Bye Bye, Klay Thompson

That’s my prediction, and I’m putting it on record.

Amid the hoopla of virtually every one of the Warriors’ Western Conference competitors making important signings to improve their rosters, the Warriors’ signing of non-shooting back-up point guard Shaun Livingston to an exorbitant 3 year, $16 million contract has fallen with a thud. No one is talking Warriors in the Western Conference anymore. No one.  

And my money is betting that Joe Lacob’s ego won’t be able to take it. Despite what the few actual basketball people in the Warriors organization are telling him.

And not just Lacob’s ego, but his complete and utter attachment to the bottom line.


Ticket sales.

Jersey sales.

That’s the intoxicating brew that a Kevin Love acquisition offers Joe Lacob, which I believe he will ultimately prove unable to resist.

The TWolves are in the drivers’ seat here. The NBA landscape has changed radically in the last few days, as you know. Lebron is headed back to the Cavs, which has put a Wiggins for Love deal on the table. Despite the Cavs’ current denials.

Other teams, unforeseen at this time, will also almost certainly emerge before it’s over. Like the Rockets, if they decline the option to pay the max to the currently all-but-superfluous Chandler Parsons, in the wake of the Trevor Ariza signing. And even if the Rockets do match the Mavs’ offer, might not Parsons be more attractive to the TWolves than David Lee?

Bottom line, David Lee and Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green will never get this deal done. (Despite the Warriors’ current plans to pump up Harrison Barnes’ trade value by re-inserting him into the starting lineup. Another thing I’m tempted to bet on.) The TWolves have considerable leverage now, and if history is a guide, will have even more by the trading deadline. If the current offers don’t improve significantly by the start of the season, I think the TWolves are virtually certain to hold onto Love until the last minute.

By the time the TWolves are ready to pull the trigger, I’m not even sure that Klay Thompson and David Lee and agreeing to swallow the poison pill of Kevin Martin’s contract will still be enough to land Kevin Love. But what I am sure of is that before it’s over, Joe Lacob will have thrown Klay Thompson into the pot.

Bye bye, Klay Thompson.

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  1. I think you are the best Warriors writer in the game. Your predictions and assessment trump those of any beat writer in the Bay, and you do it for free.
    I agree Klay is solid and only getting better. He will, however, never be better than Kevin Love, that much, I am sure. As much as I am a Feltbotarian, I am a big fan of the Wins Produced metric and the Love vs Klay comparison is night and day.
    I agree with your hesitance on the Kmart component, but frankly, I would take Livingston and Love over Klay and Lee any day of the year. Obviously they would not be complete with this deal alone, but if they said “Klay/Lee for Love, take it or leave it,” and Min acquiesced, it is a no brainer. You simply cannot pass on a top 10 player, especially when you already have one and can keep him in Steph.
    I just saws this tweet-

    Sam Amico ‏@SamAmicoFSO
    T-Wolves’ stance in recent trade talks is said to remain same: If Klay Thompson part of deal, Kevin Love will go to Warriors, not Cavs.

    If this is accurate and we can avoid Martin, this needs to be done.

    If you exclude your bigger points on Lacob and his objectives, Kerr and the Triangle and the rest of it, and solely focus on this deal, assuming it didn’t have to include Martin, you cannot not do it. Plain and simple.

    My two cents, pick me apart. I want Evanz’s assessment as well…

    • Love is the best player in the deal. Of course I would do it. Seeing as the Warriors have no shooting anyway. Martin’s contract is bad but will look like nothing in a couple years when the cap goes to $80M+.

      • I should also say there’s a possibility the cap actually increases next summer if the NBA can re-negotiate to get the new tv deal a year early.

        That is the real reason LeBron has an opt-out clause after next season.

      • You make a very interesting point: the likelihood that the cap will rise significantly in 2yrs (the new TV deal) and again the next year (new CBA), has a major effect in analyzing this deal.

        But perhaps not in the way you intended. It certainly makes it far easier to absorb Klay Thompson’s next deal in the long term. But as for Kevin Martin? He’ll be an expiring after two years anyway. It’s those two years we’re worried about. Under the tight-fisted Joe Lacob, the Warriors will still suffer the full effect of Martin’s contract.

        • If the cap goes up significantly next summer, Martin’s deal won’t look so bad.

          But then Klay’s next contract will be even bigger. It’s complicated stuff.

    • @mcguins: Thanks man.

      As I wrote a couple posts ago, I think the deal as constructed is a “brainer”, ie. more difficult to analyze than most feel.

      I’m sympathetic to your viewpoint: Love is a major talent, and very young. But as constructed, I don’t think the deal helps the Warriors this season or next. I think it once again postpones the Warriors future. As someone who’s always felt that under good management, with the right supporting pieces and the right coach and system, this Warriors core could be contending right now, that’s not easy to swallow.

      A Curry-Love core would mean that the future could be very bright. But it would also mean that the current core was never given a proper chance.

      To paraphrase the movie, analyze that.

  2. As a side note, a huge factor in the above thoughts is the fact that the gross overpayment of Hayward and Parsons means Klay will get 16M+ and we will have the burden of overpaying him…

  3. LostHawkGSW

    I was under the impression that Houston cannot trade Parsons for Love once they match his offer?

  4. Pierce just signed a 2-year deal for $11M. I sure hope we made him that kind of offer. He would have been our 2nd best ball handler and stretch 4 off the bench.

  5. Kareem Abdul Jabbar has turned into a hell of a writer. Here he is on Lebron’s latest decision:

    • That was indeed a good read. Kareem has a reputation of being a difficult person to understand, could it be that he’s more of a thinker than his peer?

  6. If the Warriors obtain Love and Martin for essentially Lee and Thompson, happy days are here again. I want Marin as offensively he’s as god as Thompson. I hope your prediction is based on something more than your attempt to read his mind. If he makes the move he will demonstrate for the first time what it takes to win. There will be nothing on the horizon due to the financial mismanagement and moves made that for years to come provide the Warriors with any hope to significantly improve the roster.

    Personally I think Lacob follows Kerr and West and the Warriors remain in nowhere land for years to come. If so, you and and Lacob will have missed the boat and you’ll be left to criticize the moves he made rather than the big one he didn’t make. And you’ll have to explain away why Thompson never makes an all-star team nor the Hall of Fame.

