Curry Drops 54 in the Garden: Knicks 109 Warriors 105

Ever see a performance like that one? 54 points on 28 shots. 11 straight threes. Midrange wizardry off the dribble. Driving layups finished with both hands. Perfect from the free throw line. 7 assists playing with a lineup of rookies, washed up vets, and backups. 6 rebounds on a night when they didn’t come easy (Tyson Chandler, 28). 3 steals.

The most efficient, unselfish 54 point game you could possibly imagine, with almost no help on the offensive end. Going against a Knick’s defense geared entirely towards stopping him.

Did it remind you at all of those many 30+ point, near triple double games that Curry put up under Don Nelson? It should. Take a look at that Warriors starting lineup: Biedrins, Green, Barnes, Thompson. Only one scorer, Thompson, and he was terrible in this game. Not a single player to run pick and roll with. It’s not a stretch to compare this lineup to that skeleton squad of D-leaguers that Curry rampaged with 3 years ago.

Did this game remind you at all of the way Curry finished his rookie season, leading that D-league squad to a 7-5 record in the last 12 games? Ending with that 42, 9 and 8 in Portland? It should. Because then, even as a rookie, like now, Curry is the leader of his team. Then, like now, he is beloved by his teammates and coaches alike.

Then, he was leading a team that no one but Don Nelson even believed belonged in the NBA, to victory. Now, he’s leading a team to the playoffs that, quite frankly, has no business even sniffing the playoffs. A team starting the year with three rookies in the starting lineup, and another couple coming off the bench. A team 20th in the league (and falling) in defense. A team with a negative point differential.

Curry played all 48 minutes in this game. On a road back-to-back. After a 38 point performance, and a brawl, against the league’s toughest defense. 

In basketball’s mecca. The biggest basketball stage in the world.


As Jim Barnett said — and no one knows better than him, who played in Madison Square Garden on one of the best NBA teams in history: “One for the ages.”

Stephen Curry not an all-star? What a travesty. His talent is as transcendent in its own way as that of the greatest players in the game. Yes, I’m comparing him with the incomparable Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Because like them, his talent is incomparable.

Can you imagine what he could do on an all-star stage?

I’m willing to make this prediction right now. Stephen Curry will be an all-star, health willing, for the next ten years of his career. And this game, on this stage, will be a big reason why. New Yorkers never forget performances like this one. And that’s a lot of votes.

Curry is not a point guard? This performance will probably fuel that argument once again among the ignorati. I say it should do the complete opposite. Stephen Curry is a fine player off the ball, coming off screens for spot up shots. But when you put that ball in his hands, and he plays off the dribble….

He’s a genius.

A roundball Mozart. Thelonious Monk on the hardwood.

Or as Marc Spears calls him, Stevie Wonder.

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  1. PB – We couldn’t have Chandler, or Nene, or Dalembert. Our great basketball minds had to take a whole extra year to talk themselves into paying far more for far less.

    Agree with you on Jefferson over Barnes. He was +11 on the game, everyone else minus or close to it. Jefferson looked like the solid, competent pro he is. Barnes looked like a rookie, though he handled Melo as well as anyone.

    FB – What happened to your boy Thompson? Opened the game with 2 missed layups, finished with 2 missed 3-pointers. 3-13 overall, 0-6 on 3s, 4 boards, horrible defense. He stunk up the joint. In fact, he hasn’t been a good player for some time.

  2. FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

    Yes Curry is amazing. Lucky for us Monta Ellis is no longer on the team. If he was we never would have seen a performance like that. Monta Ellis was holding Steph Curry back.

  3. there are extra layers to this kind of out of the ordinary performances. we’ve seen players who couldn’t be stopped from scoring. doing so without hogging the ball, not often. from a player of slight build who does .95 of his work below the rim, not often.

    his elders on the court and bench let curry down, or it would be even more special. two vets who aren’t quite washed up, landry (3 boards ?!) and jack (14 pts on 15 attempts ?) combined for nine turnovers. the preacher left thompson on anthony for an extended stretch in the second half, hoping for offense perhaps, with anthony predictably going off. without lee in the rotation in a game when the boards were precious, biedrins sees under eight minutes (4 boards anyway).

