Warriors Sweep Grizzlies: Round Two Preview

This is going to be an annihilation. I don’t have much to add to my previous analysis of the way these two teams matchup, so with apologies, I’ll just link to it here.  

The only thing that’s changed from that prior analysis is that Mike Conley, who was playing through severe plantar fasciitis anyway, has now broken his face to boot, and will likely miss most, if not all, of the series. (The thought crossed my mind that his plantar fasciitis actually caused his broken face: would he have slipped and fallen into that elbow if healthy?) He’ll be replaced by Beno Udrih and Nick Calathes.

With Conley’s loss, the Grizzlies will not only be without their leader and second best player, but they won’t have a single playoff caliber scorer at the guard positions. Not one. Hard to win like that against the league’s best defense.

The Grizzlies are thought to have the edge down low against most teams. But not against the Warriors’ crossmatch. Andrew Bogut will simply take Zebo off the chessboard. Zebo can’t bully him, can’t shoot over him, can’t offensive rebound against him, and the Warriors could care less if he takes his game outside and starts shooting mid-range twos.

Perhaps the Grizzlies will convince Marc Gasol that he needs to exploit the Draymond Green crossmatch, and show him the means to do so? I’m skeptical. With Zebo and Tony Allen off the ball, the Warriors will simply collapse into the paint and double any post move. The Grizzlies don’t have the shooting to make the Warriors pay.

On defense, the Grizzlies badly need to get Tony Allen on Curry, and some length on Klay, perhaps Jeff Green, but that won’t be enough. (Maybe this is the series that Harrison Barnes breaks out? Being guarded by Udrih and Calathes?) The Grizzlies just don’t have enough long defenders to trouble the Warriors’ All-World backcourt. And they don’t have a prayer at keeping up with the Warriors in transition, which is where Curry and Klay do most of their damage.

I truly don’t see a way for the Grizzlies to even keep a game close, let alone win one. And as mentioned before, this Warriors team never takes a game off.



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  1. Thanks for the post, Felt. I see it the same way, except sometimes the Ws do take games off. Xmas with the Clippers, for example. Maybe the Grizz can steal one. But not two.

    Also concerned about Draymond. His legs and back are definitely breaking down, Kerr could be forced to play him shorter minutes. In that case, it’s not clear that Lee is able-bodied enough to fill in. If so, no problem, Lee can handle Gasol as well as Draymond. Otherwise, it’s doubtful that Speights (too fat) or Ezeli (too clumsy) could.

    So we’ll see. I guess that’s why they have to actually play the games, instead of just leaving it up to the expert analysts.

  2. On a holdover topic from last post, I totally agree that Myers is not THE GM in the traditional sense of that job description. As you yourself noted, the Ws get input on player value from all the brains (and brainless) in the organization, and Myers’ job is to execute deals. That’s a far narrower job description than most GMs have. Myers has done it well, however, and even as a rookie exec he was perfectly well qualified for the (narrowly-defined) job he has.

    You can’t argue with the results. No, I’m not talking about the roster or player fit, but the pricing, the contract timings, the costly but hugely effective “dump-it” deal, and so on. This is the best team in basketball and they’re not bleeding cap money like every other favorite of the last 20 years.

    Exec of the year? Naw. Myers is a deal-maker, not a talent expert. Fine. So far so good. Thank God for Jerry Rice and Larry Riley. And thanks to Myers they actually have room to improve the team even more. That’s no small thing.

    • Schlenk is the capologist. Myers handles the phones.

      How many “GMs” do you know who have never had a day of prior NBA experience, on any level, before being hired; never fired or hired a coach; never hired anyone in the front office; are not in charge of the major personnel decisions; and are not the cap experts or the guys who structure the contracts?

      Those who are uncomfortable with nuance think that by bringing this stuff up I must be denying the Warriors front office credit for the Warriors success. That’s completely off base, they deserve the credit and the recognition. Starting with the actual GM, Joe Lacob.

      I’m just keeping it real about who Bob Myers is. Naming him as executive of the year was the only choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s not humorous. It’s like calling the White House operator the leader of the Obama administration.

      • bloodsweatndonuts

        It would be like calling Obama the leader of the Obama administration. The president is the Spokesmodel-In-Chief. This is by no means exclusive to Obama by any stretch of the imagination but is unique to Myers as an NBA GM.

