Jack: Warriors 100 Timberwolves 99

Once again Jarret Jack put this Warriors team on his back and gave them the inspiration to gut this win out. Came in with the Warriors on the verge of getting blown out of a 12:30 start in a February road game, immediately called his own number on three straight threes — burying all three — and dragged his sluggish teammates right back into the contest.   

Finished with another monster performance. 23 and 8 assists, including 5-7 from three. Just as against San Antonio, this was Jack’s win.

And how about what happened at 8:30 2Q, when Jack walked up to 7′ Greg Stiemstra after a stoppage of play, said

“Do that one more time, bruh,”

and delivered a forearm shiver to Stiemstra’s solar plexus? What about that? I believe it was David Lee who said post-game that that lit a fire under the Warriors players.

Running back the tape, you can see what happened: Stiemstra deliberately raked Jack’s face on a whiffed rebound attempt. As play continued, Jack walked up to Stiemstra and delivered a right elbow to the midsection, and Stiemstra pushed Jack away. Still no whistle. Then the whistle blew on the other side of the court, and Jack returned to deliver his message.

How long has it been since the Warriors had a player with Jack’s brand of toughness and edge? Not since Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson, certainly.

I’m not a fan of extracurricular violence on the basketball court. But there are times in a basketball game when a message needs to be sent. TO BOTH TEAMS.

Jack is the man to do it. And he’s the only player on this oh so nice and gentlemanly Warriors team who’s willing to do it. He has become the heart and soul of the Warriors.

I’m with Mark Jackson on this: Jarret Jack is the obvious Sixth Man of the Year. It’s not even close. Jamal Crawford? Please. We all know what he is. A one-dimensional gunner who couldn’t lead an ant colony to a mountain of sugar. An absolute sieve on the defensive end.

Jack is a tough as nails two-way player. A leader of men. He’s not just a sixth man, but a candidate for the most valuable player on his resurgent Warriors team. He’s the John Havlicek, the Manu Ginobili of the Warriors. There’s no better sixth man in the league. Not even close.

I do find one thing lacking in Jack’s game, though: He needs a nickname. A great sixth man needs a nickname. Havlicek was “Hondo” (inspired by the John Wayne movie). Vinnie Johnson was “The Microwave.” Jamal Crawford, who won the award in 2010, goes by “J.Crossover.” Ginobili is, well, ask Charles Barkley.

So let’s have a contest: give me your idea of a good nickname in the comments section below.

I struggled with this myself. My first runner up is “40 Mill.” I think you all know what I’m talking about. Right, Joe Lacob?

Inspired by “50 Cent,” of course. Not quite as good as “Fitty,” too direct and literal, but it does get the point across.

Maybe, though, Jarret Jack should simply become a one-name player, like Kobe and Lebron. But in Jack’s case, it’s the first name that should go. “Jarret” is too nice and cuddly. I think he should get a court order legally changing his name to



Stephen Curry: This could have been one of the worst games I’ve ever seen Curry play. Horrible careless turnovers. Flat-footed defense and silly reaching fouls. And his demeanor. He should really work on his body language when he’s playing poorly.

Poker is a lot like sports in this respect: your demeanor is incredibly important. Poker players call it “table presence,” and it is an essential part of inducing respect from your opponents. When things are going badly for me on the green felt, I like to remind myself of a little bit of advice Shirley Maclaine gave to Meryl Streep in Postcards from the Edge (an underrated gem):

“Never let them see your ass.”

Curry shows his way too often.

And one other thing. Can you ever imagine Curry doing what Jack did to Stiemstra? Never in a million years, right? But what about simply getting into an opponent’s face? What about getting into one of his own teammate’s face, the way Jordan or Kobe or Garnett or Lebron or Duncan would, when that teammate was slacking? What about controlling what is visible on his own face when he is struggling?

Now, I would never argue that Curry needs to change himself into a different person. He can only be himself. And it is clear that he has the ultimate respect of his teammates, and is quite a leader of this Warriors team in his own right.

But it is worth observing that with a dominant personality like Jack on his team, Curry is in danger of being replaced as THE leader.

David Lee: Just another routine 22 and 13 for Lee. As anyone who followed Chris Webber’s career could tell you, you should never take performances like this for granted on the road. An essential part of Lee’s greatness is that he brings it every game, home or away, at 7 PM or at 12:30.

