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Small Ball Wins: Rockets 108 Warriors 107

Unfortunately, my Pre-Game Jitters pretty much captured the story of this game.  This was a nightmare matchup for the Warriors.  It is not easy for a team that is searching for its identity to face one of the best defensive teams in the league in their first game of the season.  And that is what this Houston team is. They executed a beautiful defensive game plan, which caught the Warriors in its snare in a disastrous third quarter.  On offense, their undersized front-line proved a Don Nelson axiom: Very talented power forwards will almost always beat less-talented centers.  And Trevor Ariza went unguarded much of the night and nearly matched his career high for points.     Continue reading

Permission to speak granted, Private Jackson

How about a positive Stephen Jackson development, that is likely to go underreported by our malicious local press? Jackson is admitting that this Warriors team is better than he thought they’d be, and that his outburst may have been a mistake.  Check it out.  (Skip past the ridiculous Barkley fantasy).

The Warriors Bet

OK, so we have Stephen Jackson trying to force a trade, a  disgruntled Monta Ellis even more disgruntled by the drafting of new kid on the block Stephen Curry, Brandon Wright out for the season, again, with a dismembered wing, news that Rony Turiaf is playing with a torn cartilage, and our lone remaining power forward on the roster, 225 lb. stringbean Anthony Randolph, already pulverized to a pulp and doubtful for the season opener.  According to rumor, our starting point guard is a rookie, and our starting power forward is a 6-6″ small forward.  Am I leaving anything out?

Oh yes: we have a snarling pack of Bay Area sportswriters circling Don Nelson like arctic wolves around a wounded bull moose, hoping for a big kill to swell their circulations.

Could this possibly be the time to consider betting on the Warriors?               Continue reading

Lakers 113 Warriors 107

Who makes the pre-season schedule anyway?  Whoever it is has no sensitivity to the feelings of the Warriors and their fans.  Its hard to go into the regular season feeling good about your team’s chances when every other preseason game they’ve played has been against the World Champion Lakers.  Continue reading

Pre-game Links

Stephen Jackson talks.  Again.  Nothing new, except a futher indication that Jackson is resigning himself to remaining a Warrior for this year, or as long as it takes to find a trade.  Continue reading

Hot Links and Flap-Jacks

A few links from around the league:

Is anyone considering the possibility that Jackson will wind up not going anywhere?  And did Don Nelson steal this draft? Ron Artest with positive takes on Jackson and Stephen Curry.     Continue reading

Private Jackson

Trying to parse Jackson’s words is a mistake.  It is a trivial exercise to find all the contradictions, frequently within the same sentence.  Nothing that’s coming out of his mouth makes sense, except the generality that he’s trying to communicate:  he feels betrayed, and he wants no connection to the team.     Continue reading

Clippers 124 Warriors 117

I missed the game.  When your girlfriend is taking you out to a fine restaurant on your birthday, it’s pretty tough to say, “But honey, it’s a pre-season game against the Clippers!”

A couple of things stand out from the box score:       Continue reading

Waiting for Stephen Jackson

The Stephen Jackson purgatory watch continues, with a meeting between Jackson, Riley and Nelson scheduled for tomorrow.  A few links from around the league on the Jackson situation:       Continue reading

The Wild, Wild West: The Warriors

Toward the end of last year, as I observed the unveiling of Anthony Randolph’s transcendent talent, I became convinced that the Warriors were very close to becoming a special team.  I believed that if Monta Ellis returned to health, and to his commitment to this team, and if Nellie added the right big man to fill the Warriors’  hole at power forward, then this team could easily make the playoffs. And even possibly, given what I feel is a steep drop-off behind the Lakers and the Spurs in the West,  do better than the 8th seed.

I am backing off this prediction now, for the following reasons: Continue reading