Can’t Buy Me Love

I’ll give you all I’ve got to give
If you say you love me too
I may not have a lot to give
But what I’ve got I’ll give to you
I don’t care too much for money
For money can’t buy me love

                     — Lennon and McCartney

Everyone is on pins and needles waiting for the Kevin Love trade to come down. I don’t get it. I simply don’t buy the prevailing media narrative that the Wolves have to make this deal before the season starts. That the offers the Wolves are seeing right now are the best they will get, and that they will lose leverage the longer they wait.   

I don’t believe the Wolves will have any trouble fielding mega-offers for Love, no matter how long they wait. In fact, I think the longer they wait, the better the offers will get. This is simply not the moment for the best offers to show up. Teams don’t put all their cards on the table until they’re up against a hard deadline. That’s when the real auctions occur.

It also helps to wait until the trade deadline, because that’s the moment when incompetent GMs can no longer escape the outright putridity of their creations, and realize with horror that only a breathtaking move can save their jobs. (Feel free to interpret Bob Myers’ strong advocacy for the Love trade in light of this universal truth.)

There is simply no downside for the Timberwolves in waiting until the trade deadline to deal Love. The Warriors and Cavs will still be bidders, regardless. But on the other hand, there is a HUGE amount of potential upside in waiting.

As I currently handicap it, it is highly likely that the Warriors will have taken a step back in the West by that time. Virtually all of their middle-of-the-pack competitors have taken strong steps forward with their rosters, while the Warriors have added… Shaun Livingston and the avatar of Brandon Rush. Virtually all of their competitors have good to great veteran coaches, running real NBA systems, while the utterly dysfunctional Warriors management have hired their third rookie coach in five years, a 48-year-old virgin who wants to impose the triangle — half-court post-up basketball — on what should be one of the best open-court and pick and roll teams in the league.

I find it exceedingly likely that Joe Lacob will be foaming at the mouth for a change by midseason, and no longer paying any attention at all to the blinking light on his Jerry West Bat-phone. And equally likely that a desperate-eyed Bob Myers will be nodding his head with even more vigor than usual.

I envision a similar scenario in Cleveland, if the Timberwolves are smart enough to wait. The 19-year-old Andrew Wiggins isn’t yet able to dominate on the college or summer league levels, and yet he’s ready to star for 82 games and the playoffs as an NBA rookie? Please. After struggling for a couple of months trying to whip the soft, self-entitled, knuckle-headed Kiddie-Cavs into an unselfish and hard-nosed contending team, there will be thunderbolts coming out of Lebron’s eyes, and steam coming out of his ears.

That’s the moment that Dan Gilbert and David Griffin will spread the entire Cavs team and all of their draft-picks before Flip Saunders like an all-you-can-eat buffet, and say “Dig in.”

It is astonishing to me that every single NBA writer seems to have already forgotten the Carmelo Anthony trade deadline lollapalooza. Wasn’t it made perfectly obvious at the time of that fiasco that Masai Ujiri had hit upon the perfect model — for all time — for handling a superstar extorting his way out of town? Or in other words, the perfect model for handling the desperate GMs and wanna-be-GM NBA owners who covet said superstar?

We’re dealing with universal truths here. Of human weakness. And human greed.

If Flip Saunders is smart, he’ll draw the process out to the very end, and let the volcano of folly build.

Can’t buy me Love.

Until the time is ripe, and the price is right.

139 Responses to Can’t Buy Me Love

  1. I don’t agree with your predictions of how the Warriors’ and Cavs’ seasons will unfold (which doesn’t matter, since in July we’re all guessing anyway), but fully agree that Saunders has no real need to make a deal now.

    Yes, Love could become a pouting distraction in MIN. But if no one’s going to give Saunders a clear long-term asset now (Klay or Wiggins), he’d be a fool to throw in the towel. As you note, the market could improve as teams underperform & become desperate. And betting on either that or the (slim) chance MIN overperforms enough to make Love consider staying is preferable to surrendering in advance.

  2. Steph By Steph

    While I agree that the scenario you describe is the most likely way for things to play out, I think you underestimate how much of a gamble it is for Flip Saunders to count on that. For this to pay off, he needs there to be two highly motivated bidders when the trade deadline rolls around. But let’s say, for example, that Wiggins performs better in his rookie year than Cleveland’s expecting, and they decide to stick with him instead of pursuing Love (maybe Dan Gilbert gets to thinking of Wiggins as “my guy” and starts overvaluing him). Now all of a sudden there’s only one bidder for Love, and the trade deadline puts pressure on Saunders at least as much as it does on the Warriors, if not more. Remember: if no deal gets made, the Warriors still have at least the nucleus of a contending team, however flawed. But the Wolves, on the other hand, would have NOTHING, because Love will walk for free, and good luck ever again attracting anybody to a team built around Nikola Pekovic that lives in the tundra and plays in the Western Conference.

    Again: I think you’re right, and that most likely there will be at least two (if not more) teams desperate to “make a splash.” But the scenario I describe, while less likely, would also be completely catastrophic for Minnesota. So I think saying there’s “no downside” to waiting is not quite correct.

  3. That’s right. The Wolves should want to have Love come to camp even though he has expressed his intention not to play for them after this year. Yeah, let him play part of the year and then disrupt the team by leaving. Felty, are you ok?

    If the Wolves takes our deal over the Cleveland deal they are idiots. Hoping they’re idiots I’ll post why after the make a trade.

  4. “Feel free to interpret Bob Myers’ strong advocacy for the Love trade in light of this universal truth.”

    Strong advocacy? So far I’ve only heard he is “the most amenable” to a deal. That hardly seems like a strong advocacy. Maybe Felt, you have some inside info you’d like to share?

  5. Felt, I think you’re being disingenuous on Steve Kerr “wanting to impost a half-court post-up offense” yada yada. He’s said numerous times he wants them to be more up-tempo and more like the Spurs offense. He brought in Alvin Gentry, someone you championed very loudly on this blog and on twitter.

    If they can’t implement such a system, my guess is it will be due to the personnel to execute it, not the lack of will on the coaching staff to seek it.

    • I’m not being disingenuous. There is a complete disconnect between the lip service Kerr is paying to up-tempo basketball, and the system he intends to implement (and trotted out in summer league). Not to mention the acquisition of a non-shooting, low-post backup point guard.

      He also mentioned in the press his mentor Phil Jackson’s philosophy that missed three point shots lead to fast breaks, and that was something he was concerned about. Does that sound like someone committed to uptempo, Spurs basketball to you?

