karl stays healthy, I don’t think there’s a chance the Warriors catch them in the next five years.

        My main beef against MJax is that he hasn’t said a single thing I don’t understand or couldn’t see for myself. These guys are supposed to know things I don’t and have the insight and intelligence to make good decisions on the court and during trade time. It’s my main concern about this team, its experience, its overall intelligence, its ability to respond to situations on and off the court.

        I could be completely off here and I only gave it a few minutes, but I’m intrigued with Mike Dunlap and am curious to see what he can do with a roster that doesn’t look like much. While Jackson was making a presence as a broadcaster—and presence seems to be important for Lacob et al.—this guy was in the trenches for years all over the world coaching in one form or another. He looks like he might have some good ideas and apparently can motivate players.

        If anything, the last two years should have been a time to get a good mind in place and it should have been a time for flexibility and experimentation with the roster and strategy. Absolutely nothing would have been lost, and they might have learned something. Instead, the team locked itself into a mindset that produced dismal results and may not offer enough for the future.

        “I didn’t pay $450 million to sit in the rafters.”

        —Joe Lacob

        • rgg @81 –++

          I very much agree about Charlotte Coach Dunlap. He subbed last season for Steve Lavin at St Johns. His philosphy close resembles Nellie Ball in an uptempo pace and a trapping defense. He forces the ball out of the point guards hands and demands a team concept on doubling the better offensive players. Sound familiar?

          Kidd Gilchrest will lead Bobcats defense in forcing turnovers and converting them into easy baskets. While they likely will not make the playoffs, they will beat better teams (over achieve) and have an improved offense (sound familiar?). I would argue a more likeable team than the one Joe lacob et al are currently assembling. And more imaginative coaching too. As strange as it may sound Charlotte will be entertaining this season (maybe more fun to watch than Dubs) under Dunlap as he goes with uptempo and traps. Players to watch are Byron Mullins and Kemba Walker ( a passing point guard).
          I totally get why Nate Mcmillan was passed over by MJ and Higgins. Dunlop is a total opposite.

          • Dunlap, incidentally, did not coach the one game Charlotte lost. Silas Jr. took over. I think that’s what impressed me first, that he wanted to coach summer league and start working with his players, maybe start turning that losing business around. Few head coaches do this. That, and the look in his eyes, the intensity, the engagement, way he interacted with players. He had their attention.

            While we’re at it, does Jackson have so much experience that he wouldn’t benefit from doing the same?

          • And here is George Karl’s praise of Dunlap. Who better would know?

      • A post-game interviewer once asked Don Nelson why he went small (and lost). Nelson replied, “Their bigs are better than our bigs.”

        If Nelson had David Lee plus a top-5 center (Bogut? Maybe.), I think he’d have used them quite often. He’d use any edge he could conjure up. Small-ball was just one strategic option at his disposal, and he designed game plans for his available talent. In other words, he’d do the exact opposite of the current Ws team management and coaching, which seems to be focused on a single game plan/playing style, and is slowly acquiring the talent to win in just that one way. Nelson’s approach was easier to adapt and modify for different opponents, of course. It takes years to assemble talent. It takes hours or minutes to change game plans.

        Today, with many good teams re-tooling to take advantage of speed and skill over sheer size, it’s possible that Nelson with today’s Warriors would have found a big-ball strategy that dominated in the paint while disarming many of the advantages of opponents’ small-ball. Heck, if anyone could do that, the original mad inventor of small-ball could.

        Just a flashback happy thought. Now back to our regularly scheduled Ws program.

  50. NBA Saturday (including a one-on-one with Klay Thompson)

  51. (OK, I swear I’m going to give this a rest, but this comparison works better and I couldn’t resist).

    A dramatic reenactment of Lacob and Chris Mullin night:

  52. Things I never thought would happen but should have seen coming:

    “NBA jerseys almost certainly will feature small sponsorship patches on the shoulder area in two years, a move that league officials estimate could generate $100 million in revenues per season. . . .the patches would be 2.5 inches-by-2.5 inches. They would feature the names of companies — think McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Kia, Apple”–nba.html


  53. Mark Jackson, looking stressed out (undoubtedly from being ostracized by comrades Lacob, Myers and West), is interviewed by the NBA TV play-by-play crew at Saturday’s final Summer League game for GSW.