His man, Derrick Williams, also had a nice game, with 23 and 12. Illustrating my frequent point. Lee struggles with the superior speed and quickness of undersized spread fours. He did a far better job in this game when guarding the monstrous Nikola Pekovic.

Carl Landry: Another nice performance. The small-ball frontline of Lee and Landry dominated the game in the second and fourth quarters. Proving, once again, in basketball as in love, that size isn’t everything.

Talent and tempo count for something too.

The Brand: Barnes’ highlight was that left block iso at 7:04 4Q againt the smaller Shved, resulting in a Kobe-esque clean, crisp left-shoulder turn-around fade-away jumper in the lane. It was nice to see him finally get one of those to go down. Been a while.

For the rest of the game, in what has become a disturbing fact of life for the player for whom Joe Lacob tanked last season, Barnes was completely invisible. His two longer jumpers were badly bricked. The other two buckets he made were layups that were spoonfed to him, like a baby being fed puréed peas.

2 rebounds in 22 minutes. 0 blocks. Do you realize that Barnes has 1 block in his last 21 games? Do you find that curious in a 6-8″ forward with a 39″ vertical leap? I know I do.

I guess it’s just not part of his brand.

Draymond Green: 6 rebounds in 11 minutes. The guy is truly a rebound machine.

None bigger of course, than that rebound of Barnes’ miss at the line at 0:37 4Q. Take a moment to replay that glorious rebound. Green literally threw the bigger Derrick Williams right off the court.

He badly needs to get his offense in order. That iso at 11:30 4Q resulted in a horrible spinning fade away brick as bad as anything Barnes has ever thrown up. I would greatly prefer to see him go right at the basket, come what may.

I wonder if the Warriors work on his offensive moves in practice as much as they work on Barnes’?

Mark Jackson: The absence of the Andrew Bogut Myth has suddenly turned Jackson back into a pretty darn good NBA coach. And I’ve been enjoying his post-game press conferences more than ever lately. I think you know what I mean there.

One other thing. I think a large part of Jarret Jack’s incredible improvement this season should be credited to Mark Jackson. I watched Jack play a lot last year, as I had him on my fantasy team. (Which is why I knew enough to be ecstatic when the Warriors signed him.) And Jack’s current talent and ability were there in full last season, as the lead point guard for the Hornets.

The difference this season is that Mark Jackson has empowered him. Empowered him to call his own number, to look for his own shot, whether on a pull up from 18, or a walk-up three. Empowered him to take over the game.

Just as Mark Jackson empowered Stephen Curry, after a long miserable season of Cat Hell.

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  1. curry gave his coach a major assist, just by playing such weak defense vs. rubio in the critical closing possessions. forced the preacher to replace him with green, green the perimeter stopper and clutch rebound guy when barnes missed the critical free throw.

    green actually has better mechanics on his shooting stroke than barnes, and already surpasses the tar heel in two areas of acute need, defense and boards. the steinmetz article about the team having the trade goods for a big acquisition (once the draft pick has gone to UT once and for all, of course), has barnes as the poster boy trade asset.

  2. “Jack” may be hard to beat.

    If Lacob lets Jack go, he may not be able to appear in Oracle again for a long time, not without getting the reception we know and love so well.

    He’s the kind of player that helps a team make it through the long, grueling season. He may be attractive as starting PG for other teams, but 6th man might be his best position, certainly for us. Compare with Harden for OKC? Curry needs to share the load, but Curry also makes Jack better, just by being on the floor. And both Curry and Jack are players who don’t have to be top dog, who encourage sharing responsibility with the team.

  3. The Wolves game was a seminal game for the Warriors.

    It showed that the Warriors are most effective when D.Lee and Landry are on the court at the same time. It showed that the Warriors in order to be effective cannot, and I repeat, cannot be a four spread team, if they hope to win.

    Most of the time they need to be a power team inside. The ball should go to D. lee and Landry, who should continue to shoot both jump shots, drives, and crafty moves under the basket. They should continue to shoot a high FG% inside, and use their quickness to get many offensive rebounds. And score inside off of misses and/or go to the foul-line.By doing so against the T-Wolves, Lee obtained 5 offensive rebounds and Landry 2.