      Gentry may eventually wind up getting the upper hand in deciding the Warriors offensive philosophy, but I think that will involve a long process of experimentation and failure (as we saw with the other Warriors rookie coaches). I don’t think Kerr knows his ass from a hole in the ground — something that his failed tenure in Phoenix clearly reflected — and that will have an effect on the Warriors record.

      • warriorsablaze

        Kerr: “We’re gonna run an uptempo offense with pick and roll along with elements of the triangle”

        Feltbot: “He intends to run a halfcourt, post up offense.”

        Your evidence to Kerr’s intentions are: the back up PG, a quote that only vaguely relates (while ignoring all other quotes to the contrary), a summer league game (did you watch more than the one you commented on?), and the 3rd or 4th tier assistant coach.

        That’s Fox News-level disingenuous. You may be right in the end, but your evidence of Kerr’s intentions are 99% based on your bias.

  6. Felt, you standing by your prediction of Klay being offered in a Love trade? And do you enjoy Warriors basketball? You don’t seem that happy. Here’s hoping the rest of your life is better than your blog leads on.

    • +1

      Felt is a brilliant bball analyst, but when he ventures into management psychology his biases drive his conclusions. As in this post.

      On the other hand, Lacob & Co. do seem to make a couple of the same mistakes over and again. Kerr is Lacob’s 3rd rookie coach. For a “win now” team roster, hiring a rookie coach was stupid the first time. After two failures, now it’s… what? Psychosis?

      OF COURSE Kerr will hold the Ws back next season. Rookie coaches are almost guaranteed to do that. The only reasonable expectation for fans is that yet another potential championship season will be lost to a coach’s learning curve. Mid-pack again. Low seed in the playoffs once again. Damn.

      On the other hand, Felt’s biases against management don’t permit him to give credit to them when it’s due. Myers has done a good job. Last season’s 2nd units (revised mid-season) were a decent collection of talent, player-by-player. They were just badly misused by the coach. And, lest we forget, Iggy is a winner. What, you wanna say Jack was better? Right.

      Right now, it’s quite sensible for Myers to hang tough on trading Thompson. While the 10,000-ft. view sez “Get Love any way possible,” this Ws team really can’t replace Thompson without re-defining the entire team strategy on both ends of the floor. That’s do-able, but it doesn’t happen overnight, especially with a rookie coach. Lacob/Myers do see that. That’s to their credit.

      Negative-but-uninformed speculation about the weakness of team management is tedious reading at best.

      The Hat sez the obvious:
      – Love trade doesn’t happen.
      – Next season the Ws finish with roughly the same record.
      – Draymond + Livingston terrorize 2nd units throughout the league.
      – Bogut takes one shot too many before season end. Warriors finish with Ezeli and Speights at big C. And that’s not a problem.
      – The most plussy Ws lineup next season is once again Lee, Green, Iggy, Thompson, Curry. It’s a pretty awesome lineup, with only one not-above-average scorer in the bunch.

      Next season is going to look a lot like last season, only with more upside potential. Not bad at all. Despite Feltbot’s attitude about Lacob and Myers.

  7. Felt, agree that’s what’s likely to happen and the way the greed will play out.

    Found the Wiggins explanation very informative.

    I think there are causes for optimism —

    The Warriors surely learned Bogut can’t play many minutes or games, and we’ll see a lot of DLee and Mo at the 5.

    Kerr must realize he is short on experience and will quickly depend on Gentry and Adams, implementing what they recommend. Thats what Lacob wants, similar to the Malone situation, and Kerr should know his main role is to interface with Management and Ownership and not to devise offenses or defenses, which is why Lacob hired Gentry and Adams.

    I anticipate Bogut, DLee, and Mo are utilized correctly and hopefully DLee, Bogut, Iguodala, Livingston, and Rush recover from their recent injuries.

    If so, its possible the Warriors are on-par with the Clips, the Rockets, the Sun, and the Blazers.

    • In the West, the team to watch next season is the Mavericks. Last season they were 1 piece away. They’ve upgraded 3 pieces.

      • Thanx Hat, forgot about the Mavs, not to mention the Griz. Tough for the Warriors to make the play-offs this season, even if relatively healthy.

  8. Just saw Steven A. Smith clip where he says the Warriors offered Lee, Klay and Barnes for Lee, Martin and the 13th pick in the last draft, and were turned down by Flip.

    Seems pretty obvious that Klay is on the table for the right deal.

    • Two points:

      – SAS has zero credibility as a news reporter. His career goal is self-promotion, not accuracy.

      – OF COURSE Thompson is trade-able. EVERYONE is trade-able for the right opportunity. The devil is in the details.

  9. FB’s prediction of waiting until the deadline for a trade makes no sense for either the Warriors or the Cavs. With new coaches, both teams will want essentially complete rosters in training camp so they can put their systems in place and start working the bugs out. If either trades later, they’ll have to start over once again.

    Then again, his post isn’t about making sense.

    So what might happen is that the FOs for both teams will wait to see how things play out before they pull the trigger, and what they do will depend on their expectations.

    Cleveland’s results should be ambiguous. It’s all a matter of how much they can get Bennett and Wiggins up to speed and whether Lebron will be satisfied with their chance to make a run in the playoffs next season, which has to be a priority to ensure his staying. But both Bennett and Wiggins will need more than half a season to prove themselves.

    The Warriors? Who knows what their expectations are or what will happen. Healthy, they should get off to a good start. But a bad stretch in December, especially if a player goes down for a week or so and the team falters, which is what happened last year when Iguodala was out, could send Lacob into a dither and push a trade. Or, even healthy, in the rebuilt western conference they could likely find themselves several games behind where they were last year. And he’ll still pull the trigger.

    But what is a reasonable expectation for the Warriors? Getting the same results as last year will be a stretch. But if they trade for Love midseason, and they’ll have to throw in Klay, they’ll need to regroup, won’t be substantially better, if at all (I believe worse), and will just nose into the playoffs at best and go out in a round against a top seed.

    Which leaves us where we started. Again.

    • Dallas, on the other hand, should do well this season. And the season after they’ll be poised to make all kinds of deals. Which is where the Warriors aren’t.

    • rgg, your analysis is logical, however greed is a human emotion subject to our herding instinct, akin to commodities markets, and pro athletes are commodities.

