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Bogut Lives: Warriors 108 Rockets 78

Wow, what an incredible win by the Warriors against a Rockets team that I had all but decided they could never beat. I was so amazed that as soon as the game was over, I rewound the tape and watched the whole thing again.

This is what I believe happened: Quite obviously, this was Bogut’s best game of the season. But not so obviously, the Warriors coaches made a major adjustment on offense that was hugely effective in integrating Bogut with this Warriors team. And then there was Klay Thompson’s superb game going head to head with James Harden.  Continue reading

A Season on the Brink: Rockets 116 Warriors 107

I agree with Jim Barnett that the Houston Rockets are “a better basketball team” than the Golden State Warriors. I don’t know how you could come to a different conclusion if you watched their last two games, a 31 point blowout in the Rockets gym, and then this, a decisive 9 point margin on the Warriors home floor, with James Harden barely able to contribute in the second half after badly spraining his ankle.         Continue reading

Tank Thread Number Three

Back in the Bay, and caught the Portland game last night, the first game I’ve watched in a couple of weeks.  It was, for me, like sitting through a couple of hours of fingernails being scraped down a chalkboard. And I wasn’t even tuned to Bob Fitzgerald.

Since April Giants baseball was (correctly) pre-empting April Warriors basketball, I watched the national broadcast. There, I got to listen to Chris Mullin tell us what a good coach Mark Jackson is going to be. And got to listen in on the huddle to hear Mark Jackson tell the boys to please play defense.

The Joy of Tanking.

I’ll try not to discuss what actually happened in the game — we all know that’s not the point of April Warriors basketball — but here’s a couple of talking points:

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Pick and Roll: Thunder 119 Warriors 116

That’s the beauty of Mike D’Antoni’s system… there’s so much space, so much creativity… you just be aggressive, you just attack. — Jeremy Lin

You finally got to see it tonight.  Finally, after more than a year of a rookie GM adding the wrong pieces to the great Warriors core, and rookie coaches running the wrong plays, with the wrong lineups, in the wrong systems.

You saw it tonight, finally. The reason why David Lee was an all-star for Mike D’Antoni. The reason why Don Nelson traded for David Lee.     Continue reading

Tank, continued + Ekpephenomena + KaChing!: Thunder 115 Warriors 114

If you want to know why the Warriors lost this game, you need look no further than their GM, Joe Lacob.                                   Continue reading

Don’t Trade Stephen Curry!

I know there’s a Warriors-Clippers game to recap tonight, but I feel my attentions are urgently needed in another cause.

Joe Lacob has just done another round of media interviews, which is our clue that some nasty business is at hand.  His first round of interviews prepared us nicely for the firing of Don Nelson, the retention of Robert Rowell, and the glorious signings of Keith Smart, Lou Amundson and Jeremy Lin.  What was the intention of this latest round of interviews?                                Continue reading

Who Do? Rockets 121 Warriors 112


Warriors fans enjoyed their first extended Nightmare of the season, as Ekpe Udoh delivered an amazing all-around performance off the bench that electrified the Oracle.  The highlight sequence of the night, of course, began with his soaring, left-handed putback slam at 9:35 of the 4th Q. As the Oracle went beserk, the Rockets kept their head, and quickly inbounded the ball and connected over the top to a streaking Courtney Lee, who beat the Warriors defense, and… there was Udoh again, soaring to block Lee’s layup from behind. Wow.

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Spanked by a Master: Spurs 118 Warriors 98

There are no two ways around it: Last night, Greg Popovich gave Keith Smart as thorough a spanking as I have ever witnessed one coach give another in an NBA game. Well, there was that multiple spanking that Nellie gave Mark Cuban and his Squeaky General. But you get the idea.

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Thoughts on Bob Fitzgerald: Warriors 104 Timberwolves 94

The Warriors got a win! Normally, I would be more than happy to write up a sighting report of this rara avis, but for some reason tonight I could barely concentrate on the game. I was distracted, my mind kept going in and out of focus, like Stephen Curry’s mind after 11 minutes on the bench. I’m not sure I can blame Bob Fitzgerald entirely for this, although his vocal stylings certainly contributed mightily to my state of mind (more on this later). It could be that I’m punch drunk, having absorbed so many Keith Smart left hooks to the mid-section, and right hooks to the ear. (Smart coaches like Joe Frazier fought.) Or it could simply have been that I was under the influence of several controlled substances, to wit: Pho Tai Gau, with clear noodles; Peet’s Sumatra, room for cream; and a liberal application of Lagavulin, straight no chaser.

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Out-Smarted: Warriors 111 Grizzlies 116

5 straight losses? Are you getting the feeling that the Warriors would never win another game all season if David Lee remained out? I’m going to do my best not to repeat what I’ve been posting recently about Coach Keith Smart, but it’s not going to be easy. The simple truth is that with Lee out, Keith Smart is getting exposed. He is getting out-coached something fierce. He is giving every impression of a man so out of his depth that he is trying to out-smart himself.

Instead of risking stupefaction among my readers by letting myself go into another full-lunged squawl, how about I just lightly run down my bullet points? Like a funeral dirge for one finger….

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