    If Biedrins starts he should be told to go to the offensive boards.

    The coach needs to change the starting line-up immediately. No longer can the Warriors be outscored by 14 points in the first quarter and expect to win against good teams.

    Jack, the best sixth man in the NBA has to become our starter at PG. This will lower our turnovers by placing the ball in his hands and not Curry, and increasing our shooting % by his replacing Barnes.

    It will also allow for easy scoring plays as both Jack and Curry can penetrate the lane. With Jack starting at center, Thompson probably will find himself wide open with the perimeter defenders having to deal with both Jack and Curry.

    The Warriors can’t continue to start two inefficient scorers, and defenders for that matter, in Barnes and Thompson. One is enough.

    Landry should still come off the bench, but such should occur early in games.

    If Bogut returns, no longer should he play near the foul-line on defense. For, as you correctly point out, such allows for easy pick and roll scores or perimeter plays driving to the hoop for easy shots. If used properly, I want to see if he can be effective defensively. An offense of Jack, Curry, Landry, Bogut, and Lee should be unstoppable once they get use to playing together.

    General Jackson should follow what Nellie always did. As Nellie had his centers play close to the rim so that they could defend the rim and provide weak side help. Such will allow him to get many offensive rebounds when Landry and Lee are shooting inside.

    D. Green and Jefferson should both continue to be given time on the court. If D. Green can just shoot 2-5 for the game, that will be just fine as he usually garners 2 offensive rebounds which results in more scoring opportunities. He should be able to do that given that he’s terrific at positioning his body near the rim and should get put-backs alone.Barnes does not do that. Barnes is a puny undersized SF.

  4. From the previous thread:

    buckaroo | February 24, 2013 at 12:46 am | Reply

    Steve – I totally disagree with one of your points earlier about your guarantee that the W’s resign Jack. I do agree with FB’s analysis that Jack is basically worth $10M per year. And I do not see a way to clear the cap space to make that happen.


    buckaroo, this topic was already covered here before I “left”. You’re not paying attention. Bad, bad, bad. Do you really want to be sent home with a note from your teacher? LOL

    Seriously, below is a link giving you everything you ever wanted to know, and then some, about the current salary situation with the Warriors. buckaroo, you’ll find that the Warriors own JJack’s Bird Rights for next season meaning they can go over the cap to re-sign him at max numbers ($8MM) and for up to a 5 yr deal.

    Will the two parties come to some sort of agreement? Given the Warriors need for a reliable alternative to Curry in case his ankles come loose, and Jack’s love of playing with his teammates and for Mark Jackson, I say this is a slam dunk. You saw that twit pic of Lacob from the Spurs game? He’s a huge FAN who wants to win in the worst way. He WILL spend the money to keep Jack.



    Also from the previous thread:

    rgg | February 24, 2013 at 2:38 am | Reply

    So what options do the Warriors have this season without going over the cap? I’m not clear about any of this, so correct me?

    I think someone said the Jenkins/Tyler dump left the team $300k under, but minimum wage is $400k +, right? For cap purposes, are salaries pro-rated for partial season? Can they bring in players for 10 day contracts? But barring disaster, what use is that? After so many 10 day contracts, they have to offer a position or let the player go?


    (From CSNBayArea.com)

    “The moves leave about $294,000 for the team to spend on a player for the rest of the season. A potential free agent signed to a pro-rated minimum would allow the team to stay below luxury tax.

    “We wanted the flexibility to have the opportunity to add a player in the next week or two – which we can do – that’ll help the team and not go back into the tax,” Myers said. “There are a lot of players out there now and maybe come available if bought out that we hope we can look at – and if one makes sense, we can add them.”

  5. Thanks FB,
    Lucky win against a really bad team on the road. We’ll take it!

    A lot of Ws fans whined about trading the overrated Dorrell Wright – and not particularly happy picking up Jarrett Jack – the best non-starting PG in the NBA! Kudos to the Ws front office.

    I’ll bet the Ws find a way to re-sign Jack who seems very happy here. Maybe he’ll have to start then start Klay at SF.

    Landry – hope he doesn’t opt out!