      Greed is a fear of shortage or fear of lack, driving up prices, such as the oil frenzy, $150/barrel, in 2008.

      In this case, the fear of not obtaining Love will be accentuated by the trade dead-line and the bidders (NBA owners) will feed off of each others fear (herding) and drive up the price, supporting Felt’s analysis.

      It is likely under this theory Lacob would throw in both Klay and Barnes and take back Martin’s contract.

      I think the Cavs will end up with Love and for better fundamental reasons as Felt explained above, regarding Wiggins, but maybe not without also giving up TThomspon and a high #1 pick.

      • cosmicballoon

        I think Lacob and Meyers now realize they gave up too much in the Iggy trade. They are now trying to be more cagey. We’ll find out if they come out ahead or not in the Love sweepstakes.

  10. I’m having trouble keeping track of my biases, and also understanding the idea that even if my predictions prove correct, they’re nothing more than bias….

    Which provokes a further thought on bias advanced analytics: Is there a theoretical upper bound to how often my predictions can prove correct over the years, while still emanating purely from irrational bias?

    • Felt my friend, I did say you’re a brilliant bball analyst. It’s always interesting to hear what you have to say on the topic.

      Leave out the pointless negativity toward team management and you’ve got the best sports blog anywhere. Leave it in and one of the best bball analysts I know gets… a handful of readers, mostly grumps.

      Pick one, your choice.

      • If I cared about how many readers I get, I’d be writing for SBNation or Bleacher Report, both of whom gave me substantial unsolicited offers.

        The scope of my blog is neither greater nor narrower than it ever was, and is determined strictly by what I feel like writing, nothing else. I will continue to speculate on things that people like you feel are unknowable, because that’s how I make my living, and I happen to enjoy it.

        The choice of reading or not reading is yours.

      • Please don’t follow the other GS writers Feltbot, despite warnings to the contrary. The more we learn (through their respective actions) about Lacob Sr (and the Euro loving Jr), it is going to be a train wreck at some point.

        I Enjoy your comments about said couple. If you are correct, you will be located on the right side of the rail tracks, when the rest of the Warrior reporters and blog posters, wake up five years from now, and say “What, no championship for this arrogant and entitled owner? Maybe not as smart as he acts?”

    • I believe you’re trying to make predictions based on past behavior. You may be wrong, but the bias is not necessarily yours, or yours at all.

      Of course you could take the other tack and assume the the owner & son & GM know what they’re doing, then painstakingly try to come up with a coherent and meaningful analysis based on that assumption.

      Good luck with that.

      Don’t let up Feltbot.

      • This. Thank you.

        • For those few of us who actually listen to FO and look at their decisions and try to figure out what they’re doing and why, there’s little to inspire confidence.

          I’ll take a sharp barb over dull acceptance any day.

      • “I believe you’re trying to make predictions based on past behavior.”

        As Mark Twain said, history doesn’t necessarily repeat, it rhymes.

  11. Amick on the Warriors’ defensive mindset with regard to the Love and Livingston decisions:

    I’ll refrain from connecting dots, as that can’t be done without ignoring my 20+ years of NBA watching experience, and relying exclusively on my biases.

    • Make your friggin’ point! You’ve been avoiding the Love trade all summer. Although you’ve really already made it in many comments.

    • Please do so, if you will. To me, implies the W’s (at least Kerr & West) won’t give in on Klay in a deal for Love.

  12. Actually, I suspect Blatt would be better off with a team of young talent and no stars so he can take control and direct them and bring them together. Whatever system he has, he’ll have to fit it around Lebron rather than work Lebron into his scheme. This may be a challenge.

    PJackson trying to run the triangle through Fischer with Melo should be entertaining and educational.

    Hard to know what we’ll get from Kerr. I wonder how much his talk about the triangle was a way to distinguish and promote himself. Will he force a system or be flexible? The test will be whether he (and Gentry) can tailor the offense around the available players and their talents.

    I suspect Myers has much more influence with minor acquisitions than we might think. Lacob doesn’t know the details and West is removed. Myers may have been behind Douglas, Brooks, Crawford, and the dumping of Bazemore to get Blake—and Livingston. Who knows what he was thinking, but he sure didn’t consult with Jackson, and maybe not Kerr. We know how well those worked out.

    • To your point about Myers, he recently took responsibility in the press for last years’ bench fiasco. I’m not sure what we can conclude about his true role from that, but I do suspect it has ramifications for his job security. One of his job descriptions is scapegoat.

      • I’m sure Meyers was given general directives, and somewhat to his defense he had little money to work with, but after that he used his judgement. And you don’t have to look further than those decisions to question the coherence of this organization. No careful scouting, no coordination with the coaching staff or an overall plan. Blake, for example, was probably brought in simply because he had experience, regardless. They overreacted. And all five of those players now gone. What a waste.

        I’m inclined to think favorably of Livingston because I like him and we got him now. He looks to have a good head and can move in the tempo of the NBA game, which, combined, was not true of the others.

    • rgg,

      are you following Lacob’s history?

      Kerr 0 years experience (looks great on TV), jury still out. K. Smart, 0 years experience yes man. Mark Jackson, 0 years experience (looks great on TV)…

      ‘Spokes Model’ Myers 0 years experience, yes man. Son, Kirk Lacob 0 years experience…

      Looks like a pattern to me, Lacob makes the decisions, the others (save for the Reverend and maybe his son when he wants to borrow the car) just nod.

  13. The triangle explained (I still don’t quite follow).

    My general question (and complaint) is that this system has to be learned and rehearsed, and that it forces players to think about getting into position for the triangles at the expense of following the game and making simple improvisations on their own any intelligent player can make. Pop had excellent ball movement without it.

    • He said all 3 players in the triangle have the chance to shoot or pass, implying the bigs have to be able to reliably shoot to make it work. That leaves Bogut and Ezeli out, DLee and Mo in. And the triangle swings from side to side, so really all 5 players on the floor must have the ability to shoot. It also implies the triangle won’t work if you don’t have at least 1 big who can shoot, unless you use all wings (the reason for Kerr quote the Amick article referenced in post 13?)

      I saw Pau a lot on the video and shooting. DLee of previous seasons, not last season, would also work in it.

    • rgg, did PJackson run the triangle during the years when zone defense was not allowed? Would the triangle be effective against a zone defense?