    • bloodsweatndonuts

      Do you really think they ostracized him? This is a philanderers league. You don’t think the old Jerry W. liked to get his logo wet back in the day? Myers is a spokes-model, I doubt he’d be doing any admonishing of a coach that has 10x his NBA chops.

      Maybe Lacob might have expressed some discomfort at having to clean up Pervert-Gate III after already having dealt with Monta’s photogenic junk and Kirk Lacob trying to turn the Warrior Girls into his private rent-a-ho service.

      These are all grown men with a lot of money who travel frequently, fidelity is likely the exception rather than the rule. Jackson’s only mistake was getting mixed up with a woman who had the courage to try to get paid for her trouble and the stupidity to commit a felony while attempting to do so. His actions, on the other hand, were simply standard operating procedure in the NBA. No big deal.

      • “These are all grown men with a lot of money who travel frequently, fidelity is likely the exception rather than the rule. Jackson’s only mistake was getting mixed up with a woman who had the courage to try to get paid for her trouble and the stupidity to commit a felony while attempting to do so. His actions, on the other hand, were simply standard operating procedure in the NBA. No big deal.

        You better talk to Mikey about that. LOL

        Now, if only Lacob, Myers and West could give MJ a big group hug I’m sure he’d start feeling much better about himself.

      • “spokes-model”

        Thank you BSD, that is the exact word that I’ve been searching for. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it in future posts.

        As to your analysis of the significance of Mark Jackson’s actions, in my opinion you’ve overlooked the most important part: He paid the blackmail.

        While founding a church.

        While lying to get a job. (Do you think Lacob asked him whether there was anything in his past the Warriors needed to be concerned with?)

        And lecturing us on morality.

        Now do the math.

        • bloodsweatndonuts

          I stole spokes-model from Star Search, so credit Ed McMahon with that one.

          There is just this sheen of sleaze emanating from Lacob, Myers and Jackson. I’m not talking about “grown man” extracurricular activities either. I’m talking about that creeping sensation that you are being given a sales pitch every time one of them opens his mouth. Myers and Jackson are especially polished and politician-like. I’ll give Lacob the benefit of the doubt, I think he’s genuinely delusional about his own basketball acumen. I guess he’s less creepy because he’s at least lying to himself too. I’ll take that as a gesture of solidarity.

          “He paid the blackmail. While founding a church.”

          I don’t understand why paying the blackmail has any significance. He did the deed and tried not to get caught. The only thing that came back to bite him in the butt is the fact that he did get caught. Getting caught publicly is the only thing that separates him from, what I believe to be anyways, most NBA players. It was probably worth the $5k to see if it would go away. It didn’t and he’s out a measly $5k. At least he may have bought himself a couple weeks of peace.

          As far as founding a church goes, that may be the creepiest thing about him. Historically, that act doesn’t necessarily correlate 100% with high-character individuals. Even more disturbing, to me is the fact that I know about as much about Henry VIII’s ideas about running a basketball offense as I do about Mark Jackson’s. To be fair though, HT8 was a no excuse decapitator.

          As to lying to get the job, maybe/maybe not. It is entirely possible that Lacob, based on his extreme confidence in his own judgement, never asked. It is also possible that, because skirt-chasing is an accepted NBA practice, he might have not thought it worth mentioning. What percentage former players have had 0 mistresses? If that were a deal-breaker, his candidate pool might consist of the too-ugly-to-get-laid Van Gundy brothers and AC Green. The first blackmail attempt came after he was hired, right?

          • You are probably right that the timing of the blackmail excuses him from some of my charges. I didn’t consider that

            However, I think the paying of blackmail is hypocritical and reprehensible in someone who holds himself out as a paragon of virtue, and presumes to counsel others to look within themselves and change their lives. No?