  4. Part of the joy was listening to the ooos from the crowd every time he hit. The thing about Curry is that you expect this to happen.

    If only his teammates had scored a half dozen more friggin points. . . .

  5. Thanks Feltbot!
    Stephen Curry – the greatest pure shooter the game has ever seen. Or at least that I’ve seen! Chris Mullin’s up there too, but Chris never shot this good from three in his first five seasons! Curry might even improve on these percentages!

    If this team had signed Tyson Chandler… Perfect fit here.

    More Jefferson, less Barnes please. Jefferson knows how to play the game.

    I was missing Brandan Rush too…

    Someone tell Curry and the other W’s players – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER pass the rock to Ezeli unless he’s ALONE UNDER THE BASKET! This action will inevitably result in a turnover – as it did near the end of the Knicks game. Ezeli is a future gamer – but as a rookie, he can’t make decisions with the ball in his hands… So don’t… don’t… Do it!!!!

  6. Felt, you always “got” Curry and you still do. Kudos. Agree with you completely on this.

  7. Don’t sleep on what’s happening with Monta Ellis and the Bucks after the trade for JJ Redick.

    Just beat Mavs and Rockets back-to-back on the road.

    Monta 22 and 9, 27 and 13. 6 steals in each game. Held Harden to 8-18, turned him over 7 times (didn’t he do that to Kobe once too?).

    Playing POINT GUARD in the fourth quarter, with Jennings on the bench. With a spread floor, and players who can hit the shot when he passes to them.

    And then, of course, there’s that game-winning shot:

    • Why, oh why, couldn’t Nellie convert Monta to PG? Monta could have been a great PG… Or paired with a younger Baron Davis, Jason Kidd, or Magic Johnson (big PGs who can defend SGs). Even Jarrett Jack!

    • warriorsablaze

      Monta has had plenty of brief stretches where he had good all around floor games. Unfortunately, they are the exception, not the rule. Monta’s assists are almost always bailout assists when his drive is blocked…. he’s never been one to make an offense flow. Even in last night’s game, he shot 37% from the floor on 24 shots. It says something when a starter is a net negative on the floor for a .500 team. I always supported Monta, but as soon as it was evident that Curry was not just a potentially good player, but a potentially GREAT player, I was anxious for Monta to go. You simply would not get this year’s Curry with Monta still here. When you have an alpha dog with delusions of grandeur (“Monta have it all”), the nice kid with the passive personality– but transcendent talent — simply gets buried.

      Whether or not Bogut ever significantly contributes to the team is almost irrelevant to me (as much as I still hold some hope)… I’d move Monta 10 times out of 10 just to let Curry free.

  8. Curry was outstanding last night. For years to come fans will remember the NY game, and will result in his being a perennial all-star. A player does not make it until he makes it in NY, and Curry did just that last night.

    How long is it going to be that Jackson finally realizes that the team plays better with Jefferson and Green than it does with Barnes. Jefferson should not be playing 22 minutes and Jefferson only 17. As the Warriors were plus 11 with Jefferson on the court, and minus 6 with Barnes on the court.

    He should have also Ezeli li more in place of Barnes so that we would have kept NY off the offensive boards and would have resulted in the Warriors garnering more offensive rebounds.

    Turnovers continue to be the Warriors main problem, but fouling guys when they shoot is also haunting the team.

    Even with the turnovers and being killed on the glass, the Warriors would have won if Barnes and Thompson received less playing time and some Thompson’s shots were shot by Jefferson . Those two players are not, I repeat, are not the Warriors future. But, the Warriors will continue to start both as the Warriors do not want to admit they made a bad choice drafting both players, and want to retain their trade value.

    But they are fooling no one. The Warriors would often be winning the first quarter if they did not start, and that would help the substitutions patterns and allow the Warriors to play relaxed in the second quarter and not frenetically as they do now trying to catch up, which results in their tiring in the second half, especially the fourth quarter.

    At least Jackson played Green more than than Barnes. But, he had to with Lee not playing. With Lee’s return, Jackson will probably play Barnes more than Green or Jefferson. Bad mistake. With Curry playing out of mind, this loss is on Jackson.

