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Branded: Bucks 129 Warriors 125

If it weren’t for Kelenna Azubuike’s devastating knee injury, this would have been a great game to watch.  The Warriors gave an all-around superb performance in the second game of a road back-to-back, a performance to be proud of. Unfortunately, their team performance was overshadowed by the incandescent individual performance of sensational Bucks rookie Brandon Jennings, who laid 55 points on the Warriors.  29 of those points came in the third quarter, when Jennings made his first 11 shots, many from 3 point range. For the game, he shot 21-34, including 7-8 from three, with 5 rebounds and 5 assists.  A rookie performance for the ages.

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A Warrior Falls

I can already predict tomorrow’s headline in the Bay Area sports pages:

Don Nelson Wrecks Azubuike’s Knee!

A bad joke, I know.  But that’s what my people traditionally do when faced by disaster, make bad jokes.  What else is there to do at this point?  There are not too many franchises in pro sports that have been as snakebit as the Warriors in the last two years.

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