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Small Again, Naturally: Warriors 96 Sixers 89

My schedule has been a bit crazy this holiday season, and will be through New Years, so please forgive the abbreviated recaps.

The most notable thing about this Sixers game is that Mark Jackson corrected his error of the Lakers game, benched his conventional centers in the fourth quarter, and went back to the crunchtime Nellieball lineup that has been responsible for so many wins this season.             Continue reading

Systems Matter: Lakers 118 Warriors 115

There was much to praise in Mark Jackson’s game plan last night, but he simply had the wrong lineup on the court in the fourth quarter and overtime. Landry proved that Howard couldn’t guard him in the first half, forcing Howard’s third foul. And yet when Howard has five fouls, this doesn’t cross Jackson’s mind?      Continue reading

Pre-Game Jitters: Lakers at Warriors

After much waffling, it now appears that Steve Nash is a GO tonight. Going to be so fascinating to see how D’Antoni puts this oh so complicated puzzle together. Continue reading

Joe Lacob Takes His Bow

That didn’t take long. We now have Joe Lacob taking a victory bow over the resurgent Warriors, courtesy of Tim Kawakami:

It is absolutely hilarious that Lacob has succeeded in making TK and Ric Bucher — the two most vitriolic Warriors critics of years past — his tame house pets. It is an utterly brilliant media strategy, which began as soon as Lacob took over the Warriors, and designated TK as his go-to source for interviews. [end vitriol]

And now to see TK’s mentor, NBA gossip columnist Ric Bucher, fallen from his perch as network TV analyst and stalking the Warriors sidelines as Craig-Sager-lite? Forced to muzzle his vicious gossip-mongering nature concerning all things Warriors? Absolutely delicious. Life does have its small pleasures.   Continue reading

Nellieball versus Nellieball: Warriors 97 Heat 95

What do you call Chris Bosh at center and Lebron James at power forward?

What do you call David Lee at center, and 6-6″ Draymond Green at power forward?            Continue reading

Pick Rattle and Roll: Warriors 109 Nets 102 + Warriors 101 Wizards 97

Do you think that I’m shocked that the Warriors are playing so well? Me, who was so skeptical of Bogut playing this season? So carefully noncommittal on the Warriors’ prospects?        Continue reading

The Truth About Klay Thompson: Warriors 104 Pistons 97

This was a tale of two games for Klay Thompson, and for the Golden State Warriors as a consequence. Against the Orlando Magic, he was forced to guard Aaron Afflalo and Josh Reddick, and got lit up like Burning Man. The Magic attacked him so relentlessly that Gary St. Jean was forced to comment at half time: “They’re going straight at Thompson and feeling good about it.”  Continue reading