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Pre-game Jitters: Warriors @ Suns

The surprising Phoenix Suns present a nightmare matchup problem for the Warriors. I have no idea how the Warriors win this game if Mark Jackson refuses to match up small, as he did in Charlotte.   Continue reading

Behold Bogut: Warriors 87 Suns 85

I’ve said my piece regarding Bogut’s ankle. The Warriors media fell down on the job, and I felt it my duty to step up in their place. I gave you what I think is the truth about Bogut’s medical condition, I correctly predicted that he wouldn’t be ready for training camp, and I pointed out to you the Las Vegas skepticism of his ability to play 70 60 50 games this season.

I’m done with this for now, and hopefully forever. I’m setting aside my stethoscope. Now that Bogut has taken the floor, I’m going to evaluate him as any fan would, with appreciation and with hope for the best. He’s a great player when healthy, and it would be absolutely fantastic to watch him play at his highest level again.            Continue reading

Monta FTW: Warriors 106 Suns 104

Great, gutsy short handed win in Phoenix tonight.  One thing that’s never mentioned is that it is really difficult to win on the road on the last game before the all-star break.  This Warriors team, no matter how they are struggling, always plays hard.  Always has played hard, even when they were down to 6 man rosters in Nellie’s last couple of years.  That’s a credit to Monta Ellis, first of all, and Curry and Lee now as well.

Quite a few recent themes of mine surfaced in the play of this game.  Let’s run through them, starting with Monta’s game-winner:    Continue reading

Three Straight: Warriors 102 Suns 96

Anyone else sense a little momentum building for this too small, too soft to win Warriors team?  A few quick thoughts on the Phoenix game:                   Continue reading

The Warriors Bet Ends and Pre-Game Jitters: Suns at Warriors

Um, the Warriors are -2.5 FAVORED against the Suns tonight?  For those following along, The Warriors Bet is off, and now that I see this line I think it will remain off.  Bookies never remain behind the curve for long, and they have had ample time to size up this Warriors squad and review their mistakes. I don’t see any edge in this bet, and will be following Feltbot’s First Law of Sportsbetting: Continue reading