Pre-Game Jitters: Lakers at Warriors

After much waffling, it now appears that Steve Nash is a GO tonight. Going to be so fascinating to see how D’Antoni puts this oh so complicated puzzle together.

There will be pick and roll, so we might see a heavy dose of Biedrins. Even crippled, he’s one of the better PNR defenders in the league, and easily the best on the Warriors.

How happy will Kobe be playing off the ball? Not so happy, if the recent reports of him lowering his championship expectations, and setting his sights on becoming the leading scorer in NBA history are true. (They are.)

Metta World Peace is now coming off the bench at his best position. What position is that? SPREAD FOUR. Which means that we will see heavy doses of Draymond Green attempting to disturb the Peace. Yum!

Hopefully, Jackson will be smart enough to get Jarret Jack on sixth man Jodie Meeks as soon as he comes into the game. Klay on Meeks could be disastrous.

D’Antoni has done the wise thing with Kobe — who at this stage of his career is uninterested in guarding — and shifted him to the three for much of the game. So Klay on Kobe, which may not be as bad as you think. Kobe’s not out-quicking anyone, which will make this a battle of strength, length and guile. Oh, and Harrison Barnes too.

The Lakers are favored by 2. What, in our house?

I predict… that I leave my money in my wallet.

I may be slow to recap, since I’m wrestling with larger Warriors themes. But I’ll try to get something up in the next couple days.

Beat LA!

6 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Lakers at Warriors

  1. The only bad thing about the Mayans being wrong is having to watch the Lakers beat the Warriors again. Actually, aside from feeling sorry for Jarrett Jack having to walk off the court a loser, I’m not feelin’ too much pain for the rest of the team cause they frankly didn’t deserve to win. If you can’t put a Lakers team that looked old and slow for 36 minutes away in the 4th quarter by making big shots and getting key rebounds then you deserve to get beat. GSW is a young team learning what it takes to win while LA is an old team that knows how to win when the game is close and on the line in the waning minutes. On to Utah.

    If you’re up to it here’s 35 minutes of postgame audio:

  2. There was a period (I think in the 4th quarter) there where the Lakers took advantage of Klay Thompson’s defense play after play after play – which forced Coach MJax to take Klay off the court. @Felt – your early comparison of Klay Thompson to Kyle Korver – came to life in the 4th! Coach MJax had to actually take Klay Thompson off the court in the 4th and put in Harrison Barnes.

    Festus Ezeli really ought to limit his touches to merely finishing dunks. No reason for him to touch the ball otherwise. Many of his 6 TO’s are very preventable. W’s ball handlers need to penetrate and create for him.

    Love Festus’ potential, but the W’s really could use Andrew Bogut back on the court – and have Festus come off the bench for a Bogut breather. Bogut’s definitely a positive offensive player who can handle the ball a bit. Ezeli – a definite liability on offense (other than finishing offense rebounds) and in handling the ball.

  3. It would have been nice to have made the right call on this one, but no such luck. Got my money’s worth though, scared the neighbors and my cat being an “authentic home fan”, and watched my team throw away–literally–a winnable game. Ouch.

    Steve, we will never know exactly what went down with the Monta Ellis trade, but I support it for the same reasons you do. It might be a chicken and egg situation regarding the sexual harassment stuff, but I agree that the Warriors made a really good move with perfect timing. I do remember that post regarding the timing of Monta’s trade. In fact, David Lee remembers the timing well enough to joke about not answering his phone the day after the announcement of his Player of the Week award.

    Andrew Bogut, whenever he returns, can only make this team better. His character is such that he will not be a ball-hogging diva (Kobe) about it when he does get back on the court. I like Bogut’s style, including his sarcasm and refreshing honesty.

    In case there is any question about who the face of the Warriors franchise is, just remember that shot of Dell Curry and his completely adorable chubby-cheeked granddaughter courtside at the Bobcats game. Priceless.

  4. We should have beaten both LA teams. Beat LA!