    • warriorsablaze

      I suspect that as the games continue to escalate in importance as we fight for a playoff spot, we’re going to be seeing more Jefferson and Green over Barnes… though the starting lineup may not change, the minutes will decrease even more than they have. Barnes shows flashes of the potential, but he’s only 20 and hasn’t shown he can contribute consistently yet.

      I’m actually more concerned about Klay. He really seems to have regressed somewhat… or, at least, not PROGRESSED as much as we all hoped. All these missed layups and late-game mental errors seem to have put him into some kind of funk. He needs to snap out of it if we have any chance of even holding onto a playoff spot, let alone having a shot at a first round upset.

    • Frank:

      Geez, why the hysteria? So, Jefferson is the future? Green?

      Love Draymond’s heart and hussle, but his upside is CLEARLY visible. The same can’t be said for Barnes or Thompson. These are young guys…young, athletic guys. It’s easy to sit on the couch, after the game is over and say the coach should have limited this guy to X minutes and given that guy X+. I don’t think that’s the reality of the game or the way it actually flows, especially for young players. The coach knows better than we what he has in those two. But even he doesn’t really know yet.

      As for proclaiming them busts…idiocy.

  9. It seems it took the Bucks push for the playoffs, and Redick joining the team, to awaken Ellis from his seasons slump.

    Thompson was 1-7 in the second half last night, and for some inexplicable reason Jackson substituted Thompson in for Jefferson with seven minutes to play, and then missed two shots in the final minutes.

  10. Awesome shooting performance. Begs the question why Jackson couldn’t get Curry another look at the end of the game.

    Take a timeout. Run a play. Get Curry another look. Please!

    Instead, Golden State turned the ball over three times down the stretch (including Felton’s block of Curry) and let Carmelo and JR lead the Knicks to victory. Jackson simply stopped coaching down the stretch, instead allowing Curry and Jack to create the game-winning possessions needed to beat the Knicks. My only problem with that, is that Jackson has been VERY effective with his play calling and late game substitutions. In this game, he decided to let Curry and Jack create. It didn’t work and the Warriors lost.

    • I think what really bit them in the end is that Jackson made the same mistake he made in the Laker game. Had Ezeli in in crunch time for defense and rebounding instead of Landry.

      That led to a clogged floor with no chance of pick and roll, or pick and pop, and of course that egregious backcourt turnover.

  11. Feltsy, Can’t believe you’re still on Dreamhost. Pay less, get more elsewhere. Not the first time your site became unresponsive mid-day.

    Re your note on Ellis, watch out, you’ll rile up the anti-Montas out there. Once again his team chose to put the ball in his hands for the winning shot. Regardless of what some fans may think, his coaches and teammates want him to be the one to take that critical last shot. Seems to me even Mark Jackson felt that way last year. It paid off against the Warriors in our last visit to Milwaukee too.

  12. Actually, shooting aside, I thought the team did a pretty good job recovering after an understandably shaky start. Lee has been the anchor for the team the whole season, playing heavy minutes. Much of the offense runs through him and he anchors the defense. They had serious adjustments to make quickly last night. There were promising plays not tried much but which should be practiced more, the feeds to Green and Ezeli for drives, for example.

    But trying to describe Curry’s performance is like trying to paint the sun. Anything you put on paper looks insignificant. The real things is too brilliant to be captured.

  13. Mo Harkless moves above Barnes in the rookie rankings, deservedly.

    • warriorsablaze

      I was a fan of his around draft time, but it’s far too early to see how these draft picks pan out. Both Barnes and Mo are incredibly young. Remember when Paul George was considered somewhat of a bust? How’s he doing now?

  14. Rick Barry says Curry should play that aggressively every game, and should never get less than 20 shots a game.

    I agree 100%. Have, in fact, been arguing for it for three years. But ask yourself this question: Is that possible in a Bogut-centric offense? In any kind of low post offense?

    There you have it.

    • good teams have been perfectly capable of shifting between open court, fast tempo hoops and playing half court sets with a low post player. it doesn’t seem likely for the preacher and what his bosses want, though. curry would easily get twenty attempts if they loosened the restrictors on the open court game a bit. they’re not really secure with their rebounding and defense, which becomes uncertainty and ambivalence about opening the court and tempo. they get spanked going against the teams that embrace it, like Den or Hou, increasing the coaches’ qualms.