        • Actually “Spokesmodel-In-Chief” is more a Republican phenomenon, e.g. the gibbering Reagan and GW Bush.

        • WheresMyChippy


          hat, do you really believe there’s that much a difference? Both parties are beholden to the same people/corporations who finance both of their campaigns. They’re all Myers-style spokesmodels.

          • Yup.

            The GOP panders to the stupid and cruel. For all their faults, the Dems don’t.

            FWIW, I’m neither. I’m a pragmatist, focused on what works – education over jail time, negotiation over military assault, family planning over teen pregnancy and its cycle of poverty – stuff like that. I also try not to be so cowardly that I refuse look at a problem, like climate change.

            Per your point, you’re right, both parties are “brought to us by” the highest bidders. But, yes, they are very different.

  3. Saw your tweet re Bulls-Cavs. Really, you think the Cavs will disinter Marion? He’s shooting 3s @ .261 this season. He’s played a total of 1 minute post-season.

    I do think the Cavs will prevail, but Marion is already history. This is not going to be a sweep. It will be a brutal series.

    • Cle essentially went with a nine player rotation after the shumpert deal, from whom two were erased until smith returns. the options to giving marion (one of the nine) more minutes are to use miller and jones more, better shooters certainly but far weaker on the boards or defending 4’s. k.perkins barely played during the season, and blatt could bump him into more minutes at reserve center if he chooses to shift thompson’s role. but marion would change the roles of the players deeper on the bench less.

      Cle might settle for a split of the first two games, getting smith back for the initial road contests. one player who could make a difference is the undrafted reserve guard, dellavedova, the local college star the lacobites neglected to invite for summer league or training camp, who actually surpassed smith in three point accuracy this season.

  4. This team never took a game off before? What about the Laker game around Christmas time? What about the Jazz game where Bogut even admitted to not putting forth his best efforts? This is the most focused Warrior team I have witnessed, but every team takes games off once in a while.

    I have been hearing reports that Conley will travel with the team to Oakland and may even play as early as Game 2. But who knows. I do agree with Felt that for the Grizz, it’s going to be Marc Gasol against the world. Gasol used to have a reliable midrange game, but I don’t know what happened to it. The combination of Bogut and Ezeli will erase Z-Bo’s offensive presence.

    The Grizz do have one perimeter player I am slightly concerned about other than Conley, which is Lee as he has rebounded from his late season slump and played well against the Blazers. Still can’t help one pass away from Lee. But the moment Lee steps off the court, double the post. It might not even matter if the help comes from strong side or weak side as any form of defensive rotation will stop a shooting squad of Allen, Calathes, Carter, and Green.

  5. Do the Rocks guard Griffin with their PFs TJones and JSmith? Or cross-match Howard on him?

    And without Beverly, does Ariza, Brewer, and possibly Gee guard Paul?

  6. Maui Nellie
    • Have they not already purchased the land? Or do they have an agreement to purchase it if the arena is approved?

      • why would the lacobites buy the land preemptively — ties up too much debt, and it would have a very different value to them if they have to find a different location for their xanadu with further investment. UCSF would certainly not be raising their own proposed use of the land — hospital expansion that would actually benefit a broader constituency than tourists and hoops fans — if the lacobites were in possession.

    • Interesting. They unanimously pick Warriors/Clippers for the Western Conference finals. I’m less than 100% confident of that.

      Howard is playing his best ball of the year. Harden won’t be stopped by anything the Clips can throw at him.

      The Clippers may prevail in the end. They certainly surprised me against the Spurs. But Houston’s offense is going to be hard for the Clippers to stop, DeAndre isn’t going to get rebounds or easy putbacks against Howard, Paul can barely run, and the whole Clips offense is going to rely on Griffin. That’s not exactly a recipe for success.

      • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

        Hat apparently you don’t know that the Clippers have completely dominated the Rockets the last 2 seasons. But considering you also thought the Spurs were going to knock out the Warriors that isn’t surprising.

  7. That was some stuff last night. Just about everyone stepped up we had doubts about, especially Parker and Paul with their injuries. Both teams got shots from the players who were struggling with their shots.

    It’s the x factor in the playoffs, how teams will will actually perform under pressure. Both teams came together and finished the season strong, fighting for position. The Warriors had no pressure for a month, for a variety of reasons, largely because of their lead. New Orleans was a weaker team, lessened by injury. And they’ve been sitting for a week.

