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Suns v. Spurs Postmortem

I missed games 3 and 4 live, and just finished the revolting task of watching where my lunch money went.  I got a lot wrong in my handicapping of this series, and also suffered some bad luck.  Here’s my take on the reasons why the Suns dominated:

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Felicitaciones a Los Suns

Congratulations to the Suns organization for courageously stepping up in the face of Arizona’s outrageous new law targeting the Latino community, by having the team wear “Los Suns” jerseys for tonight’s game against the Spurs.

Part of me will be rooting for the Suns in this game.

The part that doesn’t have to pay the rent!

Recaps and Previews: Celtics v. Cavs; Spurs v. Suns; Hawks v. Magic; Jazz v. Lakers

I’ve posted this piece on Golden State of Mind.

Spurs v. Suns Preview (with Celtics v. Cavs bonus coverage)

I’ve taken the Spurs in this series, +120.  That’s not a great price for the team that doesn’t have home court.  But I think it’s a good bet, regardless.  Home court doesn’t mean diddly to this uber-experienced, uber-tough Spurs team. As their round one humiliation of the Mavericks showed.     Continue reading

Jazz v. Lakers Preview

The line in this series is -500 Lakers +350 Jazz.  I don’t like to bet 5-1 favorites, and won’t, but I think this line is actually too low.  What are the odds of Kobe Bryant or Pau Gasol suffering a major injury?  Those are the true odds for the Jazz to win this series.

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Round One Recap; Celtics v. Cavs Preview

I made one series bet in the first round one:  Celtics -180 over the Heat.  This line was a gift from the gods, and possibly Bill Simmons.  I wonder if his negative opinion of his favorite team moved the line at all.  The Heat had no chance to win this series, and it should have gone off at 7-1 or better. Probably the best series line I’ve seen since Celtics +170 against the Lakers in the finals.

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NBA Playoffs Preview: Heat v. Celtics, Bulls v. Cavs, Spurs v. Mavs, Thunder v. Lakers

Today’s preview has been posted at Golden State of Mind.

NBA Playoffs Preview: Magic v. Bobcats, Hawks v. Bucks, Trailblazers v. Suns

Magic v. Bobcats

When the favored team is up 3-0 and on the road in game 4, they typically suffer a let down and allow the underdog to capture a game (see Celtics v. Heat).  After game 1, this is the best opportunity you will get to bet the Bobcats if you believe in them.  They are +4 at home, in a close-out game.   Continue reading

Did Kobe Bryant Deliberately Throw Game 4?

I believe he did. So does LA Times columnist TJ Simers. And it’s not the first time.

I don’t believe that there has ever been a  champion as immature and selfish as Kobe Bryant in the history of sport. He’s a disgrace. If I had a Hall of Fame ballot, he wouldn’t get it.

Playoff Previews: Bobcats v. Magic, Suns v. Blazers, Hawks v. Bucks

Bobcats v. Magic

Bobcats are +2.  My previous bet in the face of Jackson’s hyper-extended knee was stubborn.  The Bobcats need a healthy Jackson to contend in this series, and he’s clearly not that.  Brown is giving him help in defending Carter, and that’s killing the team’s defense.

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