      • The ability to adjust and adapt on both ends of the court is a defining characteristic of good teams and good players.

        At a team-wide level, it’s a coaching thing. If anyone needed proof of that, the Lakers would be Exhibit A.

        The Ws are well-staffed for smallball, but it’s only one strategic option. As such, it’s not always going to work. If the team could add a viable half-court game to their arsenal, it would make them that much tougher.

        Curry doesn’t need 20 shots if he makes 15 more assists instead. He’s fully capable of either.

        • the team plays mostly half court offense now, because of their insecurities on defense, the boards, and against faster tempo teams. that’s how thompson is getting his attempts, and why jack’s role is prominent. jack is no better than average in running a break. there isn’t a secondary ball handler (like rush or robinson last season) who’s both fast and can handle the ball to extensively play up tempo, although fans like the pejorative use of the term ‘small ball’ based on the stature of the players rather than how they play. curry’s shot attempts and assists would both rise when they play more open court stuff, as in his rookie season.

        • What I was wondering, the final minutes, if Curry, who was heavily covered, couldn’t have found someone else for a drive or clean look (cf. Jack’s pass to Green the last seconds against Miami). But the units on the floor simply hadn’t played that much together, without Lee.

  15. Miami Heat do the Harlem Shake:

    • I’m not saying it’s not appropriate to analyze Monta Ellis’ shooting inefficiency, it absolutely is. But like most stat-based analyses, this completely misses the mark.

      1) First off, the idea that Ellis doesn’t play defense. Obviously, this guy has his head stuck so far up his laptop’s ass that he never watches the games. He certainly didn’t watch what he did to James Harden. And what no one seems to realize, is that Monta has been defending out of position virtually his entire career. He should always guard the point guard. He’s one of the best defenders of point guards in the entire league. Ask Derrick Rose.

      2) Monta is having a nightmare season shooting the ball, no question. His shot’s been off this year. Does it make sense statistically to use those numbers, when you have a multi-year database to work with?

      3) Like all other stat gurus I’ve encountered, this guy seems to have no interest in WHY Monta is jacking up these shots. Or why his coach played him 44 minutes in each of the last two games, benching Jennings. Or why he lead the Warriors in minutes every season he was a starter. Why play your “least efficient” player so many minutes?

      The answer should again be obvious to people who derive their understanding of his worth from actually watching the games, rather than crunching his boxscores. Monta has spent virtually his entire career creating — forcing — his offense through triple teams, for teams that otherwise can’t create offense. Skeleton squads of D-leaguers, non-shooting big men on the Warriors. 3 men on the court who can’t shoot earlier this season for the Bucks. He has been virtually the entire offense for long periods throughout his career. And just like Kobe when his teams suck, his shooting % has suffered. Because he’s TRIPLE TEAMED, you moron.

      4) Monta usually gets to these midrange shots, because his drive is thwarted by a triple team. Is the drive itself inefficient? Take a look at his assist numbers, among the best in the league for an “off-guard.” Trending up since JJ Redick joined the Bucks and Monta got shifted to the point.

      For Monta, increasingly, that midrange shot is the third option. Layup, assist, pull up jumper.

      5) Because Monta is triple teamed, he completely warps the defense, like only a handful of other superstars are capable of. Anyone who actually watches the games can tell you that that leads to a huge amount of wide open offensive rebounds for his teammates.

      I’ve watched a lot of Bucks games this season, and I can tell you that Monta accounts for almost all of Larry Sanders’ offense. Either through assists, or OR opportunities.

      Does this statphreak take this into account?

      6) Monta is one of the most intuitive and accurate passers in the league. A recent study showed that his passes were converted at a higher rate than any other player — when he was on the Warriors, with no big man!

      I dunno, is that efficiency?

      7) Allen Iverson took a mediocre team to the NBA finals, shooting less than 40%, virtually all on twos.

      How does Mr. Statphreak account for this phenomenon? Perhaps there is something about basketball that doesn’t fit inside his shot chart?

      8) Monta might be a better player than Iverson, when it’s all said and done. Far better passer and teammate. An actual point guard, perhaps, finally. Far better shooter, unless what he’s going through this season is permanent.

