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Thoughts on Bob Fitzgerald: Warriors 104 Timberwolves 94

The Warriors got a win! Normally, I would be more than happy to write up a sighting report of this rara avis, but for some reason tonight I could barely concentrate on the game. I was distracted, my mind kept going in and out of focus, like Stephen Curry’s mind after 11 minutes on the bench. I’m not sure I can blame Bob Fitzgerald entirely for this, although his vocal stylings certainly contributed mightily to my state of mind (more on this later). It could be that I’m punch drunk, having absorbed so many Keith Smart left hooks to the mid-section, and right hooks to the ear. (Smart coaches like Joe Frazier fought.) Or it could simply have been that I was under the influence of several controlled substances, to wit: Pho Tai Gau, with clear noodles; Peet’s Sumatra, room for cream; and a liberal application of Lagavulin, straight no chaser.

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