      • t.winter’s triangle offense first gained n.b.a. prominence when zones weren’t legal, but plenty of coaches knew how to disguise them within the rules, occasionally getting called for a technical foul. all three of the best known motion and option systems, the triple post (a.k.a. triangle), the motta flex (usually associated with motta’s student, sloan), the Princeton, were originally refined in college hoops, where zone defenses are commonplace.

        • Thanx moto. It just seemed to me a zone defense could defeat the triangle, but not necessarily so.

          • n.b.a. cyclical trends of offense and defense — after the a.b.a. merger and growing importance of three point shooting, prohibiting zones became much less relevant. defense got a bigger emphasis recently with the championships of Bos, Mia, SA, defenses of thibodeau, spoelstra, vogel, carlisle (no trophy in Dal before he came w. both marion and chandler), popovich, offense responds with emphasis on three point scoring and getting the ball to the open long range shooters. popovich virtually the only master tactician on both ends of the floor.

    • rgg, Did Phil Jackson run the triangle against zone defenses? Not sure if the zone was legal back in those years.

  14. More on James McAdoo (summer league, 29 minutes per game, 9 points per game at 41%) who “was supposed to be . . . the next Harrison Barnes.”

    (Whose idea was it to bring him to camp?)

    • Did you catch the last sentence? Iggy just got a “plasma rich platelet injection” in his right knee.

      • As I recall, this procedure extended Kobe’s career, hopefully Andre as well. This is not hopeful news regarding his healthy longevity.

  15. cosmicballoon

    Hey ya’ll, the time to slam Feltbot will come if the Warriors do not trade Klay Thompson. It was basically a stone-cold lock by Felty that the Warriors are going to unload Thompson for Love.

    To this point, Lacob and Myers have been unpredictable at best, so far. They are the guys who continuously throw out new ideas in order to solve a problem. They don’t yet have a discernible basketball philosophy (It originated with Bigger is Better, but has seemed to change after mixed results and injuries). At this point they seem to be trying to assemble a team with cohesive parts. They know that Thompson and Curry play well together and that Iggy loves Thompson — so they are trying to figure out if losing Thompson will throw everything off kilter. The problem is, they have no idea because they now have a new head coach and coaching staff. There are so many balls up in the air, there is no way to actually predict how the Warriors will do if they shake up the roster with a trade that brings them Love and Kevin Martin in exchange for Draymond and Klay.

    • I didn’t say they would succeed in trading Klay, I said they would put him on the table. And they have.

      • cosmicballoon

        Was this hyperbole?
        Bye Bye Klay Thompson. That’s my prediction, and I’m putting it on record.

        To me this says you think the trade is going to happen with Klay involved. I think it was bold of you, but if you miss, you miss.

        • For those able to read the whole piece, and not just the sign over the door, my meaning was made clear. Whether or not you wish to accept reality is another matter.

    • FB only predicted the trade. I don’t believe he has advocated it. And it’s not a wild prediction. Remember, this starstruck FO put their first effort last year into acquiring D Howard.

      The FO has been focused (obsessed?) on defense from the start, and while their concerns are valid, they are simplistic and one-sided. I suspect weakening the defense with a Klay/Lee trade really concerns them, enough not to pull the trigger.

      The frustration is that the team has brilliant pieces who have played brilliantly over the years. And they played scintillating games last year, high offense, 10 wins in a row. They could push the pace and pass the ball marvelously without the triangle. Everything the FO need to know, what they need to do next, and it wouldn’t take that much, has been staring them in the face. Yet they still haven’t figured it out but rather are mixing things up once again. This is why some here are so critical. We have good reason to expect more.

      Why Jackson moved away from that offense will be one of those mysteries of a walk in the desert no one will ever figure out, least of all Jackson himself.

  16. James Garner just passed away. How many of us grew up following Maverick’s cues? He gave us other options.

    Scene from Support Your Local Sheriff:

  17. Tolliver signs with Phoenix:–nba.html

    “He has impressed us not only with his play, but with his intelligence and high character.”

    “Anthony is a great fit for our style of play,” general manager Ryan McDonough said in a statement. “His shooting, professionalism and leadership will help us as we try to continue to build a strong foundation going forward.”

    Curious how they’ll play him along with the Morris bros.

  18. Felty said that Lacob put Thompson on the block and there is sugfficent evidence such is true. I also think that the Warriors know that the Wolves lean toward trading Love to Cleveland and now and in the future will try to falsely make it look like Thompson was on the table.

    Felty never said that the Wolves would make the trade. His article is entitled “Bye Bye Thompson” which was at odds with the content of his article.

  19. interesting piece from ESPN-

    Apparently Min would be fools to deal with Cavs instead of Dubs? I wonder if that trade he says was fully on the table and has been reported really was? Love/kmart/pick for lee/klay/barnes? I wonder what pick we would have taken if so? Interesting stuff…keep levine…drop kmart….get lee/klay….done….legggoooo

    • ” Interesting stuff…keep levine…drop kmart….get lee/klay….done….legggoooo”

      I can’t imagine this happening. It’s more like Klay/Lee/2015 1st for Love/Martin.

      It could be that’s the only offer Minny is willing to make. We don’t know.

    • Notice Smith says anyone who knows about basketball will take Warriors offer.

      Lacob is a novice and Sanders apparently knows, according to Smith. No matter, both will follow the money.

      For the Warriors, will adding Love and losing Klay net additional ticket sales, TV revenues, and jersey sales?

      For the Cavs, will Wiggins or Klay do so?

  20. What Stephen A Smith leaves out is thar Cleveland would receive at least Wiggins, another player, and next year’s first round pick for Love and Martin if he is included in the trade. by unloading Love or Love and Martin, they would have plenty of money to sign free agents next year that are at least as good as Lee and Thompson. But they may not be patient, but I suspect they will be.

    Glad to hear Felty say that he would support a trade of Lee and Thompson for Love as long as we don’t take back Martin. Such really shows Love’s value especially since Felty is willing to include future Hall of Fame Klay Thompson or he does so for some other reason such as how much the Warriors will have to pay him to resign.Felty, am I accurately stating your position?

  21. Profile of Sam Hinkie:

    I don’t like his gambles on injured big men — it’s the kind of moneyball move a poker player should appreciate, but not one steeped in NBA history.

    As for his raw talent evaluation, I think Noel was a bad mistake, but if Embiid ever plays, he could be great.

  22. I think the 76ers general manager Hinkie is top-notch. Predict that within 5 years the 76ers will reach the NbA finals and win an NBA championship and dominate the next the NBA for years to come. In the meantime they will take their lumps.