  7. Love > Lee of course,
    Love > Lee + Klay?

    • 3) Love > Klay

      To me that’s really what matters in the end. Lee is here at most 1 more season. There’s no way I see him sticking around for 2 years. He’s become a whipping boy for this organization at this point. Everybody knows he’s on the first train out of here, even Lee. So in the end, he is Mr. Irrelevant. Maybe sad, but clearly true.

      In the end you make the trade because the best talent in the deal is coming to your team and in 4 or 5 years, that’s all that will matter and all that anyone will remember about the trade. Kevin Love is still just 25 years old. He’s only 1 year older than Klay. Love is just about to enter his prime years and he’s already a top 10 player in the league. Is there any chance that Klay surpasses Love over the next 4-5 seasons? I don’t even think Feltbot believes that.

      And hey, as a bonus, you still have Draymond Green, and Iggy/Bogut for a couple more years. Then it’s time to re-load.

      • “And hey, as a bonus, you still have Draymond Green”

        Are you sure? Don’t count your chickens…

        “and Iggy/Bogut”

        That’s a bonus?

  8. David Blatt publicly dismisses the notion that Wiggins is on the table:

    There’s no reason or cause for worry on his part because Andrew’s not going anywhere, as far as I know and as far as the club has expressed,” Blatt told reporters Saturday following the Cavaliers’ Summer League practice in Las Vegas.

    Honestly, if I were a Cavs fan, I wouldn’t be at all enthused about parting with him, even for Love. Dude just turned 19, is cheap for the next 4 years and now has the amazing good fortune to apprentice under the GoAT at his position.

    I guess I disagree with Nate Silver and others who think that the Cavs as currently constructed are a 52-30 early playoff exit team. With LeBron, Kyrie, and Varejão as anchors, a brilliant young coach at the helm, and a boatload of young talent, I think the NBA championship is a pretty realistic destination for them. I’d rate their chances as good as those of any other single team, including the Spurs.

    In related news, it looks like we’re getting Kevin Love. :-)

    • It took a year for the three extraordinary vets on the Heat to figure it out. To believe that the youngsters on the Cavs — none of whom play defense besides the 19 yr. old Wiggins — could figure it out in the same time is a tad unrealistic. A rookie coach with no NBA experience or cred — no matter how smart — only compounds that.

      On the other hand, the East is pathetic. Only the Bulls look like a contender.

      • It also takes years for young players to develop into positively impactful players, mostly due to lack of offensive/defensive awareness when they first come into the league. LeBron has maybe 4 years left in his prime? Even if we assume Wiggins will eventually be great (which I don’t agree with), he likely won’t be in the near future. I can’t imagine how the Cavs aren’t significantly better off with Love instead of Wiggins in that time frame.

      • Lebron only signed a 2 year contract. Any insight on why a 2 year contract? Going to Laker after Kobe retires in 2 years?

    • “With LeBron, Kyrie, and Varejão as anchors”

      Varejao is the only guy in the league that is seemingly more often injured than Bogut. And he’s 2 years older. If he goes down, that team will be terrible defensively.

  9. Steve Kerr on David Lee

    “I’m a big fan,” Kerr said. “Especially the way we’re going to play – a lot of cutting, slashing – and with Steph (Curry) and Klay coming off curls and stuff, I love the little slips, and David’s as good as anybody at slashing and finishing when there’s ball movement. So he’s a big part of this.”

    I’m optimistic that Kerr will actually know what to do with David Lee.
    Just not sure how this happens with Bogut clogging the lane.
    #Small ball 5

    • On the other hand, what do you expect Kerr to say about Lee, someone he may have to coach?

  10. The other possibility is that Love loses interest in the Warriors. He might want to hold out for a deeper, stronger team, and there’s a good chance that might happen in the next year elsewhere. Two top tier players won’t cut it now.

    He might be interested in the Warriors in principle, but without Klay they are a different team. Love would have to carry a heavy load, with really one other scorer, Curry, and almost no help in the front court and a weak bench. He’d have to play heavy minutes. Nor is there much chance this situation will change in the next few years. If I were Love, I don’t do it but hold out.

    I suppose it’s possible they’ll try to get Barnes going to persuade Love as well, in the event HB isn’t part of a deal? Ha.

    How does this work? The Wolves control Love now, but if Love says he isn’t interested in the Warriors, I assume they don’t make the trade (though not a given—they might vainly feel they might persuade him otherwise, as they thought they could with Howard).

    But if he is interested, what can he offer but a verbal commitment, not binding? Is there any way to guarantee he stays?

    • RGG, gotta believe this is a valid point. Love not might be as interested in the Warriors without Klay.

      What if Thompson were to make it known he would not sign a long term deal with the Wolves? Lacob signs Thompson to a long term deal and then trades him (along with DLee) for Love?

      I just don’t see this deal happening.

      And thanx Felt for the analysis/ideas and EvanZ, rgg, and all the guys, which is unequalled anywhere else.

    • +1 Very good point rgg. If the Warriors strip their roster to land Love, he could very well lose interest in coming.

  11. Rgg: you left out Marin. Martin gives the Warriors everything offensively that Thompson does except for number of threes- 2.3 to 1.7 per game. We surely will not miss his 8 fga’s on two’s.

    • Martin will be an easier cover, especially with Bogut and Iguodala on the floor. And he opens up problems with the defense, where, with a weak perimeter and Bogut’s limited range, Love will be exposed in the middle and front, much more than he is with the Wolves.

      But I’m trying to see this from Love’s perspective. I don’t think he’ll find the Warriors that attractive. He’ll want a stronger team around him and may have good reason to hold out for elsewhere.

  12. I love running through these ideas. I usually go to summer league to get my offseason fix, but seeing as how we have zero prospects, I skipped it. To Felt’s point, we all have that certain psychological thing going on, where you have such an emotional sunk cost into a business that truly was built to succeed that it is hard to let go. I have it too. It was built to shine and a manager came in and stole cash from the register and stuck the employee of the month in the stock room and let his son run the place. It is tough. But…as much as I would love to see the team we have do what it should have three years ago, I’d rather see them do just that with a younger, more versatile roster. To Evanz’s point, Love is 25 years old, and there is definitely something to being a destination. Two top 10 guys in their mid twenties signed longterm? What team has that? We would be the prime spot for any vet wanting to win that isn’t worried about money. Klay will be an All-Star, love is All NBA already. If the talent wash on the deal were even a total coin flip, we do the deal just because of the amount of players that would flock to play for a Love/Curry team with a likable coach, assuming he can actually coach.