    I got da jitters. Here’s hoping they find their tournament legs against Memphis, and I wouldn’t mind and won’t be surprised by a long series just to get them in shape. If they don’t see Conley, however, that may not happen. Another green light. They will also need someone else to step up, and they don’t have the scorers, especially shooters.


    I believe I’m repeating myself.

    Also hard to imagine Paul’s injury won’t take its toll in the next 7 games, or 20 games if they keep going.

  8. Cal nabbed a big time recruit to pair with Rabb. I threw the paper away, but he’s a 6’7′ forward with the last name of Brown, and some had him as the lands’ número uno high school prospect. Nice coup, and a middle finger salute to Coach Cal and Kentucky. PAC 12 favorites.

    If people feel the walk from the Embarcadero center to the proposed arena is too long, that’s a bit sad, if you’re capable of walking. Sure it’s dark out afterward but the city could take measures to ensure public safety. Jose Pla’s excellent little book, “Viaje a Pie” (get off your lazy ass and walk), extols the virtues of that great human activity, taking a leisurely stroll. You need the time, howver, somewhat short in people’s hectic lives

    Channel 7 does a nice job on their nba telecasts, especially at Oracle. The main camera is situatd pretty close to the action, there are multiple angles, and things are miked up. Should be good

    • I see call dumped Montgomery. Good riddance. I’m an alum who hasn’t kept up. Do you know anything about Cuonzo Martin?

      Here’s a thought. What if Jason Kidd had decided to return to Cal as head coach?

      • I got fed up with Cal and Cal sports when they fired Jeff Tedford, football. He was a decent man and a very good coach. His firing is symptomatic of the malaise that has infected college sports.

  9. Missed the Hawks-Bullets contest.

    How’d the Bullets pull it off?

    Is Milsaps shoulder OK?

    • Wizards really riding Paul Pierce at four now. Something they didn’t do during regular season. Speeds the game up for Wall and makes them legit dangerous.

      Millsap looks OK, but Teague re-sprained his ankle and has seemingly lost all ability to penetrate.

      Beal sprained his ankle late.

      Could be an interesting series. Nellieball has made the Wizards a much better playoff team than they were in the regular season.

  10. Not going to recap this, went pretty much exactly as scripted. If you saw something different let me know.

    Joerger made no adjustments, but JVG agrees with me that Tony Allen belongs on Curry. Will help but not enough: Zach Randolph 2-6 in the second half. Contested twos vs open threes. A nightmare matchup for the Grizz.

    I’ll get busy if Joerger adjusts, and it makes a difference. Right now, don’t see it happening.

    • Surprised to see all warriors bigs ability to play D on Bo. I thought everyone who guarded him from Bogut, Green, Ezeli and Barnes did as well as can be expected.

  11. was there any ever doubt? glad they made the right choice

    • I have to admit I started doubting when Kobe picked JH. I figured he must have the inside scoop. So awesome for Steph and so deserved!

      • Not surprising that Kobe saw himself in James Harden: the far more selfish and less efficient player.

        • ha! and that’s why I love your blog.

        • More selfish, I can agree. Less efficient? When factoring in free throws, it becomes more of a toss up.

          • If you consider a difference of 3.3% a toss up. Curry .638 TS% Harden .605.

            More to the point, does the player who has the ball in his hands the most and has the highest usage have any responsibility for his TEAM’S offensive efficiency?

            Warriors with Curry on 1.17 ppp

            Rockets with Harden on 1.12 ppp

  12. Conley looked a mess. I wouldn’t like to see him play for at least a few weeks, for his sake.

    • His face still haunts me—they panned over a dozen times. It’s symbolic of something. I’ll figure out what in a few days.

      Looks like the guys showed up to play. But I gotta say it, because it’s been haunting me all day. Man, that was a boring game.

  13. Steph, Klay, Dray, and Andrew had their usual games

    Harrison played well. Real well. Why can’t he bring it every night?

    I was happy to see DLee get off the pine. He looked pretty good..

    As a PG SLiv has no outside shot, but he’s good on D and a great offensive rebounder

    • Livingston has a real knack for getting open around the rim for lay-ups and dunks.

      Wish Kerr could figure that out (about Barnes). Monte Poole made much the same comment in his game summary today, going further saying Barnes is the Warriors “X-factor”.