    • “I’m really scratching my head to figure out why anybody wants to pay Klay Thompson $15m a year”

      He gave the answer in his own post: Because $15M will look like chump change under the new cap. You’d be crazy not to want to lock a guy into that contract next summer.

    • One thing no one has ever mentioned is that the Klay Thompson the Wolves would like to acquire is not the Klay Thompson the Warriors currently have.

      The Wolves are after a star, a centerpiece, a first option. A 26 points a game scorer.

      The Warriors currently have a third option, an 18 points a game scorer.

      $15 million per looks very different according to which player you give it to.

    • The $15m exists largely in our heads, fueled by all the trade talk with Minnesota. I’m curious if the Wolves plan on paying him that much if they get and try to keep him.

      Klay’s true vale will depend on how much teams need a 2 when he becomes a free agent, which other 2s are available, and whether they have the money to spend.

      Utah put up big bucks for Gordon Hayward, a Maserati price for a Buick according to the SLC Trib, because they had a lot of cap space and wanted to keep him. Dallas put up the bucks for Parsons when other deals fell through and, again, they had the bucks to spend and nowhere else to spend them.

      That doesn’t mean things can’t get crazy if the Warriors keep Klay and try to renegotiate his contract.

      I would think, too, Klay would want to play for a contending team, narrowing the possibilities. In fact if the GSW FO takes steps to ensure that, they may be able to keep the price down. And Klay will want to play with Curry. This should be GSW’s first priority, finding ways to shore up the roster and gain flexibility in making deals so they can keep Curry and Klay intact for years to come. As it stands now, they have almost no flexibility and won’t if they take Love.

      • “The $15m exists largely in our heads, fueled by all the trade talk with Minnesota. I’m curious if the Wolves plan on paying him that much if they get and try to keep him.”

        Oh, he’s getting it. I don’t think there’s any question. Whether it’s from Minnesota or another team is a question.

        “Klay’s true vale will depend on how much teams need a 2 when he becomes a free agent, which other 2s are available, and whether they have the money to spend.”

        It’s a very weak free agency next summer for wings. Kawhi is the only other one of note. Klay’s draft class was extremely weak other than Irving, Parsons, and Kawhi (two of whom are already locked up).

  23. In the (unlikely?) event cooler heads prevail, if Love wants to move to a competitive team and the team that takes him wants to be a contender, many things have to be factored in, as BR reports:

    Most, teams need to be able to compensate for Love’s weak defense. They also have to run a suitable offense and have the right players, though this is much less a concern. And I repeat: if Love wants to go to a top team, going to a Klayless Warriors will not be in his interest.

    Love simply isn’t a dominant player who can fit into any team, regardless. There has to be the right fit.

    The Warriors simply aren’t in a position to make a big deal, such as the Love trade. You have to be able to add without too much subtraction, and do so under conditions that keep the team flexible down the road to made other deals. Changing these conditions should be their first priority.

    1. It would (most likely) mean tearing up the core of Curry and Klay, who have been developing together for years. Here, the sum of the two is greater than their individual talents, the way they complement each other on offense and defense, and offset weakness.

    2. They can’t take on Love without freezing up their cap and options for years to come.

    They’re not even in a position to make a middle-sized deal.

    • There’s another way to look at the Love/Martin Lee/Klay (or other similar) trade. How much better will the team be?

      And I’ll accept Lacob’s standard. They should finish the season whole, in 4th or 5th spot, poised to make a deeper run, both next season and in the next 2-3 seasons to come. Throw out championships. They’re not in a position to think about that, but they might yet have a shot.

      Some of you argue they’d be better. I believe they’d be worse, with a greater risk of being much worse.

      But the conclusion I feel most comfortable with, keeping an eye on that standard, is that the difference just won’t make that much difference. There’s not enough either way. Either way, they’re looking at the bottom rungs of the West and an early exit. It’s time to rethink everything.

  24. With it looking each day that passes that Thompson won’t be traded the Warriors now face a new problem. As both he and his father know that he was placed on the trading block thus negating Thompson feeling any loyalty to resign. So even an excessive salary might be enough to keep him.

  25. Love has a 59 percent or so effective shooting percentage a good number of shots and gets to the foul line..that’s a dominant player. Coach K the other night put Love up there with Labron. Said he’s terrific stretch 4. And my 8 year old grandson whose a whiz kid says Love is the third best fantasy player in the NBA.

    If the Warriors had Love and Martin, and rush returns to former self and Warriors get one more interior defender who can defend that would be a top contender.

    Philli is probably going to be in lottery next two years and with them getting the best two players in the last two years and storing a terrific PF abroad this year they will be a future dominant team. Junkie, the GM has the vision that Warriors management lack. The Wolves originally rejecting the Warriors demand from the Wolves for 13th pick for I
    including Thompson in the deal amply shows what morons they are. When added to their not drafting Leonard, trading for Bogut, resigning Bogut and not amnestying Biedrens, is truly sad. But we’re winning, Myers not likely anytime soon to light up a cigar.

  26. Website for new (new) Warriors arena:

    Satellite shot (not scenic SF)

    Aerial view

    Big blue square


    Form to order tickets


  27. The frenzy slowly builds: Bulls now offering Gibson, Mirotic and McDermott for Love.

    It’s becoming clear that the Warriors don’t even have enough assets to land Love, even if they included Klay. Because no one, and I mean no one, wants Harrison Barnes.

    Which is a big reason the Warriors want to hide the fact that Klay was offered.

    • Yep, Warriors unable to participate in the fear frenzy even if they wanted to. The frenzy is starting into the final exponential stage, common to bidding up commodity assets . Just look at the deals Parsons and Haywood already got.

      This could be the last hurrah for this type of market behavior not only in the NBA but in market assets in general.

      The Warriors are well advised to stay out of it.

      As far as Barnes, lots of wishful expressions over on the AL forum.

    • “The frenzy slowly builds: Bulls now offering Gibson, Mirotic and McDermott for Love.”

      That Bulls trade is most likely a BS rumor that has no chance of happening and is only being put out there to ensure the Cavs offer Wiggins.

  28. Actually, it isn’t clear exactly what happened, is it? That a Lee/Klay trade for Love/Martin was floated and considered by the Warriors is certain, but is it known that the Wolves would have made that trade a month or so ago?

    And I still say it would have been a bad deal for Minnesota if they’re looking to the future. You have to admit, however, with Lee, Klay, a scoring center, and a good assist man they would have been interesting.