  13. Side note, can’t believe they didn’t make a run for Pierce. And Felt, if you knew what I know about Pierce’s poker losses in LA over the past few years, him going to GSW would make you salivate…
    It’s truly insane…

  14. As I predicted Morey did not match the offer on Parsons. Warriors should be favorite for #4 seed now (at least according to Vegas).

    • Disagree about the Rockets — Ariza not Parsons was their missing piece. And now they’re well under the cap and not done.

      And why are you so sure the Mavericks didn’t just blow by the Warriors? Adding Tyson Chandler and Parsons to that team is not to be sneezed at.

      • warriorsablaze

        Last season you said we had the best roster in the West… nothing major has changed yet now we’re in the bottom half of the top 8?

        • I said that we had the best STARTING FIVE, which proved correct, at least by plus minus. Big difference.

          Nothing major has changed? Cough. Stay tuned.

      • “Disagree about the Rockets — Ariza not Parsons was their missing piece.”

        You know, until now I didn’t realize Ariza had improved so much as a 3pt shooter. Over 40% last season. Hell, maybe you’re right.

        • The biggest difference between Parsons and Ariza is of course their defense. Ariza one of the very best defensive wings in the game. Which happens to have been the Rockets’ most glaring hole last season. With Howard, Ariza and Beverly coalescing, a top 10 defense is about to emerge where none existed before.

        • Isn’t Ariza a prime candidate to regress to the mean in terms of his 3 point shooting? Maybe he’s figured it out, but he was pretty terrible until two years ago.

  15. I can sneak you into a few home games in LA. The bigger ones will be more sensitive, but donkey filled 5-10’s galore. Drop me a line if you’re ever down here…

  16. Does it really make sense to harp on the Warriors not having a back-up point guard who can hit three’s when the acquisition of Love will greatly increase our number of made three’s?

    Didn’t’t realize that our starting five better than the Spurs last year.

    Stay tuned to see if Houston is a better team without Parsons, but with Ariza.

    • In couple of years, we will be debating if Howard will ever win any rings.

      • the degree of howard’s narcissism and immaturity became evident in his last two Orl seasons and his stopover in LA. he’s probably too difficult to work with on several levels, not a success formula in a team sport, with success contingent on the teamwork including the coaching and front office.

        • When he joined the league, his public image was a somewhat goofy, happy turn lucky, a fun loving big kid. Then came the problem with SVG, his stopover in LA was ugly.

  17. Stan van Gundy has already signed Jodie Meeks, Caron Butler, and DJ Augustin. All brilliant, affordable moves. Can you imagine if we had this consummate professional running our franchise instead of a gaggle of rank amateurs?

    • cosmicballoon

      GS doesn’t have any salary cap flexibility after the Iggy and (idiotic) Bogut contracts. This entire mess was created when the FO resigned Bogut for $12M per. Wrong player for this roster and about $5M per year too much.

    • Hey feltbot, let’s say GSW hires Nellie and given the same power as Stan van Gundy. What would Nellie do with the roster?

  18. Rockets fans losing it…I kind of hear them…
    basically gave up lin/asik/parsons for ariza and what?
    i appreciate morey’s vision, but air ball on some of these…the fegan deal must have existed…

    • “at what point do you stop trading the present for hope on the future? ”

      Valid question, for all contending franchises.

      I do still believe the Rockets will be better next season though.

  19. This would destroy us, but what could they give Min that’s better than Klay and Lee??

    Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine 17m
    So look for Rockets to re-enter trade game for longtime Houston target Rajon Rondo as well as try to work their way into mix for Kevin Love

    • I can’t imagine what they can give that’s better than Klay (other than Harden or Dwight obviously).

      • cosmicballoon

        I have a suspicion that James Harden is not a winning payoff basketball player. Obviously he’s a great player, but I don’t see him as a strong leader or a guy who is willing to do the dirty work on the defensive end that it takes to become an NBA champion. A Harden, Bosh, Howard core would have been scary because Bosh plugs holes really well; but Harden, Love and Howard? There seems to be a significant leadership void because of the personas of those three guys. It would take at least a full season, if not two, for them to mesh, at which point Howard would be on a serious decline.

  20. David Lee currently recovering from his third offseason surgery:

    This confirms my belief that he played hurt during the Clippers series.

    There are four Warriors unable to take the court at the moment. Lee, Bogut, Iggy and Ezeli. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that doesn’t bode well for their conditioning.

    • It doesn’t bode well for the center position at all.

      I still hold out some hope we might be able to pick up Udoh or Ayon on a vet min. Any other vet min possibilities at the center position?

    • The new backup guard is on the shelf as well. Smh

    • That’s like starting center, backup center, starting power forward and starting small forward all had surgery.

  21. Summer league update:

    The European Derrick Rose shot 2-9. In a summer league game. He got a wide-open three to win the game at the end of regulation. And airballed it.

    Justin Holiday (Jrue’s brother) had a 29 point, 13 rebound performance. At 6-6″, he has the size and tools to be a legitimate wing defender in the NBA. Which has led to stints with the Cavs and Sixers. The sticking point, I’m guessing, has been his offense. Has it improved to the point that the Warriors might roster him? Could be this season’s Bazemore.

    Aaron Craft. Highly likely to be rostered by Joe Lacob in the near future, as he can’t shoot. This season appears unlikely however, as the Warriors already have 2 non-shooting backup pgs. The Warriors have more pressing needs at non-shooting backup center, and non-shooting backup offguard.

    Per @MontePooleCSN, the Warriors finished with 9 assists versus 24 turnovers.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the triangle.

    • Orlando Johnson seems more like the Bazemore-type to me. Kind of erratic but has some scoring talent with the ball and he’s pretty athletic.

      6’11” wingspan for a guy who’s 6’5″.

    • +1
      Warriors need to sign Holiday NOW before another team.

      He has a nose for the ball and can score. Sign the whole family for Chrise Sake.

  22. For the Warriors to turn down Minnesota’s offer of Love and Matin for Lee and Thompson means that the Warriors have decided to pay Thompson when he becomes a free agent $14-15 million per year only compounding signing an often injured Bogut to an excessive long term contract. A further indication they have lost their minds and are prepared to checkmate themselves from ever winning an NBA championship during this decade.

  23. It’s not hard to imagine the Warriors getting off to a good start, as last year, with essentially the same lineup. If Kerr is flexible and Gentry has input, offense should improve with better coaching. It’s also not hard to imagine their running out of steam from midseason on and having to make a hard push to get a low seed in the playoffs, where they’ll play well but go out soon.

