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Three Straight: Warriors 102 Suns 96

Anyone else sense a little momentum building for this too small, too soft to win Warriors team?  A few quick thoughts on the Phoenix game:                   Continue reading

Comparisons: Warriors 106 Rockets 97

This is a pretty good Houston Rockets team the Warriors beat tonight.  16-12 overall, something like 13-4 in their last 17 games coming into Oracle.

If this keeps up, Adam Lauridsen is going to start pulling his hair out. Watching games like the last two, I would hate to have to keep thinking up reasons why Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and David Lee are not good enough to be the core of a perennial playoff contender. That’s gotta be hard.      Continue reading

Coming Together: Warriors 109 Nuggets 101

Nice win tonight for the Warriors, but we must acknowledge that it wasn’t the Denver Nuggets that they beat.  The Nuggets’ best player, Danilo Gallinari — who happens to be the kind of spread four the Warriors have no answer for — is out for a month.  Their second best player, Wilson Chandler, is stuck in China.  Ty Lawson, with a sprained foot on one side and a sprained ankle on the other, is a mere shadow of himself. (I know this because he’s on my fantasy team.) When your main asset is speed, two bad wheels cannot be overcome.

What else?  Aaron Afflalo, normally a terrific player, has struggled badly with free agency legs.  And Nene has been in and out of the lineup with plantar fasciitis.

Not surprisingly, the Nuggets have been struggling, losing five straight games.  The Warriors caught them at the right time.  Nevertheless, a road win in mile high Denver is still an achievement, no matter who you’re playing. (The Warriors had dropped 15 out of their previous 16 in Denver.)  Continue reading

Pick and Roll: Thunder 119 Warriors 116

That’s the beauty of Mike D’Antoni’s system… there’s so much space, so much creativity… you just be aggressive, you just attack. — Jeremy Lin

You finally got to see it tonight.  Finally, after more than a year of a rookie GM adding the wrong pieces to the great Warriors core, and rookie coaches running the wrong plays, with the wrong lineups, in the wrong systems.

You saw it tonight, finally. The reason why David Lee was an all-star for Mike D’Antoni. The reason why Don Nelson traded for David Lee.     Continue reading

Uptempo: Warriors 119 Jazz 101

If I squinted my eyes really hard, I thought I could see some remnants of Don Nelson basketball in this Warriors win over the Jazz….   Continue reading

Howling Wind: Thunder 120 Warriors 109

I’m not going to recap this Thunder game. Going to save my bullets. I would just be howling in the wind (and mixing my metaphors), because no one in the world believes this Warriors team should be able to beat the Thunder.

Except me.

Continue reading

Mississipi Masala: Warriors 101 Blazers 93

In my last post I called the bottom of the Warriors season.  For this game at least, my prediction appears correct.  This Warriors team is way too talented to lose games the way they have been.  What they have needed is a little health, a little time to play together.

And a coaching staff that gives them a chance to play in a winning style. In this game as in the last, there are signs that may be happening. Continue reading

Memphis Blues: Grizzlies 91 Warriors 90

Oh, Mama, can this really be the end?
To be stuck inside of Mobile 
With the Memphis blues again.  — Bob Dylan

The Warriors franchise hit absolute rock bottom tonight.  Which means it’s time for Feltbot to look at everything that was encouraging about this game. Continue reading

Out Paced: Pacers 94 Warriors 91

If you don’t have a size advantage, where can you exploit them?  That’s in the running game. — Jim Barnett

I’ve always been an advocate of the running game.  Particularly when you’ve got this kind of club. — Jim Barnett

Don’t walk it up! — Bob Fitzgerald

Early offense! — Bob Fitzgerald

Jim Barnett has been subtly hinting all season long about the Warriors need to get out and run.  Subtlety went out the window at the start of this game.  Barnett hit it hard.  And in this game, for the first time all season, Bob Fitzgerald kicked in on the chorus. I’m not sure where the Warriors announcers got their talking points for tonight’s game.  Did it come from Joe Lacob or from Mark Jackson himself?  I’m curious, because whomever it came from, Mark Jackson didn’t listen.  The Warriors were facing a great team tonight, the Indiana Pacers, an extremely big team with a dominant half-court defense.  And they let this team out-run them on their own court.                         Continue reading

Running Begrudgingly: Warriors 105 Cavs 95 + Nets 107 Warriors 100

Since the The Kwame Brown Era was put on hold, the Warriors have been playing some small ball in their second unit.  Lee or Udoh at five,  DWright or Dom McGuire at four.  With Nate Robinson running the point, this second unit has been really pushing the tempo and getting out and running.  Playing with high defensive intensity, generating steals and early offense.  And just generally playing much better than the first unit.            Continue reading