    If the deal was on the table a month ago, the Warriors should have committed there and then one way or the other—take the deal or refuse it and look for other trades. While no one could have anticipated Lebron to Cleveland, holding out for a Klayless deal was just bad gambling, indecision, and/or wishful thinking.

    Maybe they did consider other options, but we didn’t hear about any. Admittedly they didn’t have much to work with, but Barnes plus some pieces might have netted something. At least they could have tried.

    Or they could have gotten really creative and looked to move other players.

    Crap. What’s left to talk about the rest of the summer?

  29. The Warriors was offered a deal for Love and countered it. Bad move. Original offer required Warriors to give up future first round pick. Those who hesitate fail. We’re not getting Love and have checkmated our future for we are now faced with overpaying Thompson. Insane.

    And adding Livingston and Rush is a upgrade other teams in the west by and large did better for they made selections in the drafted. We did not.

    So with the addition of Livingston and Rush, and with more playing time for Green next year, the Warriors likely to win 52 games. So what. We still can’t go beyond the second round of the playoffs if they even go so far.

    • Not so sure. From the Wolves point of view, DLee is not highly valued and seems likely to me Sanders was stalling waiting for Love to get bid up, which is what is starting to happen now.

  30. This is the second time we missed on Love. Minn. offered us Love, no 4 pick of draft for Anthony Randolph. Riley and Neson turned it down. Traded for Lee instead. To late to cry.

  31. Frank,

    I believe you are referencing Paul Gasol and Kevin Love trade rumors in 2011. Do you have a link for the proposed trade with Dubs and Wolves earlier in the decade?

  32. I didn’t learn of the Randolph for Love trade from TK. I remember it being discussed sports tv shows and specifically in one or more tv interviews with Riley discussing it. Wolves GM
    Katz may have discussed it publicly as well.
    TK probably printed the same story based on what Riley said as TK is not smart enough to propose that trade. Minnesota GM Katz loved Anthony Randolph. Wonder if he read Adan’s bog as Adam
    Was against trading Randolph and others for Lee. Don’t remember if Love for Randolph discussed in Fast Break. After Randolph was part of the trade for Lee Katz traded for Randolph thinking he was terrific. The same GM who passed on drafting Curry.

    Only in hindsight can one conclude Riley and Nellie made a mistake.

  33. Ask Riley about the Randolph-love proposed trade. He’s a straight shooter.


    Tom Meschery weighs in re Love.

    And a Bill Russell poem.

    • Guessing it’s meant to read “eagle with a beard.”

      The Bearded Eagle is a far better nickname than The Black Falcon.

  35. Long Gone KLove Lonesome Blues:

  36. cosmicballoon

    Rgg- If you’re looking for something to talk about all summer, look no further than the hapless purple and gold.

    Obviously they are tanking this season, but to what end? Are they trying to force Kobe into retirement?

  37. Unintentional Hilarity Alert:

    Coach Nick’s tutorial on the triangle, using footage from the Knicks’ summer league team:

    If you got through that without vomiting, I commend you.

    Is this Warriors basketball? The system for Stephen Curry?

    • remains to be seen of course how much triple post stuff kerr really installs. if he uses a light touch, a few derivative sets, it won’t hurt. if he relies too much on it he’ll end up perpetuating the turnover problem, not alleviating it. he generally has to avoid trying too hard to prove his coaching chops on the technical/play design side, and focus on understanding his players.

    • “Is this Warriors basketball? The system for Stephen Curry?”

      So you’re saying you don’t want to see a barrage of terrible mid-range jumpers? I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes of that video, and I don’t think I saw a single 3pt shot.

      • Exactly. It seems designed to produce the worst shot in basketball, the contested midrange J. A good system for MJ or Kobe in the post, perhaps, but anyone else? Not even a good system for DLee , even if his midrange J returns, because his mobility and PNR ability are his best offensive attributes. As for Bogut — a complete joke. One of the most inefficient post players in the league. He’ll stand there and look for cutters, without a prayer of drawing a double team. Do we really need to go through this rookie coach education process about Biedrins Bogut again?

        It’s also a WALK IT UP system. It takes time for your bigs to cross halfcourt, get to their assigned spots, and THEN, post up and ask for the ball, find the correct entry angle, feed the post, run silly cuts, etc. etc.

        Is this a 7 second system? A 12 second system? Or a system designed to win games by scores of 92-88? I think one of the biggest reasons Phil Jackson loved this system is that he had dominant defensive teams, and he wanted to take the air out of the ball. This system runs clock, and maintains perfect floor balance as a defense against runouts. Is that going to be the new Warriors culture?

        Haven’t even gotten into how difficult it is to learn and execute, as was exemplified by the video. Or how many teams not led by Phil Jackson and MJ or Kobe it has completely neutered and demoralized. Haven’t even gotten into the fact that even MJ and Kobe themselves were forced to literally discard the system in the fourth quarters of every close game, in order to win.

        The triangle is not an NBA system to start with, and to even contemplate imposing it on the second coming of Steve Nash is an affront to the gods of basketball.

  38. cosmicballoon

    Since most of us probably don’t watch the T Wolves very often, here is a good clip showing Kevin Love highlights. He really is a big body, especially on the offensive glass. Reminds me a bit of Al Jefferson, except with a 3 point shot.
    Kevin Love Offense Highlights 2013/2014:

    Interesting to think how he might fit with the Warriors personnel. I’m not convinced that he would be a better fit than Lee.

  39. This article explains the triangle in greater detail (I need to come back to it), with diagrams. It shows the various ways the triangle is initiated, so our resident analysts can think how it might work with Curry.

    Look at the 5 spot in each diagram and think what happens if he doesn’t draw defenders. Note, however, any player can play low post.

    Question 1: How many NBA teams have successfully used it, other than Jackson’s superstar teams?

    Question 2: How well does it accommodate the various talents of the players—and make up for their weaknesses or instead expose them? Systems always tend to cut corners and open holes. I especially have Curry in mind, who can see the court, find openings, and quickly respond, most when they push the pace. It looks like it might divide his attention.


    1. It started in college for teams who had a longer shot clock (and was used before the shot clock?). Woman’s teams are also using it, which, in both cases, makes me wonder if it works best for disciplined teams with limited talent playing limited talent.

    2. It doesn’t necessarily mean Kerr won’t initiate fast breaks, which he said he wants to do, but use it when they have to play half court. And, because of its fluidity, it might work better than set plays.