    He won’t be a great guy fit – but Tyreke Evans could play with Curry in the backcourt and could be had as well should Jack want to go elsewhere.

    Bogut also dishes out hard old school physical fouls.

  6. Feltbot, my man, if you’re going to give Jack his (richly deserved) props as “the heart and soul of the Warriors,” you might want to get his name right: JARRETT. 2R2T.

    Otherwise, excellent stuff, as always.

  7. LOVED Green’s rebound at the end of the game. Offensive rebounds on a free throw are very rare, especially with a game on the line. Green was a ball-seeking missile! Bodies flying everywhere! He would not be denied.

    Gawd I hope Draymond can sort out his shot! It may be the only factor limiting his minutes.

    • Yes – Green has great bball instincts and intangibles – sometimes not seen in the box scores like his hard fouls (wonder why opponents seem to want to always fight him?).

      He shot and scored ok in college, but a whole different level in the NBA. But an open shot is an open shot -which he needs to make. Teams sag on him and encourage him to shoot – which looks like a crime against humanity.

  8. Steve @4 You stated it’s a slam dunk to resign Jack… I agree it is a slam dunk that the W’s want Jack, and that they can sign him to a max contract using the bird exception. The problem is – will Lacob pay the lux tax for this contract. Without counting Jack’s salary for next year the W’s are already over the cap by $3M. The two players that could opt out are Rush and Landry whom everyone is hoping stays and given his injury Rush probably won’t opt out. So there is little room to keep Jack without going over the cap for most of the contract – unless there are dramatic changes to restructure the team’s contracts. Which brings up the Expiring Contract Myth. Everyone seems to think these are great assets. And they are… in only one case. When some team has a superior player with the same contract dollars – for a greater length of contract, that they are willing to trade, and who is willing to come to the Warriors, and who actually happens to fit into the team. The expiring contracts for next year are Bogut, Jefferson, and BIedrins. NO Team wants any of these 3 guys on their team at their contract level, unless they can unload a similar contract for a longer time period. So the only scenario where the expiring contract works is a superstar who just “wants out” of his current team, like Dwight Howard last year. The chances of this dream scenario are remote, but if it happens, by definition, you get back the same amount of contract dollars as the expiring that you are trading. Thus, the Expiring Contract myth.

    The point is, Steve, that I suspect Lacob is unwilling to go over cap at all, (see Charles Jenkins), and certainly not for a large amount for an extended period, depending upon the contract that comes back, when the W’s are hovering around the 6th or 7th playoff seed. So forget the expiring contract “assets” as a way we get to sign Jack.

    Now, if, Lacob truly believes in the core of this team, and includes Jack in that core, then he could sign Jack, roll through next year with essentially the same team, pay the lux tax for Jack contract for one year, and then be in the driver’s seat for 2014-2015 with those 3 contracts expiring to the tune of $34M. If Lacob pays the tax for Jack for one year – then great. The question is, will he go over the tax for even one year… With the bounty of expirings for 2014, I believe that signing Jack would be a good decision, because you can be certain that with $34M of cap space for the next year you will not become a repeat offender… The one year cost would be $12 to $15 M or 150% of Jack’s contract. If, the W’s can move any of those 3 large expirings – through some other deal – then great job!

    But this scenario would be against the trend in the NBA. The last offseason was strange in that we got Jack and Landry, two capable players at relatively inexpensive contracts rather late in the process. Why??? The new highly punitive lux cap tax really dampened the market. And this trend should continue and amplify next year… Certainly Lacob’s moves to date do not indicate the presence of the Eddie D’s “lets win by spending more than anyone else” approach.. Would Lacob really make a bold move into lux tax?

    • well said. my guess, what myers will try to get jack/his agent to accept will be a back-loaded deal, a modest raise the first year with a more serious one kicking in when they have the biedrins $$ to throw around — could be close to what the latvian gets per season or even a little more.

    • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

      A little common since would help but that is hard when some of you idiots are so anti Lacob. The new collective bargaining agreement punishes repeat offenders that go over the salary cap with a higher tax rate each year that the team continues to be above the tax threshold. So it is stupid to start that clock this year when it can easily be avoided.

      I have an alternative for those that like to spend other peoples money. Get off your lazy ass and make enough money so you can buy an NBA team and than you can pay the luxury tax.