      The current rumor is that Monta is going to opt out of his contract this summer, and that he wants to join a contender. If that actually happens, and he goes as a point guard, I think you’ll see a few things happen: 1) His shot selection, and shooting percentage, will “mysteriously” improve. 2) His assist totals will skyrocket. 3) He will suddenly be viewed as a very underrated defender. 4) His team will win. 5) He will suddenly be discussed as one of the best players in the league.

      6) And the statphreaks will go back to their computers, and pronounce they know the reason for Monta’s improvement.

      • warriorsablaze

        Sigh. You don’t have to just look at this year’s data to find Monta to be an inefficient offensive player (although this season is particularly woeful). He really only had one good shooting season, and that was coming off the bench in 2007… the perfect role for him on a contender (JR Smith, JCrawford role). He is VERY good at pressuring defenses as you said, but his decision making and court vision are pretty terrible. He can do the drive and dish to the big man underneath quite well, which I’m assuming is how Sanders gets his offense “from Monta”.

        As far as defense, he’s terrible. He’s terrible in the same way the Lee is a liability. Able to D-up 1-on-1 and get some stops, but a completely clueless team defender who is always out of position for help… and often just doesn’t even bother to give any. He gets some steals due to excessive gambling, but that strategy certainly gives up more than it takes.

        I think Monta has certainly been misused as the “go to guy” for much of his career… if he gets onto a team with an alpha dog worthy of the role, he could very well come into his own as a supporting player.

      • Can anyone throw Brandon Jennings into the equation? It’s misleading to evaluate any player out of context, without looking at teammates and systems and coaches. In Ellis’ case, what it’s like to play with BJ.

        • Move Ellis to PG (no easy task for a guy who compares his game to Dwayne Wade) and he’s got all star game – with better ball handling and an adjustment in his attitude – absolutely needed. Nellie tried unsuccessfully. As long as Ellis is playing SG, he’ll be a flawed player. Nellie said as much.

          A smart team will pair him with the right backcourt mate. Like the Baron/Ellis backcourt. If the Grizzlies didn’t already have Conley – Memphis might fit. Or bring Ellis as a scorer off the bench on a contender.

          Yes, Ellis can play elite defense – when he chooses to – and can play horrid defense – when he doesn’t care. Lets hope on the right team with the right personnel – he can elevate this part of his game.

          As we predicted, Curry was All Star worthy without Ellis. Next season for sure. No way Curry gets 20 shots a game with Ellis still here.

  16. Batter Hatter

    @ 11 FB,

    I think you put your finger on it. The NY loss was on the coach.

    If you have a guy scoring at will, what makes it a good idea to take the ball out of his hands? Why have JJack bring the ball up? He’s a fine player, but he’s not the one who’s 11-13 on 3s against that night’s opponents.

    If you’re swapping offensive/defensive players with every exchange on the floor, what’s Ezeli doing on court for your final offensive possession?

    How good an idea is it to give your team’s final shot to a player who was 1-11 at the time? He’s 1-11! Why is he even on the court?

    • Batter Hatter

      Oops, correction: Thompson was 3-11 at the time. My question still stands.

    • Statistical analysis has shown that the “hot” and “cold” factor has no predictive value on the next shot that gets thrown up. It’s a little hard to swallow that, having watched Curry’s last few games, but there you are.

      I have no problem with Klay being out there, and given the shot. He’s a great shooter, and he was open.

      And fwiw, I don’t believe his struggles — at anything, shooting, layups, decision-making — will continue. Too high an IQ, too much talent. It’s a matter of experience. Barely a sophomore.

      I feel differently about Barnes. I think many of his struggles will continue throughout his career. Because he lacks basic basketball talents — court vision, hoops IQ, handle, passing ability, shot fundamentals. And most importantly, he lacks heart.

      • Agree on Barnes. He has little idea of what to do with the ball when it finds him. Once every 10 games there is a nice dunk though.
        Nickname contest – Invisible Man

      • Batter Hatter

        I’m familiar with that “hot hand” analysis. It compares players of equivalent shooting percentages, and assumes they are performing to their usual standards. Thompson is in a multi-game slump, though:

        Career fg% .428
        2012-13: .414
        Last 10 games: .392
        Last 5 games: .375
        Last 2 games: .296
        Last game: .231

        In addition, as Frank has pointed out, Thompson’s 4th quarter shooting is far worse than in his other 3 quarters, for whatever reason.