    3. He has 0 years of experience coaching the system.

    4. He has 0 years of experience coaching the system with these players.

    5. He has 0 years of experience coaching the system with Barnes, who is not good at the quick study. Although if Barnes did master it, it might find him the openings he needs.

    And I assume it will take a while for a rookie coach with a new team to make this thing work, assuming it can.

    6. But Gentry will be there for after practice talks, and I’m disposed to think Kerr will listen. This is some consolation. I suspect (hope) Kerr will break the triangle in slowly and use it sparingly. He’ll have to have other options.

    • just my guess, the triple post system won’t be installed comprehensively as their offense. more likely, there will be some play sets for half court that are derivatives. the younger walton much less kerr himself isn’t up to the extensive re-programming of the players for very limited, if not counter productive results, and the most experienced guy gentry has no foundation in the system. kerr felt obliged to throw some rhetorical coaching chum out to the schooling media, so he could sound like he had a real plan. my guess, he would rather try a few things and tweaks, observe, and engineer things from what he sees.

  40. Hi yall, back for my occasional random check-in.

    Just a reminder, the Hat has predicted for months:
    – No Love trade happening for the Ws.
    – Barnes going nowhere.
    – Lee skips strength training for yet another off-season.
    – Warriors 50-55 wins next season, once again primarily attributable to the coach’s learning curve.
    – Draymond/Livingston feared league-wide. To expand on that, the Ws 2nd team will be deadly if Rush plays over Barnes. Adequate O but maniacal D, anchored by no-shit make-it-happen lunchbucket guys. Very, very good stuff, worth 5-8 wins over last season’s bench crew.

    Some new predictions:
    – Can’t explain it, not even sure why I sense this to be true, but J West disappears before season end.
    – RADICAL revision of the roster mid-season. Nate Robinson clone (or Nate himself) arrives.

    Place your bets.

    • “Can’t explain it, not even sure why I sense this to be true, but J West disappears before season end.”

      I was honestly surprised to learn he’s still there.

      • impossible for us to know what significance West attaches to being a part owner of the team, unless he gets offered a stake in another n.b.a. team and has to sell his stake of course. it probably galled him, that dr. buss never offered him part ownership, nor the gang in Mem for that matter.

    • ‘radical’ revision would require trading away one of the starters, and/or some or part of their top four reserves, disillusionment amongst the lacobites in other words. if that’s how they feel, the market might dictate waiting until June. they’d probably spin it as tuning the roster for kerr.

  41. Apparently Livingston is suffering from turf toe still (WarrriorsWorld)? This was a problem, however, before the playoffs (scroll down):

    I assume GM Meyers reviewed this in his 10 minute check.

    • Oh, crap. I was worried about that.

    • Icing on the cake. Turf toe is a chronic injury.

      Think he’ll be pushing the tempo on that second unit?

      I seriously can’t imagine the Warriors having a worse or more humiliating offseason.

      • “I seriously can’t imagine the Warriors having a worse or more humiliating offseason.”

        Ditto that.

        Ws hire a rookie coach for a “win now” roster. Kerr might walk on water, but he’s still got a learning curve like anybody else.

        And despite my high regard for Livingston as a human being, he doesn’t really represent a pure bball talent upgrade over last year’s roster. Zero roster improvement for the Ws while everyone else in the West (except perhaps Houston) gets stronger.

        • warriorsablaze

          I have to disagree about “zero roster improvement”.

          Livingston and Rush (two more to add to the “if healthy” column) are clear upgrades over anyone we had on the bench last season not named Draymond Green.

    • Can’t remember — did Barnes have a boot on last pre-season?

      • no boot on barnes, and very few missed games. never disclosed what his ailment precisely was. blamed it on extra activity and scrimmaging over the summer. the feet are chock full of bones and tendons, and few players coming from college will be fully conditioned to go hard for the whole calendar year.

    • Shocking Sam Amick didn’t mention Barnes as a possibility. Well, not shocking. But you know what I mean.

    • warriorsablaze

      It looks like Love just pulled out, so Dray certainly has a strong chance. Roster is really thin on bigs now.

      Have to imagine Green’s attitude, work ethic, and versatility will impress the coaching staff.

      • according to stein of espn, the players who have a better chance to make the team now are cousins, faried, drummond, and for green’s other possibility at wing, stein nominates parsons and hayward. his wing suggestions make sense, with the premium on three point shooting.

        • warriorsablaze

          If they go by play on the floor and not name, I think Dray can beat out Faried. Faried is a far more limited player with poor defense and not much offense beyond put-backs and dunks.

  42. Hopefully, Barnes fully recovered from his foot (turf toe?) injury and can do this again:

  43. If healthy, Livingston in an upgrade. He can get into the paint and his length will help on the perimeter. He shoots well but not often.

    Agree the warriors blew the Love deal by hesitating and drawing the wrath of Thompson and probably Lee who has given his soul on the court for the Warriors. If there was a sports comedy tv show both Lacob and Myers would be stars. Enjoy the laughter as there’s always more to come.

  44. I can’t agree more with Felty about how manipulative and dishonest management has been with it’s loyal and patient fans. The only way for there to be a cultural change is if the team was sold. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen,

  45. If Livingston goes down, it won’t be a problem, because Iguodala can bring the ball up. Which is what he did at the beginning of last season, averaging about 38 minutes a game, playing more in tight games. Then Iguodala went down for several weeks, and the Warriors were 5-7 during that stretch.

    Or they can bring up their promising young PG, who is—

    The details matter. Just how secure is Myers’ job, not from the point of view of his critics here but from Lacob himself? It’s not like Lacob is scared of firing people.

    • Finishing a thought—

      As last year, the Warriors may well be under pressure to get off to a good start, though Kerr won’t have to worry about his job for a few years. But if Igoudala or Livingston goes down for a spell—or both—starters will be pressed into heavy minutes, as last year. They will wear down and have a midseason slump.

      I see dominoes falling. . . .

  46. Summer League preview of Kerr’s offense:

    Looks like we’re going to be running some Slob and Blob!

  47. Myers is Lacob’s lap dog so he has no basis for not liking him as General Manager.

    Kerr has already gotten off to bad start by allegedly opposing trade for Love to vastly improve the roster. And the triangle offense is not only not suited to those on the roster, but also boring. The Warriors vaulted offense under Nellie has steadily declined to the point where one would need a paleontologist to search for it’s remnants. The days of the Warriors leading the NBA on scoring in the paint is long gone. It’s clear one has to have no experience coaching in the NBA to be hired by Lacob.

