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Pre-Game Jitters: Wizards

Hey, the Warriors are a 3 point favorite tonight!  Say what?  Well, the Warriors are facing the Washington Wizards, a team ridden with dissension, beset by trade rumors, and the proud owners of a nearly identical record to the Warriors. And they’re on a 6-game losing streak.

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Bone Spurs: Spurs 103 Warriors 91

Another day, another Warrior bites the dust.  Before the game, the Warriors got the news that Mikki Moore will need surgery for the bone spurs in his ankle that have been plaguing him this season.  Moore struggled as best he could on this injury for several weeks, unwilling to leave the team while it was so desperate for big men.  But apparently it got too bad to continue.  As a fan, I am greatly appreciative of what Moore did for the team this season.  He gave everything he had, playing through pain.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Sixers

Let’s see, the Sixers are losers of 12 straight.  And the Warriors have beaten them straight up 6 out of the last 7 times they’ve played, including twice in Philly.  But the oddsmakers have made the Warriors +5 road dogs in this game. What’s up with that?

To me it means a couple of things.  First of all, the Sixers are a desperate team, a team that will clearly take aim at the under-manned Warriors as a likely way to break their losing streak.  The Sixers are going to come with everything they have in this game.  Secondly, they are a team that is playing better, and with more pride, since the Allen Iverson farewell tour joined them. Their previous two games have gone right down to the wire. In their last game, they played the Houston Rockets close, outrebounding them by 12, before losing in the final seconds. This will be a very tough game for the Warriors.

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Windy City: Bulls 96 Warriors 91

The wind chill in Chicago tonight was 12 degrees. It appeared that the Warriors felt it: they shot 38% in this game. I’m guessing in the second half it was a lot closer to 25%.  Its pretty tough to win on the road when you are that cold.  And yet, the Warriors looked like the better team for most of this game, and despite all their struggles, had a tie score and the ball with 24 seconds left.  They ran an isolation for Monta Ellis at the top of the key, he drove the lane, ignored Anthony Morrow standing wide open in the corner, and flung up a contested airball.  The Warrior’s frigid shooting continued in overtime, and that was the ballgame.   Continue reading

Pre-Game Jitters: Bulls

The 7-14 Warriors are +4.5 road dogs at the 7-13 Bulls tonight. As their record indicates, the Bulls are not playing like the playoff team of last year.  They have been missing Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich due to injury.  Hinrich returned in the last game, but is still being bothered by a sprained thumb. In my mind, Hinrich is the key reason for the Bulls struggles. I remember the Bulls also struggling last year when he missed time.  For all of his talent, Derrick Rose has not yet proven to be an effective point guard and leader for his team.  The sum of this Bulls team has not been greater than its parts.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Nets

The Warriors are +1.5 dogs at the 2-19 New Jersey Nets. Now that’s embarrassing! The Warriors are now riding a 4 game losing streak of their own, and have lost 6 out of their last 7.  I expect them to be a little bit hot about that, and bring everything they’ve got tonight.  And by everything, I mean all 7 men.  That’s right, Anthony Morrow is back, and so far as we know, no one injured themselves getting off the bus.

(Update: Mike Massa at the Examiner is reporting that Anthony Randolph may miss this game due to a family situation. There you go, Warriors fans.  Adjust your handicapping accordingly.)

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Pre-Game Jitters: OKC Thunder

I’m coming off a one game winning streak.  I finally nailed a matchup prediction in the Orlando game.  Got the starting lineup right, got the matchups right.  Got Orlando’s matchups right: Pietrus on Monta.  And then there was my prediction on how long Mikki Moore would survive against Dwight Howard.  I put the over/under at 8 minutes.  He picked up his third foul and hit the pine in 7:55. Is it time to start betting feltbot ATS?

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Small and Smaller: Rockets 111 Warriors 109

Just as in the last game, the Warriors came out in the third quarter firing on all cylinders.  The Rockets, perhaps road weary on the back-to-back, were a step slower than in the first half.  The Warriors went on a 15-4 run to turn a 7 point half-time deficit into a 4 point lead, and looked like they were on their way.

Then, towards the end of the third quarter, Rick Adelman went small.  Out came Scola and Hayes.  In came Landry and Lowry.  The Rockets went 6-8″ across the front line, and had two 6-0″ point guards in the backcourt.

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Pre-Game Jitters

Welcome back Don Nelson!  The Warriors’ capo is returning to the bench tonight after his bout with pneumonia.

The Warriors are +2 home dogs against Houston tonight.  The Warriors lost by 1 to Houston at home in a heartbreaker on opening night, but they will not be taking the floor with the same team tonight.  How about no Biedrins, no Randolph, no Jackson, no Azubuike, and possibly no Turiaf?  In their place, Vlad Rad and Chris Hunter.  And maybe Devean George.  In the Warriors favor, the Rockets are playing the back end of a back-to-back (they demolished the Gordon-less Clippers last night in LA).

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Rocky Road: Nuggets 135 Warriors 107

Very few NBA teams have success in mile-high Denver on the back-end of a back-to-back.  I think the number being thrown around is 1 win for the road team in the last 18 tries.  For the Warriors, with no Turiaf, no Randolph, and a roster of 7, there was simply no chance to make it 2 for 19.  With no players to contend with the Nuggets’ size inside, inevitable foul-trouble, and dead legs, the Warriors ceased to be competitive in the second quarter.  The stats reflect three quarters of garbage time.

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