      • Do you find it surprising that a “guard” (the Warriors usually play him at SF, as did the Nets) who can’t get anyone to guard him outside 10 feet, would be used under the basket for dunks and offensive rebounds?

        One more question: How did Livingston wind up with a negative plus/minus in this rout?

        • Livingston earned his minus in Q2, when playing next to Curry. 16 minutes, 2 pts., 2 assists, 4 rebounds.

          As you say, Liv may be a fine point guard, but not in the Ws system. That makes him highly trade-able. Hope Myers sees it that way too.

          • Livingston as PG is not working. I would still like to keep Livingston, well because he also gives you minutes at SF, fit for switch everything D and there is a chance with a summer to work on, he will be better fit next season.

            That said, dubs would need a backup PG too, may be #30 pick will net you one.

          • Me too.

          • How do you trade that contract without giving up a first round pick? Not happening.

  14. With regard to the Bob Myers topic, anyone else think there was any messaging or ego massaging involved in having Jerry West present the trophy to Myers and inserting his grinning mug into Myers’ victory photographs?

    • Just an obvious PR decision — the W’s GM won the award, and they have someone on staff who had won it twice himself. Why not have him “pass the torch,” so to speak?

      Besides, Myers and West have known each other for a long time. Myers told KNBR the other day that when he was an agent & West was GM of Memphis, he called West to say he was coming to town to visit some clients, and maybe they should meet. West asked when his flight was arriving, picked him up at the airport, and let Myers stay at his house. (This may have been in large part because Myers was a protégé of Arn Tellem, a close friend of West, not to mention Kobe Bryant’s first agent.)

      So West was probably very happy to present the award, regardless of what weird intrigue you might be imagining.

      • So, in short, Swopa, you’re saying yes, there was some messaging.

        Great story about West and Myers, thanks for sharing. You could have stopped there.

      • excellent points re. west. and west himself is a living trophy that the great lacob has never been shy about flourishing. when the pundit b.simmons characterized west as unhappiest man in hoops, he lost what little credibility for me as an n.b.a. commentator he had.

        • Hmmm, I read West’s autobiography and would have to agree with Simmons…

          • a decent case could be made that among the individuals who’ve reached the highest pinnacles of achievement and recognition in his profession, west is irrationally unhappy. but complexity and context don’t fit simmons’ agenda, in which everyone is objectified into grist for his pop culture sausage grinder.

          • I agree with you that Simmons can be tough to take at times. I admire his encyclopedic knowledge, but I’ve pretty much gone off his analysis.

    • didn’t see at ego masaging except that master, mentor and nba legend presenting to his pupil. Good call by who ever decided on this.

    • Pure branding. Got to get the Logo in there. I’m surprised they didn’t wear headbands.


      “Our design team streamlined the image, and turned West’s silhouette into a white shape in motion—encased in red and blue halves, mirroring the treatment of the MLB logo. With the letters “NBA” at the bottom, the abbreviation took hold in the public’s consciousness. A mark worth billions. More than 40 years later, the NBA logo is one of the world’s most recognized symbols of sports, and an unmistakable emblem of American culture. Today, this classic image generates $3 billion a year in licensing, and the NBA name symbolizes the pinnacle of excellence in professional basketball.”


      Story of the logo here:


      “The simulacrum is never what hides the truth–it is truth that hides the fact that there is none. The simulacrum is true.”

      Jean Baudrillard

  15. Good points in made in this one on warriors flexibility:


    “There are issues beyond the point position, though. With defensive ace Tony Allen in, they struggle to score. With postup savant Zach Randolph in, they struggle to defend. Any lineup choice compromises them in some significant way, and their foe just doesn’t have that problem. Randolph led Memphis in scoring, scored efficiently and finished with a team worst minus-17. That last statistic wasn’t a coincidence. Whenever the Warriors needed a run, Curry put Randolph in a pick-and-roll. Not only was the lumbering Grizzly ill equipped to contain Curry, he let Draymond Green loose for an early barrage of three-pointers.

    Take what happened after Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut got into foul trouble: The Warriors seamlessly found production from Marreese Speights and managed to survive with Harrison Barnes at power forward. Barnes doesn’t appear like a natural fit to guard fours, given that he’s wing-sized, but he has gotten plenty of practice throughout the season. Not only was Barnes capable pitching in on defending larger players in Game 1, but he also claimed 11 points on 4-of-4 shooting.

