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Recap: Warriors 122 Knicks 117 — Da-vid Lee-ee! Da-vid Lee-ee!

On the biggest basketball stage in the world, under the stress of returning for the first time to play against his old team, and in the very heart of De-rek Je-ter land, David Lee unveiled to Warriors fans just what it is that they have finally acquired. A beast on the boards. A rock in the middle. A finisher. A closer. A winner.

A captain.  I have a suspicion that Warriors fans — as Yankee fans do with Derek Jeter — are going to be chanting David Lee’s name for years to come.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Warriors at Knicks

In case you don’t follow Marcus Thompson (or Feltbot) on Twitter, the news is in:  Monta Ellis was seen shooting before the game, and is apparently playing against the Knicks. (Nod to rggblog for the heads-up.)

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