    But that projection is based on the nickname we’ll have to give many players—Healthy Bogut, Healthy Iguodala, Healthy Lee, etc. A couple of key injuries, and the team could go south in a hurry.

    The Warriors should have planned for this season years ago. Their first priority should have been to find an affordable two-way 4 to bring along to spell Lee and fill in and be ready now. When it became apparent that the Thompson/Curry backcourt worked, they should have built around that, spending their money accordingly. More midrange two-way players should have been brought along at 1-3.

    Lee’s contract was/is unmovable, but he has served the team well. If/when he is moved, that reserve 4 might have been able to step up, or they would have had money to look elsewhere.

    And there’s just not much money left after that. Where they had to compromise but didn’t is center. There have been plenty of midrange centers over the years who could have complemented Lee and that 4. Instead we got Bogut.

    The team still feels kind of schizophrenic. They still want to see themselves as a big, defensive team, Lacob’s first and ongoing goal, but now they are pushing offense, though on Kerr’s terms, which feels gimmicky. I can’t see how this fits together and especially can’t see how it fits the roster they have. Necessarily, Kerr will have to do a lot of experimenting, but this needs to be guided by a coherent team identity.

    • Draymond played 23 mpg last season. If Kerr can get him starter-type minutes backing up the 3 and 4, that’s a few more wins right there (if nothing else, because it takes minutes away from Barnes).

    • cosmicballoon

      rgg, I think you might over-analyzing the roster at this point. Feltbot has made comments about the Triangle, but we have yet to see if Kerr can and will design an offense that fits the strength of his roster. If the Warriors stand pat, this roster is built around Klay and Curry, and has the ability to get out and run (Iggy, Barnes, Lee, Livingston) or the ability to hunker down on the defensive end (Bogut, Ezeli, Iggy, Thompson, Green).

      An injury to Lee may open up more playing time for Green at PF or even Barnes at his best position, PF. I am certain that Barnes cannot be an impact player at 2 or 3, but as a stretch 4? Yes. Same with Green. He’s not a guard, but he can hang defensively against a bigger guard. And he’s not a traditional power forward, but he’s very effective with the right matchup.

      The big question mark to me is how Kerr will incorporate Bogut, Ezeli and Speights into the offense. If its a triangle, we’re in trouble. If it’s something more creative, then things might go well.

      Speights is the backup 2-way four the Warriors need. It would be nice to have a guy like Channing Frye or Paul Pierce to shoot the three, but Speights can do the job, if put in the correct situation. Mark Jackson did not provide him that situation often enough, even after he had big games.

    • I’d feel 5% better about the team if they simply benched Barnes, or gave him limited minutes. He’s such a drain on the offense. He has to be set up to even considering driving or shooting and can’t facilitate for anyone. Instead, it looks like they will persist in finding ways to work him in. And without a good backup 2 or 3, they’ll be forced to play him.

      10% better if they found someone to replace him, and any midrange player will do.

      • cosmicballoon

        If Barnes shoots the spot up 3 at 38% and attacks the basket on the fast break, I will be happy. He should never be isolated with his back to the basket like he was so many times last season. A limited role as a stretch 4 isfine by me. Very low expectations at this point.

    • Is the triangle offense up tempo, and/or is Kerr committed to up tempo play? (Gentry will be.)

      But then the preacher preached up tempo at the beginning of last season.

      • I heard Phil Jackson today saying the triangle is more about shooting the ball. We have two shooters. Uh oh.

    • Kerr is going to establish himself, Gentry is a road block that needed …..

  24. Maui Nellie

    Kerr: It’s important for me to be in command

    Monte Poole and Steve Kerr sit down for a Q&A session

    • Kerr will give Gentry a standardized written test on Triangle, Gentry will fail and that will be that. Kerr will be in command.

      Kerr: go the *&^ away.

  25. Answering my question @24:

    “But after Kerr has kept things simple in three days of practices, the Warriors could at least hint at the free-flowing offense that is expected to come in the fall.

    “Kerr said he wants his team to push the ball and get out in transition. In absence of the opportunity to do so, he would like the ball swung from side to side and the team to play pick-and-roll.”

    Hard to argue with that. What little I understand of the triangle comes from watching the Lakers, who didn’t push the tempo. But Phil essentially build his offense around Kobe & co. We won’t see the same thing.

  26. rgg @ 24. Share your injury concerns, especially to me Bogut breaking another bone. Given the age factor, the current squad might have missed their chance, or this year is their last chance.

    • the lacobites aren’t serious about making a deep playoff run with the 30-somethings bogut, lee, iguodala, but their marketing has succeeded in convincing a fair portion of their partisans that it’s possible. exhibit a), they’ve used thompson’s next contract (eff. July 2015) as a rationale to avoid breaking the lux tax line for two consecutive roster-tweaking summers ; exhibit b) if kerr does have a championship within him, expecting him to go from ø experience to the finals in his first two seasons is in the realm of fantasists, not the brain trust.

  27. Mokur getting ready. And it’s nice to know that Kerr already know his true position.

  28. Nedovic + Kuzmic = bust.

    Nedovic is just a step slow, and Marshall showed him up both ends of the court.

    Marshall is another player who needs to cut a check to D’Antoni.

    • cosmicballoon

      I actually don’t think Nedovic is too slow. I just think his lack of shooting limits him as an NBA player. He reminds me of Jeremy Lin without the confidence, before Lin developed a bit of a three point shot. He may wind up to be a late NBA bloomer, a la Marco Belinelli.

    • Can Nedovic jump?

  29. Spokesmodel making noises about standing pat + Warriors attending BRush workout:

  30. Bye Bye, Nedo

  31. Reggie Williams was supposed to play for the DLeague Select team this summer but backed out for some reason.

    • warriorsablaze

      Rush would be great, but there’s no way we can afford him with so many teams interested. I saw reports of up to 25 teams at his workout. Unless he’s permanently broken he’ll get more than the minimum and deserve it.

      Not that familiar with Caspi’s game, but he’s apparently a big that can shoot so it couldn’t hurt. Have to fill out the roster somehow.

      • Hopefully this is just a smoke screen move by the FO.
        I honestly haven’t heard better offers out there, other than the Cavs, and that’s if Wiggins is involved. They would also have to give up a ton of assets to make salaries work which would leave the cabinets pretty bare.
        I think David Lee, Harrison Barnes and Nedo +2015 pick would give Minny at least a glimmer of hope for being semi competitive and filling some seats.