    “He’s strong,” Steve Kerr said of Barnes’ ability to guard larger players. “Probably deceptively so. But sometimes Harrison will play one-on-one with Luke Walton in practice, and Luke is an absolute horse. I mean, the guy is a rock and Harrison will go one-on-one with Luke and force him off the block.””

    • He’s always been a much better defender of bigs than anyone else, and I’ve always noted it. The traditional place to hide poor defensive threes.

      • felt, not sure ‘always’, think he is stronger and better this year, reflects in the boards he is getting. But, it is not just Barnes, warriors lose very little on defensive end who ever they are putting there on the floor. I find that amazing.

        On another topic, who would you prefer of Ezeli and Speights as Bogut’s backup. Both doing well, in their own way.

      • Except, of course, that GS doesn’t ever “hide” Barnes on bigger players when he’s at the three. In fact, he quite often matches up with the PG, either to stop the ball in transition or as an ongoing assignment (e.g., guarding Tyreke Evans in the previous series, as I noted in the previous thread).

        And, of course, the much-discussed switching defense the Warriors play often requires Barnes to defend smaller opponents — if anything, the switching philosophy is the antithesis of hiding players. And the results (W’s top defensive team in the NBA, with Barnes 4th in minutes on the team) speak for themselves.

        • You just proved that David Lee is one of the league’s best defenders. The Warriors were the fifth best defensive team in the league last season with him playing major minutes, not Barnes’ 24. And Lee rarely got to play with Draymond Green except in crunchtime.

          Or it could just be that your favorite obfuscatory talking point is as idiotic now as when you first made it.

          • Come to think of it, you just proved that Mark Jackson was one of the league’s best defenders too. Those Knicks and Pacers teams were rough.

            And Tony Parker. Obviously, he was a great defender. And Detlef Schrempf.

            I’ll have to go back and check on the old Celtics teams. But thanks to the new analytical tools you’ve given me, I now suspect that Larry Bird might have been one of the league’s best defenders.

          • Lee and Green may only have been paired on occasion, but Lee did start last year alongside Andre Iguodala, whom you might recall was voted to the NBA All-Defensive 1st team.

            FWIW, to go deeper into comparing these past two years, Barnes played 28.3 mpg both seasons. Curry, Thompson, Bogut, and Iguodala all played slightly fewer minutes per game. The primary change in playing time was Draymond going up from 21.9 to 31.5 mpg, and Lee largely falling out of the rotation (down from 33.2 to 18.4 mpg, in only 49 games).

            Which, I imagine some might say, explains the Warriors’ improved defense this year all by itself.

          • All by itself? You have conveniently left out the hypothetical case where Green’s increase in minutes came strictly at the expense of Harrison Barnes’ minutes.

            No one has ever seen what a completely healthy frontline of Bogut, Lee and Green at the three, with Iggy off the bench, and Barnes completely banished, would do defensively. Quite obviously, it would be head and shoulders over last year’s team defensively. If that lineup were then adjusted to matchup whenever the opponent was playing a stretch-four, as Kerr has religiously done, and Mark Jackson just as religiously did not do, there is no reason in my mind why such a lineup could not be better defensively than this years. It would without a doubt rebound much better.

            But carry on. I won’t interrupt your fantasies of Harrison Barnes’ defensive prowess further.

        • it was predictable that the ‘promising’ aspects of mr.barnes’ game would re-surface against a team like Mem with very limited scoring sources at wing and guard, and other than allen, mediocre defense in those positions as well. just as predictable, his supporters on the most heavily traffiked fan blog chirped up with how he’ll develop into their equivalent of carroll or leonard.

          we’ll have to wait until summer to see how the western conference rivals reinforce their rosters. rivers has made half hearted attempts to replace barnes for several years, but spent most of his exception $$ on hawes last summer, who barely sees the court now. hawes is a big reason why the injury to baby davis in the SA game was such a concern, but if they make it to the third round they’ll again be at a deficit at wing.

        • Guarding Evans is hiding him.

          • Since Holiday went out with injury, Evans was their offensive catalyst.

          • No he wasn’t. He was a disaster. Driving into trouble and keeping the ball out of ADs hands. You put your worse defender on a guy like that, which is what Kerr did.

