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Mission Statement

Hi y’all, welcome to my new blog.   I’m a Golden State Warriors fan, and this blog will be dedicated to following the team’s progress.  I will be trying to post after every game with my analysis.  Occasionally pre-game as well if I anticipate that a particular matchup will be intriguing.  Don Nelson is the most creative coach in the league, and I get a kick out of trying to anticipate how he will deal with difficult matchups.  Maggette on Aldridge?  Harrington on Yao?  Jackson on Nowitzki?  Jackson on Chris Paul?  Biedrins on David West?  Nellie rarely disappoints in this regard.  He’s the best in the league at making adjustments, mixing and matching, completely unafraid to try something new.  Some of his experiments go down in flames.  But a great many more are successful beyond measure, and all are entertaining regardless of success.  If you enjoy watching the Warriors, and watching the great basketball mind of Don Nelson in action, you might enjoy this blog. Continue reading