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Changing of the Guard: Jazz 78 Warriors 85

I’ve got news for Warriors fans.  This Warriors team is better than the Utah Jazz, and will remain better than the Utah Jazz for the forseeable future.  The Warriors played just about as bad an offensive game as they possibly could, and yet dominated this game in every way except on the scoreboard.  52 rebounds to 46.  21 offensive rebounds to 10.  The last time it was mentioned, late in the fourth quarter, the Warriors had 24 second chance points to Utah’s 8.  But the biggest disparity of all was this: 93 shots to 76 shots.  The only reason Utah even stayed in this game was that the Warriors couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean. They finished the game shooting 38%.

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Playoff Bound: Warriors 115 Grizzlies 109

It’s silly, I know.  A home win against Memphis.  But when you’re ready, you’re ready.  And I’m ready, four games into the season, to make my call. This Warriors team — picked by virtually all the pundits to finish last or next to last in the Pacific — is going to the playoffs.

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Tap Out: Lakers 107 Warriors 83

A game like this doesn’t deserve a full recap.  I’ll keep my remarks to a pointed minimum:

One game after heaping praise on Keith Smart, I’m going to take some back. First the disclaimer:  There is not a team in the league that should be able to beat these Lakers except the Miami Heat.  Once they picked up Matt Barnes and Steve Blake, their last remaining weaknesses disappeared. It is unfair how great they are.  The Warriors as presently constituted should NEVER beat them.

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Opening Salvo: Golden State Warriors 132 Houston Rockets 128

I am a firm believer that there is nothing wrong with an ugly win.  That belief was tested a bit in this game, in which I was unable to discern many signs of cohesive team play on either side of the ball.  In my eyes, this game was won by the extraordinary individual efforts of a few very talented Warriors players.  I think you know who.  But it was a win.

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