          • bloodsweatndonuts

            “However, I think the paying of blackmail is hypocritical and reprehensible in someone who holds himself out as a paragon of virtue, and presumes to counsel others to look within themselves and change their lives. No?”

            Oh yah, he’s a total creep. I think Lacob and Myers are creeps too. You know what they say about creeps of a feather . . .

      • This is boring. Steve wants to believe his beloved coach will stick around, so he keeps distorting the issue.

        No one in the organization really cares about Mark Jackson’s personal life. They care about growing their investment.

        The Ws market a family entertainment product, and they’re currently working to get politicians and fans to promote their interests in San Francisco. The new arena is worth several hundred million to the investment group owners. If that opportunity is put at risk out of a sense of loyalty to the coach, that’s a pretty expensive friendship, isn’t it? Some people might stand up for him anyway. My take on Lacob is that he wouldn’t. It’s just business.

        The team works day and night for favorable publicity. With that in mind, they hired a “squeaky clean” coach despite his lack of experience. In fact, his ONLY qualification for the job was his perceived positive public image. In addition, the team signs only “high-character” players, and have traded away or amnestied every “bad-image” player (Ellis, Stephen Jackson and Charlie Bell) on the payroll.

        If Jackson’s extortionists’ case comes to trial, it will be in open court and he will be called to testify. How much positive publicity is going to come out of that? His “girlfriend” will be asked how much money she received from Jackson – when, where, how, how much. She’s a stripper. Is she a hooker? Take a guess on the odds that Jackson paid for sex.

        In road games next season, what are the chances that opposing fans will have some words for Jackson? Think we’ll see a photo of Mayor Lee hugging MJ? Now that Jackson lives in northern California, do you think he’ll open up a mission in SF? Will he get a lot of public support for that? Maybe even city funds?

        To the Ws investors, the issue isn’t hypocrisy or felony solicitation or morals. The issue is several hundred million big ones worth of publicity. Personally, I think what’s going to happen is perfectly obvious. Steve doesn’t want to think so. Whatever.

        • The sticking point here, WH, is that it will be embarrassing for Lacob to fire another coach after only two years, unless he uses the extortion case as pretext, but that will be embarrassing, too.

      • The character I care about in a coach or player is the part of him that can commit himself to a job and absorb himself into doing it well, putting his doubts and postures and poses aside. Listen to Karl’s tribute to Dunlap, @81. “He’s a soldier.” “His brilliance.” “Passionate and committed.” “Will do anything it takes to get his team better.” I hire the guy on the spot. This may not be what Lacob wanted, however.

        • There will be no firing. Jackson resigns for the good of the organization. It’s done all the time.

          Re your note on character, it’s not the issue. The new stadium would increase the asset value of the Ws by at least $.5 Billion. ANYTHING or ANYONE standing between Lacob’s investors and that kind of profit is going down. Even Mother Theresa wouldn’t stand a chance.

          Lacob is an investment fund manager. He doesn’t have the latitude of an old-style superfan team owner. Even if he personally wanted to keep Jackson with the team, it’s doubtful that Guber and the other investors would allow him to.

  54. Barnes has a long way to go before he will be a decent NBA player.

    He has poor judgment on when to drive or take a jump shot, often commits to shooting with opponent having a hand in face, has poor court vision on drives, does not dribble well, does not change speeds on drives. does not move quickly enough of offense without the ball, and fades away on jump shots at times.

    His most fundamental error is playing the game standing straight-up on both offense and defense. In yesterday’s Warriors summer game, a commentator pointed out that Barnes does not get into the classic three point position when driving to the hoop but rather stands straight-up. No wonder he has a poor first step and can’t finish his shots. He should be starting low and then exploding upward.

    Good coaching might correct many of his present falts, but for sometime, I suspect, he will be a work in progress. He’s not NBA ready.

    The only thing he does consistently well is shooting open threes. He will lull fans into thinking he’s a good player by hitting three’s, and occasionally floaterws,and scoring on fastbreaks. But, I doubt that he will approach shooting an effective shooting percentage of 47 percent.