        Besides, Loves girlfriend lives in LA. and If it were me, I would hate to be that far away from my wool. So hopefully his agent is pulling hard for GSW. It’s the best suited roster for him especially with Klay still on the roster.

        Sean Livingston, Kmart, Mokur and Dray could be a pretty good 2nd unit. They could also ink Holiday and Craft to round out the bench.

  32. Tolliver 2 years/$6m from the Suns.

    Suns building the team I wish the Warriors had.

    • They’re doing it right.

    • Suns draftee T.J. Warren and NBA sophomore Archie Goodwin impressive in Summer League. Warren runs the court real well. Indeed, a fun team to watch. However, last year’s lottery Euro Alex Len appears to the be the Sun’s version of Kuzmic. To Feltbot’s point Phoenix is built to run the court and hopefully the system will work. Seth Curry also shooting well, but on the wrong team if he intends to make a guard strong roster.

      • funny you mention that goodwin guy, because the late first round pick purchased last season might have been applied to him, but was traded down for NN.

  33. Kerr talking about Justin Holiday needing to get stronger. That didn’t seem to bother him about Livingston.

  34. 1. How much has holding out for Love, which I don’t think is going to happen, prevented other deals?

    Granted, their options are limited, but I assume they’re holding on to trade pieces, Barnes, etc., to work this deal which could be used elsewhere. And they still have a few bucks to spend. But if they are willing to let Lee and Klay go, plus others, it’s hard to believe they couldn’t have worked other deals, perhaps getting several good players to fill out the roster.

    2. Apparently there is no Plan B this trade season.

    3. At least they didn’t get Howard last year (and what deals did holding out for him prevent?). Note that the superstars have not flocked to Houston to play alongside him, which was the GSW plan.

  35. I’ll go out on a limb and predict Rush is better than Barnes this season.

  36. From AW:

    “Free-agent forward Brandon Rush has agreed to a two-year, $2.5 million deal with the Golden State Warriors, league sources told Yahoo Sports.”

    If you took healthy limbs from all the injured players, you could come up with a really good player. Here’s hoping, however, Rush makes it back. Happy to see him again.

    • No player option? Kind of surprises me.

      Rush’s injury cost him $10 million, conservatively.

      • warriorsablaze

        ??? The link you posted above says Rush holds the option for the second year… am I misunderstanding something?

        Great pick-up as long as he’s healthy enough to contribute. Exactly what the bench needs.

        • There u go… I missed that.

          So it’s basically a 1 yr deal. If he can play, he’ll split.

          • warriorsablaze

            Very possible… or if he plays well and he likes being here, he may just opt out and re-sign a better contract (depending, of course, on what happens between now and then with our financials).

            Point is… I can’t imagine he didn’t get similar offers from other teams, yet he chose to come back here.

          • I hope he’s good enough to make that happen.

    • It has to be another gamble. Healthy, in form, Rush is worth much more.

      And again, why didn’t he play more for Utah? Almost no minutes since last Feb:

      • Rush has already undergone a year long rehab on his other ACL (right knee) injured while he was at Kansas.

        Rush was very tentative last year. If you saw the fall he took when Zach Randolph failed to let him go on a break away and undercut him, you would understand the tentativeness last year. One more injury on the high flier, and his career would definitely end for good.

        So, hopefully he will have undergone another remarkable physical therapy and has rounded back into his high flying form. Really, this guy deserves something good. Kick some (Memphis Grizzly) ass Brandon Rush.

  37. Interesting read on why paying someone big money now (love, or even clay) isn’t the worst idea-

    • the bump in shared revenue from the mega media deal is a big factor behind the two and three year contracts signed by players in their prime, who often get longer deals. the agents are looking at substantial raises in the salary cap beginning in 2016 and rolled into the next c.b.a (negotiations in 2016, inception July 2017).

    • I’ve been saying the same thing. We’re lucky if we can extend Klay before the new salary cap.

      For the same reason, I think Love may opt in the second season so he can then sign a longer term deal under the new higher cap.

  38. Rush played great for the Warriors. Prior to his season ending injury he was 45 percent shooting three’s and had an off the chart effective . FG percentage of 62 percent. Returning from his injury and playing for Utah he shot a pedestrian 34 percent on three’s and only had a 42 percent effective FG percentage. Will he improve over last year? Will he be able to take it to the hole? Time will tell. Hopefully the Warriors saw enough to believe so.

    • cosmicballoon

      Utah’s point guard play was average at best. Perhaps having Curry passing to him will up that 3 pt percentage to 40+ again!

      How many open threes did Iggy miss last season, especially in the second half?!

  39. DLee has been working out with a skills coach, revamping his shot, and shooting from three. A stretch four this season?

    • I assume this is a private coach, i.e. not part of the GSW staff, though likely he had words with Kerr and most certainly he has been influenced by the hovering Love trade.

      We speculated that Jackson took away Lee’s midrange shot, and they weren’t running the pick ‘n pop. But I wonder if Lee partly made the decision himself to stop shooting. He lost confidence and decided to stop shooting, and maybe Jackson decided just to go with that?

      Either way, Jackson didn’t do anything to correct a problem. In a lot of ways he was a passive coach, who was bad at recognizing problems and dealing with them.

  40. I took a stab at some win projections (using ESPN’s RPM metric) for us with and without a Love trade. Bottom line, with Love, the projection increases from 55.5 to about 58 wins. Not a huge difference in the scheme of things.

    • warriorsablaze

      Not a huge difference in the scheme of one single season, you mean. Having two top 10 players just entering their prime is a pretty good position to be in.

      Having to pay Klay 15+ per will not be such a good position unless he suddenly becomes a different player.

    • Sorry, I think this type of analysis is absurd. For all of Love’s “Wins produced” and “WAR” and other such nonsense, he’s never been on a winning team. In my opinion, if you take off the players the Warriors are likely to have to give up in the trade, the remainder is very unlikely to even be able to reach last year’s 51 wins.

      I wonder how many wins Rubio + Martin + Love + Pek + Barea projected out to before last season…?

      • ” For all of Love’s “Wins produced” and “WAR” and other such nonsense, he’s never been on a winning team.”

        Until he is.

    • Add a margin of error, and there may be no difference at all.

      The first thing to be noted is that you assume heavy minutes for the starters, 36 for Livingston in the event of the trade, certainly a stretch for him, and that you anticipate low minutes and production from the bench, which may be realistic. If a starter falters, either way, the team is in trouble. (I know you did this on the fly.)

