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Pride and Precipice: Cavs 114 Warriors 108

Why is it that the Warriors always play so well when they are down to 7 players?  At the end of last year, also fielding a 7 man skeleton squad, the Warrriors earned themselves a “Magnificent Seven” nickname by reeling off several impressive wins.  On this night, with Vlad Rad playing his first game in Warriors uniform, and more bitter break-up rumors swirling about the team, the Warriors once again came through with a very nice game.  They didn’t get the win, but they played unselfishly and gave a good effort.  A small victory, but small victories go a long way towards soothing the savage beast that is raging at this moment in the breast of every true Warriors fan.

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You’re Dismissed, Private Jackson

Stephen Jackson and Acie Law to the Bobcats for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovich.  Say goodbye to We Believe. Say hello to Don’t Snowboard, Please.

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