Warriors 93 Nets 86: Nellieball Haiku

The floor is spread, the offense flows.

The extra wing, the defense swarms.


Stephen Curry:


The Wizard of Oracle pauses time

And in the magic moment…


2) Not a true haiku

Papa says, “Not a true point guard.”

Because he scores.

Like Nash and Parker and DWill and Rose and Westbrook and Lillard and Dragic and Irving and Wall and…

Jermaine O’Neal:


The ancient gladiator

Stalks the arena

Hunting a final glory.


Spread floor,

Pick and roll’s wide open!

35-year-old drops 23.


11 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals.

44 minutes.

What hamstring?

Draymond Green:

Joe Johnson, Warrior Eater.

Tonight he dined

On bone and gristle.

Klay Thompson:

Not a great underwear model,

A martyr to marketing.

Fans prefer Barnes.

Steve Blake:

The savvy vet off the bench

Engineers offense

In his tightie whities.

Harrison Barnes:

The brand machinery

grinds slowly to a halt.

Hashtag Black Emu.

Jordan Crawford:

Stripped of his role, no longer the point

Can’t guard, can’t shoot

Back to forcing.

Mo Speights:


All season long, confined to the paint

A bald eagle

Forced to hunt on foot.

2) 10:00 2Q

High screen, spread floor.

Blake to Iggy backdoor dunk!

What a stretch-five does.

3) 8:20 2Q

High screen, spread floor.

Blake drives the lane, Speights glides to the spot,

Pick and Pop!

David Lee:

Sprained shoulder, strained hip.

Paul Pierce at power forward.

Good time for the flu!

Andrew Bogut:

Some injections are good,

Some injections are bad.

Not injury prone?

Mark Jackson:

In the cobwebbed house

The broken clock tells the time

Twice a day.

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  1. Added “Not a true Haiku” under Stephen Curry.

  2. these were briliant. your blog and tweets, and comments by most of the posters on the blog are the best writing about the dubs on the web.

    very frustrating to watch the dubs slow the pace on potential breaks and set up the half court o. mjax is suspect – i can only hope he is getting them practice in the slowdown that will come in the playoffs, and yet will let them run in the playoffs when those opptys present themselves.

    love hbarnes but would no longer be upset if he was moved. and yet, hoping he is solid again in the playoffs.

  3. Saw Blake (in the high lights) move the ball up-court quickly after a Nets basket, resulting in a Warriors score.

    Progress, if continued…

    Wonderful post Mr. Feltbot.

    PS — The Emu’s legs are among the strongest of any animal, allowing them to rip metal wire fences:


  4. Some injections are good, others are bad, Bogut’s was a perfect shot in the arm. 6-2 and counting. Hope the preacher is noticing..

  5. How melencholy sir Feltbot. I think the identity of this team had been totally defined the past several games. Jackson has demanded this team be defensively focused with little value on finding ways for his offense to excel. We are all going to have to love with I until he’s gone. Jackson is truly a one trick pony.

    The Steve Blake trade has stabilized the second team offense in the half court, and thus we are stuck with a strong defensive team with a modeling offense with Curry as the late game savior.

    What is the problem? Injuries. This ‘renewed commitment’ to defense that Jackson asked for before the AS break will almost certainly result in more injuries for his horses –Iggy, Lee and perhaps even Klay due to overuse. Bogut will almost certainly be in and out of the lineup. (I have a strong suspicion Bogut is playing his injuries close to the vest because he is gearing up for the playoff push. His body can’t withstand the daily NBA grind, so he has to pick his moments.)
    Next year the Warriors need a coach with some flexibility and creativity.

  6. The summer’s grass!
    all that’s left
    of ancient warriors’ dreams.


  7. Beautiful post.

    – Unfair to Lee. Flu happens.
    – Somewhat unfair to Bogut. Injuries happen, especially in the war zone. And if he is having a bad reaction to meds, time off is the only cure.

    But also:

    – Great new hashtag/nickname for Barnes! If there was a competition for that, you won it. A flightless bird, nearly extinct. Indeed.

    – Draymond bothered Nets all over the floor, not just Johnson. It’s too bad that strips, disrupted shots, stopped dribble-drives and general unpleasantness don’t show up in the stats. Even without all that, Draymond’s stats were pretty good! Only 5-16 shooting, but 8-10 FTs helped make up for his completion rate. As did his 10 boards, 2 assists, 3 steals, and 0 turnovers. Now about those layups…

    – Mo Speights did fine overall, but didn’t stop Blatche. On the other hand, no one stopped Blatche. Jackson could have switched Green onto Blatche and played Speights more. But that would have meant responding to game conditions, not Jackson’s strong suit.

  8. A venture capitalist, the sins of the past
    A boy with a dream and aerospace engineers
    An announcer, a preacher
    A slick agent
    A legend, a piece of furniture—

    Golden State Warriors!

  9. Warriors just won two big games by playing slow pace spread the floor basketball. While counterintuitive – playing small and slow, successfully – this is just appearance: defense was quick and active, fast paced if you will, while on offense Warriors played for a better shot with great passing and lots of moving: they upped tempo in half-court. And with having the floor spread together with a capable big, it is what brought these wins home: active (fast) offense and defense in a slow paced overall game.

    (Now, I ignore an iso there or here).

    What is interesting in this small sample size, is the idea that good teams may gain advantage by slowing the game down (I read a study arguing that, though forgot the title and couldn’t find it on internets) – take easy baskets away from teams that a) like to run because they have few half-court weapons and b) teams that are build running. I personally think slowing the houston game was essential to win – houston is just much better running and gunning all those threes. And it seems our half court offense is not so bad when proper players are in and making lots of passes, cuts, curls etc. I also assume that playing slower transition game means having more legs for defense, and Warriors being third in the league makes it hard to complain about it.

    And if warriors won’t forget/remember spurts of crazy splash basketball, they will be there at elite level – which to me consists of managing the pace of the game: that is force better half court teams to run, and force better open court teams to play slow.
    With this new small ball slow pace fast execution game this could be a really thrilling and head scratch inducing mongrel hybrid of a team.
    I personally prefer fast basketball, but something in last nights game made me think that slow game can be beautiful with almost no post play (of course we must have in mind that nets had a small lineup and couldn’t punish us down low), and I had no doubt about warriors winning that game.
    But that is still a mere proposition.

    • What the Ws do on D doesn’t affect how they play O. An early offense attack is possible anytime the other team didn’t complete a possession with free throws.

      Last night our offense didn’t run an occasional iso. By my guess, it was at least 30% iso’s.

      Per NBAWowy, the Ws scored on 43.5% of shots. Of the shots made, 70.3% were assisted. That’s 30% of made shots that were not assisted – either isolation plays or off screens. Let’s call half of those iso’s. That’s 13 iso’s. 15% of the total shot attempts.

      Of the 56.5% of shots the Ws missed, an even higher percentage were isolation plays. Crawford and Barnes alone combined for 3-17 shooting, the majority of their misses coming from iso’s. The 14 misses from those two guys alone were 17% of the Ws total shot attempts. Add in most of Green’s 2-pt misses and all the other iso’s (Curry, Thompson, etc.), and that’s a lot of isolation plays.

      Iso’s were easily 30-40% of the total offense. Not an occasional thing.

      • Well, if they plan to clamp and swarm on defense, they might think of reserving energy – cut the transition game for example – in other words, slow the general flow of the game. So, yeah, what they do on D affects what and how they do on O, if they have a plan.

        Isos I will leave unattended so far, their function is a mystery to me. Maybe rest as well.

    • warriorsablaze

      One game changes everything!!! :/

      • At this point, I think we can safely say it’s been a season.

        • warriorsablaze

          I’m just teasing you, Felt. I fully give props to Monta for having a pretty nice season. Still pretty inefficient and the +/- shows a different story than Carlisle just saying he played good defense… but yeah, I still love his heart and if I want someone to go strong to the hoop, I’d only pick Lebron ahead of him to be my guy.

          Would still have traded him 100/100 times… regardless of Bogut, we don’t get this Curry with Monta here… and while Monta is a very good player, Curry is another level.

  10. -Curry erred on the side of passivity a bit I thought (for the third game in a row), but I’m really encouraged by the improvement in his floor game. Hopefully his recent TO numbers are more than a fluke.
    -Barnes might be one of the 20 worst players in the league to be getting actual minutes. I remember reading he came dead last in one of the WARP variants. Wonder what could we have gotten for him in the off season after all that (mostly undeserved) playoff hype…
    -Thompson is now basically at league average in TS. And while it’s tempting to call it a slump, that’s his career average. If a guy like that isn’t giving you above replacement scoring, what is his value exactly?
    -Speights isn’t capable of contributing to winning basketball. It’s not some big mystery either, he’s never done that in his career.
    -Oneal was terrific, but it’s obviously unrealistic to expect anything approaching that production from him moving forward. Here’s to hoping Bogut and Lee’s injuries are as minor as the management is trying to portray them…

    • The Ws could have easily gotten Danny Granger for Barnes. Granger is a latter-days shadow of his younger (pre-injury) self, so he’s not a “good value” in trade. But he’s still better than Barnes.

      • The thing is I think we could have gotten Amir Johnson or Kyle Lowry for Barnes back in November or December.

  11. Also per nbawowy:

    Points per possession:
    Andre Iguodala 1.16
    Draymond Green 1.00
    Jermaine O’Neal 1.42
    Stephen Curry 1.27
    Klay Thompson 0.66
    Harrison Barnes 0.41
    Jordan Crawford 0.55
    Steve Blake 1.73
    Marreese Speights 1.27

    – Blake and JON were the most efficient scorers.
    – Speights was tied with Curry!
    – Green (1.0) was just under the entire team’s season average (1.016), pretty awesome for a “defensive specialist!”
    – Crawford and The Black Emu were as inefficient as they looked. Crawford needs to join the team. I don’t have a suggestion for Barnes other than to superglue his ass to the bench.

    For a frame of reference on PPP, as a team the Heat are at 1.123 on the season, and the Ws are at 1.o16. That’s a 10% deficit in offensive efficiency. The worst team in the league (Bucks) are at 1.017 ppp for the season. Right where the Warriors are.

    • Barnes needs to play 4. He would have been great matchup against Garnett.

      • Huh?

        Garnett started at C in the last game.

        If they were matched up at PF, Garnett would DEMOLISH Barnes. On offense Barnes can’t even get a shot off against Derek Fisher. On D, Barnes wouldn’t slow down Garnett in the slightest.

        Sorry. Back to the drawing board.

  12. Watching in person was painful in some regards and amazing in others. Crawford looks like he can get to the rim at will. When he jacks up a 19-footer 5 seconds into the shot clock, I wish Jackson would sit him down immediately to make the point. Thompson and Barnes looked actually lost on the court. I root harder for Barnes than anyone but last night he truly didn’t seem to care about what happened when he was on the floor. His foul problem could create the appearance of aggression but especially on offense, he walked most of the time, rarely set picks or attempted to get open… He’s in his own head. Of course it’s the responsibility of the coaching staff to motivate him and play his matchups correctly, but young man you have thousands of strangers rooting for you and counting on you to be someone for this team going forward. Seize the day so you don’t have to read this criticism every day. Draymond is shorter, slower, heavier, and a worse shooter than you and was a one-man wrecking machine and deserved the game ball last night because it’s so obvious how much he CARES! Watch him and follow his lead if the coaches can’t motivate you.

    • hope you followed your man barnes over the all star break. he sounded confident he’d be back for another dunk fest, and gave an interview you can watch on truehoop. contrast him with the minority owner West, who scoffs at the notion that players get motivation from coaching, who played with huge insecurities and competitiveness. the great Russell was another in that mold. barnes is just too comfortable with himself, plays like his roster spot and minutes are guaranteed (they certainly appear to be). many first round draftees don’t wake up to the necessities of competing for a job until they’re traded away from their rookie team, or allowed to go into free agency without even a qualifying offer from that team. his fans usually sound afraid of him being dealt, but it could be the key to him developing as a player.

  13. The snippets I read suggest the opposite… It seems he knows he is doing poorly, he said trade talk was affecting him negatively and he seems like a sensitive young man. He has skills that could translate into a long NBA career. I hope he uses them and works hard enough to
    Improve his deficiencies so that my team can exceed their expectations. Don’t forget his youth; also don’t forget the adjustment that comes in our lives when we realize the things we succeeded doing through our own natural talents don’t come easy anymore. The demarcation between those that succeed in life and those that don’t is what we do with that realization.

    • “He has skills that could translate into a long NBA career.”

      Besides solid spot-up 3pt shooting, what are those skills exactly?

    • I’m not questioning Barnes’ character at all, which seems to be OK. But if he wants to develop strong character and become a better player (they are related, if not the same thing), he needs to start at ground level and start rebuilding. What would be in his best interest is to send him down to the D-League, away from all the national hype and Lacob promotion and hyperinflated expectations, and see what he can do from there. He has too much to learn, too many skills to develop, to think of himself as a significant NBA player, and playing him now is just going to frustrate him further. I’m skeptical he could do it, work his way back to the NBA—he’s just too incomplete at this stage of his career. But if he could, it would make him stronger. If he couldn’t, then a lot of embarrassment would be spared for everyone.

      Green had to battle limited skills and physical limitations four years under Izzo to become the gritty, intelligent player he is now. Curry had to battle his small size, wasn’t sought by any major college, and had to prove himself in a small school and weak league. Barnes, however, got too much attention and too much reward for being able to do a few limited things—drive and dunk in open space and hit a shot in the clear. But these got him national attention in high school and a promising spot at UNC, where he disappointed in his brief two years, then a high draft and a spot here with GSW.

      And the team would benefit from sending him down and testing out others who have been overlooked, who haven’t had an easy ride, but who are determined to prove themselves. Barnes is holding the team back, both by not contributing and, indirectly by having guaranteed minutes, not giving someone else a shot. There have to be many D-Leaguers who could start contributing immediately and do better than Barnes is now.

    • he has definitely established his interview skills for presenting himself well, but you are making more melodrama than the the recent trade chatter merits. nothing was mentioned that the lacobites had offered him up, just that most of their roster does not share curry’s ‘untouchable’ status. he and his agent should have no problem about other teams’ interest in him (and most players still on their rookie contract who’ve shown they can start for middling or bad teams will get plenty) because it helps their leverage when his rookie contract reaches its last two seasons.

  14. Fill in the punchline:

    “Harrison Barnes’ favorite movie is The Prestige, because…”

  15. So Curry asks us to pray for David Lee on twitter, and he’s not traveling with the team to Detroit.

    A very severe case of stomach flu, indeed.

    • lee did a radio show last Fri., and they were joking about him making a jaunt to Mexico, with his illness originating there. if there was an element of truth to the story, it might not be a flu virus at all, but bacterial. similar to bogut needing to recover from a botched ‘remedy’, if they treated lee successfully for a serious gastrointestinal infection, he’d also need recovery time.

      • So Montezuma’s Revenge?

        Why not just tell the truth?

      • “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” – attributed to Sigmund Freud.

        People get sick. The flu is a contagious disease, easily transmitted in a small environment with recirculated air. That’s plenty of reason to leave Lee home.

        • I agree. He played 45 freaking minutes after the AS break. I would be shocked if he picked something up south of the border.

  16. http://espn.go.com/nba/boxscore?gameId=400489712

    Kent Bazemore started and scored 17 with 2 steals (and 4 turn-overs).

    After his 1st game with the Lakers, the Lakers coach said Bazemore played good defense.

    • warriorsablaze

      He also had 0 rebounds and 4 TO’s in 25 minutes. Happy for the dude, though… how can you not cheer for Baze? It’s still a good deal to bring in Blake right now for this team, but 3 years down the line we might regret not developing Baze properly….who I think can be a solid rotation player.

      Just add him to the growing list of players that Smart/MJax couldn’t put in a position to succeed despite how obvious the strengths/weaknesses were of said players. Square pegs in round holes… the MJax way.

      • I love to hammer Jackson, but D’Antoni and Pops are the only two coaches in the league that do a good job turning rotation players into strong assets. Look what has happened to Gary Neal after leaving the Spurs.

        Joe Johnson, in my opinion, is a prime example. Johnson looked like the next superstar while playing for Phoenix under D’Antoni. As soon as he was traded, he started jacking up junk, and now he’s hardly worth his weight, and certainly not worth his salary ($21.4M this season).

    • OK, gimme a second here to wrap my mind around the concept: Bazemore STARTED an NBA game.

      Love Baze. Wish him all the best. Not an NBA starter this year, not for any team that wants to win.

      Lakers in full-on tank more. Ultimately bad for Baze.

  17. Off topic, but is anyone watching “House of Cards” on Netflix? It’s kind of baroque and is more interested in itself than its subject matter, politics and the American scene, but I do like Kevin Spacey, especially in the role of a Southern politician. And now he’s talking to me at night. Needless to say, I got started on season 2 and couldn’t stop. I have no willpower.

    Just as GSW is more interested in its conception of itself than it is basketball. But imagine a made for TV series. It could be called “The Sins of the Past” or “The Winning Culture.” (“House of Cards” is already taken.) Episode 1 begins with the brain trust in their private meeting, discussing Harrison Barnes. . . .

    • Watched a couple of episodes, got the gist, lost interest.

      I think that in real life, American politics is an extraction industry like mining. Politicians skip all the messy parts like digging and smelting, though, and extract dollars directly.

      I think political power, the focus of “House of Cards,” is only one of several devices that enable a politician to increase his extraction capability – but it only works if the power is publicized. Which is where “House of Cards” departs from reality. Just being sneaky and rotten doesn’t make money. Secrecy isn’t a profit center.

      Political donations are an immense natural resource. The people making donations are customers, buyers of a product. The product is influence (Boehner’s offering), or a political meme (Alan West or Alan Greyson, your choice), outrage (Fox News/Limbaugh/Hannity/Wolf/etc. ad nauseum), or whatever the donor perceives as righteousness (pick your own candidate).

      THAT is the politics industry. “House of Cards” is dirty fun, Spacey is great, there are worse ways to waste your time, but “House of Cards” is only a stage show.

      The real thing is far more fascinating.

  18. I missed the game. Can anyone fill me in? But from looking at the box score, it appears:

    Jackson had to go big


    And it was a dismal game.

    Is it a sin to win easily?

    Is there a poetic form to express ugliness and whatever is the opposite of insight?

    • It wasn’t that bad. Detroit was hitting shots in the first quarter and then basically went back to being Detroit the rest of the night.

    • GS has a strong incentive to win, Det has one to lose. focus on defense was the ‘tell’. didn’t help Det for Dumars, who should know better, took on two free agents like jennings and smith.

  19. Kendrick Perkins out 6 weeks. The cracks are showing everywhere in the West. It’s completely up for grabs this season.

  20. Last night I finally figured out what bothered me about Mark Jackson’s coaching. It’s honest and straightforward. No tricks.

    Jackson seems to want his team to earn wins, to beat others only in a fair contest, even-up, man-for-man. Win the hard way.

    Jackson doesn’t believe in cross-matching against opponents. If the opponent tends to play big-and-slow, he goes big-and-slow with a twin-towers lineup like last night. If they play Nellieball, like Miami, Bogut gets rest as the Lee/Green front line gets more play.

    Offensive play calling follows the same “must earn it” pattern. While the team has shown some fairly elaborate and effective motion plays, they’re rarely seen past the 1st quarter. The offense quickly devolves to screen-and-rolls or simple screens. And in Q2 the man-on-man iso’s start to appear, a lot, despite the fact that iso’s have the worst success rate for this squad.

    Even more odd, Jackson hesitates to cross-match even when his straight-up lineup is getting killed – this year’s first Clippers game, for example. For comparison, Don Nelson routinely planned cross-matches and mismatches. Spread 4 (Tolliver), Spread 5 (Bol sometimes!), point forwards (SJax), low-post play from PGs (B Davis).

    Jackson’s teams earn their wins the hard way. I presume it’s character-building. Perhaps it’s meant to be.

    It’s almost… Calvinistic.

    The result of all that character-building is something we started to see last year, and which has continued through this season to date: an average margin of victory smaller than any other team that hopes to contend in the playoffs. Another result is that it gives the team a lower success rate than the talent is capable of. This is a team with (now) FOUR shooters capable of .400+ 3-pt shooting, which finds itself finishing many games scoring less than 95 points. A team with a superstar scoring big (David Lee) repeatedly iso’d against double-teams. A team that does best in an early offensive attack which rarely runs an early offense.

    Jackson’s approach is a far contrast from Don Nelson’s. Nellie always tried to prevent the other team from dictating the style of play. He always tried to force the action in favor of his team’s talent. Attack their bigs with quick, skilled small guys. Attack a good half-court defense by running early, preventing the D from setting up for maximum effect. Make good-D but low-scoring teams play catch-up.

    Nellie played to get the worst out of his opponent. Jackson says “give us your best.” Nellie was proactive, Jackson entirely reactive. Maybe that’s intentional, maybe it’s simple stupidity on his part. Maybe Jackson will suddenly spring coaching smartness on opponents in the playoffs. Whatever. If the goal is simply to win, playing to the opponent’s strengths – and not your own – is coaching at its absolute worst.

    Last night’s game was a tight, grind-it-out affair. Piston ball by both teams.

    That’s what bugs me about Mark Jackson.

    • +1 I agree with this generally, and love the line: “Nellie played to get the worst out of his opponent. Jackson says ‘give us your best.'”

      However, in last night’s game, Jackson must be given credit for not doing what we usually fault him for. He actually had quite a good game plan.

      He opened the game with the twin towers look, and played Pistons basketball, yes. But that disappeared as soon as the second unit came in, with Speights at 5, Green at 4.

      In the third Q, he again started O’Neal and Bogut, but pulled O’Neal after only three minutes. They never played together for the rest of the game, and in fact only played together a total of 12 minutes. Bogut and O’Neal were staggered at center for the entire second half, with the Warriors playing a smallball 4. (Note that Speights was never given a minute at 4.)

      This changing of the second half lineup could have been taken from the pages of Don Nelson’s playbook. Although Bogut and O’Neal weren’t effective together, they absorbed 12 minutes of pounding from the Piston’s big front line, and preserved Green and Barnes, and the Warriors small forwards as well, for the second half.

      Note that Barnes played PF for all but 1 minute of the 4th Q, and performed quite well. +17.


      • Barnes did do well! Good shooting with 5 rebounds and 4 assists, big numbers for him.

        A minor quibble: Barnes wasn’t +17, the team went +17 with Barnes on the floor. Most of that plus came from the bench squad’s first rotation, Q1-Q2, with Green at the 4. When playing the 4 in the 4th Q, HB shot only 1-3, though the rest of his game was OK.

      • Another minor quibble: At game end, Detroit went to a small closing lineup first, then Jackson followed two minutes later with his small finishing lineup. Detroit’s finishing lineup was a PF, 2 SFs and two guards.

        In other words, closing with smallball was a reactive move on Jackson’s part. He didn’t drive the strategy, he responded to the Pistons’ move. To his credit, HE RESPONDED! He doesn’t always. But it wasn’t like he set the tone, the pace, the style of play. He just followed what the opponent did. As usual.

    • Jackson should get into a theological debate with Curry, upon whom he so heavily relies and whose talent and spirit he hampers, whose favorite scripture comes from Philippians: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

      • It’s fine that Jackson is faithful. But as a supervisor he should confine all theological discussion to outside the office.

    • “The result of all that character-building is something we started to see last year, and which has continued through this season to date: an average margin of victory smaller than any other team that hopes to contend in the playoffs. ”

      We are #6 in MOV in the NBA. Last year we were #12 in the department. No points for improvement, eh?

      • Much to my surprise, you’re right, EZ. I should have checked this year’s number instead of going by feel.

        I stand corrected. Jackson is a great, great coach. Fantastic! Brilliant even!

  21. Interesting proposition, would need more analysis by opponents to see whether it holds any water in regards to playing the opponents best. One recent counterfactual – Houston game, where I thought Houston wants to run, but Warriors slowed down the pace.
    Warriors have won four defensive grind it out games now in a row, whether it’s due to opponents (for example last night Pistons didn’t mind running with Warriors for two quarters, and I’m not sure who slowed the pace and decided to ake it defensive battle) or increased emphasis on defense, which often slows the pace down, remains to be seen.

    • I saw the Warriors actually try to leak out and push the tempo last night, which was reflected in the final score and in their 18 fastbreak points. Not to mention @20.

      • That was mostly first half, no? There were some crazy old school take the first shot available – I remember at least one three by Crawford – there.
        Actually the tempo for first two quarters suprised me when I saw B and O starting – (I imagined the game in 80-90 range), I think it was the same for you, re: twitter with assuming warriors will score 15 (or was it 18?) in first quarter. Also a lot of threes falling really helped.

        • I’m all for mixing, though, – clamp on defense when you feel like it favours you, run at most innapropriate moments (least expected), play good swarming D with small units, force jump shooting offense with closing the middle against teams that struggle or simply don’t shoot threes etc.
          Just mix things, make opponents guess. With addition of Blake second unit now can do it slow as well as fast/quick (Crawford being unapologetic in creating shot for himself).
          I don’t mind this team experimenting as they go (which I assume they are doing this season). I don’t believe in metaphysical identities. Only situational/chance ones.


  22. One thing well worth noting about last night’s game, is that the Warriors defense gave up only 13 4th Q points, with Barnes at PF. And only 34 points for the entire second half, playing all but 3 minutes with a smallball 4.

    Playing small doesn’t equate to bad defense, on a team with Iggy and Green, and now Blake. And even Barnes can defend, when moved to the 4.

    One other thing to note is just how strongly positive the Warriors bench was, outscoring the Pistons bench 42-15. Accentuating a trend that began with the Crawford trade.

    Look what that did for the Warriors starters: Iggy 27 minutes, Thompson 29, Curry 36.

    If Lee comes back healthy, this is a time for optimism. I am extremely optimistic. This team can get it done in a big way.

    • Green is short for a big, but according to Draft Express he has a standing vertical reach just 1.5″ less than Lee’s, 2.5″ more than Carl Landry’s. And he has better leaping ability than either of those guys.

      So is playing Green at PF really smallball? I think he’s a big.

      • Wonder how he is comparable to Speights. Always seems like Speights smaller than his frame and Green plays bigger than his frame making the Speights height irrelevant if Speights is getting minutes that Green should be getting.

  23. It’s interesting that you commend Jackson for starting both JON and Bogut when you tweeted before the game that with both on the court they wouldn’t score 15 points. I believe the Warriors scored 33 points in the first quarter. And for most of the first quarter were shooting 60% from the floor against the Warriors.

    What you should have pointed out that with Bogut still injured (his bandaged left shoulder looked like he had just been released from Walter Reed Army Hospital). What you should have pointed out that with both on the floor and neither able to provide weak side help very well they got torched for 37 points. Hopefully, they’ll watch film and improve their positioning.

    And the fourth quarter with the Warriors playing small ball they had little success on defense. Thankfully, Detroit played Bynum who missed many open shots and Detroit settled for three’s rather than attack the basket.

    As announcer Fratello pointed out in the Nets game- the Warriors are vulnerable inside and the Nets were stupid settling for jump shots, as when they drove the lane or went inside they killed the Warriors inside.

    The Warriors are in position to have some success if the Bogut is able to dunk the ball on dives to the hoop. Why he was given a 3 year contract extension given his history of injuries defies explanation. Except that ownership seems to have opted for a short-term solution.

    It’s good to see the bench shoot 15-32 from the field. If they continue that then at least the Warriors should not be outscored when they put the second unit on the court. In the final analysis, it’s the Warriors starters who will determine their fate. With Bogut still injured, JOH should start as I argued at the beginning of the year. It’s also obvious that Iggy still not recovered from injury.

    Keep your eye on whether the Warriors with the addition of two new players and maybe running more can gut the deficit in opponent’s getting to the line more.

    • You’re all over the place Frank. I can’t tell if you like JON and Bogut on the floor at the same time or not. You also seem to think that the Warriors are better with Bogut (“The Warriors are in position to have some success if the Bogut is able to dunk the ball on dives to the hoop.”) but then you say they shouldn’t have signed him to a multi-year deal because of injuries — and you say Boguy is a short term solution, even though a 4-year deal is actually a long-term solution.

      Also, how is 13 4th quarter points bad defense? What I saw was Iggy and Green clamping down and JON defending the rim (again).

      This was certainly not a sexy win by the Warriors, but the starters played low minutes, relatively speaking, and they scored enough points to win without Lee, and with Curry having a rough night from the field. (Curry’s footwork was off, especially late in the game. He usually squares up a little bit better than he was last night. An easy fix). This was a vintage Mark Jackson victory. Playoff-style basketball.

  24. It’s almost as if Draymond Green helps us win basketball games or something.

    • 3-4 shooting, an assist, 5 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block and general defensive mayhem, all in 20 minutes. Yeah, you’d think he could play or something. But I guess he must not deserve more playing time, because he only averages 20 min/game.

      Last night was different because of Green’s bad fall. Without that, I wonder if Jackson would have finished with Green instead of Barnes. It might not have been the first game this season that Barnes closed out the game, but it seems to me that it has been awhile.

      • Barnes had a good overall game also.

        • “Good” seems to be a relative word for Harrison.

          Sometimes I think people have made the bar so low for HB that if he survives an entire night without dribbling the ball off his foot into the stands, it’s considered a huge advancement and worthy of the Lord’s praise.

  25. Due to Bogut’s injury his offense seems limited. With all his injuries extending his contract before seeing he could play the rest of the season seems stupid. It remains to be seen whether he can regain and make a high percentage of shots the rest of the season.

    The Warriors need them most of the time to be on the court separately. As tall ball has been far more successful for the Warriors this year. I’m still concerned whether the starters can out perform a really good opponent coach who can have his team repeatedly attack the Warriors inside where the Warriors are vulnerable in my opinion as both JON and Bogut are slow afoot.

    With Lee’s return, if Green and Barnes can be productive at the PF position playing limited minutes the Warriors should be ok.

    But the Warriors have clearly improved their bench with the addition of Blake and Crawford who replaced players who hardly played this year.

  26. The contenders are lining up to bid for Danny Granger’s services. The Warriors are not among them. We have Harrison Barnes.

    • We can use Granger but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of Barnes minutes, with Blake now backup point, he can get Jordan Crawford’s minutes.

      • It should be, I think is what fb is implying.

        • And my response was Barnes should not be replaced by a Granger, they both can exist. Granger is struggling heavily we will be banking on him to get back to some kind of rhythm and be a contributor for playoffs. Not playing Barnes at all means two things:
          * Hurt Barnes confidence further so that he will not be any factor for dubs for stretch run or playoffs even as stretch 4.
          * Hurt his trade value so much that he is neither good with dubs because of his confidence being shot down nor would he have any trade value, new front office is too smart to allow this.

          Look, Barnes has been a disappointment because of the expectations he raised with his playoffs performance but he is 21 years old. He can either get better or get traded, either way he has value for dubs. Yesterday, he did very well as stretch PF in 2nd half when coach finally decided to breakup Jermaine and Bogut’s duo.

          • “He can either get better or get traded, either way he has value for dubs.”

            He hasn’t gotten better or been traded. So I guess neither is another possibility.

            The fact is HB should have been traded in November or sooner.

          • I think Barnes has been a disappointment because his performance has been consistently subpar while the team’s hype machine continues to ooh and aah over his every non-screwup.

            I’ve never seen another player get so much attention for so little game. I’d be inclined to give Barnes a break if the marketing program eased up. Until then, no way. Lipstick on an emu doesn’t make it a falcon.

        • I’m curious, Evan, what are the parameters for a “successful” Barnes?

          • “successful” to me would equal at the very least an average starter in the NBA.

            He’s not even close to that level now.

  27. Can’t understand the hate for Barnes on this site which otherwise provide good insights.

    • Harry, he doesn’t dive for balls on the floor. He hasn’t earned his playing time. He came in with a brand and self-promoting nicknames without hardly helping the Warriors win games. He is being used incorrectly as a post up isolation player. He disappears for long stretches. He did not get better over the off season. The organization has overhyped him and he buys into it. He is taking PT from Draymond Green.

      That’s about all I can think of.

      • Post ups is not his fault, his coaches are calling it. Yes, he disappears for long stretches but he is like 4th or 5th option on offense for warriors. Yes, he didn’t get better over the off season as expected but still he WAS the only rookie who started for a playoff team and played a big part as a starter for a series win. So, he proved enough that he has talent, oh, he also lost his starting job because of a trade and not because he was not playing well as a starter. He is inconsistent, most 21 year olds in sophomore years are. The examples you find for sophomore who are having a better year stats wise are mostly on non playoff teams. The point is, I might join the chorus on Barnes as under achiever but for me he would have been a junior in college and I would wait for another year and half to judge him or label him as an underachiever. Also, I hear a lot about Barnes coming with a brand, don’t know how that should factor in our judgement of Barnes on floor.

        On Barnes getting Green’s minutes, I think Speights is getting Green’s minutes not Barnes. Green probably only player on a top 10 team with less than 40FG% and still getting 20 mins a game. I think that is good minutes for Green though I would like him to finish every game over Barnes and sometimes over Lee. Green will have hard time getting a shot off though he is improving there too. I wish he develops a corner 3 where he hits it consistently, so he can play atleast 30 mins a night but right now because of his efficiency on offense but great D and overall game, he is getting optimum minutes. I like his minutes go up to 24 mins a night from 20 a night now. Green+Barnes would be a Lebron but in absence of the that science miracle, I think coach is doing well with minutes distribution for Barnes and Green but what the heck is he doing with those iso plays for Barnes, horrible play calling.

  28. Bazemore 23-4-3-3 for Lakers on the road against league’s best defense. So Evan, getting back to your point about what he proved playing under Mark Jackson this year…

    • Oh god. Felt, how about a little nod to small sample size. And to context.

      • You’re not following. I’m arguing AGAINST a small sample size (and badly tainted sample at that) judgement by providing new and contradictory evidence.

        Evan has made up his mind on Bazemore. I haven’t.

        • Don’t you have to credit D’Antoni as much as Baze? Isn’t this exactly what D’Antoni has done with marginal offensive players for years?

          • Of course I credit MDA. And Thibodeau, and Carlisle, and Pop, and every other coach who knows how to employ his players to get the most out of their talents.

            And I fault the coaches who don’t.

      • From the ESPN game recap:

        “Newly acquired guard Kent Bazemore finished with 23 points, the third straight game he’s had a career high since he was traded to the Lakers from Golden State. “

    • To be fair, Bazemore is on a team (sans Kobe) with one of the weakest rosters in the league now where he will get plenty of touches and minutes.

      • Given what you’re seeing from him now, don’t you think it’s fair to say he could have been used better on the Warriors 2nd unit?

        • Not sure about that as there weren’t really any minutes for him as he’s an ineffective 1 running the O and the 2 is the Warriors deepest position arguably.

          Time will tell….

  29. Tom Meshery has some interesting Warriors and other NBA observations/evaluations in his blog yesterday.

  30. Don’t agree that Bazemore has limieted offensive game. His abiity to get to either side the rim and finish in the half court game is as good as good as any player in the NBA. Whether he can hit the three consistently is an open question. His main problem on offense is that he does not have the best judgment at times when to drives to the hoop when not to resulting a charge. He also makes poor judgments passing which was acerbated when he was with the Warriors where he stupidly was asked to be a point guard when it was obvious he’s a SG. With the Lakers starting Bazemore and given him substantial playing time and have him play exclusively play SG offensive talent are on display for all to see.

    We all have seen his outstanding defensive game early in his career when he blockcd opponent shots at the rim. But in recent years his aggressiveness on defense has been reined in to do see making many
    stupid fouls. His ability to make many steals has not changed.

    Now, the only question is can he play smarter and cut down on turnovers and improving his jump shot and knowing when and when not to drive. As an athlete he’s as good as anyone. Has tremendous quickness and leaping ability.

    If he can cut down on his turnovers he has the ability to be a high net extra possession player given his ability to steal the ball. In his last game he had three steals and three turnovers. The later needs to go down.

    Most Warriors fans so his potential but were not not allowed to see him reach it because he was not given many minutes on the court and was played out of position. I wrote earlier this year that he was the x factor. He didn’t pan out because he was given only limited playing time with the Warriors playing the unsuited PG guard position.Now, the Lakers are given him the chance to play and he is stepping up the plate. I know it’s only three games he’s played for the Warriors but I don’t expect his play to taper off.

    I’ve always thought he had the ability to be better that Thompson given his quickness and big body if only played correctly and if he developed some smarts. Stay tuned.

    • I agree that he was not given a proper chance. However, saying he is going to be better than Thompson is ridiculous. Thompson is a legitimate 20 ppg scorer, and like you said, Bazemore does not have much of an outside shot. (Too inconsistent a release at this point.).

      Thompson is a potential all star. Bazemore could be a productive starter…we are yet to see if he can earn minutes on a winning team.

  31. Really impressed with Bazemore taken 6 foul shots per game in his first three games with the Lakers. The Warriors could use that If he can just cut out his stupid fouls

    If Bazemore and Bazemore are successful in Laker land then Jackson being retained as coach could further put in jeopardy.

    • “If Bazemore and Bazemore are successful in Laker land then Jackson being retained as coach could further put in jeopardy.”

      Bazemore and Brooks, although Bazemore and Bazemore is more likely to be successful.

      The question is whether it was Jackson or the front office putting Jackson in the position of going into the season with only 2 legitimate ball handlers on the team.

      • It is certainly Jackson’s fault for not playing Bazemore in spot defensive situations all season long. It’s also Jackson’s fault for not allowing subs to earn minutes, especially early in the season. Jackson’s misuse of his bench was criminal in the first half of the season. Absolutely no trust in his bench was combined with an unwillingness to give minutes to guys who played well, unless they were vets. (For example, Douglas’s outburst against SA earned him almost no more playing time).

    • You can fault Coach for many but Bazemore is not one of it. He repeatedly gave him more opportunities than any coach could afford, i.e. any coach of a playoff bound team. Bazemore commits too many mistakes and have low IQ to be more than a 3rd or 4th guard on team. Lakers have nothing to lose infact they can use more losses to get that lottery pick which they will use as a trade chip. Barnes and Klay would potentially average 20 PPG for that team or for most lottery bound teams in the league. Bazemore and even Brooks are in perfect situation to earn next contract.

      • “Bazemore commits too many mistakes and have low IQ to be more than a 3rd or 4th guard on team.”

        He’s not a guard in the same way Thabo is a guard. In name only. What he really is, is a wing.

  32. I don’t know if it’s Jackson, Myers, or Lacob that thought it would be a good idea to go into the season with Bazemore as the backup point guard. It was a colossal failure. At least we got Steve Blake out of it.

    And fwiw, I don’t know that the team needed yet another defensive-oriented wing. Unless KB was going to take away minutes from HB, which was never going to happen, what playing time could he have realistically received and at what position?

    • Crawford got 18 minutes in last game. If the trades could have been worked differently, Bazemore could have been the 2nd unit 2-guard, no?

      • This train of thought becomes a uselessly speculative exercise very quickly. Was Blake available at the time the Crawford trade went down? LA wanted cheap assets, if not Bazemore and Brooks, then who? We wouldn’t have had Brooks if we didn’t do the Crawford trade and they may have not wanted Kuzmic or Nedovic. It makes ones head hurt…

        What I think is valid to discuss is the front office misfiring on not having a backup PG that could run the team to start the season. I think it is difficult to put that on Jackson. You might say that trying to force Bazemore into that roll was a little stubborn on Jackson’s part and it is hard to judge if Nedovic being a zero is Myers’ mistake or Jackson’s lack of coaching. Whether Bazemore goes on to have a little succes the rest of this season or beyond, I think it is difficult to imagine it having played out that way here. Besides which, I happen to like the way the Blake/Crawford backup guard tandem is looking. The only weakness I see on the roster besides a susceptibility to injury is a true PF backup against some matchups and ironically, the Toney Douglas role of quick PG, point-of-attack defender. And both of those weaknesses are partially mitigated with Draymond Green’s ability at PF and the cross-matching abilities of Thompson and Iguodala. I like this team. God bless Bazemore and good luck to him.

        • You could be right that Crawford/Blake is better, although Bazemore is a much better defender, and under MDA showing greater ability to get to the rim and draw fouls than we knew. But Bazemore is cheap, with Tony Allen + upside, and Crawford is just a rental.

          With respect to guarding point guards, that was one of Bazemore’s strengths.

          • If Crawford is a rental, and it’s likely Blake is a rental as well—though he may prove himself to be essential because there’s no one else to take his spot—the team will start all over with the same problem next season with no one to fill in, no one who has gained experienced with the team this season, and no money to pay for a replacement. Blake will push them over if resigned. This is not planning.

        • EvanZ,

          Barnes, I think averaged like 13 PPG as a starter and 10 PPG over all for the season. Given that he is atleast 3rd or 4th offensive option behind, Curry, Lee and Klay(and now Jordan Crawford), he is doing very well. He is doing better than Shane Battier, Matt Barnes, Nicolas Batum etc.. The guys who are doing better than Barnes are great talent and/or focus of the offense of respective teams. I think you are undervaluing Barnes, a lot. For comparison this year’s #7 pick by King was made untouchable in trade by kings. Do you want to know his numbers for a mediocre team ? Guess not. Once again, Barnes is 21 years old at which age, Paul George had put up similar numbers and he was #2 offensive option for them and raised his game only because Granger was out with injury.

          • ” I think you are undervaluing Barnes, a lot. ”

            You might think it, but believe me, I’m not. You just have all kinds of messed up statistical information you’re going off of, like points per game.

          • Barnes is a good 3-point spot-up shooter who can’t dribble drive or play defense. If you think that makes him a Battier, I’ve got news for you.

            Matt Barnes has forged a decent NBA career out of limited skills, high effort and a load of attitude. Harrison has demonstrated that he hates physical contact. That makes him a Hello Kitty version of Matt Barnes, and that’s an NBA washout.

            Harrison Barnes=Nicolas Batum? Not even close. NO ONE is ever going to offer H Barnes a Batum contract, not ever.

            No one here even knows Barnes The Person. We don’t hate the guy, we hate seeing the bullshit the team slathers all over the guy push him onto the floor in place of better players. If you think Barnes just needs more time, well, friend, here’s an alternative for you: Draymond Green (for one) just needs more time, and Barnes is in the way. Green is a winner. Barnes is a bird.

          • repeated misconception on the part of barnes advocates, that George had a similar second season. barnes’ big ‘selling point’ is his shooting and scoring, so please compare the second year George in true shooting pct. (TS%) and effective field goal pct (EFG%), data readily accessible on basketball reference, which the boss has linked on the right side column. do barnes fans really think he’d have a third season like george’s, once he was made a starter for every game — if so, he should be traded to a weak team. the eyeball test should tell anyone that george has greater situational awareness, better focus that shows in his responses, but barnes’ immature mind gets cited as his alibi.

    • Wasn’t Douglas signed as a back-up PG? I think Baze was slated as the third option at point. I can name three players who have been played out of position by Jackson this season: Barnes (3 instead of 4), Speights (4 instead of 5), Bazemore (1 instead of 2). This absolutely killed the bench unit in the first half of the season, causing them to be ineffective on both ends of the court.

      The front office was forced to make up for Jackson’s inability to see correct positions and roles by trading for players who fit better in his overall vision of what a team should look like. This, IMO, is the main reason hiring an inexperienced head coach sucks. That and tactics that don’t fit his roster.

      • I’m in your camp.

      • Douglas was hurt for a while, and he’s basically a small 3&D guy, not a point guard. I think they really believed Bazemore could be a point guard.

        I’m just not sure exactly who “they” are.

  33. EvanZ/Hat,

    You guys can be right on Barnes, all I am saying is, it is premature and too early to call him disappointment. BTW, I like Green and for the intangibles he brings but his struggles on offense make him a role player and the minutes he is getting are about right. I, do however like him to finish the games though.

  34. (Missed the game)

    Bazemore and Brooks scored 28 points in a close game against Memphis (32-24), or 38% of the entire GSW squad against Chicago. Meeks, Farmar, and B & B, all minor players, scored 63 points, or 76% of same.

    This is messed up.

  35. Mark Jackson got eaten alive by Thibs in this game. If a team is determined to take Curry out of his high pick game, you HAVE to either 1) Spread the floor, or 2) bring Blake in and slide Curry off the ball, or both. Against the Bulls defense we saw tonight, the second option is not only best, but an absolute necessity.

    How many times have we seen Nellie (and even Thibs himself) vanquish this kind of gameplan by this stratagem?

    Jackson has one of the most versatile rosters in the NBA. What remains is for him to learn how to use it (or be fired).

  36. Number of times the Warriors have scored 85 or fewer points:

    This season
    6, all losses

    Last season
    2, 1 win 1 loss (plus a playoff loss to SA the final game)

    1, loss
    7, all losses

    5, 1 win, 4 losses

    (Nelson’s last year)

  37. And another thing… I have frequently argued that Mark Jackson and his offense are often as responsible for Curry’s and the Warriors’ turnover problems as the players themselves. Can you see the truth of that from this Bulls game? Jackson forced Curry to force the action through an overweighted defense designed specifically to stop his pick and roll. Jackson stepped right into Thib’s roundhouse right. Turnovers and Bulls fastbreaks were the result.

    Playing a two point guard backcourt with Curry off the ball would have put an end to that in a hurry.

    • Evidence in support of your plan, Felt: playing next to Blake, Crawford was the Ws best-scoring wing player last night.

      It was disappointing to see my team throw in the towel halfway through the 3rd, when down less than 20. I never saw a Nellie team do that. Never.

      Our team was whipped because the coach gave up. Curry played less than 3 minutes in the 4th, Thompson less than that, and Iggy not at all.

      • Hat,

        Remember, Crawford scored 12 pts in garbage minutes in 4th quarter when the game was lost. Crawford was bad as everyone other wing for dubs team yesterday. Blake didn’t help by deferring too much to Crawford. Also, starters including Curry did play 3 minutes into 4th quarter while down like 25 pts or so. So, think that was time to throw towel.

        Feltbot is spot on when he said and worth reposting that “Jackson forced Curry to force the action through an overweighted defense designed specifically to stop his pick and roll. Jackson stepped right into Thib’s roundhouse right. Turnovers and Bulls fastbreaks were the result.”

        • Right. Jackson couldn’t figure out what to do, so he conceded the game. If he had been able to identify anything that might have worked, he would have given that to his starters and not pulled them off the floor.

          The last time these teams met, Feb. 6, the Ws won 102-87. Lee and Bogut were out. Curry (34) and Thompson (22) scored over half the Ws points. This time around, Thibodeau decided that Curry and Thompson were not going to score, and his team executed a plan to make that so.

          Last time around, Green and O’Neal switched up on D. Green guarded Noah and JON handled Gibson (Boozer was out). That worked quite well. Jackson must have forgotten that or something, because Jackson started two slow bigs last night, then subbed in Green to get clobbered by Gibson and Boozer.

          Jackson’s adjustment to all of Thibs’ schemes? Bupkis. He went with his standard starting bigball, regularly scheduled rotations, and usual heavy reliance on Curry’s creativity to make something happen on offense. Despite all the evidence about what works best for his team, especially against Chicago. Despite the obvious plan that Chicago was running last night. Jackson did NOTHING to help his team win last night. And then he threw up his hands and quit at the beginning of the 4th.

          As a coach, Jackson is less than useless.

  38. Watched this on nba.com 0430 over here before work.

    The Bulls were right on the Warriors guys defensively the moment they caught the ball and hounded them all over the court on and off the ball, allowed by what Mr. Feltbot describes above and by the Bulls quickness on the wing and point.

    The Warriors did not do this and looked lackidasical in comparison, allowing the Bulls to comfortably catch the ball and make easy passes.

    That Bulls rookie wing Snell looked very good. Fluid compared to Barnes.

    Is Iguodala still hampered by the hamstring?

  39. Last night, once again, exposed the Warriors achiles heel- can’t protect the rim, allowing for scores, put backs, or putting the Bulls at the foul line. Neither Bogut nor JON can stop perimeter players from getting to the rim. They can only defend their own man they are guarding, but totally fail to provide help to other opponent penetrators.

    Playing Bogut and JON together in Bogut’s first game back and last night was also stupid as it completely took the Warriors out of their game. And it’s frightening that the Bulls garnered more offensive rebounds than the Warriors with both players on the court. So much for they being good defensive rebounders.

    It’s pretty bad when Bogut and JON combine for 8-10 shooting, and lose by over 20 points. Iggy not shooting well is a concern.Curry not shooting well impacts the Warriors success.

    And even though the Warriors kept the Bulls shooting percentage down, the Warriors allowed the Bulls to take and score more FT’s than the Warriors

    These deficiencies may well kill the Warriors in the playoffs. The Warriors need to return Lee to the starting line-up. We will then have a better gauge as to how good the Warriors are against good teams. Warriors will have a good record, but their roster may well fall short of being a significant factor if they make the playoffs.

    I think the Warriors trade of Brooks and Bazemore for Blake will go down as one of the Warriors worse trade. One cannot ignore but for the
    Warriors signing Douglas to play PG in the off-season and not getting a distributing PG and then compounding the problem trading for Crawford he did not work out at PG led to the trade.

    Not playing Brooks and giving him a chance to show what he can do was unconscionable.

    The bad moves and trade falls squarely at the feet of Lacob and Meyers, period.

    Blake so far has given the Warriors very little. Crawford is a hot dog who likes to see himself take the longest shots possible. Ridiculous

    One can blame Jackson for Basemore’s non-contribution with the Warriors as he stupidly played Bazemore at PG, not SG which is his natural position.

    Bazemore last night made one stealand committed 4 turnovers , a net minus 3 in possessions for the Lakers. He often would do the same playing for the Warriors. He needs to cut down on his turnovers, and convert his foul shots at a decent rate.

    Brooks is the most intriguing p;layer going 5-6 from the field last night.

    • Blake was 2-5 last night, better shooting than Curry, Thompson Iggy or Barnes. And he had zero TOs vs. Curry’s 5. Crawford, that hotdog, was 5-10, the best wing shooter on the floor, for either team.

      Re Brooks, I’m always entertained by your quixotic support for marginal players, Frank, but while the Ws didn’t give us fans a chance to see Brooks in action, they certainly did see him play. As a result, they made the same call that his two previous teams did: they had a better player for his roster spot.

      In the end, Feltie’s prediction about Brooks is probably right. He’s not long for the NBA. So when he’s playing in China or Lithuania next year, make sure to keep us advised of his progress, OK?

    • “Not playing Brooks and giving him a chance to show what he can do was unconscionable.”

      Are you talking about Aaron Brooks? Because I can’t imagine you’re talking about MarShon Brooks.

  40. The grand old Duke of York,
    He had ten thousand men;
    He marched them up to the top of the hill,
    And he marched them down again.

    And when they were up, they were up,
    And when they were down, they were down,
    And when they were only half-way up,
    They were neither up nor down.

  41. Hat: Yes, Crawford shot 5-10 from the field, but he also committed three turnovers that resulted in the Bulls scoring 4 points. Crawford was solely responsible for those 4 points being scored by the Bulls. So, subtracting these points off his turnovers, Crawford basically shot 3-10 from the field. His poor performance is also somewhat reflected in the Warriors being minus 21 with Crawford on the court. To say he had a good game last night misses the mark.

    Blake was obtained to provide assists and some scoring. He’s averaged only 2.5 assists per game in 20 minutes on the court, not exactly worth writing home about. Even though the Warriors needed a back up PG but they should have gone in a different direction and not given up both Brooks and Bazemore who now playing for the Lakers are far outshining both Blake and Crawford. As Brooks is shooting an effective shooting percentage of 65% and Bazemore 51 percent. Blake surely isn’t worth what the Warriors traded him for.

    • You lost me, so you like Bazemore and Brooks over Blake and Crawford??

    • 3-10 is still better than Curry did, and Jordan did it with a much softer team around him. I’m not a big fan of Jordan’s game. I think he needs to check in with the team more. But he is a talented scorer.

      Re Brooks and Bazemore, I think you’re alone in your evaluation of their relative worth to a team. They’re doing better with LA because they play in an offensive system better suited to their talents (or most anybody’s) than the poor system Mark Jackson runs with his bench unit. That doesn’t make them better players than Blake or Jordan, just luckier players.

      Not that it probably matters much to Blake. He’s only committed to 20-something more games with the Ws, then he’s probably heading back to LA.

      All that being said, I’m really rooting for Bazemore! With more PT, he could turn out to be a keeper. And that would really stick it to Mark Jackson, wouldn’t it?

  42. Getting set to rewatch the game. I want to confirm whether Thibs employed the “Popovich defense” on Curry. Those curious can refer to my recaps of the Spurs series, especially, I believe, game 3.

    More later.

    • very similar approaches to containing curry, perhaps a couple of extra flourishes and twists to keep things less predictable, like a bit of full court pressure.

      medical note on lee’s recent infection : he was 36 hours in-hospital for treatment and testing. said he’s never felt that bad in his life. not the usual ‘stomach flu’ if that’s what it was. if he doesn’t take careful measures he might continue to have an unreliable immune system — this is at least two serious infections since moving west, and the drugs play havoc with immune responses as much as the infections.

      • He played 45 minutes the night before. My guess is flu combined with exhaustion and ddehydration. He’s going to be fine.

  43. D’Antoni on Bazemore: “He has a bright future.”


    (Don’t read this unless you want to throw up.)

    • warriorsablaze

      The article is a bit hyperbolic… is he really a difference maker on a team that’s not in the absolute gutter? Definitely happy for him. Have to root for the guy.

      Blake is definitely better for us in the short term, but I wish Baze could have stuck around long enough to outlast MJ and be given a chance.

    • I wouldn’t reserve him a spot in Springfield just quite yet.

      • Currently it reminds me a lot of the Jeremy Lin situation in NY. I don’t think Baze will injure himself like Lin did, tho. He’s been playing in Santa Cruz all season in a fast-paced offense. Lin had been riding the pine until his workload suddenly increased 10x.

    • oh my goodness…suddenly feeling quite nauseous.

  44. Hat: It’s the coach’s responsibility to design a system to that meets a player’s talents, not the other way around. The Warriors have had teams that could and should run but Jackson has been stubborn in simply designing a half court go to sleep offense.

    You’re right that Bazemore will have more success playing for the Lakers because he is now playing in an up-tempo offense. But, that’s they type of success that present Warriors would have if Jackson played in an up-tempo offense that puts an emphasis on running.

    But the jury is still out on Bazemore. His ability to cut down on turnovers, shoot a decent percentage on three’s, and not make stupid fouls or have poor judgment in passing or when to drive will determine his future. Surely, one would expect with playing many minutes he should be able to learn and improve his game. He has more athletic ability that Thompson is right now much better on defense and getting to the hoop. Hopefully, he’ll be able to surpass Thompson. If so, his loss for the Warriors will be profound.

    Right not, I think he’s superior to Crawford who has less judgment than even Bazemore does.

    Harry: I think that Bazemore and Brooks are much better than Crawford. Stats the rest of the season should indicate whether I’m right or wrong. Already both have far exceeded Crawford’s performance.

    I’m not comparing Bazemore or Brooks to Blake as neither are point guards. Regardless of whether Blake is a short term rental or not the trade was stupid as Blake is an almost over the hill limited player and the two players traded away will in my opinion enjoy a long and prosperous careers in the NBA.

    Posters have made the point that in four years in the NBA Brooks has been traded many times and therefore he must not be very good as no one wanted him. First, it should be noted that Brooks was I believe a first round pick drafted by the Nets who played small ball that did not coincide with his talents. Second, I believe he was traded to the Celtics in a deal for some really good players and joined a system that also didn’t run. And we all know the Warriors didn’t play him. Saying that they saw him in practice means nothing for the Warriors don’t run.

    We all know the Warriors give Barnes more playing time than Green which was not deserved and based solely on his being the brand drafted with the 7th pick of the first round.

    Like Bazemore, I expect Brooks to excel in LA and may well exceed Bazemore on offense. He also has much better judgment than Bazemore and a higher basketball IQ. You won’t see Brooks playing overseas next year, but rather playing for an NBA and getting significant playing time.

    • Compare Crawford’s numbers in Celtics to Bazemore’s numbers in Lakers, both for mediocre teams and both tanking. Look at Bazemore’s inefficient stats in D League. As for Brooks, he didn’t get off bench in Boston where Crawford was a starter and one of the worst team in the league. He was a throw in for the trade was expected to be waived but instead dubs wanted to take a look at him and they did. In the end both Bazemore and Brooks are getting development minutes that Lakers can afford to give them. They might become good players in future and may even earn contract in summer, let us wish them good luck and move on.

      • Oh, on your statement on Blake that “Blake so far has given the Warriors very little”. Well, in 4 game he played for dubs:

        * Warriors are 3-1
        * Blake’s had 3 TOs in 80 minutes or so. For comparision Bazemore TOs the ball what looked like every 5 mins in Warriors uniform.
        * Curry averaged 34 mins a game.
        * Blake made 5-13 from 3
        * Had one 5 assists game already

        Never mind, he is still getting accustomed to his teammates and trying to fit in. He gave quality minutes for dubs and becoming that steadying presence off the bench. Expect him to be even more.

    • Frank @47,
      In your response to Hat, “It’s the coach’s responsibility to design a system to that meets a player’s talents, not the other way around.” There is some truth to that but I would also point you to Popovich at San Antonio who designs an identity for the team, acquires players who might fit that identity, and then coaches the players to play within that identity (system) and doesn’t turn the system on its head to suit a particular player. You see that a lot more at the college level but some of the more successful NBA coaches operate(d) in this manner (Pop, Phil, Sloan, and others.)

      In your response to Harry about Blake’s trade being stupid, I think you are not considering the window this group of core players has to challenge for a title. I think it is this year and next, maybe one more, before age takes its toll on Lee, Bogut, and Iguodala. The front office would be wise to make decisions that maximize this window unless there is a very high-potential player that needs some time to develop. Bazemore and Brooks may become serviceable journeymen or they may not (they won’t be stars) but the Warriors needed a back-up point guard now. I think it was important to get Blake when viewed through that lens.

  45. One thing no one can question about Bazemore is his desire to get on the court and be active. The team would have been better off had they kept him and he got all Barnes’ minutes.

    Assuming, of course, his coach knew what to do with him. And he had plenty of opportunities to be turned loose this year, with all the big leads the starters left the subs earlier this season.

    You have to wonder what D’Antoni would have done with the bench alone, including and especially Speights, who has talents that haven’t been supported, maybe even Barnes, though I’m skeptical here. If my skepticism is justified, it tells you all we need to know about HB. Had the team kept Bazemore and traded Barnes, he might have worked wonders with Bazemore, Crawford, and the rest, plus X, whoever they got for Barnes.

    What is certain is that he would have found a way to make use their talents. He also would have given them a pure point guard to make his system work, not makeshift PG’s like Klay and Iguodala, who need more rest anyway. He would never have put Bazemore at point.

    While I’m at it, I can’t help wondering if Klay wouldn’t be having a better year under him as well. D’Antoni would have found openings for him and taken the pressure off.

    And if D’Antoni had Curry—

    This is what we all thought we were going to see some four years ago, including Curry himself, under D’Antoni with the Knicks.

    I’m about at the end of the fuse of my patience with the preacher.

    • Thought Mike D is playing Bazemore at point a lot. Anyway his 4 TOs per game, getting criticized from his teammates is all you need to know that Bazemore has long way to go play in a team environment and is raw.

      • I’m just looking at box scores, where he is listed SG. In all honesty, I’m skeptical he’ll ever settle down. But the team never found out how good he could be on defense because he largely played with a scattered unit, poorly coached.

      • Actually, Bazemore’s been starting at SF. Marshall at point, Meeks at the two, Wes Johnson at the four. True smallball.

        But obviously, the ball’s been put in his hands a lot.

        Part of the reason for Bazemore’s success is the mismatch created when you play someone with his size and quickness against bigger players at SF. Something we see often from the more creative coaches around the league, but completely outside the allowable repertoire of Lacob’s rookie coaches.

        • I wondered if he could play SF. All the more reason he could have taken Barnes’ place. I predict no loss at worst and more upside.

          And the team gets whomever they traded Barnes for. An average 3/4 would have been a significant gain.

  46. There is no doubt the Warriors are improved having Blake and Crawford, when both Bazemore and Brooks hardly played for the Warriors. By saying the Blake is over the hill, I didn’t mean to indicate that Brooks is not a serviceable PG, but he does have to increase his assists. We already had three point shooters in Douglas and Crawford.

    There was a real need for a back-up point guard but we paid to high a price for who we received.

    The trade of Douglas for Crawford and Brooks was a terrific deal even though Crawford did not work out at PG. I was looking forward to Brooks getting playing time. Didn’t materialize. The Warriors could have obtained a decent PG, possibly even Blake, at a lower cost. That’s obvious already from the performances of Bazemore and Brooks for the Lakers.

    And surely, Bazemore if retained would not have been played at SF by Jackson as now plays for the Lakers. I can’t even say that Bazemore would be playing as well for us at SF given Jackson not having the team run.

    Given the injuries to Bogut and Iggy, who both don’t appear fully recovered, such casts doubt on the Warriors doing well if they make the playoffs. Even if they are healthy, I doubt the roster is still strong enough to have success in the playoffs. We all want the Warriors to do well but reality has to faced. The Chicago Bulls destroying us is some indication of the problems that still exist even with the addition of Blake and Crawford. Felty thinks we have the best starting line-up in the west, I don’t.

    Iggy is not shooting well probably due to his not recovering from his injury, Thompson is too inconsistent shooting and has a limited game, and Bogut cannot defend the rim. Only Curry and Lee consistent and dependable. The only caveat that may change things is if Jackson has the team run as we played against the Spurs in our first game against them in the playoffs.

    We have to keep an eye on both Brooks and Bazemore for it they are successful, we must acknowledge what may have been and how our front office blew it. It’s not as simple “as it is what it is.”

    I agree with rgg that Barnes was the guy who had to go. Unfortunately, he’s still with us. And if Crawford does not perform well he will get Crawford’s time as well as that of Iggy if his shooting does not improve.

  47. no reason to miss Bazemore — late in the fourth vs. NY, crawford is 0-4 shooting with four turnovers. most of us saw from the contrast between summer league/d league (and even there the turnovers were atrocious) and the big show, bazemore needed to play at a wing in a fast tempo offense. lacks the skills and hoops i.q. to adapt to be much of a team player in other applications, without serious re-tooling under intense coaching. could be made into a defensive specialist with limited touches and restricted shots on offense. his big scores in the lower levels perhaps put other notions in his head — scorers usually get the $$ and job security, after all. [and he could have a decent career overseas]. scoring numbers for bad teams in losing games have very limited value, even for d’Antoni.

  48. Knicks—man, I needed that.

    Blake made a gorgeous assist 2 minutes into 2nd. Q—loses his defender on the dribble, threads the lane, and finds O’Neal. Gets my vote for play of the night. He really is a craftsman. Even garbage time he worked hard to set up the other players.

    And I got faked on Curry’s fake that instead went to Iguodala. Those boards—the ball just seems to fall into his hands. I made a special effort watching him on defense and off the ball on offense, trying to track how well he reads the court, anticipates, and moves all over the court, usually to the right spot. How many players do that as well?

    Go Mo!

    Harrison—uh, dribbled the ball of his foot again.

    O’Neal looks downright spry now. Except maybe against the behemoths he is superior to Bogut in almost every way, and there’s no comparison on offense. If he keeps this up, he would be greatly more valuable against the more mobile top teams in the playoffs.

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