      • Money's No Issue for a Great Hat

        Har har.

        Lacob writes off $30M a year just for putting his money into an NBA franchise instead of something else. Free money.

        The upcoming SF arena looks a lot like the new Brooklyn arena. Estimated cost to the team $500M, estimated resale value to the team $1-1.5B. Free money.

        NBA teams appreciate in value at 5-12% per year. In 10 years that’s roughly $250-500M profit to Lacob – taxed at capital gains, not earned income. Free money.

        Each NBA playoff game adds $3-5M revenue to the host team. Per game. http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/41109/at-last-a-real-nba-tournament

        “The NCAA’s March Madness, is about as big a revenue driver as there is in TV sports. At a reported $10.8 billion for 14 years of 63 games, it’s hauling in something like $12 million in TV revenues per game.”
        Per game. Free money.

        Can’t afford Jack? Not the case. Willing to pay Jack? Well really now, we don’t know. What Lacob & Co. do with Jack this summer will tell us everything we need to know about how strongly they feel about winning as opposed to just pretending to want to win. My guess: Lacob would drop an expensive Jarrett Jack if he felt he could get away with it. We can only hope he doesn’t feel his fans will settle for a Jack-less team. But really, we don’t know which way this investment group with jump. It’s only a business.

        • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

          Hat man you do realize that the Warriors play in the NBA and not the NCAA. The Warriors don’t make any of that March Madness money. There isn’t a team in the NBA that gets any of that money.

          By avoiding the luxury tax this season the Warriors avoiding paying the double the luxary tax cost it would be if they resign Jarret Jack. But who cares when you are spending someone elses money.

          • FFG – Thou doth protest too much.

            Lacob also gets tons of TV money. He aint poor and brags about willingness to spend money, Hat Man’s point is well taken– Lacob in the words of Charlie Finley “All Hat, and no Cows…”.

            We will see in the Summer.

          • Money's No Hat

            Lacob’s planning for BILLIONS in payback on his investment in the Warriors. On that scale, anything the Warriors could possibly pay Jack looks like a bag of peanuts.

            “Double Luxury Tax”? Don’t speak to me of trifles. The salary cap is a sham created by the owners to give them an excuse to put a cheap product on the hardwood.

          • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

            Hat man due your research on the luxury tax. You have no idea about the ends and outs. The lakers could be paying close to 100 million in luxury tax money soon. But since you like to spend Lacobs money just continue to trash him since you have no idea what you are talking about.

          • The last Lackers earning estimate I saw put them in the neighborhood of $250M annual revenue. They can handle the luxury tax.

            That doesn’t even include the payback if the current ownership (whoever that is now) decides to sell. In that case, the team is likely to sell for over $1 billion. After all, the Kings just sold for over $500M. $100M luxury tax? BFD.

            And yes, for your information, I would be delighted for Joe Lacob to spend his money for my entertainment. He said he’d deliver a winner. 2.5 years and counting, we’re still waiting.

        • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

          The Kings DID NOT SELL FOR $500 Million. That includes relocation fee and the loan owed to the city of Sacramento. When you buy house do you include closing costs when you tell people how much you paid for the house?

          • FFG, here’s the NBA’s official word on the Kings sale. Check it out.


            Clearly says the team is valued at $525M.

            Note also that the new owners plan to put in $200M toward their new $500M Seattle stadium (though, more honestly, the world’s only “comp” is the new Brooklyn stadium valued at over $1 Billion). The new owners will also “help” the city to restructure the surrounding infrastructure as needed to support an arena. As if.

            Rather than nitpicking, pick up this point: there may be an upper limit to what Lacob & Co. can earn from the Warriors investment, but you can’t count that high. Almost inconceivable amounts of free money.

            Pay Jack an extra $5M/year? $10MM? So what? That’s a rounding error to Lacob. He pays more than that for public relations. He’ll “misplace” more than that making sure the new arena construction runs smoothly. Don’t speak to me of trivialities.

      • FFG:

        I wanna party with you!

        • “And yes, for your information, I would be delighted for Joe Lacob to spend his money for my entertainment. He said he’d deliver a winner. 2.5 years and counting, we’re still waiting.”

          Many Hats, maybe you should define “winner”? 33-23 has the ring of a “winning” season to me.

