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Good on ya, Joe Lacob

I just listened to the entirety of Joe Lacob’s interview with Gary Radnich, and I have to say I was very impressed by him.  I came away very willing to concede that I have been too hard on him, and that he understands far more about what he has on this team, and how to build on it, than he had indicated with his prior personnel moves and statements.  He knows he has something special in both Curry and Ellis, and will be loathe to break them up. He stated very clearly that the Warriors need to get a big defensive shooting guard to protect the Curry and Ellis backcourt. Bravo!                                                         Continue reading

Kawakami reinstates me.

Kawakami has emailed me out of the blue with the news that I am once again allowed to post on his blog, and with the explanation that I was blocked by the spam filter for including a link in my post.  For reasons of etiquette, I have chosen not to publish his email to me, nor my response.

I find his explanation somewhat curious, Continue reading

Banned from Kawakami’s Blog


Tim Kawakami has apparently BANNED me from his blog.  I am no longer able to post my thoughts there.  I can only assume that this is in reaction to the piece I wrote on him here.

Isn’t it fascinating that a journalist who earns his living by reporting and fomenting ill-will and misery could have such a thin skin himself? Isn’t there a delicious irony in the fact that TK is censoring the voices of his readers?

Censored by a journalist who holds himself out as a fearless truth-teller, and an enemy of censorship.  Amazing.

Thoughts on Tim Kawakami

Warriors media day made for quite a bit of news in the last few days. Team captains Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis took advantage of the occasion to re-air their grievances with the tight-fisted ownership of the Warriors, and the actions of Cohan henchman and team president Robert Rowell in particular. The details of this episode are already known to most readers, and I don’t intend to rehash them.  What moved me to write this post was Tim Kawakami’s take on the Jackson and Ellis situation: here, here and here. It was typically rotten.  Continue reading