        Barnes has a better shooting % than Thompson over the last 10 games. In the last 2 games, even Green has a better %. Neither of them should have taken that shot either. Richard Jefferson is at .500 over the last 5 games. Jarrett Jack is at .438 overall and .480 on threes!

        Reality check time: Lakers need a score for the win. Does ANYBODY take that shot except Kobe?

        Wanna win, ride your winner.

        I think Thompson can be a fine player. But more and more he’s looking less and less like someone who can seize the moment. He’ll never be THE MAN unless he can handle the pressure and step up to the challenge. A la Curry, or Kobe, or even JJack.

        I wish Thompson all the best, I really do. But I also wish someone else had taken that game-ending shot in NY.

      • Way too small a sample size to conclude anything that you conclude re: Barnes. Especially, the heart thing. Really? Based upon what? People have been (mistakenly) saying the same thing about Curry his whole career.

        • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

          Based up the fact that Feltbot has his face so far up Monta’s ass. Feltbot is the king of manipulating numbers ignoring reality.

          • Original Truth: If you think Feltbot is full of it :

            1) Why do you read this blog?
            2) Why don’t you at least stick your neck out and opine or give some inkling that you have some knowledge or analytical skills yourself? East to do what you do right now, but it just litters the blog and is tedious for sure.

          • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

            I stuck my neck out. I’m willing to play Feltbot 1 on 1 for 10K. If he knows so much about basketball. He is scared!!!!!!! Everyone loves to play Monday morning QB. The funny thing is the Warriors are having a great season. More successful than anyone predicted. Yet most of you still bitch whine. There is nothing wrong with a good debate. The problem is it is difficult to debate someone that has there head so far up Feltbot’s ass they don’t know what the truth is. Compound that with the fact that Feltbot has his head so far up the ass of Monta Ellis that he thinks Monta is better than Allan Iverson and Dwayne Wade. I am not the idiot that said I was perfect in every single one of my predictions like Feltbot did. If you lie and make ridiculous statements I will call out the Bull Shit.

          • I enjoy reading Feltbot’s blog because he actually discusses the team and analyzes each game. He substantiates via stats and pointing out specific plays to back up his thinking. Readers are left to think about his points and contrast with their views of the game. It is an entertaining excercise.

            Feltbot has been complimentary to present players and coaches. Generally, my problem with your posts is the way you make them personal, and your basic tenet is Joe Lacob can do no wrong (the exact opposite of why you claim you are critical of Feltbot). Feltbot actually substantitates his points. Many of those who are critical of Feltbot, Ellis, and Nelson etc use personal attacks and inuendo, and without any substantiation. It makes it difficult to actually dialog about basketball as most of the arguments use emotion and rehashed diatribe from KNBR, Chronicle, and Mercury news writers who are known to be paid off by the Woyas (ie, will only say what the party line is, or else they don’t work there anymore).
            If you think Lacob et al, are doing a great job, give specifics besides their record please. Substantiate.

        • I realize I’m early on this, Livermore. I was early on Brandan Wright too.

          • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

            You were also clearly wrong about Jeremy Lin not belonging in the NBA based on the fact that he air balled a running floater. You said the only reason he was on the Warriors for PR reason. If you throw enough shit against a wall some of it will stick Feltbot.

          • Original Truth,

            Houston cut Lin last year after the Warriors,
            Lacob was the one who released Jeremy Lin, not Feltbot. So I guess you are finally being critical of Joey.
            Did you OT disagree with Lin being cut, are you jumping on his bandwagon now too?

        • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

          “Feltbot actually substantitates his points.”

          If you consider using inaccurate statements and manipulating statistics making a case than I have some ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you. Feltbot has a vendetta against the current ownership because they traded Ellis and fired Nelson. He tries to smear them at all costs. While Feltbot sits there an claims his record at predictions is flawless. Feltbot is a fraud and apparently you have your head up his ass because you can’t see it.
          So for Feltbot to claim he never makes mistakes is idiotic.

          Yes Lacob has made mistakes the biggest one was not amnesting Biedrins.

