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World Series of Poker

I’m playing in the WSOP 10k Championship event starting tomorrow.  You can follow my progress on twitter @ feltbot.


Ouch!  I took an early exit in 93rd place on the second day of the WPT San Jose. Nothing went well for me in the first two hours of play, and I was down to about 40k in chips when I decided to call a raise with KJ of diamonds in the big blind.  The flop came 532 with two diamonds, meaning I had a diamond flush draw, and perhaps one or two overcard outs to my opponent’s hand.  How to play this?

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WPT Update: Day 1A

I managed to survive Day 1A of the World Poker Tour event in San Jose with $64,400 in chips.  That places me 15th in chips out of the 53 remaining from the Day 1A group.  Day 1B plays today, and the survivors of the two groups merge to play Day 2 on Wednesday.

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Feltbot playing the World Poker Tour

Well, after getting back from vacation yesterday, I had one day to qualify for the 10k World Poker Tour in San Jose, and managed to win my first satellite.  So I’ll be extending my break from blogging for at least another day (and hopefully several more!) to play in this tournament.  If you want to follow my progress, I’ll be posting updates on Twitter on my feltbot account.

Jump for my last Mavs bet update:

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