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Fantasy versus Reality: Part One

The Warriors have reached the quarter pole of the season, and I feel it’s time to take their temperature. Let’s see…            Continue reading

More 2013-2014 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers and Busts

Preseason has ended, and I’ve already participated in three CBS prize league (for cashish) fantasy drafts. I now have a few more players to add to my original sleepers and busts post:         Continue reading

2013-14 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers and Busts

Wrote this list of 2013-14 fantasy basketball sleepers and busts up off the top of my head this evening. It’s possible I’ll add to it towards the end of training camp, so fantasy visitors might want to check back.

As always, all of my opinions are price sensitive, ie. directly correlated to where the players are projected.                            Continue reading

More 2012-2013 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers and Busts

This is Part Two of my 2012-2013 Sleepers and Busts review. In Part One, I discussed Jrue Holiday, Dorell Wright, Kawhi Leonard, Monta Ellis, David Lee and Derrick Favors (Sleepers); and Dwight Howard, Andrew Bogut, Anthony Davis, OJ Mayo, John Wall and Jeremy Lin (Busts).

It’s mid-training camp now, and we have an actual idea who’s in shape, who’s injured, and how the position battles are shaping up. I’ve kicked into my serious draft preparation, because this is the sweet spot for holding your draft — the moment where a little work can give you a serious informational edge over your rivals.

I’ve reviewed the rosters and depth charts of every NBA team, and assembled a list below of players that I think are undervalued or overvalued relative to their rankings on Basketball Monster (the best ranking service I know). That is how I think of Sleepers and Busts — in terms of value. You may think you have identified a breakout candidate, but guess what? If the ranking services like Yahoo and CBS agree with you, then your breakout candidate will not be undervalued in your draft. In fact, he could very well be overvalued!

My picks might seem unconventional as a result. I like to think against the grain, because that’s the only way you can crush your draft.

Jump for fantasy value!                   Continue reading

Feltbot’s 2012-2013 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers and Busts, Part One

I normally like to wait until mid-training camp before drafting my fantasy basketball teams.  That gives me time to accumulate a little more information about which players are healthy and in shape to start the season, and which players might have increasing or decreasing roles with their teams. But many people are already starting to draft, and since I have nothing pleasant to discuss on the Warriors front, I’ll drop a few pre-training camp thoughts on the upcoming fantasy season.                                Continue reading

Feltbot’s 2012 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers

Apologies for this year’s abbreviated sleepers list.  With the limited time in the preseason and the ongoing free-agent frenzy, this is the best I could do. So right off the top of my head:           Continue reading

Sleep Well, My Friends: More Fantasy Basketball Sleepers

Winning in fantasy basketball is not just a matter of lucking into one of the top two picks in the draft, although that certainly helps.  And its not just a matter of sticking to the discipline of the published draft rankings, rather than drafting your favorite players, although that certainly helps too.  A large part of winning fantasy leagues involves doing your own scouting and independent thinking to find value where no one else — not even the fantasy experts — expect to find it. In other words, it involves finding and scooping up “sleepers” — players that for different reasons are greatly undervalued heading into the season.

As I prepared for my second and final expert league fantasy basketball draft to be held later today, I realized that I had in mind a whole list of sleeper candidates that fantasy basketball enthusiasts might be interested in reading about.  So, at the risk of boring the pants off my regular readership, here it is:

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Fantasy Friday

For any fantasy freaks out there who might be interested: I drafted my first fantasy basketball team of the year earlier tonight.  It’s a CBS Sports Platinum league that costs $100 bucks to enter, and pays $600 for first. So I guess this is my first NBA bet of the year.  There will be more.

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