          • @Truth – Lacob signed Jeremy Lin when everyone said he was a gimmick – including me although I saw how he attacked the rim in Summer League. I assure you – Lacob didn’t want to cut Lin…

            Lacob’s lucky the Clips matched though!!!

  17. One of the unsolved mysteries is why Nelson benched Curry his first appearance at MSG his rookie year, early in the season. He only played 2 minutes. It was just a day or so before SJax got traded. Also he assumed the Knicks were the team who would draft him. As I recall, he didn’t even show up at the Warriors when they looked at draft picks. I don’t know if those factors or related or had an influence on his performance the other night.

    Game log 2009 season here:;_ylt=Akhpkgj7gdBTRbKuCCY6uDmkvLYF?year=2009

  18. I agree with your analysis regarding Monta Ellis. Always thought he was the best at stripping the ball from a defender when he was holding or dribbling in place. But, when the team began to lose games, he lost interest, and refused to play defense.

    I had no trouble with Ezeli being substituted with 2 minutes to go against NY, but thought he should have come-in for Thompson or possibly D. Green (I believe he was on the court), not Landry. As Thompson shot dreadfully in the third quarter, and has shot poorly in the fourth quarter in other recent games.

    Going forward the Warriors should rely on Jack, Curry, D. Lee, Landry, D. Green, Jefferson, and Ezeli. These players provide good balance on offense and defense. Jefferson has to start shooting and especially driving to the hoop so that he can get to the line.

    Thompson, Barnes, and Biedrins should only play limited minutes, unless they are hot shooting the ball. Neither Barnes nor Thompson should start. But this is not going to happen as Jackson seems committed to both Barnes and Thompson, and therefore, the Warriors chances of making the playoffs are in jeopardy.

    I really want to see a big frontcourt line-up of Ezeli, D. Lee , and Jefferson, Landry or D. Green. Or, a small line-up, of D.Lee, Landry, and either Jefferson or D. Green. The first should start the first quarter and I suspect would finish the Warriors ahead at the end of the first quarter, something we haven’t seen in a long time.

    And they should start the third quarter and play at times in the fourth quarter. But I would not be surprised if the smaller line-up when paired with Jack and Curry, will be the most successful closing out the fourth quarter.

    The Warriors main problem is who is and who is not getting playing time, not whether the Warriors are playing spread four or a high or low post, offense. Running would also be nice.

    And the Warriors really need to start trying to get steals. We are being killed each game. Don’t the Warriors study the opposing teams offensive sets, and come-up with a plan to disrupt their opponent plays? It doesn’t seem so as the Warriors just sit back and let the opponent teams run their offense.

    • How often is a steal a bail out of fundamentally bad basketball? More often than not, I’d bet.

  19. I think the Warriors still have a lot of good trade options in April and this summer. They can trade Thompson and/or players who have a contract that the team they play for wants to dump, or make a trade that includes a first round 2014 draft pick.

    The Warriors will also need to decide whether B. Rush will return and play at the level he did last year. If so, having a three guard rotation of Curry, Jack, and Rush, is a good starting point to start the season with. Rush can clearly also play SF. A healthy B.Rush is surely better on both sides of the ball than either Barnes or Thompson.

    Lacob is not likely to just allow Biedrins, Bogut’s and Jefferson’s contract to simply run out next year. Such is not the Warriors optimum move, given that Barnes and Thompson should not be part of the Warriors future, and the Warriors want to field a good team for next year.

    • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

      Trade options in April????? Are you aware that the trade deadline has already passed?

    • perhaps a little patience is called for Frank, at least until the lacobites give a small hint that they think “Barnes and Thompson should not be part of the W—‘s future”. could come this summer, because they’re on rookie contracts which are relatively easy to move, but the lux tax issues have to be addressed if they decide to re-sign jack.

  20. Barnes was engaged, active, and aggressive tonight (Jim Barnett). Which is why I haven’t yet thrown Barnes under the bus! He plays a decent game like this every now and then.

    I don’t know why Barnes hasn’t given consistent effort, but at worst – Harrison’s a nice trading chip on a rookie contract. Offseason – Package Barnes and an expiring next season can land us something…

  21. “David Lee Sucks”