          • What makes a winner? I don’t think it’s a number, myself.

            I think it’s more an attitude, like “I’ll do whatever it takes.” That would include not being cheap on player salaries.

  9. We should focus on making the playoffs, not who will be resigned.

    By the Warriors turning the ball an average of 2 more than and our opponents, and our opponents garnering a few more offensive rebounds has resulted in our opponents having taken more shots at both the foul-line and in shot attempts. Fortunately, we have made more free throws and field goals by shooting a higher FG and FT percentage than our opponents.

    The Warriors recent 10 game losing streak really reduced the formerly big margin the Warriors enjoyed. One would not think we would have a 10 plus lead given the Warriors narrow scoring margin over it’s opponents.

    With better opponents now being faced on the road trip, I can easily see the Warriors being outscored. The Warriors really need to cut down on turnovers, hit the offensive boards, get Landry and Jack shooting more, and correspondingly Barnes and Thompson taking less shots. Their shooting percentages have dropped in recent weeks. Barnes playing time should also be reduced as he spends so much dead time on the court. No steals, no offensive rebounds.

  10. Correction: Over the course of this season, Warriors opponents have made 54 more free throws than the Warriors, and the Warriors made 32 more field goals, but opponents have made 20 more three pointers. So,one can see how closely the scoring has been has been.

  11. OT: Ill Mind of Hopsin (perhaps a little different than the other musical interludes posted here)

  12. Biedrins speculation:

    Could they in fact be playing Biedrins over Ezeli so he’ll have some value in a trade for an expiring contract next year? I suppose it’s a gamble, but a Biedrins who sits on the bench all year this season won’t have much value at all. And he has proven some worth.

  13. b’roo @8,

    Two things really hurt as to team development next year:

    1. They have to keep Jack just to maintain status quo next year, and they’re already shorthanded.

    2. They won’t be able to bring along promising players next year, barring extraordinary luck with trading the expiring contracts, thus won’t have players developing next year with the team for two seasons from now. They’ll have to wait for the end of Bogut’s, Biedrins’, and Jefferson’s contracts to make serious upgrades. I assume (hope ((pray))) they won’t be renewed.

    But really they have to keen Landry as well. They have no one of any size who can score to back Lee up or play beside him.

    To get better next year, they have to hope Rush comes back whole. I don’t know if parallels can be drawn with Rose’s injury.

    Hope Barnes develops exponentially. (Question: what is Barnes’s trade value now, given his performance of the last weeks?) Same for the other rookies, who all have a long ways to go. Either the rookies improve the team or are tradable.

    Hope for some payoff from the D-league and/or their low draft picks.

    Ezeli, however, should develop enough to make Biedrins expendable.

    I’m skeptical that Bogut will add much value next year with whatever health he’s capable of, and we have every reason to doubt he can stay healthy long, if that happens.

  14. @9

    “The Warriors recent 10 game losing streak really reduced the formerly big margin the Warriors enjoyed. One would not think we would have a 10 plus lead given the Warriors narrow scoring margin over it’s opponents.”

    Frank, the Warriors haven’t had any 10 game losing streaks this season, although “streaky” definitely describes their play in recent weeks.

    I realize that breaking down/analyzing each game that’s played pretty much defines basketball blogs. There would be a cemetary-quiet to these hangouts without the almost analysis paralysis of most of the 82 regular season games played, but the Warriors last 2 games is a perfect example of how the emotional and physical vagaries of a long season make game-by-game analysis extremely difficult if not impossible, especially if an accurate picture of a team’s/player’s strengths and weaknesses is the intended end product.

    The Warriors, rested and mentally intense and focused, looked to have few weaknesses on Friday night vs the Spurs, but looked totally opposite less than 48 hrs later. Time, place and opponents all figured into the Jeykll and Hyde equation but in the end to this we can all agree; if the Warriors had played with the same focus and mental preparation vs the TWolves as they had when playing the Spurs they would have won Sunday’s game in a blowout, not to mention that yesterday’s play will get them killed tomorrow night in Indy.

