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2012 NBA Western Conference Rankings

My NBA Western Conference rankings will be far more idiosyncratic than most.  First of all, because they are made with absolutely no reference to the schedule, which by all accounts is extremely unfair.  Unlike normal years, not everyone plays the same teams the same number of times, at home and away.  I’m plenty nerdy, but not nerdy enough to weight all that. (Particularly since I can’t find a bookie willing to give season win totals this year.  Bah humbug!)

Second, because my rankings have almost nothing to do with who I think will win the Western Conference. Continue reading

Feltbot’s 2012 Fantasy Basketball Sleepers

Apologies for this year’s abbreviated sleepers list.  With the limited time in the preseason and the ongoing free-agent frenzy, this is the best I could do. So right off the top of my head:           Continue reading

Lockout Hiatus

Get away
You get a good job with good pay and you’re okay
It’s a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream
Think I’ll buy me a football team

Pink Floyd

I’ve had second thoughts about doing my draft analysis, although I’ve already written it several times in my head.  I think I may just save it until after the lockout ends in a year, so that it will be more available for everyone to analyze and critique as the season begins.

Or perhaps that’s just rationalization, and I’m giving in to my lockout doldrums…

I don’t expect to write much, if anything about the lockout. I don’t expect it to provide much interest, perhaps because I’ve already forecast the result in my mind. Here are my predictions, colored by what I learned practicing my previous twin disciplines of the law and the markets:

1) The lockout will end as these things always end, with the stronger party (the owners) prevailing. The NBA is a virtual monopoly, and there is no place for labor to escape (Europe and the other leagues have little room, and less money).

2) The players will capitulate to the owners’ demands at the very moment that the most expansionary world economy in history kicks into high gear.

I will of course continue sniping and carping in the comments section, and enjoying whatever conversation ensues in this, the summer, fall and winter of our discontent.

Smart is as Smart does: Warriors 109 Clippers 91

Unlike the first game, there was a lot to like in this Warriors win.  Let me start with what I liked the most: Keith Smart, the Warriors’ coach. This single game instilled a lot of confidence in me that Keith Smart gets it — that he has absorbed a lot of the lessons that he learned under Don Nelson, that he understands what he has in his roster, and that he knows how to get the most out of it. My concern that he might be one of the many coaches who insist on pounding square pegs into round holes is all but gone.

So what did I see that suddenly filled me with confidence?  Let’s go down the list:

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Pre-Season Wagers

This is going to be brief, because I didn’t see much of interest in the pre-season win totals.  But I did make a couple of bets, and in the tradition of this blog I want to play my cards face up for my readers.  I found it very interesting that the Warriors win total was 30.5 (-130 over [the juice on this bet has now gone up considerably, indicating betting interest on the over]) while the Washington Wizards win total was 32.5 (-130 over, EVEN under).  Are the Wizards, led by a rookie, and with the always unpredictable Gilbert Arenas playing a major role, really 2 games better than this Warriors squad, even accounting for the conferences?  I’m comfortable wagering a 5th round pick on Arenas to produce stats in fantasy basketball, but it’s quite another thing to wager money on him to produce wins.                                                            Continue reading