    The Warriors offense will continue to be outstanding as it was under Erman and will continue to be under Adams.

    With the installation of the triangle offense the Warriors are in a world of hurt.

    • “The Warriors offense will continue to be outstanding as it was under Erman and will continue to be under Adams.”

      I think you’re typing to fast for your own good.

  48. Thanks EvanZ Meant to say defense will be as outstanding under Adams as it was under Erman.

  49. The obvious comparison for the triangle offense would be Popovich’s offense, and there’s a site dedicated to it here:

    It also reviews the triangle offense as well. (Is this site good enough for a link on the right, Feltbot, for future reference? Or maybe there’s another one better.)

    What intrigues me most is that Pop’s system is built around the talents of the players. It also gives them a degree of latitude to make decisions on the fly, especially simple choices if a play breaks down:

    “Players are taught reads and progressions and asked to take what the defense gives. Various counters and automatics are also taught to keep defenses honest. If a play breaks down, the players can use basic motion actions (dribble hand offs, cut backdoor when denied) to generate a look. But most deadly of all, the Spurs can settle into a nightmare spread pick and roll attack. Because Popovich prepares his players to freely run the offense, players naturally learn about each other and develop a feel for their own strengths and weaknesses.”

    Grantland also has a piece on the Spurs’ offense:

    What should most be relevant to the Warriors, it counts on the 3, corner and elsewhere:

    “The Spurs, long known for their reliance on the corner 3, can field multiple lineups with at least three players capable of knocking down perimeter shots. With so many players capable of knocking down outside shots, the Spurs spread defenses thin and create huge gaps for Parker to drive to the rim or draw help and kick the ball out to a wide-open shooter.”

    Also pushing the tempo (the triangle takes time to get set up):

    “The Spurs certainly aren’t going to turn down great looks early in the shot clock, but the team primarily pushes the tempo with the idea to run its offense before the opposing defense is set, not just to find a quick shot. San Antonio attacks early to force opponents to try to defend complicated actions — like the double ball-screen above — while they are retreating and scrambling to match up.”

    And the pick and roll:

    “Every game, Parker will tirelessly attack opponents in pick-and-rolls, creating shots for himself or collapsing the defense and creating shots for his teammates.”

    • I don’t know how we can implement anything like that system without personnel who can execute. We only have two 3pt shooters on the entire team (3 if you count Rush, if you can count on Rush, that is). And while Curry is a capable penetrator, he’s no comparison to a Parker or Westbrook on that front, and nobody else on the team even comes close.

      • The question, of course, is how Pop would play the players we have, and he would be more successful.

        • by staying in SA and gaining the owner’s trust working with buford, popovich doesn’t have to work with players who aren’t compatible with his game.
          most likely to fit into the SA system — curry, green, iguodala. probably compatible with re-training, lee, bogut, thompson. popovich prefers wings with more speed or quickness than thompson, including decision making with the ball while seeing the whole court. hardly random that SA has the most international players in significant roles. the remaining woeyrs would be tailored for limited roles, traded, or cut.

          • Note Parker seldom takes a 3—1.5 per game, and Duncan almost never. But obviously they compensate in many other ways and they have the roster to spread the floor.

            This offense would work best with the Warriors in these respects:

            1. It encourages pushing the tempo and early offense.

            They can do this, and do it well.

            2. It encourages the 3 pointer

            We got 3 point shooters.

            3. It encourages the pick and roll.

            Which Lee and Curry do quite well.

            4. In general, it encourages flexibility and relies more on the talents and intelligence of the players, rather than trying to fit them in the system.

            And the Warriors have many high IQ players.

            Of course we would be curious to see what minor changes Pop and Buford would make to the roster (no Livingston, other shooters, etc., your wing).

            As well as what major changes, if he were limited to a few. And Barnes and Bogut would go for whatever they could fetch.

  50. I somewhat agree with WaB @44. This could be an improved team with the new additions, and a strong team. Remember how well the Warriors played two years ago without Bogut but with two limited yet capable and experienced subs in Landry (undersized) and Jack. It’s not an accident both were able to score better here than elsewhere, given the rest of the roster—and remember MJax coached them. Much as we complained about his coaching this year, and rightly so, he was hobbled with inexperienced bench players with limited bball IQ.

    Not getting a shooter in Livingston is a mistake, but he looks to have a good head, can see the floor, penetrate, and run an offense. If they had to live with compromises, I’d take experience over the shooting. If Rush returns to form, he should be able to complement Livingston.

    And they will have Ezeli back and Green has much improved. Speights can improve, and offers a larger, more physical 4 or 5. He will be better with the better backcourt. Bogut, hopefully, will be able to Bogut in a limited role, with limited minutes.


    these guys are healthy, and we can only hold our breath, but I’m already blue in the face. As FB noted, Ezeli, Bogut, Iguodala, Lee, and Livingston can’t even suit up now and condition. We have no idea what Rush can do, and how long. If they can’t start conditioning soon, the team will get off to a rough start. And there’s no reason to feel optimistic about their future health, given past injuries.

    Barnes remains the sticking point. So many keep saying his best position is the stretch 4, where he has performed successfully in a handful of games (notably against Denver and a couple games against the Spurs when Pop simply conceded him). But Barnes can only play that role with good players on the floor.

    The other way to look at Barnes is how good he makes other players, how much he can add to an offense with lesser players, and the answer is not much at all. He just demands too much to perform, and perform unevenly at that, and doesn’t add anything in return.

    He has had plenty of time—two full years with substantial minutes. Other sophomores would have been benched last season, the way he performed.

    Trade him. For a promising point guard. A midrange but experienced 2 or 3. I suspect they’ll really need someone to spell Iguodala or fill in.

    For anything, really.

    • We lost our 4th and 5th best scorers from last season in Crawford and JON. Our 4th and 5th best scorers now are Speights and Bogut. This is not good.

      • Both Crawford and JON were streaky, especially Crawford, JON only when he could force it inside against smaller teams or made some shots, not often enough.

        I am assuming production from Rush and Livingston, and more across the board.

        One has to debate one’s position as an armchair GM. One stance is to remake the team with a new coach and better roster. Here I’m just trying to make the best of what we have. Assuming (gulp) health.

        But I see FB pulled his comment. I smell a post coming.

  51. Good call, rgg, and thanks for inspiring my new post.