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Work in Progress

There will be some changes to the appearance of FWB in the next few weeks. Some experimental, some permanent. The blog is a work in progress.

The primary aim of these changes is two-fold:

First, to make the comments section more easily readable and accessible. I don’t know about you, but I get a little lost sometimes with the amount of scrolling I have to do the way the comments section is set up now. We’re going to experiment with some ideas, like using a smaller font, boxing the comments, or numbering, “zebra”-ing, nesting, etc. Hopefully, we’ll come up with a format that readers like, and that enhances the discussion.

Second, to add some advertising to the site.  As I hope many of you have noticed, I have (to my own great surprise) put a lot of time and energy into building this blog over the last two years.  It’s been a labor of love, but unfortunately, much of the time and energy I have invested has come at the expense of my day job (or night job, as it were).  Since I am a working stiff, I can’t really justify continuing to invest so much time on this blog — as much as I enjoy it — without attempting to make some sort of business of it, however small.

So, while I am aware that adding advertising could potentially be annoying to my regular readers, I hope you won’t begrudge me for doing it.  It ain’t no easy thing, keeping the ever-ravenous Thaiblonde in ribeyes, black and blue.

Please feel free to offer up your input on any changes you see, or would like to see. I am collaborating with a friend on the design, so none of the changes will be chiseled in stone, everything can be modified.

As ever, thanks for reading!



Feltbot Joining Forces with GSoM!

I am honored to announce that I have been asked to join the team at the Golden State of Mind Warriors blog.  I will become a regular part of their preview/recap rotation, starting with tonight’s game at the Sixers.

In case  you’re unfamiliar with the GSoM blog, it is my favorite site for insightful, witty and cutting edge Warriors coverage.  The quality of the analysis at GSoM, and the strong and vibrant community of Warriors fans that they have assembled, is to my mind unsurpassed among sports blogs.  And besides being cool guys and great writers, they have a strong vision of where they want to take their blog.  I would not be at all surprised to see Golden State of Mind become the leading media outlet covering the Golden State Warriors some time in the future.

So it is with tremendous excitement that I join the “Unstoppable Baby!” GSoM crew.  Now if we can just get this Warriors team to cooperate, and give us a little something to write about!

Kawakami reinstates me.

Kawakami has emailed me out of the blue with the news that I am once again allowed to post on his blog, and with the explanation that I was blocked by the spam filter for including a link in my post.  For reasons of etiquette, I have chosen not to publish his email to me, nor my response.

I find his explanation somewhat curious, Continue reading

Banned from Kawakami’s Blog


Tim Kawakami has apparently BANNED me from his blog.  I am no longer able to post my thoughts there.  I can only assume that this is in reaction to the piece I wrote on him here.

Isn’t it fascinating that a journalist who earns his living by reporting and fomenting ill-will and misery could have such a thin skin himself? Isn’t there a delicious irony in the fact that TK is censoring the voices of his readers?

Censored by a journalist who holds himself out as a fearless truth-teller, and an enemy of censorship.  Amazing.

Thoughts on Tim Kawakami

Warriors media day made for quite a bit of news in the last few days. Team captains Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis took advantage of the occasion to re-air their grievances with the tight-fisted ownership of the Warriors, and the actions of Cohan henchman and team president Robert Rowell in particular. The details of this episode are already known to most readers, and I don’t intend to rehash them.  What moved me to write this post was Tim Kawakami’s take on the Jackson and Ellis situation: here, here and here. It was typically rotten.  Continue reading