      Your quick study suggests another conclusion: there’s just not enough overall gain in the trade and their real problem now is the bench. If their priority were to build depth down the roster, the team would have been better and stood a greater chance to stay strong the entire season. And a better bench would have given them more options. Also it would have helped the subs, such as Speights. They could reinforce each other and build confidence as a unit—and be ready to step in should a starter go down.

      I am hoping they get good minutes from Speights. Build his confidence and surround him with good players, and he should produce more. Speights because, after Lee, he’s their only sizable two-way player.

      • cosmicballoon

        Curry – Livingston
        Kevin Martin – Rush – Livingston
        Iggy – Green – Rush
        Love – Green – Speights
        Bogut – Ezeli – Sleights

        Post trade, the weakness is definitely at 2, particularly on defense if Rush isn’t able to be a strong 2-way player.

        • I don’t see how Martin could start with his defense. You can’t have 3 huge defensive liabilities starting and expect to win much.

  41. Bartelstein said Myers walked out of Rush’s recent workout for NBA teams after 10 minutes and said, “I’ve seen all I need to see.”


    I’d be curious to hear the options of the other teams who stuck around for the full workout. They didn’t make a bid.

    • Much as I like Rush and want him to return—and want to wash the memory away of his horrible injury—giving him a player option for the second year makes no sense. If he does return to form, he’s gone, or negotiates for a better contract. If his injury returns, he’ll just sit on the bench the second year, locking up yet another roster spot and taking away the development of some other player. Apparently there wasn’t much competition. They couldn’t have made it a team option on the 2nd. year, even if they had to pay him more?

  42. Replacing Lee with a better player in Love is what matters. And for one player to provide three more wins in a season seems substantial to me.

    It’s absurd Felty for you to denigrate Love for never having played on a winning team. Such argument would seem to suggest that his playing on a bad team means he’s not very good, when in fact, his stats were so good even teams were concentrating on defending him and he still went wild. Such suggests to me that he would perform even better on the Warriors which is a good team.

    And the Warriors would get both Love and Martin for Lee and Thompson, or Love and Martin for Lee, Barnes and D. Green. See no drop off by just the Warriors winning more games.

    Warriorblaze makes the most telling point by indicating that we would be getting a top ten player and failing to do so we will be faced with overpaying Thompson next year to the $15 million dollars way above his contribution on the court. At lease someone see’s the true ramifications.

    • cosmicballoon

      How is $15M per year overpaying for Thompson who is one of the top three SGs in the league? GS paid Iggy $12M per and Bogut $12M plus incentives. Both are on the downside of their careers, and both missed significant playing time last season. Thompson is an ironman 20 ppg scorer who is only improving. Of course Love may be more valuable because of his unique ability to spread the floor, but Thompson is worth $15M per IMO. I think I can be happy with or without this trade. This offseason has not been a bust considering they had no draft picks.

    • Frank, as RGG pointed out, would Love even sign with the Warriors without Klay? No way the Wolves make the deal without Thompson. DLee + Barnes + DGreen won’t get Love.

  43. Apparently the Cavs are now willing to trade Wiggins. Perhaps this will all be over shortly.

  44. Cue the Klay Thompson offer.

    K minus 10, 9, 8…

    • Wouldn’t the Cavs prefer Wiggins to Klay? More up-side and less pay? And won’t have to take-back the DLee contract? (I hope Lacob listens real good to his basketball guys and acts on their advice .)

  45. From TK twitter:

    “Lacob wants strong voices offering clear opinions, then he and Myers make the call. Sometimes it’s unanimous, most times it’s not.”

    The next step to improve the team is move Meyers and get a real GM.

    • From another tweet (somewhere):

      “Word on Warriors continues to be this: Myers is the most open to moving Klay.”

    • Or Lacob/Meyers might offer DLee+Iggy+Barnes+2015 #1 Pick for Love and take back Martin.

  46. If the Warriors don’t get Love and Cleveland does that guarantees that Cleveland will be the powerhouse in the East and likely to be in NBA championship game the next five years. That means the Warriors will have to beat both the Spurs and Cleveland to win a championship. That not not likely to happen. That could have been avoided if Lacob had pulled the trigger earlier when Love agreed to be traded to the Warriors. If Lacob does not get Love he relegates the Warriors to not winning a championship for years.

    • Frank, you’re assuming that Love will sign an extension there and not bolt for his girlfriend in LA next year.

  47. As for Thompson he took 15.5 shorts and scored only 18.4 points not a particular ratio for a player who is considered good. Moreover, his PER is only 14. 3. An average NBA player has a 15. O PER. Only a fool like Lacob would pay Thompson $15 million. Don’t join him. Felty has not indicated Thompson’s money value.,

    • cosmicballoon

      Well Frank, superstar Paul George took 17 shots to score 21.7 ppg. Give Klay 17 shots and he’s at the same level — and he’s nearly the defender George is. George will be getting max money soon. What’s the problem with $15M again?

    • Frank, not sure if you understand contract valuation in the n.b.a. , and how the market is already correcting after prices flattened a bit as teams adjusted to the 2011 c.b.a.

      the last c.b.a. resulted in the decreased trade value of expiring contracts and traded player exceptions, among other things. it couldn’t change one fundamental — the top players have developed skills highly valued as an entertainment commodity that a mere few hundred out of 7 billion humanoids possess. if the lacobites don’t re-sign thompson by next July, he will test restricted free agency, and his price becomes subject to auction. if he gains that status, only one team has to go all-in with an offer sheet to set his market price.

      thompson’s agent will be looking at the increases coming in the salary cap with revenues from the pending media deal, and existing contracts on wings like the one just signed by g.hayward.

    • How many 3pta do you predict Lee will take next season?

      Let me put it this way. Would you take the over or under on 10?

    • warriorsablaze

      I think Lee has said something about adding a 3 pt shot pretty much every offseason for years. We’ve yet to see it. Glad to see he recognizes and is actually focusing on his weaknesses. If not the 3, he really needs to get his touch back from 15-17ft… without that, his usefulness on the floor diminishes considerably.

  48. Regardless of increased salary cap is Thompson worth $15 million? Answer is no.

    if Love goes to Cavs, we can look forward to Love and Martin playing in NBA finals but not for Warriors who’ll be at home. And we will soon see this year that Blatt will be the second best coach in NBA.

    • “Regardless of increased salary cap is Thompson worth $15 million? ”

      How exactly do you decide who is and who isn’t worth $15M?

      Is this using your turnover metric?

