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General Patton: Warriors 102 Nets 93

“Whenever you slow anything down, you waste human lives.” — George S. Patton

During halftime of this game, Gary St. Jean offered two keys for the Warriors against the Nets. The first was to “keep size on Brook Lopez.” The second was to “get up and down — you can’t play halfcourt.”

Do those two keys sound consistent to you? Do they make any sort of sense when paired together?

No, they do not. And fortunately for the Warriors in this game, Mark Jackson understood that. This may have been the best coached game in Jackson’s tenure.                Continue reading

More Rookies: Warriors 105 Mavericks 101

Not going to get too excited about this win. The Mavs are an incredibly old and bad basketball team. So bad, I don’t think even getting Nowitzki back will help them get into the playoff picture. If by some miracle the Warriors actually wind up contending for the eighth seed, I think it will be against the Twolves, Blazers and possibly the newly-hardened Rockets.

So let’s talk some more rookies.               Continue reading

Rookies: Nuggets 107 Warriors 101

“Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.” — Walsh

Warriors fans have just suffered one of the most brutal weeks in history — and that’s saying something for this woebegone franchise. First we lost Brandon Rush for the season, then we got the bad news on Bogut, and then we watched the last two games.

Where the Warriors got stomped on like ants by the Lakers, and completely gave away a win against a far better Nuggets team.

Crushing.                Continue reading

Festus Ezeli: Warriors 114 Clippers 110

This was a tremendous win. But before I get to it, I’d like to say something about Brandon Rush. To me, what is really awful about these injuries — even beyond the shock and pain of the injury itself — is the disappointment and heartbreak they cause. Continue reading

Behold Bogut: Warriors 87 Suns 85

I’ve said my piece regarding Bogut’s ankle. The Warriors media fell down on the job, and I felt it my duty to step up in their place. I gave you what I think is the truth about Bogut’s medical condition, I correctly predicted that he wouldn’t be ready for training camp, and I pointed out to you the Las Vegas skepticism of his ability to play 70 60 50 games this season.

I’m done with this for now, and hopefully forever. I’m setting aside my stethoscope. Now that Bogut has taken the floor, I’m going to evaluate him as any fan would, with appreciation and with hope for the best. He’s a great player when healthy, and it would be absolutely fantastic to watch him play at his highest level again.            Continue reading