  16. With Pops out of playoffs, do you guys see any other coach employ hack a strategy. Not a fan of strategy, but thought Memphis could have tried it from 4 mins to 2 mins mark in regulation extending game and giving them a chance to close in on the margin. Ofcourse, with 6 minutes left, seem like Memphis already gave up on the game.

    • The prob with hacking a Warrior is that it would take only Bogut or Iggy off the floor, still leaving the Ws with an effective lineup – only with better shooters.

      Unlike Doc Rivers, who doesn’t really have a bench, Kerr is not shy about making substitutions.

      • Excellent point. Pick your poison kind of thing if teams resort to hacking strategy against warriors. You hack Bogut, next thing you will see Ezeli with 80%FT shooting or Green doing everything or Mo hitting everything.

  17. I just wanted to give Harrison a little credit for a nice game. Hit all his shots, no turnovers, 3 assists, was more agressive than usual but didn’t force things in 24 minutes. Harrison seems like a good dude and he’s a good basketball player. Unfortunately, he’s not that good an NBA basketball player. But this has been discussed ad nauseum all season here, pros and cons. When it comes time, I don’t want the team to resign Barnes at anything more than a modest deal. If da Dubs win it all and Harrison puts up nice #s, maybe we can trade him to some starry-eyed GM. Same with Shaun.

    Unless you’re actually a fly on the wall, no one knows the real Front office dynamics, so sometimes i smile a bit to myself when I read about some of the stuff Feltbot decrees so providentially. But I do feel there’s some substance there and enjoy reading about it, National Inquirer-style.
    Like Rgg I was also wondering what’s going to happen to all our wonderful comments? Can’t you put the blog on auto-pilot, Feltbot?It’s a nice forum to talk hoops, assail others, or just rant a bit when no one else is willing to listen. So you’re earning points as a humanitarian…

    • I’d like to see him traded to a team where he’d be the expected first or second scoring option. He’ll be the forth option at most with the Warriors, which is fine. He doesn’t cost too much. Given shooting, rebounding, and defense combined, he’s probably the best Warrior 3 at this point, and he can play the Stretch-4 as well.

  18. Missed the Cavs-Bulls game, but it appears from the box that Shawn Marion is not fit to play. Lebron started at four, and Miller at three.

    Cavs obviously missed the additional defensive wing of JR Smith, but regardless, I doubt that 50% shooting performance from the Bulls is sustainable.

  19. In my last post above I was gonna be a little critical of people being so dour on this blog, focusing on other teams injuries and bad luck, simultaneously diminishing the W’s remarkable year. But I just turned on the TV and am watching Austin Rivers and the corpse of Hedu turkoglu stay nearly even with the Rockets, in Houston.
    Oh well, in the past I would have considered selling my soul for a GS championship

    • Welcome to fifty!
      (Happy belated birthday !)

    • Thanx. I won’t have to listen to people tell me fifty is the new 40 now, out of sympathy, or something!

      • Not dour, just frustrated. I want to see the Warriors beat someone good, full strength, just so we can see how good they are. And look at what happened to Houston last night. The Rockets have bad glue.

        50 is tough, but don’t worry. You’ll catch your second or third wind later. Or you won’t. So it goes.

        • I hear you RGG. I really wanted to see the warriors play the Spurs, and then the Cavs at their best. It just makes the games more exciting. The Spurs always get up for the best ( and the Warriors) and I still think they’d beat the Clips 4 out of 5 times. But I will enjoy beating Jj reddick and crew. Get Blake back to his offseason acting classes with Jean Shelton. CP3, and Barnes somewhat, are the only guys I can stomach on that squad

          • I think it’s fair in the overall scheme of things that the Spurs went down. Age and injury had to catch up with them eventually, and we expected that two seasons ago. But if they play the Clippers with a diminished or absent Paul—

          • Harden sounded a bit disgruntled over losing the MVP Maybe him and Steph are friends but he sounded like a Jerk. Then he went out and sucked last night. Good timing and some poetic justice

          • Spurs didn’t earn a chance to play Warriors in a playoff series. Warriors path is result of all the hard work they have put on over 82 games aided by depth that kept them healthy so far.