    I’m not advocating that Felt (or Adam, etc) should recap fewer games, only pointing out that game-by-game rants/raves, while entertaining and the lifeblood of the sports blogosphere, is usually futile in it’s attempt to truly indentify what we’re watching. A lengthy breakdown of a team and it’s players after each 20 game segment of the season (in the NBA) would be far more meaningful and worthy of consideration.

    Back to Frank’s erroneous reference to a 10 game losing streak, that’s just another example of how small sample sizes can distort the bigger picture. The Warriors recent 6 game losing streak seemed like 3 times that long (you’re excused, Frank) what with the AS break sandwiched in between losses 5 and 6. But if you take a step back (and a deep breath) you might recall that the Dubs 6 game losing streak was preceded by a 4 game winning streak. And don’t look now but yesterday’s win in Minny was their 3rd win in a row.

    Final tally, over the last 13 games, the Warriors are 7-6 (and going back to mid-January when their toughest stretch of the season began, 17 out of 25 on the road, ending March 2, the Warriors are 10-11 with 4 of those 17 left to play).

    Yes, when you add up all these “streaks” you can see that really what the Warriors have done is play remarkably well for such a young team playing at less than full strength. And talking about breaking down a season into 20 game segments, I’d have to give the Warriors a big thumbs-up and an A+ for those last 21 games, “10 game losing streaks” and yesterday’s “lousy” win in Minny notwithstanding.

  15. Good night for Warriors as both Lakers and Utah lose.

  16. “I do find one thing lacking in Jack’s game, though: He needs a nickname. A great sixth man needs a nickname. Havlicek was “Hondo” (inspired by the John Wayne movie). Vinnie Johnson was “The Microwave.” Jamal Crawford, who won the award in 2010, goes by “J.Crossover.” Ginobili is, well, ask Charles Barkley.

    So let’s have a contest: give me your idea of a good nickname in the comments section below.”


    How about “The (Jack) Hammer”?

    hammer def: A hammer is a tool meant to deliver an impact to an object.

    No bigger “impact” player this year on GSW than JJack.

  17. Size doesn’t matter. Watch the two videos here of Faried vs Howard in last night’s game:


    • They’re on youtube (if you can stomach the ads):

    • Faried is a monster. But what really makes Denver special are their three long defensive wings: Iggy, Chandler and Brewer. Three guys you can use to guard Durant — or Westbrook.

      Their ability to spread the floor with Gallinari at the four.

      And the shotblocking of Koufos and McGee.

      I think there is a really good chance that the Nuggets come out of the West.

  18. Really great article about the Houston Rockets, the analytics underpinning Nellieball, the difficulty of playing two non-shooting big men at the same time, and why trading away their spread-fours for TRob may hurt them:


    • “Best of all: Houston should be able to carve out enough cap space this summer to make a run at any free agent, including Howard. And if they strike out again, the Rockets can simply carry over all that cap room to 2014 or 2015, both loaded with potential franchise players who might be happy to join up with James Harden.”

      This is how to build a team—but again, not getting Howard last year is the best thing that ever happened to them.

  19. The next two games against Indiana and the Knicks should tell us a lot about the Warriors. Do they revert to the team that lost six straight or have they made adjustments that show they can compete. The last wins tell us little since we played the Spurs when they had played the night before and Minnesota is simply not a good team and we almost gave them the game by committing so many turnovers.

    While I want the Warriors to win tonight, what I most fear is the Warriors reverting to playing as that did in their six game losing streak when they got blown out by their opponents.

    I want to see Landry involved more in the offense and D. Lee and Landry on the court along with Jack and Curry for most of the fourth quarter. I fully expect that Jackson will have Thompson, D. Green, Jefferson, and Barnes getting some playing time in the fourth quarter.

    What about just calling Jack ” Hammertime?”

  20. MT2 tweets Mark Jackson’s response to Spurs media members trying to create a little Curry/Jack controversy:


  21. @16,19 Very nice.

    Just riffing: That makes the 4th quarter “Hammertime”?

    JJ Hammer?


  22. Who Jack reminds me of:


    May free up some nicknames, but “Jack” is probably best.

    The Ripper would be another possibility, though it really doesn’t fit.

  23. I think he should be respected and simply called… MisterJack

  24. “Can you ever imagine Curry doing what Jack did to Stiemsma?”

    How ’bout Hibbert?

    Highlights from tonight’s game: