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Pre-Game Jitters: Stephen Jackson’s Return

Stephen Jackson is returning to the Oracle with the Charlotte Bobcats.  No doubt the Warriors faithful will be letting him have it.  But I would not boo him myself if I were at this game.  I have a very strong admiration for Jackson as a basketball player, that was not diminished by the actions he took to separate himself from the Warriors.     Continue reading

Pre-Game Jitters: Hornets

Chris Paul and the Hornets at the Oracle tonight.  They’ve gone 10-4 so far in January to get their record up to 24-20, and I have no idea how they’ve done it. This is not a great basketball team.  I wrote after the last time the Warriors played them that the Warriors had surpassed them in talent, and I stand by that assessment. Chris Paul is carrying them.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Kings

My Pre-Game Jitters are posted on Golden State of Mind today.  I’ll be doing the recap there as well.  But as always, I’ll be checking the comments here.

Pre-Game Jitters: Phoenix

Turiaf in, Monta out.  Standard.  The Warriors are +12 road dogs without their leader, and understandably so.  It is hard to imagine they’ll be able to keep up with Phoenix’s pace without Monta, and down to one guard.  One guard.  Roll that around on your tongue for a bit.  But the Warriors have astounded the bookies, not to mention this fan, with their effort so far this season.  They are now 11-3 ATS in their last 14 games.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Nets

The Warriors are -7.5 point favorites, dressing only 4 1/2 NBA players.  Huh? This can mean only two things. One, those 4 1/2 players are pretty good. And two, its the New Jersey Nets.   Continue reading

Pre-Game Jitters: Nuggets

Tonight the Warriors return to the team of the crime, if not the scene. Of course, this is not exactly the same team that the Warriors “defeated” in Denver.  Back from injury are Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.  The Nuggets have been playing well since their return:  they’ve won three straight and five of six at home.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Bucks

Brandon Jennings v. The Warriors, part deux.  The last time the Bucks and the Warriors met, the Bucks rookie point guard went for 55 points, and became the toast of the rookie class.  Remember that?  Since that day, Jennings has fallen back to earth, shooting only 36%.  Wasn’t that the rap on him before the draft?

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Pre-Game Jitters: Heat

Monta v. Dwyane Wade?  That’s what I’m talking about!  There are consolations in losing seasons, and this matchup is one of them. Wade likes playing up-tempo. He torched JRich in a road win against Phoenix three games ago.  But Monta Ellis is not JRich. It’s going to be quick on quick.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Cavs

Shaq v. Turiaf’s knee?

Lebron v. D-league call-up Cartier Martin?

Hickson and Varejao v. Vlad-Rad?

Hmmm. On paper, this game looks like a train wreck in the making. But I’m not ready to write it off before it happens.  There are several positives for the Warriors in this game.  Beginning with Don Nelson.  Nellie has found some great game plans against teams like Phoenix and Sacramento lately, and I have a feeling we’ll see some more creativity out of him in this game. He’ll be matched against Mike Brown, in my humble opinion one of the worst coaches in the NBA. His GM seems to share that opinion, having forced an offensive coordinator down his throat in the off-season.     Continue reading

Pre-Game Jitters: Kings

I’m really worried about this game.  The Kings are a heck of a team.  No, seriously.  In two quick drafts, the Kings have gone from being one of the worst teams in the league, to becoming a playoff contender for years to come. Tyreke Evans appears to be a budding superstar, in the mold of Oscar Robertson. He’s averaging 20, 5 and 5 in his rookie season.  Those are holy grail numbers for a veteran.  He’s a rookie.     Continue reading