Pre-Game Jitters: Mavs at Warriors

Tonight we get to see whether Klay’s defense on Monta last game was for real. A lot of noise was made about Monta struggling through back and ankle injuries after his poor shooting performance.

Either Dalembert is out of favor or he’s dealing with injury problems, as Blair drew the start against Cousins. That would be an even better idea against the non-scoring Bogut, as Blair’s quickness might prove troublesome.

Look for a lot of Shane Larkin in the fourth quarter, and possibly before, as I’m sure Carlisle noticed in the last game how much trouble the two quick guard look gave the Warriors. I’m referring to the last Mavs game, although the Charlotte game would serve just as well.

Marion on Curry, Calderon on Barnes? Wouldn’t be surprised. Prepare for isos.

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  1. Scorers can have tough nights. That’s what happened to Monta…I think. Look for him ti bounce back. Also look/hope for Mjax to match D. Greens energy with Blair’s. Who guards Dirk? Can our bench match theirs. Can Bogut play 20min without fouling out?
    Monta hasn’t lost to the warriors yet. It will take exceptional play from Curry to break that jinx.

    • It will be interested to see who the Warriors put on Dirk. I think Barnes is the best option because Dirk doesn’t really have much quickness going to the hoop, and rather than try to get to the hoop, he usually just shoots over his defender. This is the type of defense Barnes can play.

      • if green’s wheels are sound, expect to see him some of the time on der Dirkster. douglas on ellis could be coming too. the biggest edge Dal has is their coach.

        • Personally,I think DLee did a very decent job last game. Far better than Green. Forced Dirk into a lot of tough turnarounds. That’s all u can ask.

  2. Hard to appreciate a win when you get punished for over half the game. This is not a great Dallas team. But I guess we had no reason to expect anything different.

    What kind of team might we have had now if we got an intelligent owner years back, and a coach to match? Which is more irritating, Jackson saying is/is not “our brand of basketball” or that guy in the AT&T ad who gives a visor?

    • It’s impossible to get into an offensive rhythm with this starting lineup, this system. It just makes them look bad.

  3. Not sure I’d know how to recap this game, so I’ll let Curry’s performance stand on its own. Except for saying, those who don’t think Curry is a closer are getting their answer. Players of his greatness don’t need size or athleticism to get their shot off.

    I don’t know if it fits his religion, but if it does, Mark Jackson should light some candles for Stephen Curry tonight.

  4. The Warriors need to break out of their rut, bad. Nice win though.

    You can see in the way Curry carries himself now, he knows he’s better than 95% of the league.

    Doesn’t mean much if the Dubs keep flirting with .500 though. They need a little breathing space, because this team is built for the playoffs.

    Oh, and my rec league team lost by two tonight, so it all evens out in the end.

  5. Good interview with Curry below. He doesn’t doubt his ability as a closer.

    “On the floor is Ray Allen, Jordan, Kobe, Reggie Miller and you. Who’s your No. 1 option?

    Curry: Jordan’s No. 1. I’m No. 2. Then you go Ray, then Reggie, then Kobe. Three-pointer or not, same answer.”

  6. It’s time for Jackson to grab the bull by the horns and make a change to the starting lineup. I’m sure he knows it needs to be made, but seems unwilling to do it, whether it is because of Joe Lacob, or his own stubbornness.

    Feltbot, your incessant praise of Green is accurate. Green needs to start in place of Barnes.

    As Green’s confidence has grown, so has his scoring.
    Barnes: 44 min, 6 for 16 for 17 pts, 4 rebs, 1 asst, 1 steal, +4
    Green: 27 min, 4 for 5, 9 pts, 5 rebs, 4 assts, 1 steal, 2 blocks, +5 (Plus game-changing clutch 3)

    At this point, nearly everything he does is better than Barnes’ version of the same thing. Putting Green into the starting lineup in his place would help get the ball hopping, improve the team defense and add an element of toughness and focus that Barnes doesn’t start the game with. We have a significant sample size from starting lineups with Barnes this season, and the first quarters and halves have been anything but good.

    Bogut is the easy scapegoat for bad first quarters and halves. However, as Barnett pointed out last night, he has not been involved in the offense as a scorer, but he has been playing his role, and he does score when he is spoon fed buckets. Barnes should not be starting the game at spread 4 because Lee and Bogut should both be in the game to start, if for nothing else, but to play defense and pass the ball. Barnes does not pass.

    • 17 points might seem decent, but I would also argue that Thompson’s scoring declines when Barnes is scoring because Barnes takes touches from Thompson by NOT PASSING THE BALL.

  7. Wrote a recap of sorts this morning despite myself.