  20. Can’t someone (like his coach) tell Josh Smith not to shoot 3’s?

  21. I guess we all want different things. But I think it’s a mistake to make winning the championship the major goal. Too often we’ve seen good teams torn up and good coaches fired so they can have that chance, and usually they get worse. Typically they go after the big star, and often he is a bad fit or past his prime. Look at the Knicks and all the bucks they’ve spent.

    What I want to see is a team play to its potential and see where that takes them. And I prefer a team of coordinated parts, like the Spurs, rather than one that depends on that dominant star. What I want to believe is that the former is the better path to go. It doesn’t hurt that I greatly like the key players—Curry, Klay, Green, and, yes, Lee, good and great performers, great team players, and great guys. I’ll add Bogut if he returns anywhere close to previous form. Of course you need to have a coach who knows how to use them.

    I’ve maintained all along that having a full complement of good or developing players makes a difference. Look at the difference a good—not great—backup point guard and power forward made two seasons ago in Landry in Jack.

    Also I accept the limitations of the salary cap. I hate to see teams win by spending scads of money.

    How good are the Warriors now? I don’t know.

    How much better could they be with a few good, minor decisions? Good enough to win the championship? As good as the Bird Celtics or Johnson Lakers? Maybe the Detroit Pistons, years back, is a better comparison.

    But here’s another question: How good are the rest of the teams now? The Bulls are creaky and too dependent on the erratic Rose. The Cavs are probably the top candidate when Love returns and they figure out how to get together (I don’t like this team).

    After that?

  22. A few further thoughts on Harrison Barnes, because at times I get very hopeful when I see him flash to the rim or bury a 3. At other times, I get disappointed, when he somehow fades away, such as when missing rotations and switches, as was pointed out recently by both Monte Poole and Marcus Thompson and by Feltbot on this forum.

    A few observations:

    1. He is listed at 6-8 (lets go with that, because the NBA lists the guys in socks and shoes and rounds up). However, he has a relatively long neck.

    2. He also has sloped shoulders, so his wingspan is reduced in the vertical direction.

    3. He is strong for his size. He also can jump real well and is very fast, when he gets his head into it, such as when he can grab a ball on the bounce after a deflection and take in for a dunk in the open court.

    4. What befuddles me the most about Harrison is the pre-draft reports of a slow first step. Is this a physical thing, or is it a court awareness and mental reaction type of thing? I kind of see it, not sure, as more of a mental thing, which will come around with more experience. After all, he is still only 22.

    5. Apparently, he was never thoroughly coached in high school or college, nor during his first 2 years under MJax, and is only this past off season and this season learning the game. He somehow was just expected to do well or some such type of treatment, which is also a mystery to me. I mean not only with the Warriors.

    6. He will be at best a 4th scoring option with the Warriors, which is fine, because the Warriors don’t have too much $$ invested in him, and I suspect if they re-sign him whenever his current contract is expired, the $$ would remain reasonable.

    7. I think the Warriors will stay with Barnes, utilizing him pretty much the same as this season. I noticed Kerr is moving Livingston into the 3 more often, as Jason Kidd did in Jersey, and utilizes Iguodala more than Barnes in crunch time, though by no means exclusively. Barnes is also utilized as a Stretch-4, and more recently so is Iguodala, as predicted and noted by Feltbot.

  23. I have entertained this thought for a while and want to run it by you guys to see what you all think. Conventional thinking in regards to shutting down a superstar tells us to put your best defenders on the superstar and just hope that it will be enough to slow him down. But what if one were to do the opposite? Put your weakest defender on LeBron, Durant, Harden etc. but make sure to lock down their teammates. Watch the stars’ usage rates skyrocket with every made basket, until their shooting percentages can no longer support such hero ball due to fatigue and predictable isolation play.

    After some data mining, I found wins and losses for several players when they score 40 or more throughout their careers:

    LeBron 43-11
    Curry 5-4
    Harden 14-1
    Westbrook 5-7
    Durant 31-12
    Irving 4-3

    I could filter this further by looking up box scores where the next highest scoring teammate was held to under a certain number and I’m sure the records would look worse across the board. But what do you guys think about this theory?

  24. Cal Bears men’s bb recruiting up there
    With Arizona. Rabb, Brown, Dillard,
    Jolly, Frayer-all major players.

  25. Let us all remember: Curry didn’t want to come to Golden State.

    And let us remember who was high on him:

    “Riley, however, didn’t need a workout since he was already high on Curry after seeing him play against Purdue early in his junior season. Riley liked him even more during a predraft camp interview, ranked him the second-best player behind Griffin and likened him to two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash.”


    What are the odds Lacob & Co would have gone after Jordan Hill instead? I put them high, if you listen to their rhetoric.

    • Should have added this:

      Curry is happy to be with the Warriors now and made a point to acknowledge Riley during his long MVP news conference.

      “He’s the reason I’m here,” Curry said. “He drafted me. He saw potential in me coming out of college, along with Don Nelson, making those decisions. You’re a big reason why I’m here, taking a chance on a little scrawny kid from a mid-major school. So just wanted to say thank you for believing in me.”

      Somebody remind me. Where is Riley now?

    • the lacobites had zero influence in that summer of the cohan era as far as the roster or draft. [lacob never met or spoke with nelson in person until after forcing his retirement, notified him of termination by phone]. they possibly had an inside source or two in the administration, for information leading into the team’s sale. in the summer following, with the regime change in place but not approved nor finalized, lacob would have had to accept the lee sign and trade if he didn’t like it, though of course he said he heartily approved.

      as far as their rhetoric about ‘size matters’, it does, of course, but their understanding is so callow, the results are no better than getting lucky. mr. barnes’ size is no help to him defending against the best 3’s (lacob/myers probably imagined him matching against durant), but helps him defend some 4’s tolerably. NN and kuzmic landed guaranteed contracts with size as one of the rationalizations. they didn’t draft green because of outstanding size at the 4/5, and he’s now their top 4 and best back up 5. they chose livingston to back up curry in part from his size, and he’s not particularly suited for the lead guard in kerr’s offense.

    • As disagreeable as he is, it has to be conceded he stepped up last night. The same, however, cannot be said for Howard.

      • I thought JSmith would defend Griffin better. Smith has the size and strength. Griffin pretty much had his way with him from what I saw. As I recall, Smith has a reputation as a good defender?

        Looks like to me the Clips get by the Rocks.

  26. Jeff Green fan begging him to step up:


    Good luck with that. A talented guy, but consistent underperformer. Memphis’ winning percentage this season headed south as soon as they acquired Green from Boston. Among other things, playing Green pushed Tony Allen – a real difference-maker – off the floor.

    Think Green will step up now? I think he’s already booked his Cabo tickets. For the end of May.

  27. Half. Down 11. It’s good for the team to be challenged.
    Harrison has 2 points. I noticed 6’3″ Courtney Lee opened the game on him. Why can’t he bring it every night? Not having a handle doesn’t help.
    Liv had a couple ugly and awkward TOs and Klay threw up some wild heaves. Hopefully Steph will impose his will and the team won’t deviate so far from the norm 2nd half. I’m not worried about a sweep; just wanna move on. This is a nice game to see what kind of adjustments Kerr makes. He yanked DLee pretty quickly after a few misses

    My brothers at the game. 220$ for a pretty good seat. Al Attles is in an “elevated box seat” nearby. Also got a pic of him and exec o’ the year Myers

  28. a great performance from conley. what a difference another good perimeter player makes against the perimeter-loving woeyrs. hope guvnor felt gets inspired by conley to give us a recap.

  29. The Phantom of the Opera!

    All of the Warrior weaknesses were exposed—the lack of front court scoring, Barnes’ passive play, Livingston’s impacted guard play, etc. Only Barbosa could add some punch.

    At least the announcers got it right. They said David Lee didn’t sync with Kerr’s system.

    • The home court advantage switches to the Griz? Warriors will be hard pressed to prevail. Now we get to see what the Warriors got.

      • FeltbotsFakeGirlfriend

        Warriors will be hard pressed to prevail????? Pull your head out of sand and stop hitting the emergency button after 1 bump in the road. Talk about an over reaction LMAO The Warriors played awful and were still in the game. Add to that the fact the Grizzlies got numerous phantom foul calls.

  30. We’ll see if Thompson really big time playoff guy.
    Not tonight.

    For Warriors to win it all they need big- time
    production from D. Lee, Thompson, and
    Green.Not likely to happen.

    So much for a sweep. Cockiness a Lacob trait.

    I remember distinctly that Riley almost traded
    rights to Curry to the Suns for Amari S. Nelson
    Squashed that deal.