    I can’t see him matching D. Wright’s effective FG shooting percentage last year of 52%. As right now, he lacks the same skills that Wright lacks-driving to the hoop, finishing at the hoop, and defending.

    I know the Warriors will want to either start him or give him a lot of playing time given that he was the seventh pick. As of right now, Jefferson will be more efficient than Barnes both offensively and defensively playing SF.

    • Agree 1000% Frank, but out of every draft class it’s unusual for more than one or 2 to be able to step right up to a starting NBA position. Even among those who start from day 1, it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t have at least some big holes in his game. Think Stephen Curry’s D, for example.

      I guess I share your implied concern that the team will give Barnes heavy minutes without making him earn them, perhaps in an attempt to promote him for ROY. That would be unfortunate.

  55. Marcus Thompson:

    “Carl Landry is expected to decide where he’s signing in the next couple of days, according to a league source. Landry would like to play for the Warriors. He thinks it’s one of the better situations for him. But being one of the best free agents available may end up getting him a contract offer too rich for the Warriors’ blood. No one has blown him away salary wise, but Landry clearly wants more than what the Warriors are offering (otherwise he would’ve already signed, right?). No indications from Warriors camp they are willing to go into tax territory to sign Landry, so you gotta figure their offer their offer.”

    I assume that final part should have read “is their final offer”, or words to that effect.

  56. Here’s a Hornet’s podcast where they eventually get around to talking about the overall Western Conference outlook for the next 1-3 years. For their opinions on the Warriors jump ahead to the 45 min mark of the podcast.

  57. Speaking of Jackson, I didn’t know about this:

    “This is the second time [the first was the extortion] Jackson, who declined to be interviewed for this column, has raised eyebrows in less than a year. When he was announced as head coach of the Warriors in 2011, he brought an associate with him to stand on the podium during the news conference.That man was Warren Braithwaite, an usher at Jackson’s church and a close confidant. Shortly after that, Braithwaite was arrested on drug-trafficking charges.”

    Curiouser and curiouser. . . .

    • It was never clear why Jackson invited Braithwaite onto the podium, and it did raise a few eyebrows, but that’s about all. Jackson said at the time that he was Braithwaite’s pastor, not his buddy.

      • I’m going to back out of this. I don’t want to see him smeared and don’t think he’s a bad guy. (I don’t especially admire him, however.) I just wonder if he knows what he’s doing.

        It’s not his fault Curry and Lee went down or that Ellis was traded or that Biedrins proved to be a blip. But what did he show us to inspire confidence?

        He has a two year contract, right? Assuming Lacob keeps him, I wonder what kind of situation he’ll be in the coming season, what Lacob’s expectations are. He may be in the same place Smart was, where only exceptional results will save his job. This won’t help him coach or the team play.

        And I’m not looking forward to what Lacob will say when he lets him go.

    • If they’re strapped for cash and the others don’t work out, bring Tolliver back? I still take him over Tyler.

      But he was Nelson’s guy.

  58. Bill Ingram: GSW, CHA still frontrunners for Carl Landry, but source says there are “lots” of other teams trying to find ways to land him. Twitter

  59. From an NBA Chat:


    Should the Warriors hurry up and sign B.Rush & D.mcguire before the t.wolves snatches them up?

    Stephen Brotherston

    As long as Rush has a Q.O. outstanding – there is no rush

    Question: What the heck is a “Q.O. outstanding”?

    • Nothing cryptic here:


      Are there any chances that the Lakers pull off a trade with for Brandon Rush. Would something like McRoberts and Blake for Rush work? Also, has there been any news on the Lakers trying to get Delonte West?

      I think both of those players would solidify their backcourt and get them that much closer to possibly winning a championship.

      Bill Ingram

      We talked to Rush in Vegas and he said the Lakers hasn’t even called him. Sounds like he will be back with the Warriors, according to a Warriors source we spoke to. They’re waiting for someone to set his value.

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