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Bonus Coverage: Clippers 113 Grizzlies 110

As a closet Clippers fan, I was delighted with the opportunity to watch this game.

Since the Warriors handled the Grizzlies easily, but got blown off the court by the Clippers, it should have been easy to predict how the Clippers would fare against the Grizzlies at home, right?  Wrong.  This game was closely contested throughout, and was finally decided only as the final horn sounded, when Rudy Gay’s dead-on 3 point attempt hit the back rim.  How is this possible?

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More Pre-Season Bets

I pulled the trigger on two more pre-season bets today, betting the Lakers to win more than 61.5 games, and the Spurs to win more than 54.5.  I expect the Lakers to win 70, and the Spurs 60 if they remain reasonably healthy.  The Celtics were a little more difficult to bet, with a line of 56.5, but I probably could have bet them as well.  With the additions of Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels they simply cannot be challenged in the East.     Continue reading

Bonus Coverage: Thoughts on Opening Night

Opening night!  I watched the TNT doubleheader.

Celtics 95 Cavs 89: The Cavs had their hearts ripped from their chests and eaten raw in front of their homecourt fans on opening night.  Now they have to play another 81 games with the certain knowledge that they are going nowhere this year.  The Celtics own the East.     Continue reading

Why the Clippers are the Clippers

Today brings the sad news that Blake Griffin has fractured his kneecap and will miss at least 6 weeks.  This obviously will greatly affect the poor Clippers’ chance of making the playoffs.  And even more obviously, saves me from making my bet on the Clippers win total.  My heart bleeds for Ralph Lawlor, Bill Simmons, and Clippers fans everywhere.

On the other hand, this is  a positive development for the Warriors, and my wallet.  It makes that eighth seed a little easier to get to. And it makes the Warriors Bet a little easier to win.

And one other thing:  We now have the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year.

The Wild, Wild West: Battle for the 7th and 8th Seeds

I’ll end the suspense now, and give you my prediction for the final standings in the Western Conference:     Continue reading

The Wild, Wild West: The Middle Seeds

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the 2010 Western Conference Champion will be the Lakers or the Spurs.  Here’s how I see the four teams below them: Denver, Portland, Utah and Dallas.


Denver put a scare into the Lakers in last year’s playoffs.  But that’s over: the Artest pick-up will put an end to the competitiveness of the two teams.  Last year’s Lakers simply had no way to guard Carmelo Anthony. Walton was too slow, and both Ariza and Kobe got steamrolled by Anthony’s size and power. As I noted in my Lakers preview, Anthony will not be steamrolling Ron Artest.     Continue reading

Breakfast Links

Stephen Jackson is going to have to do worse than this to force himself off the Warriors.  Don Nelson is trying his hardest to fold him back into the team.  He expounded yesterday on Jackson on Ralph and Tom’s show on KNBR.  You can probably listen to the whole thing at the KNBR site,  but the Chron produced a nice summary.   Continue reading

Hot Links and Flap-Jacks

A few links from around the league:

Is anyone considering the possibility that Jackson will wind up not going anywhere?  And did Don Nelson steal this draft? Ron Artest with positive takes on Jackson and Stephen Curry.     Continue reading

Waiting for Stephen Jackson

The Stephen Jackson purgatory watch continues, with a meeting between Jackson, Riley and Nelson scheduled for tomorrow.  A few links from around the league on the Jackson situation:       Continue reading

The Wild, Wild West: The Spurs

This summer the Spurs management threw away their frugal business model, unlocked their war chest, and bought themselves enough major free-agents to go toe to toe with the Lakers for the Western Conference Championship.  Or so they hope.  Added to the roster via free agency were Richard Jefferson,  Antonio McDyess, and Theo Ratliff.  The Spurs also landed massive rookie power forward DeJuan Blair with the 35th pick in the draft, which some regard as a steal.  Do the Spurs now have enough to unseat the ridiculously talented Lakers? Continue reading