  49. Paul George out performed Thompson in the playoffs. He shot a higher three point percentage and shot a higher FG percentage. more importantly, he went to the foul line much more than Thompson. As a result he scored 6 more points than the number of shots he took. Thompson 3. He’s more of a playoff player than Thompson.

    • cosmicballoon

      Great…and he’ll be paid $20M per season. Klay is worth $5M less than George per season.

  50. We have Steph and Livingston at PG. Klay & Iggy at the 2. Dray, Rush and Barnes at 3. Lee and Speights PF. And Bogut, Ezeli at center. Thats 11 capable players. We need at the minimum two more players who can contribute at the NBA level. Three would be ideal.
    unfortunately, I don’t think any help will be arriving from the summer league team.

    Biggest factor for the Wubs upcoming season will be team health, by far. If the stars align we have the talent and chemistry to challenge.

    • They can still recruit undrafted players from other summer league teams, right? Assuming, of course, they have been scouting them.

  51. These NBA owners are bidding up players value like the 1999 NASDAQ.

    (Probably the Cavs out-bid Lacob for Love.)

  52. Just got word that Joe Lacob has raised season ticket prices 25%.

  53. “David Lee and Harrison Barnes are expected to be a part of the deal as well. No trade is imminent, but the Warriors are willing to do whatever it takes to land Love now – even if that means letting go of a franchise favorite in Thompson.”

    Only rumor?

  54. fwiw, Kawakami:

    If the Warriors truly have a desire to “always maximize Curry’s performance level”, they should get him a center who can play pick and roll.

  55. Read proposed trade for Love that involves Celtics as third party. Love and Martin to Warriors, Lee and Thompson to Wolves, Barnes to Celtics, Dieng from Wolves to Celtics, Green from Celtics to Wolves. Hope it comes true.

  56. Seems to me Barnes tightened up in NBA games last season. I thought Bazemore did too, until DAntoni got a hold of him.

    Hope Barnes (and SL) don’t have turf toe. I fear they do. Let’s see if Barnes explosiveness returns.

  57. Another (obvious) comparison with the Spurs:

    Pop has been able to protect and maintain his aging and wounded players for years by having capable subs fill in and even take over. We’ll be holding our breath all season.

    • warriorsablaze

      when Duncan was 30, he played 34 mins per game…. more than any of our aging players in that age range last season. When he was Curry’s age? He averaged 39 mpg.

      I agree with your general point, but I think the idea that Pop rests his players is a bit overblown. His big 3 who get the rest these past few years are in their mid-30’s and beyond. Extra rest hasn’t been the case throughout their careers.

      • Parker especially is a good example. The past three seasons he has played 60, 66, and 68 games. Duncan? 58, 69, and 74. And it didn’t hurt the Spurs. Average minutes won’t catch games not played. Imagine Curry or Lee (or Love) missing that many games.

        • warriorsablaze

          Parker and Duncan have both had injuries. Pop doesn’t sit Parker out 15-20 games for rest. Your point that their roster can withstand one or more of them being out stands, but I don’t really see us as that much different.

          Curry is the only player that submarines the team when injured. We’ve won with/without Bogut, Lee, and Iggy. The Spurs aren’t nearly as dependent on one player as we are.

          Livingston, Rush, Barnes, Green, Mokur is a pretty good second 5 if you look around the league; Green and SL could start on a fair number of teams… and hopefully Kerr doesn’t do the hockey substitution game that cost us pretty much every 1st quarter lead last season.

  58. The other way to look at the Love/Lee and Klay trade is where it leaves Curry a few years from now, 2016, when his bargain contract runs out.

    He will have lost a teammate in the backcourt he is committed to and with whom he plays well.

    He will also have lost Lee, whom he respects and also plays well with.

    To be competitive with a starting lineup of Love, Curry, x, y, and z, x/y/z being mediocre offensive players, he will have to play hard, be under a lot of pressure, and play heavy minutes to keep the team competitive, probably just to nose into the playoffs. And I’m skeptical that team can do much more than that.

    Why wouldn’t he bolt and ask to be traded the last year of his contract?

  59. Warriors still need to do it…steph will be fine if we win…love makes us win more games, plain and simple…even if SL starts at the 2…

    another interesting article claiming min prefers thompson over wiggins…

    • This article exemplifies the real difficulty Saunders will face if he prefers Klay: He will get absolutely crucified for not choosing Wiggins.

  60. I think Wigs is a little overrated, but you are 100% right. The move is blow it up and get cheap assets that could be beasts, not try and get 9th place with klay and rubio…
    This will go down as a kevin garnett level blunder in my opinion if they don’t pull the trigger and let him go to Cleveland.

  61. It’d be one thing if it came out that- “GSW offered Klay/Lee and said NO K Mart, take it or leave it.” I’d be fine without Love if that were the case. Felt, can i talk you over to my side of the street with that hypothetical?

    • the deal you describe was not among the many being rumoured — it’s been said that saunders wanted more, because he doesn’t value lee, making his contract a bigger minus, and/or he wanted to dump martin’s contract as an incentive to take lee.

    • Agree with Moto. Can’t see TWolves taking Lee without dumping Martin.

      Theoretically speaking, Lee and Klay for Love by himself could be a good deal for the Warriors, as it would generate cap space for a replacement wing (or center). With one astute move the Warriors could get in contention. Never going to happen though.

      • By saving cap space, you mean Klay’s projected salary a year from now?

        And would this mean writing off the Warriors next season? Without Martin and with the unlikelihood of picking up anyone good at 2, they’ll really struggle scoring.

        And you’re assuming they could pick up a 2 comparable to Klay a year from now?

  62. Agreed…but…if they have such a hard-on for klay, why not throw it out there? We have argued over the “no-brainer” part of this, but it sounds like we all agree here on the aforementioned two-for-one. It is certainly possible that all this posturing was to build the klay hype so much that they take that deal, which pre-lebron, i honestly feel they would have. Klay/lee is better than cap space and before wiggins was in play, that’s the best they would have gotten, esp with love’s indication of where he would resign being so specific.

  63. omg…evanz…please go crack a whip on the gsom chat board…

    interesting idea i wouldn’t take- we get cavs assets, min gets ours, cavs get mins….but he forgets kmart, which if is the deal, i want love, screw cle.

    i digress, point of story, this guy wants arguably the worst player in the nba for lee…oh and the next comment after, non-sarcastically, is, “interesting”-

    “I don’t see us bringing in youth – we are in a win now mode. Minny is not going to take on Lee. I think the smart play may be a trade with the Knicks. They will want to build around Carmelo and are expected to get Marc Gasol next season. How about Lee for Bargnani – I’m not a big fan of his but would he be a stretch 4?”

    -by Togna Balogna on Jul 17, 2014 | 6:14 PM up reply

  64. So Lee and Thompson for Love is ok but Lee and Thompson for Love and Marin is not. Even though Martin replaces Thompson’s scoring and just as efficient scoring, and whose contract apparently can be lengthened and pro-rated. In my judgment such is absurd as the Wolves are not trading Love and taken on Thompson without also trading Martin. And by getting Love we will have replaced the only thing Thompson does well and that is hitting three’s and added another three point shooter in Martin this scoring more there’s then we currently do and won’t have to pay Thompson $15 million dollars by not doing the deal. Marin is just as proficient offensively and cheaper. By doing the deal we obtain 2 three point shooters and give up one. Warriors will be taking thecWolves to the cleaners.

    Just hope Lacob has not botched this deal by not doing it earlier. Those who hesitate usually lose.

  65. Thanks for the providing the editing site.

    Think it’s wrong for posters to refer to the Warriors second unit as I have seen no intention by Kerr to play an intact second unit. Expect bench players to play with some of the starters.

    If Warriors obtain Love and Martin and sign Udoh they will in my view have a chance to meet the Spurs in Western conference finals. But that will happen only if both Rush and Udoh can come close to playing as they did when they played for the Warriors. Given their injuries I don’t think that will happen but they have to take the risk. They already have taken the first step by signing Rush. Given their financial mismanagement they unfortunately can only sign veteran players with potential coming off injuries.

  66. The Wolves are the hardest to figure. Odds are good they won’t keep Love and won’t keep Klay if the trade is made. They should jump on Cleveland’s best offer. Two hot prospects plus a chance to rebuild—they won’t do this well for some time.

    • “Odds are good they won’t keep Love and won’t keep Klay if the trade is made.”

      Why would they trade for Klay and then decide not to keep him? That makes no sense.

      • Klay will want to renegotiate his contract after next year, right? Why would he stay?

        • the article you linked in (78) answered your own query about negotiation over thompson’s next contract. the woeyrs need to re-sign him before mid season if at all possible and numbers are already being exchanged. the lacobites will have at least a slight/moderate advantage over his hypothetical new team Min in keeping him from testing the auction market. should expect thompson’s agent to push for a two year deal with the third season a player option, because of the anticipated changes coming with the next c.b.a.

          • There’s no incentive to extend Klay before next summer, especially if he is getting a max deal.

            Extending him early only limits any flexibility the team has left to acquire a free agent next summer. If they extend Klay early, that’s end of ballgame.

        • Re-negotiate? He’ll be an RFA. He has no ability to do that if Minny wants to keep him.

          • He has the ability to refuse to sign, and take the qualifying offer. Which I think he’d be pretty likely to do, given his desire to play for the Lakers if not the Warriors.

          • Very few players do that. It would be surprising to me.

  67. Amick’s piece:

    probably accurately represents GSW’s position and is consistent with what we’ve heard all along. They don’t want to give up Klay because of defense (Klay helps shore up the perimeter with Curry; Love’s defense is suspect). Which is true.

    What that means, however, is that they simply weren’t in a position to make a deal for Love and maintain the integrity of the team. Correcting this shortcoming in prospects and backups should be their first priority so they can pull the trigger later with someone else.

    And that they had no reason to think they could get Minnesota to give in, not on their terms, which they should have realized a month ago. While they couldn’t have anticipated Lebron’s move to Cleveland and their interest in Love, hoping the Wolves would cave in on a Love for Lee + Barnes was just a shot in the dark. It’s a bad deal for Minnesota. They should have been working on other deals all this time. They needed a plan B back then, and should have been ready to pull the trigger.

    But thinking about Klay only in terms of defense and making team defense a top priority is just one dimensional thinking. What they need to do is think about what produces the best overall team, offense and defense.

    One solution would have been to see if they could have moved Bogut, Lee, and maybe Iguodala to get some combination of good but not great or expensive two-way players in the front court and on the bench, leaving them money and trade options later. But it’s unlikely they could have moved Lee because of his contract and I doubt anyone is interested in Bogut. I hate to give up on Iguodala, but his health and offensive questions make a trade worth considering. And at his contract, he would have been hard to move as well.

    So their best option would have been to keep what they had and try to work some kind of mid-range and small deals, throwing Barnes and odd pieces out there. They might have gotten something. Instead, it looks like we’ll be seeing Barnes starting and wondering who will sub in for Iguodala or fill in if he goes down.

  68. If the Wolves can get Wiggins + TThompson + a #1 Pick for Love, the Wolves have to do the deal (future championship team with Big Pek and Rubio?). The Cavs probably want to include Mason instead of TThompson, holding up a deal. With Mason, I believe the Wolves should still do the deal, if the Cavs add another #1 Pick. This might be the best deal the Wolves can get, and as mcguins @ 71 posts the Wolves don’t want to re-enact the Garnett blunder. And as Felt @70 posts, the Wolves have to take Wiggins over KThompson

    (Since the Cavs aren’t dumping a contract on the Wolves, the Cavs don’t have to consider taking back Martin’s contract.)

    What is hard for me to understand is why is it so difficult for the Wolves to move Love? Is this an indication of a lower than expected market value for Love?

    • “What is hard for me to understand is why is it so difficult for the Wolves to move Love?”

      One thing is he’s been very clear that he wants to dictate where he goes, and that might be only a few teams in the league.

      • Thanks EvanZ, that helps explain it.

        Does Klay’s contract end after the 2014-2015 season or after the 2015-2016 season?

        Either way, if traded, Klay would not sign a contract with the Wolves, which the Wolves must know.

        On the other hand, Love would with the Warriors.

        • “Either way, if traded, Klay would not sign a contract with the Wolves, which the Wolves must know.”

          If he was traded there, he would have no choice if the TWolves wanted to keep him there.

        • the only way for the lacobites to retain control over thompson beyond June 2015 would be thompson accepting their qualifying offer, essentially giving them one additional season under the rookie contract to negotiate for his continuing services. most players in thompson’s position choose to decline the offer and enter restricted free agency, so the operating assumption would be, the lacobites need to secure him before June 2015, or expect him to test his market price in a restricted free agent auction.

  69. Seems to me with the considerations of Wiggin’s and Thompson’s defensive capabilities in the Love trade discussions, the NBA is moving more towards defense.